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Escape from the Passenger Ship

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Escape from the Passenger Ship

elleIt's a beautiful sunny day as three cats head out for a walk along the seashore. When they see a large ship in the water, they do what naturally any creature made of curiosity would do: sneak on board to see what it's all about. This, of course, leads to being stuck behind a host of locked doors and a very pressing need to Escape from the Passenger Ship. Which also means you'll join the feline trio, solving codes and putting items to creative uses in this very ameowsing escape adventure by Choko Chai.

Escape from the Passenger ShipChoose your language preference—English or Japanese—before starting the voyage, then enjoy the opening story as our adorable hosts find their way into yet another sticky situation (they do tend to get into troublesome circumstances quite often, don't they?) Then click around the room to explore, following either a changing cursor or directional arrows to look around corners, into crevices, and travel along corridors. Items you pick up can be examined with the "About" button or highlighted and used with a click. Don't forget the three cats, who also want to help out here and there: where needed, click on the kitty snuggled in the lower left corner to send the characters on stage and then click on each to put them to action.

Although most puzzles are straight-forward, one measurements task might leave some players fumbling. This may be due, in part, to a frustrating pixel hunt moment where it's possible to miss a needed item. Ergo, when stuck, just recall the old escaper's adage about looking around every bend and don't let the lack of depth in the 2D design fool you. Despite those occasional toe stubs in navigation, it's too hard to not smile at the three cats' charm and personality. With the cats' entertaining antics and the numerous areas on ship to explore, this seafaring adventure hits the mark in fun and merits an enthusiastic recommendation from yours truly.

Play Escape from the Passenger Ship

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape from the Passenger Ship Walkthrough

How to Get the Three Cats' Assistance

  • first find an active area where you need their help by clicking around the room until you find something you can't open or reach.

  • Then, click on the cat curled up in the lower left corner of the screen and the three cats will appear on stage.

  • Next, click on each of the cats until you find the one who says "Leave it to me."

  • Lastly, click the area again where you need their help.

First Room: the Passenger Suite

  1. When you start out, you're facing a bed and two portholes covered by curtains. There's a picture hanging above the bed...

    • Click on the picture to look closer at it; there's something in the upper right corner behind the canvas...

      • One of the three cats can help in this situation:

        • First, back up a little bit to leave room for the kitties on the stage.

        • Then, click on the big tabby in the lower left corner of the game window. That sends the three cats into the scene.

        • Next, click on the GREY TABBY; he'll say, "Leave it to me."

        • Now, click on the picture and the grey tabby jumps up to scratch open the canvas.

      • After that, you can zoom in on the picture and collect the gold KEY from behind the torn canvas.

  2. Lift up the far pillow on the bed:

    • Get the HANDLE.

  3. Open the curtains on the right and zoom in on the window:

    • Note the numbers and their positions in various corners.

  4. Look under the bed:

    • There's a RED GEAR but you can't fit under there. Help is needed again:

      • Back up to the full view of the room again.

      • Click on the cat to put the trio back into the scene.

      • Choose the SMALL SPOTTED KITTY to help this time.

      • Click under the bed, and the small cat will fetch the RED GEAR for you. Take it from him.

  5. While still facing the bed, you can see there is actually an alcove around the corner from the door. Click there to go to that view.

    • Now you see a dresser with a small light on the wall above the mirror. The top lefthand drawer is missing a handle..

      • Use your HANDLE on the drawer and open it.

        • Get the tropical cool BATH POWDER.

      • The top righthand drawer is locked (the gold key won't work on it).

      • The bottom drawer needs a 4-digit code but we have no clue yet.

    • Click the arrow in the lower right corner of the scene to back up to the bed view.

  6. Use the GOLD KEY to unlock the orange door. Go inside to the bathroom..

    • There is a panel below the sink with a button in each of the four corners:

      • Use the clue from the window to open the panel.

      • SOLUTION:

        The numbers in each corner of the window gives the sequence. Click each corner in this order...


        TR=top right, BL=bottom left, etc.

    • Get the FAUCET COCKS.

  7. Now examine the faucet over the tub...

    • Put the FAUCET COCKS on the faucet and turn on the hot water.

    • Back up and let the tub fill up.

    • Then, put the BATH POWDER in the tub of water.

      • Make a note of the numbers you see there.

  8. Back out of the bathroom and return to the alcove where the dresser is.

    • Zoom in on the lower drawer:

      • Use the code from the bath tub to unlock the drawer.

      • SOLUTION:


      • Back up and click the drawer to open it.

        • Get the CARD KEY.

      • There's also a box with four buttons in this drawer. You'll have to explore more to find the four symbols needed to open this box.

  9. Back up to the bed view then follow the arrow back to see the table area and exit door. Investigate this area more before leaving the room:

    • Move the chair to find...

      • a slice of CHEESE on the table. Take it.

      • There's also a PURPLE GEAR until the table. Take it, too.

    • Examine the three connecting panels on the wall...

      • Three gears are needed to open it; you are still missing the GREEN GEAR.

  10. Now use the CARD KEY to unlock the suite's door and exit into the corridor.

The Corridor and the Quarter Deck

  1. The door at the end of corridor is chained up. To get out, you need to find a little helper.

    • There's a mouse hole on the left side of the wall, under the anchor decoration...

      • Give the CHEESE to the mouse.

      • Back up into the passenger suite (mice are shy) and wait as the mouse eats the cheese.

      • Return to find a KEY on the plate. Take the KEY.

  2. Go back into the suite and around the corner to the alcove with the dresser.

    • Use the KEY on the top right drawer and open it.

      • Get the PLIERS.

    • There's also a button in this drawer. Press it. Did a light go on?

  3. Back up. Notice that now the light above the dresser is clickable?

    • Look closer at the light and take note of the symbols you see .

  4. Now open the bottom drawer and examine the 4-button box...

    • Open the box by entering the correct symbols then pressing "OK".

      Screenshot: Four Symbols

    • Get the 300ml MEASURING CUP.

  5. Go back into the corridor and go down to the doors at the end.

    • Use the PLIERS on the chain to break it off.

  6. Open the double-doors out onto the quarter deck. Strait ahead is a storage closet. Click on it to find out its doors are stuck...

    • Click on the cat to send the trio back on stage.

    • Click on the FAT TABBY then click on the closet doors. He'll run head-on into it, opening the right side:

      • Get the FISHING ROD.

    • Next, open the left side of the closet:

      • Take out the BUCKET.

Measuring, Fishing and Seagull

  1. After getting the fishing rod and bucket, go right down the side of the ship.

    • To the left, you can see the shadow of a seagull; click there to look out over the railing and the seagull flies near...he wants something.

  2. Continue forward down the side deck; you'll see an orange lifeboat to the left and a locked cabinet/device to the right. Zoom in on the cabinet/device:

    • Exactly 400ml is needed to open this cabinet, but you have only a 300ml measuring cup.

    • There is a hard to see active area here...

      • Click the area to the left of this cabinet to look there—nestled in the corner behind it is the GREEN GEAR. Pick it up.

  3. Back up all the way into the passenger suite. Then, examine the three gear-design panels over the table area:

    • Put the three colored gears in their place on the panels (from left to right: PURPLE GEAR, RED GEAR, GREEN GEAR).

      • Get the 500ml MEASURING CUP.

    • Now you have two measuring cups but no water (bath water won't do because something else is needed from the sea).

  4. Leave the passenger suite, go out the doors at the end of the corridor, and turn right.

  5. Continue all the way forward down the side deck until you reach a dead end. High up on a shelf, you can see a yellow-and-black striped rope. You need that rope...

    • Click the rope to see you can't reach it then click the cat to put the trio on stage. It will take all three cats this time:

      • First the FAT TABBY, Shoko-tan.

      • Then the GREY CAT, Chai-tan. Click the grey tabby then click the fat tabby and Chai-tan will get on his shoulders.

      • Next, the SPOTTED CAT, Chibi-nyan (click on the small spotted cat and then on the grey cat).

      • Last, click on the fat cat at the bottom of the kitty-ladder to get him to stretch higher...

        • to get the ROPE.

  6. Back up once from the shelf so you see water nearby on your left...

    • Examine the bucket in your inventory. Tie the ROPE to the BUCKET.

    • Put the BUCKET W/ROPE into the water to get a bucket of SEAWATER.

      • Look inside the BUCKET OF SEAWATER see a shrimp. You can't catch it yet. You need the fish net from inside the cabinet.

  7. Back up to the cabinet/device. You need to measure the water precisely to get it opened.

  8. TO MAKE 400ml OF WATER:

    • Open the bucket of seawater in your inventory.

    • Use the 500ml CUP on the bucket to fill it.

    • Now, open the 300ml CUP in your inventory. Pour the 500ml CUP into the 300ml CUP.

      • 200ml of water will be left behind in the 500 ml CUP.

    • Pour all 300ml of water from the SMALL CUP so that it's empty.

      • Then pour the 200ml of water from the LARGE CUP into the empty SMALL CUP. Now there is 200ml in the small cup and room for only another 100ml of water...

    • Fill up the large up again with 500ml of water.

      • Pour the LARGE CUP of 500ml of water into the small cup which already has 200ml of water in it.

      • Only 100ml of water will pour out of the 500ml cup, leaving behind 400ml of water in the large cup!

    • Pour the cup filled with exactly 400ml of WATER into the tube at the top of the cabinet.

    • Get the FISH NET.

  9. Go forward past the lifeboat to an area where you see fish swimming in the water. Let's go fishing!

    • Use the FISH NET on the bucket of sea water...

      • get the SHRIMP.

    • Examine your FISHING ROD...

      • Bait the hook of the fishing rod with the SHRIMP.

    • Now put the BAITED HOOK into the water where the fish are swimming...

      • and get a FISH.

  10. Back up past the lifeboats to where the sea gull is flying around.

    • Look over the left railing.

    • Give the FISH to the seagull when it flies up to you.

    • After the bird flies off, you'll find an ORANGE KEY on the deck. Pick it up.

  11. Walk forward to the lifeboat area.

The Lifeboat: Normal Ending

  1. Use the ORANGE KEY to open the panel on the left railing by the lifeboat.

    • Pull the switch to lower the lifeboat into the water.


  2. Then, climb into the lifeboat (without your fishing rod) and enjoy the ending scene!

Extra Special Ending

  1. After lowering the lifeboat, save your game but don't get inside the lifeboat.

  2. Walk to the end of the side deck to find your FISHING ROD there. Pick it up.

  3. Now go back to the lifeboat and get in, taking your fishing rod with you. Have fun!

*Note: whenever you start from a saved game, you'll start inside the passenger suite but with all your saved inventory intact.


merchantfan September 1, 2013 10:45 AM

Oh boy, big typo. In the bathroom, when you click on the faucet it says (spoiler in case children are near)

"There is no cock."

Definitely needs to be fixed for such an otherwise family-friendly game.


Actually, one of the definitions of that word is "a device (as a faucet or valve) for regulating the flow of a liquid." Still, a poor choice of words.


The 400ml puzzle:

Of course, in real life, all you'd do is fill the 500ml cup and slowly pour it in until the door unlocked. :-P

merchantfan and Bill:

I got one word for ya: Engrish. :)

merchantfan September 1, 2013 5:41 PM

It just goes to show the risks you take in translation. That or this was a machine translation, which can be even more hazardous.


I didn't think anything of that word.

I was a little disappointed at how the trigger for the bonus ending is so illogical. I'd have preferred if the trigger was more apparent, like an optional puzzle.

Still, these games are adorable. I like the inclusion of the cat button to solve puzzles, and how they give a cute sense of teamwork to the game. Aside from the pixel hunt for one gear, the rest was pretty logical.


One more treat!

On the last screen at the end of the game is a link to photos of the three cats!

magic_leopard September 2, 2013 7:19 AM

Gave up, too silly.


Sorry, but I cannot find the save button.
When you tell me where it is I will be duly embarrassed.



OK. I found it, in the box with the About button.


Fish are sentient beings... we don't need to eat/fish them to survive. Try going vegetarian :)


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