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Find the Escape-Men Part 155: EM Temple

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Rating: 3.9/5 (55 votes)
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Find the Escape-Men Part 155: EM Temple

In no1game's puzzling escape game Find the Escape-Men Part 155: EM Temple, a bullet train ride to a new tourist temple strands you there, and as usual, you'll need to find the ten little (or sometimes not so little) green men hidden around the area if you want to get home. Easier said than done with obnoxious selfie-stick wielding tourists, kitschy souvenir shops, and unsettling statuary everywhere! The cursor won't change whether something is interactive or not, so you'll need to click around on your own and explore everywhere. Like most games in the series, EM Temple is decidedly snack-sized, with puzzles that tend to lean a little more towards whimsy than logic, and at least a few instances where pixel hunting might become an annoyance. Despite this, the game is cute, even occasionally clever, and a welcome bit of lighthearted escapery to anyone's day.

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VoxPopuli42 June 12, 2015 10:56 AM

Well, I'm feeling dumb.

I can't get this eye puzzle to work. I thought the lines meant clicking the nose to make his eyes both close but that's not working.

VoxPopuli42 June 12, 2015 11:10 AM

Well, I'm out, but I never did figure out why that code worked the way it did. I can help others with the rest though!

funnyguts June 12, 2015 11:13 AM

Vox, I'm stuck in the same place you were. Help?




For the eye puzzle:

The sign should be read left to right, with one horizontal row for each eye.

Just like up normally means ahead and down means behind on a vertical map, Think about how the two lines on the sign would be related to the statue's eyes, given their relative positions.

The top row is for the left eye (that is, our left as we face it), and the bottom row is for the other eye.

Also, if you're busy later on looking for special ink:

That's kind of a red herring.

VoxPopuli42 June 12, 2015 12:05 PM replied to Nezuji

Oh man. That makes so much more sense now - I feel very silly now. Thanks Nezuji

VoxPopuli42 June 12, 2015 12:12 PM replied to Nezuji

Working on a walkthrough thanks to Nezuji's help


You can ring the bell at the end! Awesome!

VoxPopuli42 June 12, 2015 12:54 PM replied to Nezuji

Escape-Men Part 155: EM Temple Walkthrough

Outside the Temple


Welcome to the temple! Note the two angry statues. One is clickable in the face region. We'll come back to him

In the yard, note the man with a selfie stick.

Wait behind him until the camera flashes - then collect photobombing Escape Man 1

On the right, enter a souvenir store. Click on the swords & say yes to collect Souvenir Sword

Exit & then re-enter to see that the shop keeper has become Escape Man 2

Now let's look at that signpost on the left

Note the design on it. Does that look familiar?

Click on the bottom-left to collect a sneaky Escape Man 3

Finally, take a look at the temple door. It needs a code of 5 letters.


Two Statues

Green (on left)

You'll need Souvenir Sword

Don't overthink this one. Just poke him with the sword to get Escape Man 4

Brown (on right)

This hint comes from the sign post.

Each row corresponds to one eye, taken together. Like an up/down map. [Thanks to Nezuji for the explanation]

Top row is left eye, bottom row is right eye...

Code is: Right, Left, Right, Left, Nose, Left

Collect Escape Man 5

Temple Door

You'll need to have collected 5 Escape Men

Admire your collection. Notice anything odd about them?

Enter the letters from your escape men into the door


Inside the Temple


One step closer to entering the shrine! Let's admire this patio, with its oddly-patterned tiles and different-colored sides.

Click to the right to see another gift shop

Collect Escape Man 6 from the wall hanging.

Click on the shopkeeper to buy a Prayer Slip

Admire the fine paper. Examine it thoroughly. Check the back to collect Escape Man 7

Go up the temple stairs to find a hapless green man who needs your help. We'll save you, green man!

Go back to the patio and click to the bottom left.

Collect Soap and a Ladle

Note the small stone lantern's base. But ignore the green on the top - it's actually a red herring.

Back to the patio to examine the signpost

We need our name on a prayer slip. Good to know!

But wait, Escape-Man has his name written already??

Click the Escape-Man slip to collect Escape Man 8


Getting Out of a Stuck-y Situation

You'll need Ladle & Soap

Fill the Ladle with water right above where you collected it, then add Soap to get a Ladle Full of Soapy Water

Use said Ladle Full of Soapy Water on our hapless friend to collect Escape Man 9

Lantern Code

This code comes from the patio tiles, with a twist

Well, not so much of a twist as a rotation...

Rotate your image of the tiles so that the dark grey bar is at the top, like the code panel of the statue.


Collect Escape Man 10

Entering the Shrine

Now that we have all our green men, they've transformed into... Our Name!! [Which is apparently Hunter Green]

That looks like a 'special ink' to me! Use Hunter Green (Your Name) on the Prayer Slip and add it to the sign

Congratulations! You have entered the EM Temple!


Thanks - I was stuck on the eye puzzle!

dailytherapyshop June 13, 2015 4:43 PM

Unusually clunky for an EM game.


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