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Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House (Volume 2)

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Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House Volume 2

GrinnypSo you want to be a ninja? You've gotten the cool clothes, the headbands, the shuriken, the blow-darts, the green escape men...you didn't know that green escape men were a vital part of the ninja accouterments? Well they are if you want to graduate, or at least escape from the ninja house in No1Game's latest escape men finding thriller, Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House (Volume 2) This Time It's Personal!

grinnyp_findescapemen50_screenshot.pngYes, a sequel to Find the Escape Men in the Ninja House has been spawned, since you didn't really make it all the way out the first time around. You must not only find the difficult to spot escape men (practicing their mad ninja stealth skillz in the surrounding scenery), you must actually fight them, and they aren't pushovers. Or, at least, the 3rd graders aren't pushovers. The 2nd grader certainly is, although it's nice of him to offer to help you along once you kick his scrawny...butt. Navigation is by the usual bars at the sides, top, and bottoms of the screen, so that you can explore the house (actually a Ninja School) and fight your way to ninja-hood, or something like that. Along the way you will find the usual ten escape men, but in some rather unusual ways. Basically you're looking at the usual combination of puzzle solving and use of found objects.

Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House (Volume 2) is quite the departure from the usual find the escape men games. Shame, though, that there's no changing cursor in this larger than usual playing field, which leads to some pixel hunting. The space is larger, there's a lot more use of found objects, and the escape men ninjas can be quite the potty mouths as they attempt to trash-talk their way to beating you to the ninja punch, as it were. For those who don't just want to spot the little green escape men in the scenery but who want to beat the living daylights out of them as well, well, here's the escape for you. Just don't be freaked when you find God in the pond.

Play Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House Volume 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Find the Escape Men 50: In the Ninja House (Volume 2) Walkthrough

General Information

  • Brace yourself for the bad language if that sort of thing bothers you.

  • There are some color-based puzzles, there will be directions for the colorblind in the walkthrough

  • Don't hesitate to use any weapon in your arsenal.

  • Don't forget to change the language before you begin.

  • Examine anything you pick up, items may be hiding clues.

  • There is only one ending.

  • Good luck!


  • You begin facing the gates that lead out of the Ninja School. There is an injured escape man lying on the ground in front of you. There is a building to your right, and a path of stones going forward to the gates and then to the right.

  • On the left side of the scene is a lawn. There are two patches on the lawn, a brown patch that looks like it was cut, and a green patch of overgrown grass.

  • In your inventory you have a manipulator, a hammer, a sickle, a hypodermic, and a scroll.

  • You cannot move away from the scene until you solve the first puzzle.

  • Click on the escape man lying on the ground. Looks like we need to look out for the third graders.

  • So what do we do?

    • Use the sickle on the lush patch of grass to the left of the injured escape man.

    • When you have the cut grass in close up, click on it three times until it becomes a pile of medicinal herbs.

    • Use the herbs on the injured escape man, then click on him.

  • Once the escape man talks to you, click on him and he will go into your inventory.

  • You can now navigate around the school.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a porch and some sliding doors. In front of the porch is a water faucet with a blue, two-pointed throwing star on it. Click on the tap, it works.

  • Click on the sliding doors to look up to the roof.

  • There's an escape man up there, but you can't reach him.

  • Go back, then go right.

  • You are now facing a small shed. To the left of the shed is a tree.

  • In the patch of grass to the left of the shed is the shape of an escape man cut into the grass.

  • Click on the shed door to open it.

  • You are now inside the shed. There is a shelf on the wall on the right. There is a low table on the left.

  • On top of the shelf on the right are some throwing stars, take them.

  • There is also a box on the shelf, but when you look inside it is empty.

  • There is a bucket in the corner. Click on the bucket and you can see inside, a five-pointed throwing star. Back up.

  • If you click between the table and the bucket, you can see the end of the table. It tells you "The ancient pond Escape-Man leaps in The sound of the water."

  • Back up twice to leave the shed and turn right.

  • You are now facing a pond. To the right of the ring of rocks around the pond is a small item sticking out, take it (bamboo cylinder).

  • Turn right and you are back facing the gate.

  • Click on the gray stones where they meet the building on the right.

  • You are now facing a small alley with the building on your right and the wall on the left. There are also two large gray stones on the left, click on them for a close up.

  • There is a small patch on the left stone, click on it and you will hear about the art of ninja camouflage. To the right of the right stone is a coil of rope, take it.

  • Back up to face the alley again. Click on the far end of the alley to go forward.

  • You are now facing the end of the alley. There is a blue car on the left, and a door on the right. Ahead of you is a wooden post in the ground.

  • Click on the car for a close up. There appear to be two blotches on the hood of the car. Back up. Notice the license plate is 2650.

  • Click on the door for a close up. Yeah, it's locked. Back up.

  • Click on the wooden post for a close up. Okay, it's a piece of wood in the ground. Now what? Back up.

  • Back up again to turn around. You should now be looking down the alley again, this time with the building on the left and the wall on the right.

  • In the wood on the building on the left is a small object, pick it up (stone hard duster).

  • Go forward.

  • You should now be back where you started, facing the gate.

  • Time to solve some puzzles!

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

  • Before we do anything, we should probably check what's in the inventory.

  • Pull up each object in your inventory, one at a time, and click on them while they are in close up.

  • Most will not be affected, but clicking on the hypodermic breaks the needle off.

  • Pull up the bamboo, then use the needle on it to create a blow-gun.

  • Pull up the scroll and click on it to open it. Click again to turn it over.

  • Notice the escape men and the line going down. A clue!

  • Now you should have checked everything in your inventory and made the blow-gun. Time to do more stuff!

Wax On, Wax Off Daniel-san

  • Turn right to face the porch and the water spigot.

  • Use the stone hard duster on the water tap. You should now have a wet rag.

  • Turn left to face the gates, then click on the path to go to the alley.

  • Go forward, then click on the blue car for a close up.

  • There are two stained spots on the car, maybe we need to clean them off.

  • However, using the cloth on them doesn't seem to do a thing.

  • Maybe there's something else we need to see?

    • The second clue is on the back of the scroll, the escape men and the line.

    • Notice that the escape men are either on the left or the right of the line, just like there are two stains, a left and a right.

    • Going down the line in the direction of the arrow gives you escape men on the left, right, left, left, right, left, right, and right.

    • Which is the pattern you need to use on the stains.

  • Once you clean the car correctly, you will have found an escape man. Take him and back up.

"Beat it, just beat it..."

  • While we are down here, we might as well get some practice in.

  • Some martial arts training seems to involve hitting a pole that is wrapped in something to soften it a little.

  • Like a wooden post wrapped in rope.

  • Isn't it handy that we are facing a wooden post, and have rope in our inventory?

  • Click on the post for a close up.

  • Put the rope on the post.

  • Start clicking the post like you are hitting it. It should take six or seven blows to knock it down.

  • Once the post falls you will see an escape man hiding in the hole. Take him and back up.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

  • Back up again so that you are facing down the alley.

  • Click on the rocks to the right for a close up.

  • Click on that patch of rock on the left rock to hear about the ninja art of camouflage again.

  • You know, that's pretty annoying, let's hit that patch with the throwing stars and see what happens.

  • And we've found another escape man (number 3).

  • Take the escape man and back up.

  • You should now be facing down the alley again, towards the main yard.

  • Go forward.

  • Once you are facing the gate, turn right to face the porch and the faucet.

  • Click at the top of the scene to look up at the escape man on the roof.

  • Well, we can't get up there, but we have a blow-gun!

  • Use the blow-gun on the escape man, he will fall off of the roof.

  • Back up. You can now see the escape man on the ground. Take him.

  • Now what?

God is in the Tub

  • Remember that phrase in the shed, something about the ancient escape-man and the sound of water?

  • Let's check out that pond.

  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the pond.

  • Click on your 4 escape men (not the second grader) and use them on the pond.

  • God will appear and ask you if you've dropped a gold escape man.

  • Don't lie! It will turn out very bad if you lie to God. Tell him no.

  • He will then ask if you dropped a silver escape man. Again, don't lie. Tell him no.

  • The third time he will hold up your green escape man. This time say yes.

  • He will then let you take the escape man.

  • Once you have your escape man back, use the second grader escape man on God.

  • He will turn into another escape man. Click on the escape man and you will have five.

  • Who will suddenly combine into one large escape man who will challenge you.

  • Use the second grader on him again. Once the second grader grabs him from behind it is time to fight dirty!

  • Hit the escape man with the throwing stars, the blow-gun, the hammer, and the manipulator.

  • Once you've run through the dialogue, pick up the escape man.

  • Once he's gone you will notice the gold key on the ground, take it.

Breaking and Entering

  • Turn right to face the gate.

  • Click on the path to the right to enter the alley.

  • Go forward into the alley.

  • Once you see the blue car, click on the door in the building for a close up.

  • Use the gold key on the door to open it.

  • You should now be inside the building. You are facing a wall that has a door-shaped outline. To the left of that is an end table.

  • Click on the door-shaped outline for a close up.

  • Once in close up you can click again, it opens a bit then slams shut. Back up.

  • Click on the end table for a close up.

  • The table has two drawers. The top drawer has a 4 digit code lock, the bottom drawer is not locked.

  • Open the bottom drawer and take the teacup.

  • Notice the top of the box says "car" + and three circles, one pink, one blue, and one yellow.

  • Back up.

  • At the bottom of the screen you can see the top of a tea kettle, click on it for a close up.

  • Click on the kettle to open it. Use the empty cup on the tea to get a cup of tea.

  • Wait and a ninja escape man (orange jumpsuit) will pop out of the kettle. Pick him up and back up.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a closet door. Click on the door to open it.

  • Click in the bottom of the closet for a close up. Take the toy mouse and back up.

  • On a shelf in the closet are two escape men in orange jumpsuits, click on them for a close up.

  • Each one will claim that it is a shadow clone. Okay then. Back up.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing the door you came in. Click on the door (not the open doorway) to close it. Once the door is closed notice the pink three pointed throwing star.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a completely blank wall.

  • Turn right.

  • You should be back to where you started, the wall with the door outline and the end table.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

  • Let's solve the puzzle on the end table.

  • The puzzle is "car" plus three colored circles, pink, blue, and yellow.

  • Remember the license plate on the car? It was 2650.

  • And where have we seen the colors pink, blue, and yellow?

  • In the scenery there have been three throwing stars of those colors, the yellow one in the shed (in the bucket), the blue one on the faucet, and the pink one in the room behind the door.

  • Each throwing star had a different number of points, the pink one had 3, the blue one had 2, and the yellow one had 5.

  • Add 2650 to 325 (the number of points for each star) and you get 2975, which is the code for the drawer.

  • Click on the table for a close up.

  • Click on the top drawer for a close up, then enter the code.

  • Open the drawer and get a lie detector.

  • Now let's figure out which "shadow clone" was real and which one was lying.

  • Back up and turn right to face the closet.

  • Open the closet, then click on the middle shelf where the escape men are for a close up.

  • Use the lie detector on the right escape man, and keep doing it until he admits he's a liar. Take him.

  • Now use the lie detector on the left escape man and keep doing it until he admits he's a liar as well. Take him.

Something There is That Doesn't Love a Wall

  • Back up from the closet.

  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the blank wall.

  • Click around the wall. Eventually you will find a place that reacts towards the right side of the wall. Guess there's more camouflage going on.

  • Use the cup of tea on the place on the wall that reacted and you will uncover another escape man, take him.

  • Turn right to face the wall with the door outline.

  • Click on the outline for a close up.

  • We need something to go through this door when we first open it, but it's a small space.

  • Hey, we can use that mouse toy we picked up!

  • Click on the door outline once to slide it open a little.

  • Use the toy mouse on the opening immediately.

  • The panel will swing around, revealing an escape man. Take him.


  • As soon as you pick up that fifth orange jump-suited escape man, they will combine.

  • You will then find yourself in the courtyard facing yet another giant sized escape man.

  • And once again you need to fight.

  • Use the manipulator, the hammer, the blowgun, and the throwing stars on the escape man.

  • He will then beat you up, or try.

  • Luckily the third grader intervenes. Great, saved by a third grader.

  • Go ahead and click through the dialogue and enjoy the fight.

  • Congratulations on becoming a Ninja! And sorry about the sagging job market...


lokisthrowpillow March 20, 2013 1:37 AM

So aside from:

using the sickle to cut some grass

none of the objects seem to work.


I need help. I've got:

The guy I revived with the grass/medicine
The guy from the roof I used the blowgun on
The guy who was hiding on the surface of the big rock
The guy from the hood of the car
The guy from under the punching-board-thing I knocked out of the ground

A manipulator, a hammer, a blowgun, shuriken (�ninja's throwing knife�), and the admission makimono available to use.

The medicine, rope, washcloth, sickle, and needle grayed out.

I've got no idea where to go from here. I can't seem to do anything useful with the gate, the locked door behind the building, that tree that rustles when I click it, or the grass cut into escape-man shape.

lokisthrowpillow March 20, 2013 2:50 AM

Thanks, grinnyp. Figured it out just before I saw your hint.


Thanks, I hadn't seen that. I've complete the game now. I was just about to give up and ask for help again, but then �

I found that mouse. I could have sworn I tried to look in the bottom of the closet before.

jerry.dathe March 20, 2013 10:03 AM

This escape game seemed very, very non-intuitive to me. But still enjoyable, with the walkthrough. Thanks, grinnyp.

inheritance.fan March 20, 2013 5:36 PM

Oh, joy. The sequel won't play on my computer, either.
Both Chrome and Firefox are completely up to date, as is Flash.


For those who continually "cannot play" the games we feature, it's very likely you're experiencing this problem because you're using a content blocking add-on. The games and features we bring to you take the time and effort of a full staff, web domains, etc., which means Jay pays to provide you with this entertainment. Same for those game designers who make this game. The only recompense for "free" games is in the form of advertisements. Would you consider disabling these add-ons when you visit our site and the games we feature? That way, we can continue bringing them to you.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkTvbJsbfYY0k7TNFiWEyiFEq9sDGCTeDk March 20, 2013 7:33 PM

About the ad-blocking:

No, I am not willing to disable my content-blocking software because it doesn't block all ads, just the ones that bog down the computer, try to get personal information, or pop up in the middle of a screen. The non-invasive ads don't bother me, so I don't block them.

There is a balance between advertising money and losing traffic. Advertisers will pay more for the invasive ads, but it annoys your customer base. I had all but stopped visiting this site because of the problem with unplayable game links, and I'm sure I'm not the only visitor to do this.

Have you considered a "donate" button in lieu of advertising?


We don't post unplayable game links and donate buttons don't generate the kind of revenue that's required to run this site. If a game is unplayable it's because of something you have installed on your computer. We simply cannot support those programs here.

But you're right that there is a balance between advertising and traffic. I try very hard to keep advertising to a minimum, and I'm doing the best I can to stay in business so we can continue to bring you the best games available. There are a lot of sites out there with a lot more advertising than we have.

vulpisfoxfire March 21, 2013 4:55 PM

I might point out that it's not *your* advertising that might be the problem Jay, it's the ads on the site hosting the game. I use ad-blocking myself, and never have an issue with the JIG site or the JIG-hosted games (apparently, JIG is whitelisted on the default list AdBlock Plus uses. While I certainly understand the need for ad-revenue...blame the folks who use it obnoxiously and/or as vectors for trojans and other virii for why people block them. :-/


We rarely link to external sites, and since we try to host every game that we feature, that almost always isn't a problem. Furthermore, we never link to a site that isn't an official site for the game being reviewed, in the case of these Japanese escape games, which are almost never able to be hosted by us.

I understand there are people who abuse the system out there, but please don't use ad blocking software here at JIG because we won't ever take advantage of you like that, and we so desperately need that revenue to stay in business.


Really enjoyed playing this series. Had to rely on the walkthrough for the pink since I really didn't have a clue there. Fun :)


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