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Feed the Head

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JayFeed the HeadIf you've only just found us recently, then you may not know that we've been here a long time. Well over 3 years long, and we've featured and reviewed nearly 1500 games in that length of time. So you can imagine my surprise whenever a game we featured a long time ago gets a resurgence of attention, all of a sudden. It happened recently with the infectiously addictive, Nanaca Crash, and just this week we have seen a large influx of traffic to Levers, a wonderfully relaxing web toy created by Vector Park. Levers is a beautiful game that balances art and interactivity very nicely.

While reliving the experience again after all this time, I noticed a link in the bottom right corner to something I hadn't seen before, and so I decided to take a look. Could this be something new from them?

Although I am uncertain of its origin or release date, Feed the Head does represent a piece of interactive entertainment of a type we don't often see anymore. In this age of the rise of the Flash game as a mainstream commercial commodity, it seems that the talented people who previously spent their waking hours and days creating compelling artistic endeavors such as this, are now busy churning out the daily feature at Newgrounds, Miniclip or an advergame for the latest chewing gum. My, how things change.

So it gives me great pleasure to be able to share with you a little something the archives here are filled with if you take some time to look for them. There is perhaps no goal, no win condition. It's just plain fun to play. A piece of interactive art for you to discover on your own terms. Spend a couple minutes or an hour. Lose yourself. Feed your head. Escape.

Play Feed the Head

Update: Now NEW and IMPROVED with new things to discover!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)



Eye - Roll over to make him cry, or click to make his eye come out his mouth. (to get the eye back, just feed it to him)
Ear - At the moment it just makes him yawn, but this will change later.
Top of Head - Roll over and a hair comes out, pull the hair to make the top swing off. (It will be empty at first)

2.The Forehead

The Movie - Knock on his forehead three times and a movie projector will pop out. You can take the reel off, but there's no point. Click it to show a video of a box.
The Box - Open the box and three orbs will come out and bouce around. Each one does a different thing when you feed it to him.
ORANGE makes him breathe fire. Also when you pull his ear now, it makes him breathe fire. (It doesn't do anything but it's fun nonetheless!)
GREEN makes hair srout up all over the place. Roll over the hair to cut it off.
PURPLE makes dots appear all over his head. Scroll over them a few times to make them go away.

3.The Nose

When you pull his nose off it will grow back again, maybe into something different. This is the order it goes in:
Normal X3
Hook Nose
Big Nose
Square Nose
Pipe Nose (Puffs out smoke)
Propellor Nose (spin the end 3 times and it'll fly away)
Cannon Nose (Ignite it by rolling over the fuse)
Tree Nose (Leave the food when it falls on the floor)
Elephant Nose (Feed the man if you give it food)

4.The Foot Food

Each peice of food (apart from the white one) make legs of something the same colour appear in his head. You end up with the legs of a Bear, Horse, Elephant, Human, a thing with tentacles, Robot and Duck. The white one makes a hand come out of his ear to hold open the "lid" of his head.

5. Football

Open the top of his head and make the hand hold it open. All the legs will be up in the air. Hold it open for a bit and a ball will bouce on to the screen. Use the Elephant Nose to throw it up to the feet. They'll all start kicking the ball. Another ball will pop up, so do the same again. One more ball will come, so yet again throw it to the feet. Then, close the lid. The balls will dissapear.

6. Hurdles

You will see a tentacle at the bottom of his neck. Click it. Suddenly he will rise up and have all of the feet in his neck. Hold the mouse over the feet and he will start running. Soon enough a hurdle will come up. Click the legs to jump over it. When you have cleared 5 hurdles, carry on running. Fireworks will explode (boom!) and you will come up to a stand with a green film tape.

7. The Secret Movie

When you grab the green tape his head will pop open and the projector will come out. Smack the blue tape out of the way and put the green one in instead. Play the movie.
When you open the box this time another box will come out, then another. Open the third box to get the light blue food.

8. Fishies

When you feed him the light blue food, his featured disappear and he fills up with water and fish.
Take some food from the bottom-right corner and hold it above the water in the circle that pops up. A fish will jump out of the water and eat the food. (you can just plonk it in the water, but that's not as fun.) When you have fed them all the food, the fishes will leave and you will get the red food.

9. Red Head

Feed him the red food and pull open his head, getting the hand to hold it open. A whole new head will pop out! (yay!) If you pull the new head's ear, he will yawn. If you poke his nose it will blow up like a balloon and of you poke his eye, he'll open his mouth with his eye on his toungue, and theneat it again. But if you toutch his head, something different will happen...

10. 6 Heads are Better than 1

Beleive it or not an eagle's head pops out. Poke his beak to make him cry out. Touch the eagle's hair and an eye-monster thing will pop out. (it's quite fun to poke the eye-monster thing's eye and watch it bulge out. Click the eye-monster thing's hair and a bowling ball will pop out (Click loads on the bowling ball to see dirst stuff fly around him). Click on the top of the bowling ball's head and a worm will pop out.
Pull the red man's ear to make him yawn. The yawn will travel through the heads until it reaches the worm. The worm will yawn out the amazing multicolour food!

11. The Happy Ending

When all the other heads have gone, feed the amazing multicolour food to the man. His features will disappear. Now, when you scroll over him, the part you scroll breaks apart, turned into a nice colour and happily flies away.
When he has all gone, the game will automatically restart



very cool. excellent.



I found that if you pull off enough noses to get to the trunk, and place a piece of 'food' next to his neck (just out of reach of the trunk), he starts crying. Tee hee~

Anonymous April 15, 2007 10:45 PM

Ooh. I love the trunk. And the animation is so smooth. it's just wonderful.

Dr_Pangloss April 15, 2007 10:47 PM

That's so weird about the Nanaca Crash resurgence...I was one of the "revisitors." There was nothing that spurned me to do so...it just popped in my head so I went to play it.

It makes you wonder about global thoughts....


Does anyone know what the purpose of the

final blue ball is?


there appears to be a minor bug in this... "game" or whatever you want to call it.

after feeding the head the orange ball obtained after watching the film on the projector in the forehead, flames will come from the head's mouth when the earlobe is clicked and held. if you click and hold the flames stop after the mouth closes, but if you simply click once without holding, the flames will turn on and never turn back off.

besides this, however, this is a pretty nifty little thing and i'll have to poke around with it a bit more later.


I had the hand hold the "hair", and fed the head both the eyeball, and the blue ball as close together as I could. I could then click on the forehead, which brought out a movie projector. Clicking on that showed an image of a hexagonal container, clicking on that showed bouncing balls, and clicking on one of those gave me more balls to feed the head.


Quite neat to feed him all the different balls

that come out of his nose on the tree, and when you have heard the animal sounds to open his head and see all the creatures' legs inside!


haha...I found those 'noses' most interest me!


OK, so far...

I have made him breath fire, eaten all the animals, got spots on his head, grown hair, seen all the nosses and lost then eaten his eye...whats left to do?


Another bug: if you put the balls close to the mouth and lead the trunk to it, sometimes it "eats" the nose and you can't get it back.


Another bug (the game is still a very good game tho!):

If you make the curly strand of hair come up while the whole head is full of the "other hair" it makes a section of the so called other hair disappear, only returning when you have the curly single strand out.

Even with the few small bugs this is well worth the visit! (it helps that they are small and don't interfere with the game play. In fact they actually add that extra 'lil quark of things to find on your own! (hence the spoiler tags =P))


I've found that somehow, after a while, the mouth wont open to eat any of the balls and when I click the eye, you hear it roll down, it doesn't come out, and it rolls back up! Has anyone else found this? It's weird.


That is so weird! I put this on IRC yesterday! :P

minimoggi April 16, 2007 10:33 AM

hey to: RedKen

after you have done this have yo changed the spot colours by moving the mouse over them?

Jack Ohzis April 16, 2007 12:13 PM

Heeheehee. I remember levers from vector park, and Nanaca Crash. Both great and fun games. I've also almost always hated big commercial sites like newgrounds and whatnot. Games like this really do make all the difference. -C.?.?.


This is a fun little thing. I often go back here to replay Warbears or Happy & Smile, or just pick one at random based on the the picture in the "Recommended" section. I guess after all all the competing for high scores and who-gets-the-first-walkthrough done, people still like a little surreal thingy-game to fiddle around with.

Also, move the cursor over his eye; you don't necessarily have to click it!


Vectorpark has done a wonderful job making interesting, engaging works of interactive art. The first game listed on his/their site is called PARK, where you are in some seemingly dark and scary carnival. Theres a lot to be found to do, such as planting a whole garden area and other fun clickables. The other great "game" (if it can be called that) is called Thomas. There are several squares to click on, each doing something different. Most of them are interactive, with little men following your mouse around. Some are there just to be watched tho, unless I've missed something =P My favorite one is the one that looks like an egg. It reminds me of Will Wrights Spore as the little egg sort of evolves, growing new ways to move around the screen. I was reminded of the procedural generation that is said to be in Spore which will decide how a creature you make should move (among other things) Can't wait to see more from this great site!



Is there an ending to this game?
What colour should the polka dots be?
What should the hair look like?
what is the purpose of the blue ball?
What is the purpose of the fire?


There is no purpose to the "game" other than to explore the different things that can be done to the Head. There is no winning scenario, and I have yet to discover what the light blue ball does (it's been bugging me!) As for the hair and polka dots, you can make them look however your heart desires! =P

FlyingSheep April 16, 2007 5:51 PM

Gosh! This is sooooo fun...
and hypnotizing...
*adds to favorites*
Just wonderful if you need to calm down


I like playing with the different noses, like the cannon or the pipe.


There is a lot to discover, even the bugs are interesting.

If you hold the final blue ball just outside the reach of the elephant nose, the guy will cry.
Anyone find a use for coughing (by pushing his throat)?
If he does "eat" the elephant nose, you can pull it off by grabbing the area just below his eye, and yanking forward.

Deathbaron April 16, 2007 7:01 PM

ha ha ha, hey jay, it kind of looks like you!


I have discovered one more additional fact:

after feed all of the pellets from the tree-nose to the head and all of the animals are inside as well as the arm behind the ear, you can have the top of the head held open for you by handing the handle to the arm behind his ear.


the propeller nose..

if you spin it, it flies off his face


It's a great feeling to see something new from Vector Park. I really hope this will inspire designers and developers to take a more artistic look. Because from the looks of it, the casual feel is the way to go.


It really is great to see these artistic internet "toys" and very simple games. This is what drew me to this site in the first place: it would link me to beatiful and simple, highly entertaining and intellectually challenging games that most sites don't bother to discover, research, or link to, and which most flash-game-makers don't bother to create.

So, thank you, jay, for providing us with this service, which has been curing me of ennui for 3 years now! :)


I noticed something kind of funny when I was looking for what else there might be left for me to play with.

Towards 'the end' as you run out of things to do, you get given the blue pellet. I couldn't really see it doing anything, but I *did* notice that if you change the nose to the elephant trunk then you can give one ball to the trunk and just as it feeds itself with that ball, you can cram a second ball into the mouth. Hey presto, you will then be given TWO blue pellets instead of one! It's use? No idea! :P


another bug

if in the beginning of the game you feed the guy the orange pebble/food...and make him cough the split second after he swallows it, he keeps breathing fire even though his mouth is closed =D


if you give the hand the opener for the head it will hold open the top




Basic walk through (although there isn't an "end", this is how you get everything)

1 Keep pulling off noses until you get to one that looks like a tree, when you pull it off, it will drop a bunch of pellets, feed them to the head by holding them close to the mouth. Now he has animals inside him. To see them, hold your mouse to the top of his head, wait for the single hair to grow, pull the top of his scalp off by clicking on the end of his hair and pulling, then hand of the end to the arm behind the ear.
2. Click 3 times on his forehead to get the projector to pop out, click on it, than on the weird box thing, then on one of the bouncing balls, feed it, then the other two to the head. Breath fire by clicking on the earlobe, change the color of the spots by moving your mouse over them, and move his hair around by moving you mouse over it. Don't worry, if you get rid of his spots, or cut all his hair off, you can feed him a new pellet the same way and get it all back.
3. Pull his eye to make it roll out of his head, feed it to the mouth to get it back in. Put your mouse on his eye without clicking and it cries, leave food just out of reach of the trunk and he cries too.
4. After feeding him everything, keep pulling off noses until you get one last ball, don't ask me what it does, I don't know. If you go through the noses again, you can get more of these.
5. You can make him cough by clicking his throat.
6. Before you feed him the orange fire breathing ball, clicking his ear lobe will make him yawn.
7. If you spin his propeller nose, it will fly off his face. (this is a bit tricky, but you can do it)
8.Hold you mouse over the wick on the cannon nose and it lights.
Now go feed the head!

This is a major spoiler...

Tweedster April 27, 2007 7:14 PM

So Cool

If you take his eyeball out and use the trunk put a bit of food just out of reach and tears come out of nowhere


Levers! That was the first game that I discovered on jayisgames. This site has been in my bookmarks ever since.


I can't figure out how to get the animals that people speak of, and i can't get the arm out unless i'm not trying to!! Other than that, i think i've done about everything.


greg to get the arm...

feed the white pellet first that comes off the tree nose


more stuff

after clicking on the box in the movie 3 diff balls come out, you can only grab 1 each movie but they all do diff things, one gives him hair that you can cut and it shows up in a different spot etc

emmegi May 6, 2007 5:50 PM

Another bug that I've found

sometimes the mouth doesn't open and you can't feed the head. I tried clicking
on the eye but it won't come out. For the rest it yawns or spits fire if I gave it the orange ball and coughs too. I don't know what I made to get this.

Budgerigar May 7, 2007 4:03 AM

I'm confused.

Anyhoo, yes great game and all, but what does the cough do? also nothing happens with the last ball and i can't get it back!



I figured out a few things about the final ball!!

1. If you put it in the elephants trunk and cough as the ball's about to go inside the trunk will stop working until you pull all of the noses off again.
2. If you set it on top of the cannon nose and light the wick, you won't get the wick back till you pull out another one.
3. This is the most important: i fed the final ball and the ball for fire together and now i can click on the earlobe and make it breath fire whenever i want.

I also found this out about any ball:

If you put it inside the open scalp the legs will kick it around, and you can also put it on the part that you pull off, have the hand let it go and launch the balls.

TaladorPhoenix May 19, 2007 11:57 PM

you cant ever relight the cannon unless you take it off and you don't have to put the final ball in to breath fire whenever you want.

Jessica May 21, 2007 5:08 PM

Cool thing to do with the eye and animal arms...

If you pull the 'lid' off the head and make the arm hold it, you can take the eye and place it on the animal arms. They will juggle the eye. Pointless, but amusing.


i found something out about the feet!

if you let the hand hold the top of the head and wait a bit, a special ball with polka-dots will come from the same side that the blue ball does. make the feet in the head kick that around, and another ball will appear. do the same thing with the second ball, and a smaller ball will come out. WARNING: do not feed the small ball to the head, because it will not do anything whatsoever.


I love making the feet juggle!


Hey something cool

while the top of the head is held open, wait for balls to appear, a total of 3 will appear and the legs will juggle them if they are thrown above them

minimoggi June 1, 2007 3:38 PM

i just got a polka dotted ball :D

Goth Guy June 2, 2007 11:51 AM

Hey, dont know if you guys know, im only 13 but i spend a lot of my life on Video games so i found this out...

Once all the legs are in the head, and the little white arm is poking out, give the root of the hair to the arm and run your mouse over the legs for a while, after a while a little green ball with blue polka dots will appear dont know what it does though lol

Anonymous June 2, 2007 3:32 PM

Hey! In the beginning, with the marble tree...

The color of marble gives you a big hint about which animal it will produce. The color of the marble is the color of the animal's skin!


By the way, if you close and open the head while the animal legs are in it, more will come.


Did this happen to anyone else?

A little green hair came out of the guys neck, and now the head can walk around!

This game is so cool. You think you've found everything, but then, something awesome happens. Vector Park is one of my all-time favorite websites.


Just in case you wanted to know, the reason these new things are here is because it was updated, it says that instead of loading when it is loading


Yeah , I just noticed the little "updated" logo. Silly me. Ha Ha!


I have found some of the things said before, and not much other stuff, hopefully it'll be updated agian :P

These are the things i've found out so far...


if you keep his head closed after you've fed him all the fruit from his tree nose, the octopus's arm would come out of his neck, clicking on it will make the legs come out and they will walk if the cursor is on them


if his head is opened(after you've fed him all the fruit) a polka-dot ball will come out, if you give it to the feet another ball will come, and another would come if you gave it to the feet to. also, he won't eat them, and if you give it to his trunk nose, he'll toss it to the legs, and the balls would dissappear if you closed his head


if you make the screen zoom out, it will zoom back in if whatever made it zoom out in the first place is over

i've also noticed that the final blue ball wouldn't appear for me and i couldnt make him cough if his head wasnt walking

Christoph June 8, 2007 12:23 PM

Ummm I made

the legs play soccer..... open the top of the head when you have eaten all the ball on the tree should be legs there pull the string-ball thing then give it to the hand hell hold it 4 u w8 a little and a ball will roll 2 u then just put it over the legs and there u go it was soo cool when i found that out


Just as a note...

With the cannon nose, you can roll over the flower to bring the wick back. And with the pipe nose, the smoke gets bigger as you leave it on (useless info but amusing)


if you start to run when the noses are on the way out of the screen you can outrun the noses and they go out the other way and come back later :/


um... what is this "final blue ball" everyone keeps talking about?


its awsome !!!! glitch
look down

if you click and drag the nose until you get the trunk than click the eye it will roll down and out the mouth then put it near the neck and he will cry out of nowhere


please can somebody tell me how to make him cough!!!


i dont think this has been mentioned but the orange ball you get from the thing out of his forehead you can actually get loads of them


i forgot to say that in between opening forehead projector you have to make him breath fire


i don't think it was mentioned already, but

if you make the hand let go of the hair on the head after the legs have kicked all the spotted balls and then you wait a little and a lizard (?) tail will come from the bottom, and when you click on it the legs will all come out the bottom and lift the head, and when you hold your mouse over them the legs will walk the head across the screen, although as for a use for this, no clue

Anonymous July 13, 2007 10:19 PM

How do you get legs!!!

MINICOOPER120 July 20, 2007 1:58 AM

I can't seem to figure out how to

grow food from the tree. Do I just wait?


I have found a new bug:

If you get the elephant trunk out, then take out his eye, he will eat it (as said before). But if you make the head start walking before hand, then when he trunk is about to put the eye in his mouth, make the man cough. It will make the trunk stop working.
It will stay like this until you take of the noses.


i am stuck

i have found a way to make all the animals make the head walk which you do when you mess around with the animal a ball will apear tossing it up there they will start playing with then another and another then a tal will appear on the back of his neck and all the animal legs start walking but i cant find anything


hey, has anyone else noticed that if you walk far enough, you come to a wonky post with a pink wheel on top? i've come to that... and while it's fun to throw around.. i can't find a purpose for it.

maybe i could try frying it...


Okay: walkthrough from beginning to what I think is the end of this beautiful 'game'. There's quite a lot to find, and I'm sure some things have been missed here, but at least this gets you to a conclusion.
Getting started

There are a few things you can do with the head and which work all through the game.

  1. Click ear to make him yawn

  2. Click throat to make him cough

  3. Pass mouse over eye to make him cry

  4. Click on eye to make the eyeball come out of his mouth (to replace it, just feed it to him)

  5. Pass mouse over the very top of his scalp to make the curly hair appear. Pulling on this hair will open the skull (currently it will be empty).

  6. Pull his nose off to go through a succession of different noses, always in the same order: normal nose (x2 or 3), hooked nose, long rounded nose, square nose, pipe nose, propeller nose (you can spin the propeller to make the nose fly off by itself), cannon nose (hover over wick to make a pink flower appear), tree nose (this is very important later on; once you pull it off the first time, all the balls will fall to the floor) and elephant nose (good for feeding).

  7. You can knock on his forehead three times to make a movie projector appear. Clicking on the wheel of the projector a few times will play the movie.


Eating the coloured balls will make things happen. To start with, you will have discovered two sets of balls: 3 in the movie and 8 from the 'tree' nose.
The movie balls

  1. The orange ball will make him breathe fire. Now, when you click his ear, this is what he will do instead of yawning.

  2. The purple ball will make spots appear all over his head. These cycle through a few colours when you hover over them, and if you do it enough times, the spot will disappear.

  3. The green ball will make hair grow on the head. You can clip the hair by hovering over it.

As far as I could tell, these three features are just for fun and serve no further purpose in the game.
The tree balls
Each of the balls, except for the small white one, will make a leg appear inside the skull (the cavity you find by pulling on the curly hair). Eating all the balls will produce legs from: a human, a duck, a robot, an elephant, a horse, some slimy green thing and a furry brown thing (possibly a bear).
The white ball will make an arm appear behind the ear.

Using your new friends

Now it's time to use those legs. The legs do two things: they play football and walk. The football appears to be just for fun, but walking is necessary to progress in the game.


To play football, pull the curly hair as far as it will go, so that the legs inside the skull are exposed. Give the end of the hair to the arm behind the ear and the arm will hold it for you, keeping the skull open.
Eventually, three spotted balls will come bouncing along, one at a time. These will not be eaten, they are to be played with by the legs. However, you cannot just drop them into the skull with your mouse - you must give them to the elephant nose, which will toss the ball to the legs itself.

In order to walk, the skull must be closed (any footballs that the legs happen to be playing with at the time will disappear). Eventually, you will see the slimy green leg appear at the base of the neck. Click on it. The whole head will be raised up on the seven legs and hovering over the legs will make them walk.

How to use what you find on your travels

When you have walked far enough, you will come across a pink flower that looks like a small wheel. Click on it and the wheel will fall off. (If you accidentally walk past it or leave it behind, another will come along in time.)
This is an important item (note that the eye follows it everywhere). You will find that it is in fact a movie reel. So, to use it, knock on the forehead three times to make the projector appear. Throw the blue reel away and replace it with the pink. Play the movie.


Clicking on all the boxes in the pink-reel movie will produce another ball. Eat this and you will hear a noise from inside the skull. Open the skull, giving the hair to the arm to hold. Another head will appear above the first head. The clue for this was in the movie, in the way the boxes unfolded. Click on the skull of the smaller head ... a bird's head will appear above that. Continue clicking the skulls until you have a set of five heads above the original one. Each smaller head has some limited features:

  1. The red, human head: Clicking on the eye will make it appear on the tongue. Clicking the nose will inflate it like a balloon. Clicking the ear will make it yawn.

  2. The green bird head: Will squawk if you click the beak.

  3. The furry blue eye: The eyball will stretch if you click it.

  4. The white sphere: Clicking on it will make satellites appear in orbit.

  5. The pink worm: The worm's head will follow your mouse.

Once all the heads are out, make the red one yawn by clicking its ear. (If you leave it for a while, you'll be given a hint with an arrow). The yawn will travel up the heads and you will get a glowing ball.
Feed the glowing ball to the original head. Once it has been eaten, any movement over the head with your mouse will cause it to break up into pieces that float/fly away.


byebyebaby August 8, 2007 11:39 PM

Way to think out of the box!
This interactive art/game is unusual and beautiful. It's so nice to see innovative thinking!

Now, this is creativity.

Mistysand August 11, 2007 1:52 PM

Oh my!

I found the end!

by my self, without any walkthroughs.

HEre's how:

Feed the head all the balls. Then, mess with the noses until you did everything with them. When your done you should see a green leg at the back of the neck. click on it and you will find the legs walking. Wait for a few secs, and when there's a wheel on the ground pick it up and go to the movie. Replace the new greenish wheel thing with the old one. Click on the movie and click on the green box's cover. Click again on the smaller box's cover, and so on until there's a ball. drag it to the mouth and eat it, then click on the hair on the head. hold it open and you should see another head. click on top of the 2nd head and see a third head. keep clicking till you see the white ball with eyes. then click it until there's many small pebles around and click ontop of that head. there should be a snake. click on the brown head's ear and it will open its mouth, followed by the others. Then, when the snake does, there should be a blue bubble with a colour changing ball. Bring it to the original head-the big one- for him to eat. then, move your mouse over the head. watch the show.

Hope you liked it. ^_^

It's a walkthrough!

Anonymous August 12, 2007 12:29 AM

Oh, darn, I won the game. I wasn't even trying, either.


The game was updated a few days ago. and here are the changes i noticed

Once all of the balls have been fead to the head, start walking and you will see jumps. click on the head and he will jump. Make five jumps and you are rewarded with a green movie reel. If you miss a jump, you have to start over. A progress counter is in the top left of the screen. Remove the blue reel and put in the green. The blue one will dissappear. To get it back, complete five jumps again. Play the movie with the green reel, click on the house in the movie and a smaller one will pop up. Click on it and a smaller one will come up. Click on it, and a blue ball will come out. Feed the head the blue ball and he will fill up with water. The white balls indicating how many jumps you made will fall down. Put them in the water to feed the fishes. Once all five white balls are gone, a the fishes will swim away and a red ball will float up. Take it out, and remove the heads nose to drain the water. If you try to feed the red ball to the head, it wont fit through his mouth. If you remove a nose, it will dissappear.


ah, i just found out that if you feed the head all three things from the blue reel before going on the jumps, when you get the red ball in my post above it isnt too big to eat. Very fun game.


The behavior described above was actually a bug in the application - hopefully, it's now fixed. In general, many, many thanks to everyone who's commented in the thread - not only for the encouragement, but for rooting out so many mistakes!


I cant get the red ball I fed all fish food to fish and no red ball pops up


Ok...got the fish tank head, but nothing happens when I fed the fish. Do I have to feed them in the circle above the tank? I can't!


Waniay, Edsel -

This must be a bug - I apologize! Is anybody else having this problem? I'll try to fix it...


I so i cant find this PINK ball/movie reel that everyone talks of.

if i get the legs to walk far enough i just keep getting the same jumping game for the GREEN movie reel that brings the fish.

am i missing something?....was the pink movie reel removed during the update?


anyone find a use for that red ball that appears after the fish disappear???


Heya... Its pretty good! Hadnt been on it for a while, and just got loads of new things.Like, the animals in the head kicking the balls around, then the animals legs coming out from under the head and walking.!! Lol


georgina - anyone find a use for that red ball that appears after the fish disappear???

yeah if you feed it to him and then open the head, another head (red) appears out of the top of the blue one.


then if you keep clicking the heads of them all more appear!!


I MADE IT! I finished it! At the end it just crumbles apart and all the pieces fly away like birds! This was amazing, i can't believe something so simple can be so beautiful


Heh i fed him the soccer ball that you get with the eye


I have found one glitch and it is when you get the branch nose and you get all the balls off if you then pull the trunk off to have a normal nose then balance all the balls on the guys lip every ball not just one.
than start putting all the balls fully into the mouth as if you was feeding them to him one by one (still having some on the lip) when they are all in he will swallow them one by one in gulps... would'nt he really choke???


You are all way behind me! and I'm stuck at the very end!

I have fed the head all the balls from his tree-nose and then let them play soccer with the balls that fall down,i then clicked on the tenticle that was coming out of his head and made him walk...after a while he came to some hurdles and i made him jump over five of them...then i got another reel of film for the camcorder in his head. I put it in and played it and got a blue ball. This made the guys head fill with water and fishes were in it. it also gave me some white balls wich i fed to the fish. after i had run out of these a brown ball floated up and so i picked that up.I fed it to the head and clicked on the top of his head and another head came out...and then i clicked on the top of his head and a birds head came out...then i clicked on the top if its head and an alien thingy came out...then i clicked on its head and a white ball with three holes in it came out. When I click on this some smaller balls start to orbit it...but nothing else hapens. I can't seem to get back down the head-ladder to the first head.

have I reached the end of the game? I realy don't have clue what to do next! Please help me if you know what I'm talking about!Please!


I found something NOBODY here probably knew!

Once you feed Head all of the tree pellets ans the one hair grows, make the arm growing out of the ear hold the string to keep the scalp open. Click on the legs a bunch of times to make beach balls come out of the left side of the screen. If you have the trunk nose on, the trunk will throw the balls on top of his head instead of eating it. The legs will now be playing beach volleyball! YAAAYY!!! BUT, if you shake the head AT ALL, the scalp will close and the balls will disappear!



When the legs are playing volleyball, click&Hold one if the balls and roll over the eye. he will cry and cry and cry...

Also, if the head is playing volleyball, the trunk won't pick stuff up!



Click the tentacle inside the head, the tentacle will come out of the back of his neck! That will make him run! there will be hurdles, so click to jump over them. once you get 5, you will stop where there is a green reel. open the forehead projector and remove the front reel. put in the green one. Click the projector to watch the move. open the box within a box you open within a big box to get a tuquoise ball. feed it to him. the point circles at the top will fall. drag them into the head to the fishies. open the scalp and let Ear-Arm hold it. chick the top of the red guy's head. then keep clicking the tops of heads. when you get to the moon, click it a bunch of times. click the worm thing, which will say a weird talk bubble with a ball in it. feed the main blue head the ball. then, roll your mouse all over his head and watch him disappear. a new head will grow and start the game over again

THAT is one LONG walkthrough. and that's just the END!


that is the most awsome game ever!!!


i know how to make him eat the volley balls!

first you get out a ball and open the head. then cry out his eye and he will cough it out. you can either. put it in his mouth when coughing. or put it in while eating the eye.


People say their's no end to this game, but my friend might have found one!

First you pull off the noses until you get the tree nose, then you feed him all the pellets so he grows the legs out of his head. When you get the blue ball you pull the top of the head open and have the arm hold it. If you drop the ball on the legs they will kick the ball up in the air. Eventually you get two more balls and do the same thing. A green tail will appear and if you click it, the head turns over and you can make it run. Run long enough and you will find hurdles you must jump by clicking the legs. Jump enough hurdles and you'll come to a stand with a film read on it. Open the forehead, feed the head the film already in the camera, and stick the new film on top. Now if you click on the box, more boxes will come out and eventually reveal a large blue pellet. Feed the head this pellet and different creatures will sprout from the top of the head every time you click on it. When you get to the worm, click on the throat of the first creature and they will all yawn, and the last one will yawn out another pellet. When fed to the head, you can run your cursor over the head to turn it into little birds that fly away!

jessie loo xx September 6, 2007 2:10 PM

when you get the legs, keep walking and you will come up to some hurdles, if you jump over 5 successfully when you keep running you will see a greenish cog, put it in the projector instead of the other one and you will see a different movie!!! and you will also get some little white balls

jessie loo xx September 6, 2007 2:14 PM

if you do all the things jessie loo said you will get

another head, after feeding the fish all the little white balls you get a big red one, feed it to the blue guy, a read head will come out of the door in the blue head and the legs will disappear


Sacred_flame September 7, 2007 7:03 AM

a very good game


okay this is a major spoiler!!

okay feed the head the white ball first, then the rest, but leave the blue ball for last. open the head and have the hand to hold it open. once it's open, hold it there and feed the head the blue ball. this will make the robot foot come out. suddenly a ball will appear!!! try and put it in the elephant nose and it will throw it up for the feet to kick around. then another and another ball. repeat and then finally take them down. watch his neck the whole time. at one point the green fin will stick out his neck. click it and the feet will show up on the bottom and they will start running. I just discovered it and i am soo proud, lmao. anyway, happy feeding! ^_^

dudeleydudes September 7, 2007 8:48 PM

For the guy up, that isnt the ending.

After they go running for a while you find some flags, click on the legs so they jump and then jump 5 different flag thingys and then you will geta a major ball...after that you will find something rather interesting.

if you need help completing the game tell me.
THERE IS AN ENDING SCREEN for those who said there isnt.


there actually is a end to this game. it is brillant


heres What the "final ball" does

after completeing all five hurdles you get a green "film roll" put that in the projector and play it (click the projector) then the crazy box comes up again...click it...another one...and another...and another. Finally the "mystical blue ball" comes out. feed it to the man. his head will turn into a fish bowl and your "points" from before turn to fish food. feed the fish and a red ball will appear. If you feed it to the man the you will hear talking coming from his scalp. open his head and theres another head open that head and theres a bird, then an alien, then a ball head thing, and finally a worm that you cant click because it moves away from the mouse.

Hope that helps--Eddie


I love the birds at the end (or that's what i think they are...)


wow ive officially played this game five times (twice back in 2007, once about a year ago, once yesterday, and once today) and it never ceases to capture my imagination and amaze me. if every game were like this, where there were no high scores or guns or "press up down F7 and enter all at once" i think the world would be a better place... not kidding. look at how many helpful and pleased comments this game has gotten. Other players rallied around those who were confused to help them understand and enjoy the game. Maybe designers should be more focused on games like this. Because if feeding balls to a giant blue head can pull people together like this... imagine what other similar games could do.


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