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Escape From the Room With Three Keys 4

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Weekday Escape

DoraAlright, look. I'd like to know how you keep getting yourself stuck in these situations. I mean... you know I love you and all, but no matter where you go, you keep getting yourself trapped in places. I wasn't going to say anything, but after you got yourself locked inside the bathroom at McDonalds and had to find your way out using clues you claim you found written inside the toilet... I'm thinking you might have a problem. And now that you've been hanging around with Hottategoya, it's happening again with Escape From the Room With Three Keys 4! Look, I'm not mad, just... find your way out and... we'll talk, okay? I'm sure there are support groups for this sort of compulsion. Or at least an episode of Maury in it.

Escape From the Room With Three Keys 4There's no changing cursor to help you find interactive zones here, but this short and sweet little venture probably won't have you crying out for it. As you may have surmised from the title, you'll need to get each of the three keys hidden behind tricksy-false locks in the storage cupboard to get out, and a keen eye will notice some fairly obvious clues right off the bat. Click to zoom in on certain spots, move the cursor to the edges of the screen to reveal any navigational bars, and click to pick up keys when you find them. Which you will, since this game is the very definition of "short and sweet", with straight-forward puzzles that can be conquered mightily just by connecting the figurative dots in your surroundings. Escape aficionados who have leveled up to the point where their mere glances makes puzzle locks fall apart in terror will likely find this one a bit on the easy side, but if you want a simple, clever stretch session for your brain this is an easy choice to get the cogs turning. And then the next time to go into a place... any place... maybe make sure the door won't swing shut and lock behind you? Please? For me? I worry.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Escape From the Room With Three Keys 4

  • First Key

    1. The first key is locked in the top-most cabinet behind the grid of white blocks.

    2. Take a closer look at the paintings on the wall. No, closer than that! Specifically, the black framed one.

    3. Notice anything funny about any of the numbers? That 5 is lookin' pretty shifty, don't you think?

    4. Take note of the arrow pointing to the right at the top of the number 5, then return to the top cabinet, Scooby Doo, 'cause we got some work to do now.

    5. Working from the bottom up, click each square in order so that the progression of depressed squares follows the design of the 5 on the painting and ends in the top right corner. From left to right, then up a row, then right to left, then up another row, and left to right again.

    6. Key get! I knew you were smart. We should hang out like these more often. You and me, solving puzzles and crimes! Maybe we could get business cards and matching fedoras and... what?... oh, the puzzles. Right. Sorry.

  • Second Key

    1. The second key lies locked away behind the numeric keypad in the middle cabinet. I guess you could say... it's mathematical.

    2. Where have you seen any math-y type symbols?

    3. Hey, didn't the first cabinet you got your first key from have some numbers and symbols inside? Maybe you should go check those out.

    4. Yes, those sure are some numbers and symbols written inside the top cabinet. But how are you supposed to make anything out of them? Maybe there are some directions posted nearby.

    5. Take another peek at the artwork hanging on the wall. There's no accounting for taste, but is there anything there that looks like it might be pointing the way?

    6. Hey, that red painting sure has a lot of arrows. Almost like they're pointing at things in a specific order! Maybe you should write them down.

    7. Returning to the top-most cabinet, apply the arrows to the numbers so you get a math problem. The way each arrow points tells you what number or symbol to look at. In this case, left, down-right, up-left, right, down-left, up-right.

    8. Or, to put it another way, following the arrows to their corresponding numbers and symbols should get you a problem that looks like 81x5+3.

    9. If you solve 81x5+3 using that magnificent brain of yours (or a handy-dandy calculator) you should get 408. Pop on down to the middle cabinet and enter that into the keypad, press E on the pad, and then bask in the success of having the second key!

  • Third Key

    1. The third key is behind the lock on the bottom cabinet door. I can almost taste it, can't you? Mmm, tastes like another puzzle!

    2. This last puzzle consists of five squares in a row whose colour you can click to change.

    3. You'll notice that between each square is a symbol. Specifically, the mathematical symbol for "less than". Mysterious!

    4. Have you noticed anything particularly colourful in the room?

    5. Those paintings on the wall are sort of mis-matched, don't you think? They're all different sizes, and the frames have different colours to boot. Maybe you should take a closer look at them.

    6. Say, there are five paintings, which makes five different colours... exactly what we need to solve the puzzle! But we can't just put them in any old order.

    7. Remember, each of those squares on our third and final lock had a "less than" or "

    8. From smallest to largest, the colours of the painting frames are blue, red, black, white, green.

    9. Head back over to the final lock and click each square to cycle through the colours until you have them in the proper order. Once you've entered the proper colour sequence (blue, red, black, white, green!), the lock will spring open and reveal your bounty... the final key!

    A winner is you!


Way too short. It's like a demo for a demo of an escape game.

Jim_in_Oz August 8, 2012 12:32 AM

Agreed, Tenzhi. I got a shock when I realised I had already found all three keys.

The basics are solid and it could be part of a really good escape game but it just feels like they couldn't be bothered putting any depth into the game. It's kind of like the first day of class in Escape the Room 101.

Or maybe I should just take it as a compliment of my powers now that my "mere glances make puzzle locks fall apart in terror"! (Nice turn of phrase, Dora.)


That was fast. I liked the puzzles, but yeah, they'd fit better in the context of a larger game.

So I played the other 3 games in the series and pretended it was "Escape from the Room With 12 Keys". Still not too hard, but a better length!

Meterman70 August 8, 2012 7:40 AM

I agree that this was TOO easy.

Only needed a peek at the walkthrough for ONE thing:

To see what I needed for the second key; even then, only the first 2 sentences were sufficient.

Kind of a ripoff I think - of Robamimi's One Scene series with an exit scene that reminds one of Tesshi-e's annual "Mild Escape".


For the second key:

I take it gravity drops things into place once a number or symbol has been used and removed? That's the only way I can make sense of the solution.

vulpisfoxfire August 8, 2012 11:10 AM


I'm not even sure what you're thinking on that one. Though it may just be that I've played so much Street Fighter and such over the years to begin with myself.

wenmomojo August 8, 2012 1:10 PM

2nd Key

On last painting stationary arrow is pointing different directions, this is not a sequence of steps


Regarding the second key:

Never mind. I thought the arrows were relative directions as we moved from place to place in the two columns. (I think there have been puzzles that used that mechanic.) After a failed attempt to explain what I meant before, I realized that we never move from our central spot between the 8 and 5. It makes much more sense now.


@metacom: Thanks for the suggestion -- I went back and played the other three as well. For some reason game #3 was really hard for me, so, in case anyone is playing it, here are my two hints (not really spoilery).

1) Get the green key before the blue one. I did it the other way around and I was rolling my eyes at the blue one. "How was I supposed to guess *that*?" Oops.

This one is spoilery, I guess.
2) After you get the red key:

you can't do anything more on the screen where you're looking at the red arrow. You may think of something you want to do, and you can do it, but not from that position. More explicitly:

You have to back up first.


Short and sweet but I wanted more. 3 mushrooms.


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