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elleIf I told you one of my favorite pastimes was to be locked up in a room with a host of arcane devices and left to only my clue-snooping, puzzle-solving wits to find my way out, would you say I'm fruity? No? Fabulous! Then you, like me, are going to love this almost brief but entirely clever escape-the-room game from suzumeDr of 45-rpm: Fruits!Fruits!Fruits!

Fruits!Fruits!Fruits!Despite the titular allusion to a musical number involving samba dancers and Carmen Miranda in delicious headwear, the setting for this game is quite a bit quieter and tamer. Which allays the absence of a changing cursor since you'll have fewer details to sort your way through as you point-and-click around, trying every angle of the furnishings you do see. Arrows at the sides and bottom of the screen will indicate where you can turn or back up, yet anything else that's up for examination can be reached by clicking it. Obtainable items will land in your inventory automatically where one click will highlight, readying it for use, and a double-click will open its detail screen. Although many players will be able to finish within 10 minutes, there is also a save function in case you need a breather to re-ponder the clues.

Compared to other suzumeDr creations such as Locked Around the Clock or To Nothing, this escape is much easier to come by even if it's not the simplest you'll ever play. At first look, some clues are almost misleading while others are hidden in plain sight, and it might feel like some lateral deductions are needed. Looking back, though, all logic can be explained without any stretches in credulity. Yet Fruits!Fruits!Fruits! should be much more peppy and full of personality as fans of this game designer have come to expect—by the title it certainly sounds like it would be, but it ends up being a bit more mild and comparatively more dull. Those who found other suzumeDr games too abstruse shouldn't shy away from this one, though. Fruits!Fruits!Fruits! is balanced just right in difficulty, making you think hard for your answer but still providing all the information needed to keep the experience enjoyable.

Play Fruits Fruits Fruits

Walkthrough Guide

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Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! Walkthrough

Starting Out: Exploring the Room

  1. When you begin, you see a desk in the corner and a small table with a blue decagonal cylinder on it. Zoom in on the cylinder to get a better look:

    • On its top is a button surrounding by a circle of ten other buttons.

    • Note, also, the droplet design over the bottom button.

  2. Go over to the desk to explore its surface and contents:

    • There is a lamp that won't turn on...

      • Click to the right side of the desk and you'll see the wall socket, the lamp's cord hanging limp next to it.

      • Plug in the lamp.

      • Back up and lick on the lamp's red button again. Now you see an ultraviolet light. Maybe you can find something to read under it.

    • Open the top, leftside drawer:

      • Get the BATTERY.

    • Try to open the bottom drawer. It seems stuck or locked...

      • Click on the left side of the bottom drawer to view the edge. Here is a "CLOSED" button and there is a hexagonal-shaped hole under the button.

  3. Back up from the desk and turn right. Now you see a coffee table, some sort of magazine hamper/rack, and a red sofa.

  4. Take a look at the device on the coffee table:

    • It has four rows of sliders and an input button at the bottom. Keep that in mind while looking for a clue how to use it.

  5. Back up from the device then click behind the coffee table to move closer to the red sofa:

    • Lift up the left cushion to get a PENCIL. Notice the shape of the pencil.

  6. Then, zoom in on the green magazine rack next to the sofa:

    • One side of the rack is a latch requiring a key.

    • The other side is made up of some lattice...there is a "O" in the upper left corner.

  7. Back up and turn right to face the door. You can also see a TV console in the corner. Zoom in on it:

    • Open the far left drawer of the TV console:

      • Get a RED BOOK.

      • Flipping through it, you find a few hints, some make more sense than the others.

    • The second drawer from the left requires a 4-digit code. At this time you have no idea what it is.

    • The black door under the TV is missing something. Notice that the opening is threaded, though, like for a screw.

    • Look in the far right side of the console, in the niche above the drawer...

      • Get the second BATTERY.

    • Finally, the second drawer from the right--the one below the menagerie of glasses--needs some kind of letter code.

      • You have the clue for this, but let's finish looking around first.

  8. Back up all the way from the console, turn left and you'll be looking at the last wall:

    • Here is simply a picture of a banana, with a blue star in the corner... It has a wobbly frame.

Now you're ready to start solving puzzles.

Letter Code for Drawer Under Glasses

  1. Go over to the TV console and examine the locked drawer on the right:

    • You need to enter the correct letter code; use the arrows to change the letters then click the "E" button to enter it.

    • The clue to this is in the RED BOOK.


      A page inside the red book shows a picture of an apple relating to the glasses. Notice that there is a different glass to represent the different letters in the word "APPLE" then a depiction of the glass that relates to "L" with an arrow linking it to the code. Use the up/down arrows to change the letters to...

      L (then hit the [E] button for "enter")

    • When correct, the drawer automatically opens.

  2. Get the APPLE.

Cabinet Door Under the TV

  1. Go over to the desk and turn on the blacklight.

  2. Put the RED BOOK under the light then open it up. Turn a couple pages...

    • Now the page that used to have only a "0" has new information: 8, 5, and +.

  3. Go over to the hamper next to the red sofa and zoom in on the side with the "0" on the upper corner.

    • The clue in the book tells you where to look next.


      • Think of the 0 as the zero coordinate.

      • Count over 8 rungs to the right, then count down 5 rungs...Click on that spot to get a cross shaped KNOB.

      • Examine the KNOB in your inventory to open its threaded dowel.

  4. Take the new KNOB and go over to the TV Console. Zoom in on the black door under the TV...

    • Use the KNOB to open the door

    • and get the REMOTE CONTROL.

Slider Puzzle on the Coffee Table

  1. Examine the REMOTE CONTROL in your inventory...

    • Turn it over, insert the two BATTERIES and put the panel back on.

  2. Then, use the REMOTE on the TV screen to get another clue...

    • Press the top button and count the lines that show on the screen, noting also whether the fattest line is on the right or the left.

    • Do the same for the other three buttons.

  3. Now, go over to the slider device on the coffee table:

    • Use the information from the TV to set each slider to the proper position.


      Answers will vary. Each button on the remote directly relates to a slider on the puzzle; all you have to do is move the slider left or right the number of lines shown. The fattest line represents the middle. So, for example, if you have three smaller lines to the right of the fat line, then move the slider 3 segments to the right. Do the same for each of the four buttons.

    • When correct, press the square button and the lid of the device will pop open.

  4. Take the LEMON.

Opening the Bottom Desk Drawer

  1. When you explored the desk, did you look under it?

    • Zoom in on the bottom drawer of the desk, then click the left edge so you can look at it from the side angle. Here you'll find a hexagonal hole.

    • You should have a PENCIL in your inventory, found under the left sofa cushion. Put the PENCIL on the hole, changing the "CLOSE" to "OPEN."

  2. Back up and now you can open the drawer...

    • Get the KNIFE.

Blue Decagonal Canister

  1. Use the KNIFE on the LEMON.

    • Make a note of the blue dots in relation to the red segment inside the cut lemon.

  2. Go over the blue canister on the little table to the right of the desk and zoom in on its top:

    • Depress the correct buttons in the outer circle, then click the center button.


      The answer varies each game. Match the red segment of the cut lemon to the red drop shape on the canister, then count the dots as they relate to that. Press only those buttons that correlate to the blue dots.

    • You'll hear a sound and the red mark will disappear when the answer is correct.

    • Click the top of the canister and it will open up.

  3. Get the MELON.

Wobbly Banana Picture

  1. Use the KNIFE on the APPLE:

    • Get the KEY.

  2. Go over to the sofa and then examine the right side of the magazine rack:

    • Use the KEY to unlock the rack.

    • Get the SLIP OF PAPER. Read it for a new clue.

  3. Now examine the wobbly banana picture on the wall between the desk and TV:

    • Click on the corners of the wobbly picture in the correct sequence.


      Positions of the letters will vary. The slip of paper should have a letter in each corner, with a star in the bottom right corner. Make a note of which letter represents each corner of the picture.

      Click each corner of the picture to spell: B-A-N-A-N-A"

    • When correct, the picture will slid up to reveal something hidden behind it.


Left Console Drawer: 4-digit Code

  1. Examine the TOUCHSCREEN DEVICE in your inventory:

    • Click off to the side of the device to turn it over.

    • Insert the BATTERIES into the empty battery slot.

  2. Now, with the batteries in the device, you can turn on each of the four buttons...

    • First turn on the left button. Then, move your cursor over the screen of the device, as if you're dragging your fingers over a touchscreen.

    • Take note of the designs that appears when you do this.

    • Do the same for each button on the device.

  3. Once you've gathered as much information as you can from the TOUCHSCREEN DEVICE, go over to the drawer on the left side of the TV:

    • Use the buttons below each digit to change the number until you have the correct 4-digit code


      When you drag your cursor over the yellow touchscreen device, the pixels that light up should look like a number. It's helpful to note that these use a serif font, so the numbers have hooks and tails.

      The best way to determine what the number is to try to trace its shape exactly from top to bottom because some numbers can look similar until you see the full design.

      Some numbers have tails that go diagonally across the screen.

      The answers are different for each game.

    • When you've entered the correct code, click "ENTER" and the drawer opens.

  4. Get the HANDLE.

Getting the Exit Key and Escaping

  1. Examine the MELON in your inventory.

    • Use the twig-like HANDLE on the cross-shaped mark on the melon.

    • Remove it and you'll have the EXIT KEY.

  2. Go over to the door and use the EXIT KEY to unlock/open it.

  3. Leave through the door!

Congratulations, you've escaped!


ninjamomma May 29, 2013 12:59 AM

Am I seriously first? This just doesn't happen. I will need some help here...

ninjamomma May 29, 2013 1:26 AM


apple, batteries, remote(?), pencil, knife, key, book

Need help with

the puzzle with the buttons in a circle and the puzzle with the slider tabs

Going to bed. Hopefully there will be some answers when I wake up.



Have you found all the hints in the book?

There's one only visible under black light.

Have you found where to use the key?

It's for that thing beside the couch.


A minor correction: The position of the letters on the slip of paper are random for each game, so the solution to the wobbly picture puzzle isn't always the same.

[I changed this on the walkthrough. After playing 3 times, it was always the same for me so I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Thank you for catching that! -elle]

Reply May 29, 2013 8:29 AM

I liked it! Some original ideas (as far as I know). I also appreciated the "aftercare". After using all inventory items, everything is neatly stowed away in a drawer or somewhere else...


Does the "P.S." say anything interesting?


For the Letter Code:

All I did was change the letter to 'L' and hit the 'E' button. It opened for me then. I think the code is only referring to the letter the tall, cylindrical glass represents.

[Thank you for the heads up! I noted this in the walkthrough, too. -elle]

ninjamomma May 29, 2013 12:02 PM

I found the hints in the book. But I can't figure out what to do with them. :/

Headroom May 29, 2013 1:20 PM

Out !
Loved the way each item used goes back to the drawer... very tidy !

Paris : some sun at last, still chilly

neo1973 May 29, 2013 1:38 PM

So is this our weekday escape?


Hey! There were no grapes involved in that!


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