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Escape From The
Underground Space

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypThere are many things people try to escape from. Boredom. Work. Prison. Responsibilities. Meetings. In-Laws. It's not often, though, that you'll find yourself attempting to escape from an industrial hole in the ground. Unless you weren't watching where you were walking, that is. Welcome to Escape from the Underground Space!

Created by Tesshi-e, maker of Escape from the Living Room... No, wait! Don't run away! It's different, promise! At any rate, created by Tesshi-e, maker of Escape from the Living Room, Escape from the Underground Space is a light, fun escape that leans heavily on the uses of found objects rather than puzzle solving, although there are a few puzzles as well.

undergroundescape_pic2.jpgYou start in a bare (well, nearly bare) underground space. Despite the barren appearance there are lots of things to find and manipulate. Already figured your way out? Found the "quickie" escape? (Yes, there is one.) Go back and see if you can discover another way.

It soon becomes clear that, despite a few nice decorative touches, you are not in a living space. Can you get the door open? No. Can you get to the concrete catwalk above? That depends on how good you are at combining objects and reasoning. For those who enjoy "how can I use this object" scenarios then this is the game for you.

Analysis: Once again Tesshi-e has created a lovely 3D background to wander in. Lighting effects are sharp and clear enough to make you feel the heat. Navigation is smooth and easy, with bars appearing along the top, bottom, and sides of the screen to help move you around. The pixel hunting, one of the major complaints of Escape from the Living Room, has been done away with. It is much easier to find hot-spots and manipulate items this time around. Yes, there is some item construction, but it is very intuitive and flows along with the storyline of the escape. No cars made from cell phones here!

There are a few minor problems. Some of the hot-spots are very close to the navigation bars, making it easy to accidently move away when you meant to pick something up. The music is a nice light jazzy number, but if you are in the game for longer than five minutes you might be grateful for the provided mute button.

Inventory control is simple and functional, with items handily displayed on-screen and an "about item" button to bring any one of them into close-up. The escape itself, even the longest scenario, is pretty simple. A little more complexity might have been nice. A save game feature would also have been welcome.

Each time around, though, Tesshi-e's designs are getting better and better. This one features three different ways to escape and four different endings (at least that I found). Perhaps it's not the best or most complicated escape game out there, but it can be a quick, easy, entertaining diversion in the middle of the week. Escape from the Underground Space is a fun way to kill some time, be it on a coffee break or just taking 10-15 minutes away from whatever you're doing. Take a break, and enjoy the escape!

Play Escape From The Underground Space

[Note: Though Escape From The Underground Space is not completely translated, but it is playable without any knowledge of the language. While item descriptions and most messages are in Japanese, the puzzles are in English.]

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape from the Underground Space Walkthrough

General Information

  • There are three different ways to get out of the space. A "quickie" ending, a "middle" ending, and a "long" ending that has two options, with or without the "lucky coin".

  • My terms for the three different endings are my own, as I don't read Japanese.

  • Remember that objects, once they are brought up on the screen for close ups, can be turned or manipulated by clicking on them.

  • That large silver object in the room is not a staircase, it is an inclined roller conveyor, that is why you get up to a certain point and start sliding backwards.

  • Good luck!

Quickie Escape

  • Turn left twice.

  • Click on the pipes (or the plant) for a close up.

  • Click on the roller conveyor.

  • Once you are facing the roller conveyor you need to click four or five times in rapid succession. If you hit the right spots you can get to the top of the roller conveyor and out.

  • Congratulations, you are out!

Medium Escape

  • You start the game facing a door in a concrete pillar. Click on the door for a close up.

  • Just to the left of the door is a piece of paper on the ground. Pick it up.

  • Back up.

  • Click on the plant with an "I" to the left of the door for a close up.

  • Pick up the spool of string from behind the plant. Notice the number of leaves.

  • Back up.

  • Turn right and click on the wall display for a close up.

  • Take the basket in the middle right alcove.

  • While the basket is in a close up click on the top of it to turn it over. Take the scissors from inside.

  • Turn left twice. You should now be facing the side of the concrete pillar with the door.

  • Click behind the pillar, between the pillar and the back wall.

  • There are two objects behind the pillar, a cylinder and a mess of rope. Take both items.

  • Back up.

  • Turn left. You should now be facing a plant with an "L" on it. Click on the red machine with the handle for a close up.

  • There is a small airplane on the ground to the left of the machine. Pick it up.

  • Back up.

  • Click on the pipe going up the wall for a close up. Notice that there is something stuck in a bracket too high for you to reach. Also note the number of leaves on the plant.

  • Click on the roller conveyor.

  • Now that you are facing the roller conveyor click it two or three times quickly, until you see the key sitting on the left side. Click on the key fast before you slide backwards.

  • Back up twice and turn left.

  • You should now be facing the wall underneath the roller conveyor.

  • Click on the plants for a close up and count the leaves. Back up.

  • Now click twice on the number pad on the wall for a close up. Note it says "Sky Music Time".

  • Think back to the objects in the wall nooks. Which ones deal with the sky, music, or time?

  • The hourglass, the violin, the piano, and the airplane are the clues that deal with sky, music, and time. You need to click the buttons on the pad that correspond with the cubicles the objects are in.

  • Top row: Click the center and right buttons. Bottom row: Click the left and center buttons. Now click the larger button to the right and the keypad will open.

  • Take the key that is revealed. Notice the button that will not stay depressed. Back up.

  • Turn right twice until you are facing the side of the concrete pillar. There is a gold box on the pillar, click on it for a close up.

  • Use the first key you found on the box and take the glue.

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the ladder to the right of the pillar for a close up.

  • Use the second key on the lock to take the ladder.

  • Back up and turn left twice.

  • Click on the pipes going up the wall for a close up.

  • Place the ladder on the wall next to the pipe and retrieve the mysterious object caught in the bracket. You now have a pair of broken wings.

  • "So take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free..."

  • Sorry, my mind drifted. Click on the broken wings while they are in close up to remove the damaged paper.

  • Close down the wings and back up until you are looking at the pipe wall. Time to assemble!

  • First pull up the paper from your inventory and use the scissors on it. You now have new paper for the wings. Close them back into your inventory.

  • Pull up the basket from your inventory. Make sure that it is upright and use the scissors on it. You now have some wing-shaped sticks.

  • Apply the glue to the sticks.

  • Apply the broken wings to the sticks.

  • Apply the paper and you have a new set of wings! Close down the wings and bring up the airplane.

  • Attach the wings to the airplane. Add the string to the airplane and you are done. Assembling, that is.

  • Close down the airplane and click on the top of the scene to look up. There's the catwalk.

  • Throw the plane over the catwalk (click on the plane in your inventory then click on the catwalk.

  • Open the rope bundle from your inventory. Once it is in close up click on it and it becomes a rope ladder.

  • Close the close up of the rope ladder and then apply it to the string. You can now get up to the catwalk.

  • Click on the rope ladder to climb up.

  • You are now facing a door with a keypad on the left. Behind you is a gate, but it is padlocked.

  • Click on the keypad next to the door for a close up.

  • The keypad says "Mild". Hope you paid attention to the plants.

  • The code is the number of leaves on each plant. M = 5, I = 8, L = 5, and D = 7.

  • Enter the code 5 - 8 - 5 - 7 and push the button labled "push".

  • Back up and the door is open.

  • Enter the door. Turn left and take the sledgehammer. Turn right again to face the ladder.

  • Click on the bottom rung of the ladder to look down and then go down the ladder.

  • At the bottom turn left and notice the red box on the wall. Click on the box for a close up.

  • Pull the switch.

  • Back up, turn right and go back up the ladder.

  • Back up twice until you are back on the catwalk.

  • Click on the rope ladder to look down. Go down the rope ladder back into the underground room.

  • Back up until you are facing the wall with the pipes. Click on the red machine for a close up.

  • Hit the lever on the red machine with the sledgehammer. The room will begin to fill with water.

  • Float to the top and go out at the top of the roller conveyor.

  • Congratulations, you are out!

Long Escape

  • Follow the Medium Escape instructions until you climb back down into the underground space carrying the sledgehammer. (right before you flood the room to get out.)

  • Back up and turn left until you are facing the wall underneath the roller conveyor. Notice the green light in the open keypad area. Click on the keypad area twice for a close up.

  • Push the button at the bottom of the keypad area, it will now stay depressed. Back up.

  • Notice a grate has opened up underneath the keypad area. Take the plug sitting in the grate. Back up.

  • Turn right and face the pipe wall again.

  • Pull up the mysterious silver cylinder from your inventory.

  • Once the cylinder is in close up, click on the right end of the cylinder to turn it around. You will notice that there is an area at the end for a plug.

  • Insert the plug into the cylinder end. It should now say "ground".

  • Click on the arrow beneath the cylinder to turn it back around. Notice there is now a four digit code lock on the cylinder.

  • Close the cylinder back into your inventory and click on the red machine for a close up.

  • Hit the lever on the red machine with the hammer. Water will come into the room, but the open grate will prevent it from completely flooding.

  • Back up and go up the rope ladder to the catwalk.

  • Click on the rope ladder to look back down into the room.

  • You'll notice with the water in the room a number appears on the raised floor: 3 - 1 - 7 - 3.

  • Pull up the cylinder from your inventory and enter the code 3 - 1 - 7 - 3.

  • Congratulations, you have a key with a heart shape on the end!

  • At this point you can use the heart-shaped key on the gate and leave. This is the "Long" Escape without the lucky coin.

  • Or, go back down the rope ladder to the underground space.

  • Back up and turn left until you are facing the grate. Click on the grate for a close up.

  • There's a small yellow object floating in front of the gate. Pick it up.

  • You've found the lucky coin!

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Go back up the rope ladder and turn around to face the locked gate.

  • Use the heart-shaped key on the gate and leave.

  • Congratulations, you've found the lucky coin escape!


Billy Nitro August 19, 2009 12:51 AM

I'm so glad I could finish that before grinnyp got her walkthrough up. The girl is a Room Escaping Force of Effing Nature. I mean that as a compliment, of course.


I must have done something strange. I just kept running up the stairs and pressed the forward area over and over and all of a sudden it said I had escaped and congratulated me, game over.

That was ALL I DID!!!

I suspect that was NOT supposed to happen.


Took me about 30 seconds to complete.


Hmm, I am stuck. I have the

plane body, cut out paper wings, cut out wire things from the basket, the basket, the string, the scissors.

What am I missing?


Wow, I am the biggest idiot ever. I don't know why it took so long for me to figure out the

puzzle for the key.

I swear, these games give me a huge mental block or something.


Alright, alright. I have

the plane built - I think. Have the wings on and the string attached.

And now...?


Can't seem to find..

the scissors?


Thought i tried that already.. >_< Thanks


Yay first walkthrough

get paper from left side of door

get basket and scissors from wall to the right of door

get metal thing and rope ladder from behind door

get key by climbing up rolls (key's on left side)

put key in gold box to right of door, get glue

get roll of string from behind the "i" potted plant

cut wooden strings out of basket with scissors, put glue on them

go to code box under rolling stairs push 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th button (any order (i used 3287), click on big button, get key

go to ladder to the right of the door use key from code box, get metal ladder

put metal ladder to left of "L" potted plant, collect both items

go to red box with lever get toy (bottom left)

put pieces of plane together, cut paper, put wooden blocks on basket strings, then cover with paper, add wings to toy plane, add string

look up at sky next to rolling stairs click plane, click sky

put rope ladder on the ledge you just threw the plane over

climb up, walk towards door, code is 5857


look left, get hammer, go down, flip switch, go back to ground (back to red box with lever), hit lever with hammer, keep clicking up as water fills

you're out, congrats


I'd love to know how

flying the rope-trailing plane over the walkway at the top helps my cause to escape.. but i can't do anything beyond this ;o Can't exactly climb up string.


Ehh scratch that ;D Found the..

rope-ladder behind the door, thanks sarah


Got past it, but thanks anyway grinnyp :P


Before pulling the red lever, I pushed the little button. Now instead of being in a room filling with water I have assembled something labeled Ground that's asking me for a number.


Nice ending ["long" ending]. Quite creative.

Rex Hondo August 19, 2009 3:19 AM

Is there a button I'm just not finding to switch to english?


Sarah: how did you get those codes?

I think it's a good idea in general for escape walkthroughs to explain how to solve the puzzles, not just give the solutions (or nudge in the right direction before giving lists of numbers). Otherwise, if I'm stuck and look to the walkthrough, I just mindlessly plug stuff in and that's about as exciting and satisfying as data entry. (That's not to say that I don't appreciate the walkthroughs folks are kind enough to post. No no no. Thank you very much.)

I keep reaching dead ends with this game. I've attempted the short ending and

walked up the rampart far enough to see nothing but sky and grass and still rolled back down.

I've also gone pretty far along the longer route, up and over as it were and

ended up down the ladder on the other side of the door, pulled down the lever, had no hammer to smash it, couldn't open the door, couldn't climb back up...

what to do??? I find this game much too frustrating for no good reason. I guess I just don't click with it... sorry, bad pun.


It would be nice to know where you found those numbers for the keypad and door.

Another ending
After you flip the switch in the bottom of the tower:

Do not hit the lever. Go back over to the area where you got the key on the wall below the conveyor. It now has a green light. Press the button. The bottom will open up, get the part and add it to the cylinder.


Go up the ladder and look back down. There is your code for the cylinder.


NohWoman and SHA:

Keypad: "Sky Music Time"

Where've you seen a 3x3 grid before?

Ah, the wall where the basket was, with several seemingly random objects in small holes...

"Sky Music Time" - surely that must have something to do with it all?

Some of the objects in the grid relate to those words

For "sky", it's the plane in box 8, "music" has the violin and the piano in positions 3 and 7 and "time" has the hourglass in number 2.

For the door:

MILD - very familiar, you've seen the letters about the place...

We're looking for numbers here, right? What about the plants can we count?

Look at the leaves - there are 5 in the M pot, 8 in the I pot, 5 in the L pot and 7 in the D pot, making the code 5857


For the cylinder code:

hit lever with hammer, climb up rope ladder. look down at the bumps on the floor



get the happy coin - under green light

climb rope ladder, turn left, open with key from cylinder

nerdypants August 19, 2009 6:36 AM


Short Ending

Click near the top of the rolly ladder thing until you get out. That was easy.

Medium Ending

To the left of the blue door is a piece of paper. Pick it up.

Behind the pot with an "I" on it is a roll of string.

Behind the pillar are a silver cylinder and a rope ladder. Be sure to click the ladder to unfurl it.

Get the basket from the square grid on the wall.

Inside the basket, find some scissors.

Use the scissors to cut the long strips of wood from the basket.

Click the gray keypad on the wall below the rolly ladder. Note the words "Sky Music Time" above the nine buttons. The buttons correspond with the grid where you got the basket from. Remember the words "Sky Music Time" and examine the grid again.

The buttons you should push are the squares in the grid which contain things pertaining to sky, music, and time.

The squares with the hourglass, violin, piano, and airplane.

If the keypad is numbered like a normal keypad, you would click the 2, 3, 7, and 8.

Take the key from behind the keypad. Note the button. It does nothing when you push it.

Take the toy airplane at the bottom left of the red box with the lever on it.

Try to climb up the rolly ladder. Take the key you see to your left as you climb. (This might take a couple attempts.)

Go to the gold box on the side of the pillar. Use the key with the one-circle end on it. Get the glue bottle.

Go to the metal ladder locked onto the wall. Use the key with the three-circle end to get the ladder.

Click on the potted plant with the "L" on it. Notice that there is something stuck on the pipe above the plant. Use the metal ladder to get to it. Click on the raggedy object you just got. Now you have wooden supports.

Time to build an airplane! First, cut up the piece of paper. You now have two wing shaped pieces of paper.

Put glue on the long thin strands of wood you got from the basket.

Attach the wooden supports to the gluey strands of wood. You now have a wing frame.

Attach the paper to the wing frame, then attach the wing frame to the toy airplane.

Attach the string to the completed airplane.


Go to the view where you can see the rolly ladder, the "L" pot, and the red box. Look up. Throw your airplane over that ledge.

Now take your rope ladder and attach it to the string of your airplane. Climb up.

You need a code to open this door. Notice the word "MILD" above where you enter the numbers. Do these letters ring a bell? They should. They're the same letters you found on the potted plants down below.

Go back downstairs. Write down or memorize the number of leaves each plant has, and which letter is on the pot.

M = 5, I = 8, L = 5, D = 7.

Go back upstairs. Enter those numbers into the box by the door.

Go through the door. Look left. Get the sledgehammer.


Go back downstairs. Hit the lever on the red box with the sledgehammer. The room begins to fill with water.

Keep clicking. You swim up and up until finally, you cna reach the top of the ladder.


Long Ending

Do everything for the Medium Ending until you get to the ***

Go down the ladder in the room where you got the sledgehammer from. Look left.

Flip the switch that says "DRAINAGE GATE MAIN SWITCH".

Go back into the main room where you started. The button behind the keypad under the rolly ladder is now glowing green. Push it. Back up, and you get a little plug from the grate. Examine the plug closely, and note that it says "ground".

Examine your silver cylinder closely. The right end has two parallel holes - just right for plugging something in. Attach the "ground" plug to the silver cylinder. You now have another code to enter.

What does ground mean anyway? Go back up your rope ladder. Look down. There are bumps on the floor, but you can't make them out.

Go back downstairs. Hit the lever on the red box with your sledgehammer. Water begins to flood the room.

Go up the rope ladder and look down. The water has revealed numbers on the ground.


Enter the numbers from the ground into your silver cylinder. Get a heart-shaped key.

Face the door you opened with the "MILD" code. Look left. Open the padlock with the heart key.


Anonymous August 19, 2009 6:47 AM

Really final ending (after doing everything but leave in the long ending):

After getting the heart key, go back down the rope ladder and go to the drainage gate (where you found the plug for the cylinder). You'll find a Happy Coin.

Ewan Whosarmy August 19, 2009 8:06 AM

Ok - for the quick escape, although not very rewarding, click 3 or 4 times rapidly on the staircase/escalator, then click on the red railings at the top and hey presto "Congratulations".


I can see the logic in Sky Music Time, but count the leaves in each potted plant? That's too OCD for me. Who designed this game? Monk?

Anonymous August 19, 2009 10:12 AM

Actually, in retrospect, the potted plant puzzle was completely fair. The letters on the pots aren't even hidden, so one should be examining them more closely. Disclaimer: I didn't. I'm pretty bad at these games.


Hmm. I have the code for Ground, but the first number in the cylinder is stuck at zero, and when I click on it it says 特に変わつたと�"ろはないね。I don't know what that means.

sonicrulez August 19, 2009 11:07 AM

plz b english plz b english plz b english plz b english


I can't seem to get to the sky and hit the plane fast enough to get up the rolling stairs help :/


I can understand two endings: a "fake" and a "real" ending. But why three? Especially when it is very obvious to any observant person when there is more to be done. And retrying requires doing everything all over again.

No matter. It's good game and provided me with my weekly fix. Thanks for featuring it.

nihongowasha August 19, 2009 1:40 PM

特に変わったと�"ろはないね means "Nothing much changed."


Nice meta comment there, sonicrulez :-)

A game where you get to construct a model airplane? Finally something I can relate to, and none of those silly math games. :-D


Ok, I don't know if this is a bug or just my own mistake, but I'm stuck in a hole and I can't climb out, literally. I checked the walkthrough, and I've done everything but pick up the


. I'm clicking like mad here, but I can't climb the ladder that's right in front of me.


That was the thing that bugged me in the interface -- the inconsistency between clicking on an object (ladder, say) to go somewhere vs. clicking on a screen-edge to do the same.

nihongowasha, thank you for the translation. I've given up on that run through; I might go back sometime and see if it'll let me past that part.


@ Billy Nitro
My personal belief is that grinnyp plays the game, writes the walkthrough, and then shares the game with us.
Either that, or grinnyp is some super-smart robotic-alien sent to earth to make us humans feel really dumb.
Honestly, I doubt that it is humanly possible to finish an escape the room game that fast.


For the quickie escape:

Can someone tell me exactly where the sweet spot is? I can get as far as seeing the tall grass outside before being shunted back down to the bottom.

nerdypants August 23, 2009 9:01 PM

To ray9na:

I think you just have to keep clicking away. I just clicked on the sky and I got up. There must be some secret sweet spot. So make sure to click everywhere.


If anyone's still around, can I get a hint about how to use the string? I've tried cutting it, attaching it to things -- nothing works. I don't want to look at the walkthrough yet. Help?


Never mind --

I noticed a keyhole next to the ladder affixed to the wall and used the key on it, then I propped the ladder against the wall where there was something I couldn't reach, then I used the string and it came down. It looked like the wings for the little airplane, and when I clicked on it, it came apart into pieces of wood -- now I need to figure out what to do with them!


Thanks, Grinnyp, I found the


after posting!


i have the sledgehammer, but

there's no green light in the keypad area.

am i doing something wrong?


JIGuest, about the light:

Did you go down the ladder behind the door you opened and look around? If so...

did you flip the switch at the bottom?


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