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Find the Escape-Men Part 157: At the Wedding

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Rating: 3.5/5 (48 votes)
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Find the Escape-Men Part 157: At the Wedding

Find the Escape-Men Part 157: At the Wedding re-enacts that scene from that old movie. Which old movie? Practically any romantic comedy made prior to the 2000's. You know the one... the bride is stepping up to the altar, but someone is racing to try to stop the wedding? Well, in this escape game from no1game, that someone is you... but are you really there to bring the ceremony to a halt? Or do you just wanna, y'know, find ten little green dudes scattered around the room? Yeah, that's what I thought. Click to interact with items, occasionally multiple times, but whatever you do, don't blink, because this is a short one, with more of an emphasis on gathering up our little lime coloured bros than anything else. The ending is actually... perplexingly moody, but if you want an escape that's fast and dramatic, toss some rice around, or smash a glass, or whatever gets you in the mood, and fire this one up.

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VoxPopuli42 June 26, 2015 2:49 PM

A little too easy, honestly.

And apparently Bride/Jane wanted to marry the Green Man? I feel like I need a fulls cheesy 90s film for this

Patreon Crew SonicLover June 26, 2015 5:23 PM

Considering the ending...

...I'm starting to wonder if this is a prequel to In the Park.


walkthrough ready yet?

jayisgamed June 27, 2015 4:16 AM

Here's a walkthrough:

Click. Click. Walk. Look. CLick, click, click. Point, click point. FInished.

It's a bit terse I'll admit.


yeah I do that all the time and *gasp* 1% complete. lucky me. ;) please post a walkthrough.


Yes, the whole "turn up on the wedding day and stop the ceremony by announcing your love" trope seems to be extremely popular in Japan. It's nice to see it played a bit more realistically here, for once.


Got through it without help, but I did get brief befuddled in some places, so...


Before the Ceremony

Enter the church. This is probably pretty obvious, but we're being thorough here.

Sitting in the pews on the right is a single bald guy. Click on him to reveal the imposter. Collect Escape Man #1.

Turn round. As tempting as the all green window on the left is, you need to click to one on the right. Note the pattern of colors and shapes and look carefully in the bottom right patch of green for Escape Man #2.

The Ceremony

The wedding starts. The bride and (presumably) her father enter, followed by a small green fellow. He'll trip on the way to the altar. Turn around and collect Escape Man #3

Approach the altar. Click on the back of the bride veil to find a stowaway: Escape Man #4.

Man, this priest just goes on forever. Maybe you could speed him up by turning the pages?

Click the book until something falls out. Go back to the full view of the altar and grab Escape Man #5.

Go back up to the altar and to the left. A choir is singing. Listen for a while and you'll notice that the third singer from the left is hitting an off note. Click the green note and receive Escape Man #6.

Back to the altar and over to the right. Guy in the pews is getting emotional. Take his handkerchief.

Open up the handkerchief to find Escape Man #7.

After the Ceremony

The newly married couple leave the church and are showered with rice, confettii and...something green.

Go to the door view and click on the leftover mess to find Escape Man #8.

From the same view, click on the left side pews. You'll see a woman and a little boy holding a box. (The boy won't be there if you check before or during the ceremony,) The box appears to have a color and shape lock. Where did you see similar shapes and colors?

The stained glass window.

The shapes you want are the ones formed when you combine all of the same color pieces into a single shape.

Red circle, yellow pentagon, blue "L" shape, purple diamond

Open the box and get Escape Man #9.

Now we go outside to take the wedding party photo. Find the final Escape Man #10 on the cross above the church.

Watch the ending and draw your own conclusions. Click on the protagonist to reveal his secret identity.

barbara July 1, 2015 7:10 PM

I'd say a lot too easy. No puzzles at all. Jayisgamed's walkthrough is exactly right.

barbara July 1, 2015 7:27 PM

Hmm, I just looked at Sara's walkthrough and she describes a puzzle in the "After the Ceremony" part. Maybe I just happened to randomly click the correct solution.
I played again and followed Sara's walkthrough and there was scene I hadn't seen earlier and a puzzle. Hmmm.
I played yet again (my inner bug-hunter was awakened) and there's a bug. After getting EM 8, I clicked right again, and there was another EM in the same place on the floor. So I didn't get a chance to find the real EM 9.

dailytherapyshop July 8, 2015 2:15 AM

Wow, one puzzle. Sad. :/


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