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Find the Escape-Men 78: Heavy Snow

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Rating: 3.6/5 (47 votes)
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Find the Escape-Men 78: Heavy Snow

DoraBaby it's cold outside... no, I mean like really really cold! In no1game's Find the Escape-Men 78: Heavy Snow, you might actually want to rethink the whole "escape the room" thing because it's snowing so hard that you've been literally entombed! Why don't you just stay in here with your Vash the Stampede poster and your empty fridge and your one channel and your blocked website and okay you know what, this place sucks. Let's click around to gather items, solve puzzles, and find a way out! You can click the question mark next to an item in your inventory to also get a close-up, which can let you manipulate certain objects in some cases. Like every game in this long-lived series, ten little green men are also hiding throughout your tiny apartment, and you'll need to find all of them to win.

Like the rest of the Escape-Men series, Heavy Snow is on the short side, but it's intended to be a short bite of comfort food rather than a whole meal. Some of the puzzles can require some rather fussy ordering that can make you think you're on the wrong track when you really just haven't followed along the game's precise checklist yet. More than anything it's cute, with a few clever item puzzles and a sense of humour about itself in general, and as long as you remember to look under and around everything you should conquer this one in no time at all. And then go back to bed, because snow is for suckas. And yes, having said that, I will surrender my Canada Card on the morrow.

Play Find the Escape-Men 78: Heavy Snow


Only plays in IE

Irritating Pixel Hunting:

you have to diddle around a lot to turn off the warmer under the cat, and you can't even do that until you have done other things (which ones I'm not sure, I think probably get the heat on)

you have to diddle around on the side of the fridge to get the TWO things there

you have to diddle around the side of the tv a bit to turn it on...

... and then you have to wait a good while or do something else (not sure what) until the news story comes on tv

everything else is logical, though I admit getting the clue from the poster took me a while because I kept thinking of paper-scissors-stones which apparently is not a japanese thing and not relevant

basically you have to do things in the correct order but there is not a lot of guidance nor always much logic as to what that order might be


I've done pretty well for someone who's up way past her bedtime. :) I found 7 Escape Men so far.


rob.bray, it plays fine for me in Chrome.


It runs fine for me in Chrome, but I'm not running ABP.

I'm up to 9 Escape Men, but I can't find the last one for the life of me.


Well, I've gotten two more Escape Men and am now up to 9. I'm not sure what the clue in the computer means, though.

A black figure holding up a sign that reads "7:55"

Unless it refers to the front of the fueled-up, running machine? It says "20 19"

until you click the 19, which reveals an Escape Man and becomes a 20.


I think we're in the same boat, Tenzhi.


Ray9na, the computer:

Did you get 2 escape men from the computer? The website and the one who appears after a while (I think after you have done a bit more, can't remember what though)

If Yes you have, then

the numbers aren't a clue!

Hope this helps :)

I had no problems playing this game in Safari. Also, the cat

moved straight away after I had unplugged the warmer!


The stove

The 20 is the desired temp and the 19 is the room temp. Once you turn the stove on, it will heat until 20 is reached (in theory).

I can't figure out the freezer.

I figure the solution is Love and Peace (Jimi Hendrix poster). I've got the Heart magnet, the janken magnet switched to the peace sign and I've got the S turned into an ampersand. But the "and" symbol won't adhere to the freezer. Must I magnetize it?




Found the plain magnet on the side of the fridge.

And out!

Kind of a sad ending!

houseworkisevil January 11, 2014 8:42 AM

I liked this one! Looking out the window at a couple of feet of snow right now, so it's timely, at least around these parts. Tried pulling up the website suggested on the computer; that was jaw-dropping, as was the final newscast. :)


As much as I click on everything in every order I can imagine I can't figure out what to do with

the steamer parts (water in bottom), stove, and the frozen bun


walkthrough anyone?


Doesn't seem to play in Firefox, v18.0.1.

merchantfan January 11, 2014 12:36 PM

Have the pot on the stove, but it won't steam or anything. Keep pressing the button and tried taking a trip around the room, but no dice.

merchantfan January 11, 2014 12:38 PM

I'm sorry, I should have spoilered that, but now I don't know how to edit previously posted comments.

merchantfan January 11, 2014 12:45 PM

OK, I got it.

you have to go hit the power button a second time on the generator then you'll get the 9th escape man and it will go up to 20 degrees so the water will boil



Click on poster for man #1 (note the phrase on the poster "Love and Peace", back up.

Click on AC, open lid, take fuel tank, back up.

Go right.

Click under sink, left side, take steamer. Zoom in steamer, click to remove top half, close window.

Click top half of steamer, click to open lid, click bottom to turn it over for man #2.

Fill bottom half of steamer with water.

Click bottom-right of fridge, take pump, close window.
Take blank magnet, close window, back up.

Place pump on gas can, highlight fuel tank in inventory, click gas can to fill fuel tank.

Go right.

Cat won't move. Click under window, back side of bed, click plug to unplug foot warmer, back up.
Click on cat for man #3.

Click top edge of blanket to get heart magnet.

Go right.

Click on the 'S' on poster, click on it again before closing window to turn it to '&', close window.

Open desk drawer, get hand magnet. Click on magnet twice before closing window to make hand show a peace sign, close, back up.

Click on laptop, click on 'e', click on bookmark tab for man #4, click red X, back up.

Click laptop, back up, and click laptop again for man #5 (holding clock), back up.

Click TV, click right-side edge of TV, click button, back up for man #6 on screen.

Back up, click TV again and wait for Newsflash for man #7, back up.

Go right.

Click AC, replace fuel tank, click 'power' button, back up for man #8 on floor.

Click AC again and wait for man #9 to appear behind the # 19.

Go right.

Zoom in blank magnet, place '&' on magnet. Click top fridge, place magnets in squares (using phrase from poster for positions), click 'OPEN', take frozen meat bun.

Zoom in bottom of steamer, add top of steamer, open lid, add frozen meat bun, close, back up.

Click on stove top, place steamer on stove, turn stove on, back up.

Go around the room once.

Click on steamer, open steamer, take meat bun.
Click on meat bun for man #10.


Nice one! Thank you, Paul! :)


you're welcome dora :)

Daibhid C January 11, 2014 3:54 PM

Re: loading problems - I got it to load on Firefox, but only after I disabled my adblocker so it could load the pre-game ad.


I really liked that one- no problem playing in Safari.


Won't open for me :(

hikari no sakura January 13, 2014 9:22 PM

Got all the escape men that doesn't require waiting at a particular screen without the walkthrough. the waiting part wasn't very obvious, but the ending more than made up for it!


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