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Finders Seekers: Mystery of Stonecliff

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Rating: 4.1/5 (140 votes)
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ChiktionaryFinders SeekersGood ol' Uncle Whatsisface has disappeared, according to a letter from a British consulate in Africa, and it's up to you to solve the mystery of Finders Seekers: Mystery of Stonecliff. Somehow, Uncle Noname has left you clues to find in an old, dilapidated church in Wales. Atomic Cicada has crafted this ambient point-and-click adventure which will have you searching every little nook and cranny for clues, objects and solutions. As in any escape game, you need only your mouse to navigate, pick up and manipulate objects, and solve puzzles. Easy, right? Well this little adventure might have you thinking "What the...?" more than once.

Navigation is at first a little disorientating. Big, yellow arrows point the way, whether forward, backward or off to the sides. Occasionally, an arrow will appear on the opposite side of the screen to your cursor. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to work it all out, especially as you'll be needing to head backwards and forwards to solve some of the puzzles.

As can be expected when thrust into an old roofless church without electricity, you will literally be fumbling around in the dark, or at least clicking everywhere possible. Unfortunately this makes for some pointless clues as some objects and solutions can be stumbled upon accidentally. Clicking also produces text boxes which, while informative, can be mildly irritating as they need to be clicked again to disappear, and they can hamper the much needed view of a clue or scene.

Finders Seekers Analysis: Standing at the entrance of an old Welsh church in the rain, you find yourself in possession of an ancient polaroid camera and a lighter; two very handy items, and make sure to put them to good use to save you backtracking later in the game. Of course you're going to accumulate many more objects throughout your quest, and many of them, whether fixed or movable, will need to be used more than once. You can easily select items from your inventory bar, but dropping them is a little awkward. Basically, when you select an object, it becomes your cursor with which you can still navigate and manipulate things around you. I felt a bit awkward adventuring on with an object as my cursor. Being a diehard Myst fan, it felt more natural to reselect the hand tool after using an item.

Some of the puzzles are fairly straightforward, while others a little more obscure. Seeking your Uncle would be practically relaxing with the soft soundtrack in the background and the meditative candlelight flickering around you, if it wasn't for some pretty challenging puzzles. In fact, one in particular is so vague in terms of how to solve it, that even brute-forcing it will take up a considerable chunk of your valuable seeking time.

Despite the occasional idiosyncrasies, this game is highly appealing for its unique presentation and puzzles with a difference. Atomic Cicada has crafted a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, creating a somewhat esoteric atmosphere with unintrusive musical backing and comic book style graphics. The flickering candlelight adds to the ambience, and almost enables a good sense of concentration, which you'll be needing. Trust me.

Play Finders Seekers: Mystery of Stonecliff

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)



To start your quest, you need to check everything , take photographs of four murals, note the giant compass on the ground and light the chandelier candles. You also need to find the room off to the side, where you put the wood in the fireplace, light the fire, pull back a cloth and find a crumpled photo with a valuable clue. Note the keyhole.

First secret door

Note the crumpled photo and find where it may have been taken.

3rd mural to the right

With the hand cursor, click on the small blue thing repeatedly, and a door should swing open before you

First floor of the Bell Tower

Quite a few places to explore here. You'll be looking at a stairwell that you can either go up or down. You can also go back left or back right. First, go back left.

West door

Note the clue to getting the key engraved on the door. There's also a cage in the ceiling. Close up, you'll see a key and a piece of string. Take the string, and go back, twice.

First floor

Now you're looking at the stairs, so go back right and you'll be facing a small room, with an inscription over a bar-covered opening. Also, note the winch without a rope. Close up on the inscription and take a photo. Away from the inscription, close up on the small opening. Click on the rope. Nice, you can make the bell ring. Remember the clue on the west door? Ring the bell as much as you can. Voila, the West key appears. Take it and back out.

You can turn to look behind you in the winch scene. You'll have a bird's eye view of the church entry and the giant compass. Nothing to do here for now. Turn back around and make your way to the West door.

West room

Use the west key and open the engraved door, then in you go. You'll need to light the torch before you can progress.
Items to collect in this room: hand-held compass, Hand lantern, rope, and South key. Note another giant compass. Now go back to the first floor of the bell tower and up one flight of stairs.

Here's a small hole in the floor and a hook. Tie the string to the hook. Go back to the West door and locate the ceiling cage. Tie the string to the key, then back to the stairs. Pull the string and get the East key. Take back the string, you'll be using it again shortly. Now go all the way up into the bell tower.

Bell Tower

Close up on the narrow window. Can't quite pull that lantern through. But yay, there's another hook. Tie the string to both hook and lantern and push the lantern out the window. Don't back out just yet though.
Getting the Lodestone

This is where the compass comes in handy. Select the compass and move it around the room. Towards the right of the screen you'll see it start to spin very quickly and hone in on a point on the wall. With the compass still selected, click where it indicates and collect the lodestone.

Nothing more to do here, so go back to the winch scene.

Now you have some rope for the winch. But first you need something to tie the rope to. Go the bird's eye view and note a rope to the left, above the winch. That's your securing point. Tie the rope and turn the winch. The chandelier lifts up. Time to go and investigate further, so go back to the church foyer.

Giant compass

Close up on the giant metal compass. Insert the lodestone. Doesn't quite fit. Take it back out, and it's awesome magnetic properties have attracted the North key. Take the key and reset the lodestone.


Close up on the chandelier, and take the first constellation plaque. Go back to the room with the fireplace.

North Room

Use the North key on the engraved door and enter a dark passage. Click around in the dark and locate a candle holder. Move one step forward and locate a candle. Light it, and take it. If you take it before lighting it, no probs, you can just light it once you've placed it in the first candle holder. Note the holes in the wall to the right.


Now you're in a very old graveyard. Note the lantern swinging from the window which is too high to reach. Below that is a grappling hook to take, and to the left is some flowing water. Close up on the water and take some clay. Note the dates on the gravestones, and the constellation engraved in the fountain. We'll come back later, so head back to the room with the fireplace.

North door

You're probably wondering what the clay is for. Above the fireplace is a recessed engraving. Squish the clay into it, then take back a hand-made constellation plaque. Now go the wall mural with the praying monk and the moon.

Moon mural

You'll have to take another photo, now that the candle behind the wall has lit up the holes. Note one of the flickering stars looks slightly different to the rest. With the hand cursor, click on it. Now head back to the fireplace room and the North door. In the passageway, locate the scroll now poking out and take it. It's a clue. Nothing more to do here, so head back to the winch.


The rope is still attached to the winch, but the other end is lying slack on the floor. Where can we tie it now?

Onto the bell rope.

Turn the winch and head up to the top of the bell tower. On your way though, check the left side tapestry and close up on a narrow window. Use the grappling hook to pull in the Lightning lantern. Also, check the narrow window next to the West door and you'll be able to pull in the Moon lantern.

Bell Tower

Now, with the bell hoisted up there are more places to explore. Firstly, check the bell and take the Sun lantern. Next, go to the top of the bell and around to the side, and you'll find a ladder heading down. First step in and there's a keyhole with an S engraved around it. Use the South key and take the constellation plaque attached to the wall. Go forward and note the pyramid constellation of the chandelier candles. Take a photo. Back out twice and go further down the ladder.

Go all the way down and click around for a candle, then light it, of course. Now down to the floor and turn around. Two more lanterns here: the Pyramid and the Eye lanterns. And another keyhole.

East room

The only thing you'll see here is a puzzle to solve. This is where the constellation plaques go, and so far you only have three. You can refer to your photos to place them now, or wait until you have all of them. Full solution later. Back out and go up the ladder one step.

Scroll clue

The scroll indicates something hidden behind the 19th rung.This puzzle seems to be a little incongruent, so you can try counting rungs or

where you lit the candle towards the bottom of the ladder, you'll notice one of the stones close to the ground is bluer than the rest. Click on that to retrieve another constellation plaque.

Now head back to the West room in the bell tower, where one of the giant compasses is.

West room

Okay. This is where one of the more obscure puzzles is. Basically, the idea is use the hand-held compass to locate where to put each of the keys. It's not clear cut, so I've posted a partial solution.
More info

The keys will form a rectangle of sorts. You can see in the screenshot that the South key is upper right, West key is lower right, East key is lower left, and so the North key would go somewhere upper left.

You'll know you've got it when the lid of the compass lifts up and off, revealing the final constellation plaque. Now time to head back to the cemetery.


Check your photos and read through the inscription from the bell tower, to work out the order of the lantern's symbols, and in which direction they each face. Now place the lanterns, with the first symbol Moon being placed on the oldest grave and facing North.
Order of lanterns

Moon - 687: John - North
Sun - 705: Mark - East
Pyramid - 927: Al' Sapheed - South
Lightning - 1154: Luthos - South
Eye - 1237: Raphael - East
Hand - 1291: Thomas - West

Once you've placed the lanterns correctly, a text box will indicate that it looks right. You'll notice that the spots of light on the wall mirror the fountain's constellation. Note the circled star in the fountain, and click on the mirror spot on the wall to find your last constellation plaque. Now back into the church, up to the bell tower and all the way down to the East room.

East room

Look at your photos again to match the constellation plaques to the symbols. This solution to this puzzle is a little out of whack with the rest of the clues, so you can tweak the directions until you find the solution or

Constellation plaque directions:
Moon - North
Sun - North
Pyramid - South
Lightning - South
Eye - East
Hand - West

Now you'll notice that the constellation plaques resemble letters. Turn the cogs below the plaques to match the constellation lettering.


The End..?

Now just click through the end scenes and find yourself off to Africa...


I got

pictures of the constellations, and fire going in the fireplace, and the chandelier lit

That's all I can seem to do


Wow, great. Some of the puzzles are difficult, and a couple of the items are harder, IMO, then they should be to find.

JIGuest, look around more in the fireplace room. You'll find a hint of what to do next.

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 3:25 PM

I'm stuck. Here's what I've got.

Lighter (that you start with), string, west and east keys, and the moon lantern. I also have pictures of the plaque upstairs, the button to open the secret door, and the 4 constellations.



I don't know if this is a bug...

At the top of the hidden staircase, I got an arrow to go up and over(?) the bell. Then I went back down, and I couldn't go back up. The arrow for the Moon Lantern in the window is still functional in the same screen. Weird.


Stuck at approximately the same place - I've

lit the chandelier and the fire, gotten pictures of the constellations, found the engraving of the dancing girl, and found the picture with the "click 4 times fast" note, and have seen that there is something shiny out of reach in the compass,

and have no clue where to go from here.


I'm stuck with JIGuest. A little help please?

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 3:44 PM

None of the three keys I've found so far work in the door in the fireplace room.

A little further than JIGuest, but still stuck. Found a plaque.


Where did you find the third key? I have south and west, used west, also have two plaques, four lanterns, a compass and a bunch of pictures, but I'm terribly stuck.

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 3:53 PM

Alright, so I've:

tied the rope from the winch to the bell pull, and gone to get all of the other lanterns. All I really need are the constellation plaques for all of the constellations and I'm set, I think.

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 3:57 PM

The "East" key is in the room with the door the "West" key fits into. Have you found the string?


I can't seem to figure out how to...

....light the fireplace. I already lit the chandelier, but the fireplace seems to still be out

Jennifer Davis September 15, 2010 4:02 PM

So far I've

Taken the pictures of the constellation murals, lit the fireplace, retrieved the moon lantern using the string, found the hand lantern in the catacombs,and found the west key and the south key. Oh, and lit the chandelier in the main room and found the compass in the catacombs

And now I'm stuck.


I've got

five lanterns, a piece of string, three keys, and two constellation plates



Nevermind, I got it :P

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 4:08 PM

Gabe, there's something in the firplace room you haven't used yet.

Honestly, I don't know the significance of the fireplace. I haven't found an actual use for it yet.


Thanks, that worked. Now, to get past this point...


I'm stuck where JIGuest was in the first comment. A little more specific help, please?


For those of you having trouble, there is a video walkthrough linked right in the game. That being said, could somebody please

explain how the gravestone puzzle was meant to work? I didn't understand how you were supposed to determine which lantern went on which stone based on the information given. Thanks!

Fuzzylumpkins September 15, 2010 4:50 PM

Aaaaaannnnd done!

To hothot: Don't you have a picture relating to the 6 people significant to the church? There are six lanterns as well.

Wlakthrough-ish thing soon to come.

masozravapalma September 15, 2010 5:07 PM

Gravestone puzzle

All information you need are on the plaque above the grid with bell rope.

You have to use ages to determine which patriarch was first etc... And the lanterns must face the way from where the patriarchs came


Excellent....... if you could see anything. Most of my misses were simply not seeing something that was right on the screen. Turn up your contrast!


Gah. I was getting nowhere, so I gave up and looked at the walkthrough, which told me to do something I'd already done. So I went back and did it again. And again. Looked at the walkthrough again, yes, I was supposed to be doing that. So I tried it again. And again and again and again and again and finally I hit the one pixel that made it happy.

It looks like a good game, but since I won't even know if I'm doing it right (I got at least one interesting response message that I cannot get again, for instance, and it went by really fast because I was clicking really fast in the same tiny area), I'm passing on this for now.

Firefox 3.6.9 on a Mac, if that matters.


Can't believe how far I got without coming here for help! So far all I've got

4 of the constellation plaques in place, missing just the Sun and Hand, and have some clay I have no clue what to do with.

At this point, though, I honestly have no clue what to do. Guess I'll just keep looking for those last 2 for now.


Uhh, disregard the bit about the

clay and the Hand Plaque

in my last post.

Nice to know what that spot above the fireplace was for now.

Now I just need to find

the Sun Plaque

...though, again, no clue where to even start on that.


Nice game, I liked the two "big" puzzles quite a bit. There were a few places I got really mind bogglingly stuck and had to revert to the walk-thru:

Finding the lode-stone. I'm not sure, was I supposed to wander through the entire church with the compass out and note its every move? Putting the lode-stone in the catacombs seems like it would help this quite a bit: put the damn compass somewhere where it'll react to the lode stone sooner.

Pushing the scroll left by the monk through the one hole that was flickering. It didn't seem hinted particularly well -- I think I just assumed that it was the candle flickering on the other side in a weird way.

finding the 19th run of the ladder. I tried counting, but then I didn't even know which direction I was counting in. "I've hid it behind the blue-tinted flagstone" or something would be better.

Pretty cool game, overall. Looking forward to the next installment.


Thanks for the (inadvertent?) help, osheroff. Now I just need to figure out which

of these damned ladder rungs

it is. (Must NOT consult video...must NOT consult video...arrgh, SO close...)


YES!! Got it!

Man, this is definitely an awesome start to a promising series. :D


I just need the sun. Got no idea though, and fed up with just clicking everywhere. And dont want to watch that vid walkthrough
little hint?


This is not an enjoyable game. It is too dark and requires far too much pixel hunting. The navigation is awkward and annoying. The difficult part is not solving any puzzles, which have very blunt straightforward clues, but finding the objects needed. The storyline is bland, and the pop up dialogue boxes irritating. It is quite a disappointment coming from Atomic Cicada, which usually creates decent games.


I would love to find this


of which so many speak.


anyone got a walkthrough?

Robynthegeek September 16, 2010 12:51 PM

@ baileydonk...
Help with the String:

The string is in the room with the bell. To the right of the bell, in a wire cup on the ceiling.

And a hint for the timing of ringing the bell:

If you're having trouble timing the pulls on the bell rope, just position your mouse at the top of the rope and click constantly. It works!


I agree, Aroz. The pixel-hunting is driving me insane. I got stuck in the first room because

I couldn't open the door in the picture.

It's completely counter-intuitive, there's no clue to speak of and I don't see how anyone could find that other than simply random clicking. Then there's the lodestone. Don't get me started on that.


Just finished. Way awesome game!


The lodestone puzzle is totally intuitive.

There is a blatantly worded clue where you find the compass. You can use any item as a cursor so its not inconvenient.

The not-so-well-worded clue in my opinion

was the ladder clue...i really thought it was inside the rung.


i couldn't get the lodestone, no matter how many times I clicked the area the compass pointed to...

nerdypants November 15, 2010 6:39 PM

I liked this game a lot. It did have some flaws, but that didn't really affect my overall enjoyment of the game.

Two big issues:

Finding the lodestone. Even when I knew where I was supposed to be looking (after consulting the walkthrough) I still had a hard time finding it.

The scroll clue told me to look behind the 19th rung of the ladder. However, it was unclear to me which way I was supposed to be counting: 19th from the top or 19th from the bottom? I again had to consult the walkthrough, which told me to click the "bluer" stone. Maybe it was my monitor, but all those stones looked the same to me, and when I finally found the right stone it was not at all where I had been looking earlier.

This was a really good game, but I hope the next one has a little less pixel hunting.


NEVER FOUND the pyramid plaque! Walkthrough only discusses five of the plaques! BOOOOOOO!

Try playing through again Stumped. You'll find that the pyramid plaque is included in the walkthrough... : )

yvesstlaurent December 14, 2013 3:57 PM

Came here after Agent 079, which I thought was really good! But the Sun plaque - sheesh! Here's where it is, explicitly:

The 19th rung is the crooked one two down from the rung mended with a red bandana-thing. Behind that is a wall where you'd expect to find the plaque but nope. To the left of that wall is another short wall section joined at a 45 degree angle. At the bottom edge and LEFT edge of this new wall is a flagstone with the plaque behind it. To triangulate (and provide some semblance of sense to the clue) if you draw a line along the axis of the crooked rung to the left, it will point at the right flagstone. Holy moly.

So what they told you was true, from a certain point of view

not really


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