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Free the Birds

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Not everything is about you, y'know. In Vitamin Hana's cute, micro-sized escape game Free the Birds, you're actually trying to help some feathered friends fly free from f... hm. No word for "cage" that starts with an "F". Regardless of my foiled alliteration streak, you'll need to hunt around the area for a few items to crack codes and solve puzzles. There's no changing cursor for interactive objects, so you'll want to click around everywhere... not that it's that big of an area to search. Free the Birds is very much a mini-sized escape game, with an emphasis on finding codes and plunking them into the right places, so players looking for something more filling may not find it enough of a challenge. If what you want is something light and fun with a sweet objective, however, Free the Birds is more proof Vitamin Hana games can always be counted on for a smile.

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It looks so simple- am I missing something? I have the bottle with the '45' on it, and pieces of wood.


I thought I had. That's where the bottle shows the '45' on it. But I can't seem to do anything else with it.


Wow. I thought

it was juts a design on the jar to make it look pretty.

kguy152000 April 30, 2015 5:48 PM

Two of three birds freed but I cannot make heads or tales of

the three numbers I found: 45, 81 and 25. Do the colors mean something or the order I found them in?
The last bird obviously needs a code with four digits.



I took a wild guess and got lucky...

81-45 = 36, and 45 - 25 = 20. The code is 3620

I can't believe I got that.


kguy, maybe you should

look to the birds

for your answer?

Or, more specifically

the freed bird sitting on the fountain has a note attached to its legs, detailing how to use the number clues.

Incidentally, I could find the tree number again, so thanks for helping me out with that.

bearharry May 1, 2015 9:09 AM

@Dora How about fence?

kguy152000 May 1, 2015 5:05 PM replied to Catherine Kissmyarsefb

Thank you Catherine! Glad it worked out for the both of us.

pinkinblue May 2, 2015 1:59 AM

I’ve compiled the walkthrough below.

There are a total of 3 screens. I’ll call them 1st, 2nd and 3rd screen (from left to right).

Solution for the red box

Go to 2nd screen, and collect the bottle on the bench.

Go back to 1st screen, select your bottle and click on the fountain to zoom in and fill up your bottle with water.

On the fountain, note the sequence and directions of the arrows.

Go to the 3rd screen, click on the vase to reveal the number 81 on the tree and pick up the screwdriver on the ground.

Click on the bottle of water, and wash away the mud on the vase to reveal the number 1366.

On the vase, key in the direction of the arrows according to the sequence you found on the fountain and you will get a saw in the vase.

Go to the 2nd screen, select the red box to key in the code you found on the vase. Pick up the hammer you found in the box.

Select your screwdriver and unscrew the nails on the bench. You’ll get a piece of wood. Leave your wood item open and select your saw to saw them into pieces.

Finding the knife

Go back to the 1st screen, select your hammer and zoom in on the fountain. Use your hammer to smash the body of the fountain to reveal the nails that were hidden within. Collect them.

Open up your pieces of wood item and select the nails to combine them.

Go to the 3rd screen, place your wood and nails below the arrow drawn on the wall. Select your hammer and click on the wood and nails on the ground to fix them on the wall.

Click on the area where the arrow is pointing at to reveal the brick to collect it.

Use your hammer to break the brick to reveal the knife. Collect the knife. Climb down the wall, and use your hammer to remove the wood and nails from the wall.

Releasing the birds in red and green cage

Return to the first screen.
Note the numbers and position in the red circles beside the fountain.

Fix the wood and nails on the tree to climb up.

Note the number 25 on the red cage.

Click on the buttons on the cage according to the number sequence and position you found beside the fountain to release the bird.

Pick up the green screwdriver from the red cage.

Select your knife to cut the rope on the tree.

Zoom in on the green cage, use your green screwdriver to unscrew the cage to release the bird.

Releasing the bird in blue cage

Zoom out, and you will find one of the birds resting on the fountain. Zoom in on the bird and click on the note on it’s leg to reveal the solution on the code for the cage in the 2nd screen. It will show (Bottle x Tree – Bird Cage = Solution) = (45 x 81 – 25 = 3620)

Now, go back to the 2nd screen, zoom in on the birdcage and key in the solution to release the last bird.

Tada! Congratulations!

CptnSuz May 23, 2015 2:54 AM

Mild applause. This is the first time I've seen an escape game

use both ends of a hammer!


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