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Rating: 3.6/5 (22 votes)
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FanbotsArceusA cast of robots, apparently discarded by their human masters, have arrived on the faraway, abandoned planet of Koruuna at an abandoned production studio. But these aren't just any old heaps of programmed metal. The robots seem to have garnered a sense of sentience, and yearn for entertainment, something special to fill their circuits in the absence of orders from humans. After all, it's not hurting anyone if they have a little fun when there's nothing else to do, is it? Just like humans need hours at night to recharge their batteries with sleep, so do robots require a little extracurricular activity to ease their circuitry once in a while. And in fact, as the infamous author Isaac Asimov ascribed, by the Third Law of Robotics, "A robot must protect its own existence so long as such existence does not conflict with the First or Second laws." The drudgery of one's own existence is indeed a threat, after all!

The natural next question, you may find yourself asking, is what these robots want to do for some excitement? It'll be hard for them to do something like play soccer out in the harsh desert environment surrounding them. Well, they want to revive their favorite television show, of course! The show "ANDROIDS," a fictional parody that appeared in the real-life TV show "Red Dwarf" is the one they want to recreate. In Fanbots, which features full voice-acting in an isometrically-aligned, tile-based game, your aim is to help the ambitious characters to recreate it, finding a special surprise along the way.

FanbotsIt's not as easy as it initially may seem, though. Playing as little Botty (or SM4-SH, if you prefer), every little thing becomes a puzzle. Even asking a fellow robot, or shall we say, bot for short, to move slightly so you can pick up a piece of paper on the floor becomes an issue. Why should I move, the stern, rule-following bot known as Caps asks you? When you cannot produce a reason, it seems you may have to resort to sabotage to create a distraction. But don't worry, you wouldn't do anything too dangerous, would you?

Fanbots is a charming point-and-click adventure chock full of bot-themed puns. Every body (or shall we say, botty) has a distinct personality that shines through as you play and interact through the main character's unassuming role of assistant in the play production. Each character has a distinctly different color of text roughly over their head as they are speaking, as well as different voices to cleanly differentiate between them. The game is also fully voice-acted with robotic intonations added to their voices, which adds a nice touch to the short but complete-feeling experience.

The controls are pretty straightforward - just point your mouse and left-click to move around, or click on a specific spot where an object or bot lies to interact with it. Right-clicking can be used to examine an object and yield more information. That's pretty much all you'll need to know, so dive right in and make sure these bots haven't bitten (byten?) off more than they can chew!

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Fanbots is a funny game!


thanks, play this amazing game


The natural next question, you may find yourself asking, is what these robots want to do for some excitement? It'll be hard for them to do something like play soccer out in the harsh desert environment surrounding them.


I always wonder this game is different


Although these type of stuff always help to get new items


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