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Find the Escape-Men Part 133: New Year 2015

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Find the Escape-Men Part 133: New Year 2015

Is no1game's Find the Escape-Men Part 133: New Year 2015 really an escape game if you're locked out of something? Coming home from the first shrine visit of the new year, you realize you can't find your house key, and nobody else is home to let you in! You'll want to click everywhere in this one, not just because of the lack of changing cursor, but because there's more to see than you might otherwise think with the "turn around" button in front of your door. Naturally, before you can get in, you also need to find ten little green men hidden around the area. It's cute, silly, and definitely as weird as you'd expect from no1game... just the way we like it! So go on and find a way inside... either before you catch a cold, or the garden comes after you!

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LabChowChow January 11, 2015 1:35 PM

I have nine out of the ten escape men, and

I've used the phone, the two letters in the mailbox, the hose, and the delivery box. I have yet to use the firecracker, which I assume has something to do with the plant.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?


LabChowChow: After you...

...make the plant cry, just wait a few seconds...

...and then do what seems appropriate.

Fun game!

DarkSeth666 January 11, 2015 2:19 PM


At the Fire Flower, you have to

wait for it


Well, that was quick and one of the easier ones, I think. Quirky as always.

The one thing I spent some time wondering about was the umbrellas:

Make sure you open all of them and look at them carefully.


I have 8 escape men. I'm not sure what to do with

the hose

and I'm not sure I got anything from

the delivery box, besides an EM. It closed before I got a good look.

LabChowChow January 11, 2015 3:12 PM

I guess I wasn't patient enough with the flower. Thanks!

For the hose:

There is a brown stain on the right side of the view with the faucet and the shed that you need to use the hose on.

As for the delivery box,

Its only use was for the one escape man.


Got it! Couldn't find the

dirt patch

in the first hundred times looking for it...

lynnehammar927 January 11, 2015 4:10 PM

Just logged onto JIG to see if any new escape games had been posted (I confess, for days I've been trawling the history for "escape-tagged" games ...)

Almost choked on my coffee when I saw a new Green-Man Escape! Haven't gotten too far, but *LOVE* the vicious, man-eating plant's sound FX!!


Leopardmask January 11, 2015 7:52 PM

I'm lost.

Plant? Hose? Firecracker?? I'm not finding any of this stuff. I have 3 EMs, I figured out the umbrella code, called the delivery number, and I'm assuming I have to wait around a little while but have no idea what else to do.



The last couple from no1game had some seriously obscure pixel-hunts, but this one was pretty straightforward.

Find the Escape-Men Part 133: New Year 2015 Walkthrough

No puzzles for these ones

#1: Facing the door: click the white flag

#2: Facing the door close-up: click the green umbrella. Click again to open it.

#3: Outhouse on left: on the wall in plain sight

Four-colour combination

There isn’t that much colour in this room, so the clue must be…

those coloured umbrellas. Open each one up and examine them.

Each one has a different number of panels. Enter the number of panels for each corresponding colour.

RBYG = 6875. Take both cards.

Examine the card with the orange square on it. Flip it over to get another escape-man (#4).

Phone delivery

Bring up the phone in your inventory. Dial the number on the EM Express card. Click around the map a few times, then turn back towards the driveway (behind you when you start the game). Take the EM Express package and open it to get an escape-man (#5). Click the delivery man while you’re at it (#6).

Click the right-hand side of the truck to check behind it. There’s another escape-man on the truck (#7).

Code box

Facing the door, click to the right to face the plant, then click on the box on the wall on the left. Seems you need a code with three letters and three digits.

You totally have one of those already!

Check the card in your inventory again to see the code APX537. Enter the code for escape-man #8.

The hose

Take the hose from the outhouse.

Use the hose on the tap outside. Now you can carry it around with you. Look for something that needs hosing.

Facing the tap, click on the patch of dirt on the right-hand wall. Use the hose to clean it.

Didn’t work? Did you turn the tap on? Turn the tap on and try again. Take escape-man #9. Nearly there!


Take the firecrackers from the outhouse. No doubt you did this already.

Facing the door, turn to the right and approach the piranha plant. It seems angry. But…

Wait a few seconds and it retracts, Mario-style. Now’s your chance!

When the plant is down in the pipe, use the firecrackers on it to knock it out. Take escape-man #10.

The end

Walk to the door. Use the escape-men on the keyhole to escape.

Leopardmask January 11, 2015 8:11 PM

Wow, a combination of the walkthru and power of posting helped a lot! I'm out! ...Or, in?


Actually, the platform is HTML5. All the Green Men games are being made for HTML5 now.

Simple, but odd logic for the game.

A lighter is not needed for the firecrackers.
Umbrella stand is outside the house.

Riiick January 13, 2015 7:13 AM replied to RT Ideas

It definitely isn't flash as I was able to play it on my iPhone.


that ending... he broke the fourth wall O_o

darksilvermoon5 January 18, 2015 4:41 PM

"May this year be a wonderful one for all of you!"
Thanks Escape Man! You made my day. I wish you the best in 2015.


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