Escape from the Dome

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Escape from the Dome

GrinnypWell, thanks to Stephen King and a dearth of good television (or The Simpsons Movie, take your pick), being trapped under a dome is on a lot of minds lately. At least, on the minds of those escape game fanatics among us who actually like being trapped in strange places and being forced to figure our way out. Isn't it handy, then, that Choko-Chai is there to fuse the two together in Escape from the Dome? As you walk to the top of a lovely hill you spot what else but a futuristic looking dome, which immediately sucks you in and forces you to solve your way out. Fortunately, it's a rather cool place that features not only a kicking pool table but a ceiling straight out of Hogwarts which reflects the outside sky.

grinnyp_escapefromthedome_screenshot.png All you need to do is not get distracted and try to point-and-click your way out of a series of amusing puzzles, many of them color-based. Navigation through the space is easy with large white arrows pointing the way, and pixel hunting is kept to a minimum due to the handy changing cursor. The backgrounds while clear are a little basic, and some of the color puzzles can get tricky due to muted and difficult to distinguish hues. Despite the minor flaws, including an awkward translation, Escape from the Dome is not rocket science. It's a cute and fun way to pass a few minutes and sharpen those escaping skills. You know, in case you find yourself under a mysterious dome in real life.

Play Escape from the Dome

Walkthrough Guide

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Escape from the Dome Walkthrough

General Information

  • There is only one way out, but there is a secret extra end.

  • Don't forget to choose the language at the beginning of the game.

  • There will be directions for the colorblind in the walkthrough.

  • Examine everything you pick up.

  • You also might try combining items, a little construction never hurts.

  • Good luck!


  • You begin facing a red bookcase with two shelves. The shelves hold "cuctases", aka cacti.

  • Click on the shelves for a close up. There are three cacti on the middle shelf and three on the bottom. On top of the shelves are two items.

  • Click on the item that is on the top middle of the bookshelf for a close up.

  • It's a small wine rack that is nailed to the shelf. Note the green key which is tied to the rack. Back up.

  • Click on the item on the top left of the bookshelves for a close up.

  • It's a cup with colored pencils and a pair of scissors. Take the scissors and back up.

  • Note that the ceiling reflects the outside sky. It's a lovely day, isn't it?

  • To the left of the bookshelf is the door out, click on it for a close up.

  • On the left side of the door is a code key, click on it for a close up.

  • Looks like we need a five digit code.

  • Back up twice.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a blue bookshelf. This one has six cacti on the middle shelf and two below.

  • Notice the pool cue on the wall to the left. You can click on it twice for a close up and see that the cue is held to the wall with a bracket that is screwed to the wall with flat head screws.

  • On top of the blue bookshelf is some sort of device, click on it for a close up.

  • On top of the device are three dolls, a pink, a blue, and a yellow one.

  • The device needs some sort of four letter code, but we don't have a clue yet. Back up.

  • On the wall above the bookshelves is a picture, click on it for a close up.

  • Hey, do those kittens look familiar? Note that the picture has three stars on the frame. Also note that it is a wobbly picture puzzle.

  • Back up.

  • You can see the end of the pool table in this view, but ignore it for now and turn right.

  • You are now facing a yellow bookshelf. This one has five cacti on the middle shelf and one below.

  • On top of the bookshelf is a wooden box, looks like we need a key.

  • If you click to the left of the bookshelf you can see that there is a red key behind it that you can't reach. Back up.

  • To the left of the bookshelf is one of those robot vacuum cleaners, but it is held in by a fence. There is a small box on the wall to the right of the vacuum, it also needs a key.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing a green bookshelf. This one has six cacti in the middle and three below.

  • On top of the bookshelf is a small picture, click on it twice for a close up.

  • Cute cats! Click on the picture frame to turn it around.

  • Once you can see the back of the picture frame, click on the left side to remove the back and take the note from inside.

  • While the note is in close up click on it to open it. There are four cacti over two cacti which apparently equals the number 2.

  • Back up twice.

  • To the left of the green bookshelf is a table, click on it for a close up.

  • The cool looking table has three glass inserts in it. The left insert is covering a compass and needs a key. The middle insert holds a gold key and is held with a Phillip's head screw. And the right insert covers a coin and has a code lock that seems to need four digits. The right insert also has a clue, the letters NSEW.

  • Click underneath the table and you can see the chairs. There is also some packing tape in one of the chairs, take it.

  • Back up twice.

  • In this view you can once again see the pool table. Click on the pool table for a close up.

  • Now you can see the whole table. Note that the balls are set up for a game.

  • Click on the group of balls and you will get an overhead view of the table.

  • Note the numbers in the corners of the table. Also note the three stars at the top near the pocket. You can hover your cursor over each pocket to see the numbers in close up.

  • Back up twice and turn right.

  • You are now back where you started. Time to solve some puzzles!

The Green Key

  • You should be facing the red bookshelf. Click on the wine rack on the top middle of the bookshelf for a close up.

  • Use the scissors on the thread to cut it. Once that is done take the key and the thread. Back up.

  • Turn left to face the green bookshelf, then click on the table to the left for a close up.

  • Click on the left insert and use the green key to open it. Take the compass and back up.

The Wobbly Picture Puzzle

  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the blue bookshelf.

  • The picture on the wall above the bookshelf is a wobbly picture puzzle.

  • The only hint we have for the puzzle is the three stars on the top of the frame.

  • Have we seen something like that before?

    • Yes, on the pool table.

    • Remember, the pool table had three stars above the center top pocket.

    • It also had numbers at the corners, 1 and 3 in the upper right, 5 in the lower right, 4 in the upper left, and 2 and 6 in the lower left.

    • Those numbers indicate the order in which you click the corners.

    • The pattern is upper right, lower left, upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left.

  • Once you click the corners in the correct order the picture will slide away, revealing a horseshoe magnet. Take the magnet and back up.

The Compass and the Coin

  • Okay, let's see if we can figure out what to do with the compass.

  • A compass usually points to directions like N, S, E, and W.

  • Have we seen letters like that before?

  • We've seen them on the table, on the code lock on the right glass insert.

  • Maybe if we look at the compass?

  • Click on the compass in your inventory, then click on the about button.

  • Whoah, that gives us a bird's eye view of the room.

  • Notice the compass directions: North points to the red bookshelf, south is the yellow bookshelf, east is the blue bookshelf, and west is the green bookshelf.

  • But what does it mean?

  • There must be a second part to this clue.

  • Could it have something to do with the cacti on the bookshelves?

    • Remember the note you found in the cat picture frame?

    • The one that showed four cacti over two cacti equaling the number 2?

    • The note tells you that the cacti represent simple division. In the case of the note it is 4 divided by 2 which equals 2.

    • Each bookshelf has a certain number of cacti over another number of cacti.

    • You need to turn each bookshelf into a simple math problem.

    • In the red bookshelf you have three cacti over three cacti. 3 divided by 3 equals 1.

    • On the yellow bookshelf you have five cacti over 1 cactus, 5 divided by 1 equals 5.

    • On the blue bookshelf you have six cacti over two cacti, 6 divided by 2 equals 3.

    • On the green bookshelf you have six cacti over three cacti, 6 divided by 3 equals 2.

    • So you know that north (red) is 1, south (yellow) is 5, east (blue) is 3, and west (green) is 2.

    • Since the clue on the four digit code key is NSEW, the code is 1532.

  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the green bookshelf.

  • Click on the table to the left of the bookshelf.

  • Click on the right insert for a close up.

  • Enter the code underneath the NSEW clue and click the right button.

  • Once the glass is opened take the coin and back up twice.


  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the blue bookshelf.

  • Time to get the pool cue and play a little pool!

  • Click on the pool cue twice for a close up of the screws.

  • Use the coin to remove the bracket and take the cue.

  • Back up twice, then click on the pool table for a close up.

  • Use the pool cue on the cue ball.

  • Once the balls have moved, click on the center of the table for a close up.

  • Note that the remaining pool balls form a sort of "W" shape, rather similar to the constellation Cassiopeia.

  • You can hover your cursor over each ball for a closer look.

  • Starting in the upper left, the first ball is a dark red and is the number 7. The next in the pattern is the number 6, which is green. The third ball is the number 4 which is purple. The next is the number 3, which is bright red. The last is the number 1, which is yellow.

  • Back up twice.

Getting the Red Key

  • Hey, remember that red key behind the yellow bookshelf?

  • Let's try to get that. You should be facing the green bookshelf after playing pool.

  • Turn left to face the yellow bookshelf.

  • We need to construct something that will get that red key out from behind the bookshelf.

  • We have a pool cue, some string, a magnet, and some tape.

  • Perfect!

  • Pull up the magnet from your inventory.

  • Use the string on the magnet.

  • Now pull up the pool cue and use the magnet/string combination on it.

  • Use the tape on the cue/magnet/string combo.

  • Once you have made the "fishing" rod, click on the left side of the bookshelf to see behind it.

  • Use the pool cue magnet thing on the key to get it.

  • Back up.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

  • Click on the gated vacuum cleaner for a close up, then click on that little metal box on the wall.

  • Use the red key to open the box.

  • Press the green button and back up once.

  • Note that the gate is up.

  • Click on the vacuum cleaner and watch it move around.

  • Hmmm, that seems to be a particular pattern the vacuum is moving in.

  • The pattern looks like letters.

    • The pattern is for the letters VLNZ.

  • Where have we seen a lock that needs letters?

  • That box atop the blue bookcase, the one with the dolls sitting on it.

  • Turn left to face the blue bookcase.

  • Click on the box with the dolls on it for a close up.

  • Enter the four letter clue then click on the button on the right.

  • The drawer will open and you will find a Phillip's head screwdriver. Take the screwdriver and back up twice.

The Wooden Box

  • Where have we seen something that is using a Phillip's head screw?

  • That center glass enclosure on the table.

  • Turn right (or left) twice to face the green bookshelf.

  • Click on the table for a close up.

  • Click on the center glass enclosure for a close up then use the screwdriver.

  • Take the gold key and back up twice.

  • Turn left to face the yellow bookshelf.

  • Click on the box on top of the bookshelf twice for a close up.

  • Use the gold key on the box to open it.

  • Take the object from inside and back up twice.

  • Hey, is it getting dark in here?

Getting Out

  • Pull up the item you just got from the box and click on it.

  • Hey, it's a telescope! Put the item back into your inventory.

  • Click on the ceiling of the dome. Yep, it's night, you can only see stars.

  • Use the telescope on the ceiling and you will see a familiar pattern of five stars in the shape of a W.

  • And you should see some arrows appear, linking the stars. The line goes from the dark red star to the puple star to the red star to the yellow star and ending at the green star.

  • Remember the numbers on the billiard balls?

  • Match the numbers to the pattern and you get a code of 74316.

  • Back up and you should be facing the red bookshelf.

  • Click on the door for a close up, then click on the code key to the left of the door.

  • Enter the five digit code and hit the button at the bottom.

  • Back up once, then click on the now open door to escape.

  • Once you are outside, learn about the dome from the future(?).

  • When the text explanation is done, notice the yellow star.

  • If you do nothing you will get the regular end.

  • If you click on the star when it appears, it will become a shooting star and you will get the happy end.


Schippor July 3, 2013 12:32 AM

I have 3 objects:

cue, magnet and tape

I can't put them together for...

...the red key behind the yellow shelf

Schippor July 3, 2013 12:36 AM

oh, I am an idiot... I didn't take the

red wire

iamPurryCat July 3, 2013 1:47 AM

Anything rel. to Stephen King has to be brilliant. I'll have to wait until morning to begin- looks like a good game. So for the moment, just a Fun Fact: ...You mention him in the game's review- Stephen King and I went to the same High School. My neighbor was his History teacher.


I'm having trouble combining objects. I have

pool cue, magnet on a string and tape. I've tried all possible combinations and they don't seem to work.

Is it possible that they have to be combined in a specific order? If that is the case I would have to start over, which I hate to do, as there is no way to

remove the magnet from the string - the scissors are gone


Vanna, what I did was

String to Magnet
add Cue
add tape (you have to touch the end of the cue with the tape)


That was pretty good, out with happy ending

I was struggling with the colours in the final puzzle until I realised

That the position of the cue balls matched the position of the stars - then I stopped squinting


Thanks yaddab. I started again, but now got stuck in the pool table view, with no way to get back to the room. I'm giving up...

MyOwnWorstNME July 3, 2013 12:06 PM

This game isn't working for me. It loads, but clicking some clickable areas have no effect. Not in the "I don't have the right item to click it", but for example, I don't get a close up when I click on

the cup with the colored pencils and scissors

I haven't been able to get it to work in either chrome or firefox

HammyJay July 3, 2013 10:35 PM

If there's one thing I's a happy ending!

squawky July 4, 2013 12:35 AM

I was having the same problem as MyOwnWorstNME - hotspots not responding (cannot zoom in or pick up objects). Tried both Chrome and Safari (Mac), reset caches, rebooted laptop - rebooting actually made the problem worse (I cannot get any hot spots to respond now).

Managed to crash the game entirely by trying to skip the intro dialog - it would go to black, then show giant images of various items from the game.

Probably spent more time trying to get the game to run than I would solving it - oh well!


Is there just the one ending?

JetSetVegas July 8, 2013 8:23 PM

Not a bad room escape. Only problem I had was the fourth letter with the vacuum. Looked like an R to me. Had to use the walkthrough to find out it was a Z.

dorothysfriend13 July 9, 2013 4:34 PM

Where's the tape? I don't see it anywhere...


I loved this game.
The best part was after the credits. Be sure to click on the
"Pictures of Three Cats". I never saw a cat eat lettuce before!


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