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Get Off My Lawn

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Rating: 4.3/5 (126 votes)
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PsychotronicGet Off My LawnThe neighborhood kids are on your lawn again, and it's time to take action. And that action is murder. The blob-like troublemakers come in all sorts of species and flavors. Fast blobs, slow blobs, blobs wearing protective welding masks, blobs wearing dorky glasses, explosive blobs... and they all want nothing more than to ruin your beautiful length and edge work. Why? Because the dirty little anarchists hate order. In Get Off My Lawn, a new arena combat game from Hot Air Raccoon, you finally decide to put an end to all the shenanigans, armed with the oversized blades on your trusty, indestructible, probably non-regulation lawn mower.

Just move around with the mouse and barge into enemies to splatter them all over your careful landscaping. Anarchist juice makes good fertilizer. When your power gauge is charged, hold the mouse button to activate a spinning cyclone attack that sucks in all the bad guys on the screen and mulches them together. That's an important tactic, since you'll be able to buy all kinds of upgrades between rounds, and killing several cute blob-people in a row multiplies the money you get by quite a lot.

This is obviously a partial tribute to Amorphous+, although it lacks that game's delicate balance. The action in Get Off My Lawn has all the precision of a sniper riding a unicycle. If this were a movie, the director would keep telling the actors to "careen more".

And that's both good and bad for an action game. Mostly, Get Off My Lawn is all about light-hearted carnage. "Weeeeee, ahm killin' stuff!" is the zen mantra here, followed often by "Come back, jello-man! Stay on the screen so I can splatter yoooooo!" For anything hardy enough to take a couple of whacks from the lawnmower, it's too easy to shove them out of bounds and lose the all-important bounty. And when everything is spazzing around like a pack of blind two-year olds full of Hallowe'en candy, it's hard to do skill-intensive things like attack a moving target from behind, or dodge an explosion.

In the end, Get Off My Lawn keeps such a firm toothy grip on the idea of fast-paced, campy, semi-violent entertainment, it's easy to forgive its lack of depth. As an up-and-coming geezer myself, I can appreciate the wish-fulfillment aspect of a game where you slice a gang of pranksters into grill strips. Oh yes, one day my crankiness will be feared.

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Milcheax July 17, 2009 10:34 AM

Fun little game.

A good way to get some quick cash is to first do the first few Story levels to get some torque, throttle, and thermostat - 2 or 3 of each - these should help you get the gist of the game - then do Time Attack repeatedly til you fill out your mower's power and get all the upgrades.

After that, remember to get the Pesticide before each level.

Tristan Pointer July 18, 2009 4:33 AM

Superb game, the 29 trophies will get you playing it for over an hour and the accursed 5 minute time attack trophy is really difficult! Good mix of enemies, but you definitly feel that once you get all the upgrades.. It might just be TOO easy.


How many time do you have to hit a dentist? No actual swings aer shown, so it's hard to tell. Do I actually have to hit it with a lawnmower, move away from it and hit it again? That's just too much. Simply keeping the lawnmower on it's body doesn't do anything.


Well, I have plenty to say about this wondrous little game, although I'm sure by the time I'm done writing it, I'll say to myself:
"Wow, I could have sworn I had a wharf-load more things to say about it..."
...ANYWHO, on with the review!

I guess I should categorize my thoughts... lets see... what would be most appropriate...

1). Irony

The lawnmower never actually cuts the grass

The blood would actually hurt the lawn, wouldn't it?

No cars... seriously?

"Lobies are totally smart"~ The Bestiary
...Then why don't they leave me the wharf alone?!?

Manure is pretty much the OPPOSITE of pest repellent...

2). List of Enemies:
In order of most to least annoying
(+ Reasons why)



They just wharfin' make the screen white, and you can almost NEVER kill 'em in time



Ugh... Even when they're walking around, these guys STILL keep getting fatter & fatter. And, they seem to like to get "acquainted" with their neighbors... creepy...



They're just like the Gluttons, except they can turn into metal, and they seem to be somewhat more numerous...



Well, they're also just like Gluttons and Hardguys, except they're somewhat less numerous, they come into the game in MUCH later levels, and they can go underground...



They set traps and run away, plus they never leave the screen(By their own will, that is...)



They run away, they shoot spikes, and they're so hard to kill that the reason I usually lose is because I'm chasing one down D:{



The hardest to get a trophy of, if you ask me, plus they're suicidal, which isn't a very good thing to have in a kids game...



Well, these WOULD be #9, but they have metal masks, so they're #8(Unless you have serrated blades with maximum torque...)


Red and orange Mollets

Harder to get a good combo with these guys, plus they are the most numerous throughout the game.



Ahhh, my favorites; Easy to kill, easy to tell that get a good combo on, and they leave your lawn about 5 seconds after they enter... these guys RULE!!!!!!

3).Tips(Of my own)

When in need of money, do the Time-Attack.

When in Time-Attack, use Expert mode.

Upgrading your stats one at a time uses more money that upgrading to the highest available
(Example: [Level1 speed to Level2 speed to Level3 speed] costs more than [Level1 speed to Level3 speed])

4). Things I'd add

Being able to choose what the turret does and doesn't shoot at

B. Hemoth time-attack mode (After beating it, it would unlock, and you could see how fast you can kill it)

A record keeper; Longest time lasted in Time-attack mode, Highest score achieved, most creatures killed, most money earned in one level... things like that

boo box July 21, 2009 4:45 PM

This game is AWESOME. I'm really good at it. I even got to the last level. I'm still trying to beat B.Hemoth.
P.S.Yes, B.Hemoth is real.

boo box July 23, 2009 7:34 AM

Dylan, just keep the lawn mower on the dentists until they DIE.

Meeeeeeeeeee August 9, 2009 9:53 PM

I found, b hemoth is rather easy to beat with all upgrades. That was the 3rd easiest level.
Just ignore everything and keep attacking him.

Mollet Slayer November 2, 2009 3:09 PM

I have all of the trophies except the boomerang one! It's so hard to get! Any tips?

BTW: To get the five minute trophy, buy everything in the shop and play time attack. The pest stuff really helps. The first time I did this my time was 6 min 35.15 sec.


EPIC GAME, no flaws as far as i can see


ok the top all time kongregate scores have 3 commas at the least WAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING?- m top score was around 200K- TOP WEEKLY SCORE

lycyfyrsam August 29, 2012 6:30 AM

i can shoot jello but i cannot shoot hedgehogs, even purple ones.


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