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Escape from the Bungalow

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Escape from the Bungalow

elleIn the midst of a very hot summer, the idea of vacationing in a whimsically furnished bungalow in the woods is an irresistible invitation to relax and unwind. Or so you would think. Yet in the travel scheme of Tesshi-e, all doors are to be looked at suspiciously—the door to this particular bungalow is no different. Yep. Locked! With no key in sight. Looks like it's time to Escape from the Bungalow! Before you can take off your shoes and kick back, you need to fix wobbly pictures, ask Mr. Birdy for clues, put objects to use and solve codes in an escape-the-room game that's bursting with Tesshi-e's ineffable charm.

Escape from the BungalowAlthough there is no cursor change to signal hotspots, navigation is smooth and easy. Click the corners of the screen to change your view and click on objects, or edges of furnishings, to get a closer look at that area. Any item you pick up can be examined through the "About Item" button and used by highlighting it before clicking where you want to use it, including on other inventory items. Puzzles vary from using objects to figuring out sequences and number codes. The subtitles as you explore (choose either English or Japanese before starting) will also help point you in the right direction. Should you need to step away for a mini-break from this escaping vacation, just utilize the save feature in the "Function" menu; this also comes in handy as you look for both endings, with and without a happy coin.

Once again delving into the charm of Tesshi-e's design is part of the delight in playing Escape from the Bungalow. The puzzles are the typical Tesshi-e fare yet, in this case, that's not a disappointment. Those familiar with this game designer's style of trickery will feel right at home and shouldn't be stumped...not for too long anyways. But there is trickery indeed and this little escape can be challenging, especially with some clues delivered in lightening speed, requiring quick note taking—and re-taking. With such beautiful surroundings, complete with music resembling a Kingdom Hearts medley, there is no sense of rush thus less frustration as you grapple with puzzles. For this reason, although getting out is the goal, the journey out is as much fun as the destination.

Play Escape from the Bungalow

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape from the Bungalow Walkthrough

Starting Out: Exploring and Gathering the First Clues

  1. You begin facing a window, with a bed to the left, a shelf with some items on it below the window, and a door to the right. Take a closer look at everything in this view:

    • The dolls on the bed's headboard each have a symbol on their chests. Also note the arrows on their hats.

    • Checking under the bed, you see something but can't reach it.

    • Lifting up the pillows you find A NOTE:

      • It reads: "HotWater."

    • On the bottom shelf there is a locked box, a clover shape, and a tube that's bolted down (there's a key in there, though, that you can't reach.)

    • On the top shelf is a cylinder device that's missing a part, a box with four buttons and four card suits (the numbers seem to indicate another clue), and a key card machine.

  2. Turn right to face the door...

    • On the door is a diamond shape.

    • There is a wobbly picture of the sky and sea hanging above a little table.

    • The has a portable stove (missing a gas canister) and a locked drawer.

    • Take a closer look at the log table:

      • There are letters on each of the six log stools

      • and an ESCAPE CARD (1 of 4) on the "E" stool.

  3. Turn right again and you'll see a jug of water and a tall green cabinet...

    • The top part of the cabinet is locked and needs a key. In the bottom part of the cabinet...

      • A POT

      • and a SPADE shape.

    • The jug of water under the window needs some way of accessing the water.

    • There is also a curved tube in the wall niche, but you can't reach the item inside of it.

  4. Turn again to view the bed from the side angle, a large boston fern and a heart picture on the wall.

    • Lifting up the heavy fern and trying to reach the key underneath it is impossible. You'll need an object to prop up the planter before you can get the key.

    • The "unusual looking ornament" next to the window provides no helpful clues yet.

    • Look on the shelf above the bed:

      • Here sit two Mr. Birdies and a trombone. On the trombone are the words "sky"(in red) and "sea (in green).

      • Click behind the trombone to get "A SUPER AVERAGE STICK".

  5. Now that you have the STICK, you're ready to gather what's needed to solve the card suits/4 buttons box.

Card Suits/4 Buttons Box

  1. Using the STICK you got from the shelf above the bed (to the left of the heart picture), get the object under the bed:


  2. Go over the to cylinder device on the top left corner of the shelves under the window (Clover view).

    • Put the LEVER HANDLE on top of the device and click to turn it.

    • Make a note of all the shapes - hearts, diamonds, spades and clovers - that you see on the cylinder.

  3. Now go to the 4-button box on the middle of the top shelf:

    • Use the clues you've gathered in several places to solve this.

    • You need to click the buttons in the right sequence to open the front of the box.


      Count the number of hearts, diamonds, clovers and spades on the cylinder device as it turns. For example, there are 5 clubs. Look around the room and see that each direction has a different shape. Assume that the clover represents the top button since that is the direction we're facing to solve this puzzle. That means the heart is to the left, the diamond is on the right, and the spade in to the bottom (behind us). Correlating the numbers on the box to the numbers of each shape, we arrive at this sequence for pressing the buttons...

    • When done correctly, the front of the box pops open and you can get:

      • A CUP.

      • Attach the cup to the end of the stick and you have a new tool!

Getting and Using a Spade-Shaped Key

  1. Take the STICK WITH CUP attached and turn to face the wall with the green cabinet.

  2. Zoom in on the water jug then use the STICK WITH CUP to fetch some water. You'll need three cups of water total.

    • First, for later use, fill up the POT with water. Then...

  3. Grab some more water then turn back around to face the shelves with the clover shape again.

    • Close in on the tube on the lower shelf, to the right of the clover shape.

    • Pour a CUP OF WATER into the tube causing the ball to float to the top:

      • Get the BALL WITH KEY

    • Unfortunately, you don't have a tool to open the ball. So...

  4. Turn back around to the green cabinet view and grab another CUP OF WATER.

  5. Next, go over to the curved tube in the wall inset:

    • Pouring water in here would be ineffective, but you do have another way to reach that ball...

    • Use your water-filled BALL WITH KEY to push the other ball out of the tube:

      • Get the BALL WITH MEDAL instead.

  6. Now, this new ball you can open, so open it up:

    • and take out the MILD ESCAPE MEDAL

  7. You'd like to use it to get back the key-filled ball, right? Problem is, it's too light.

    • So fill up the empty ball with a CUP OF WATER. Then, put the WATER-FILLED BALL in the top of the tube...

    • and get the BALL WITH KEY again.

  8. Now you can use the MILD ESCAPE MEDAL on that notch in the ball, open it up and get:


  9. Turn around to the door view and zoom in on the little table:

    • Use the SPADE-SHAPED KEY on the drawer to open it.

    • Take out the ESCAPE CARD (2 of 4).

The Medal and the Wobbly Picture

  1. Once you've obtained the MILD ESCAPE MEDAL (see the previous spoiler for how), you're ready to solve the wobbly picture puzzle.

  2. Turn to face the heart wall and examine the unusual looking ornament by the window:

    • It tells you to put the MEDAL in the top, so do so.

    • Once again, you'll need to watch intently as flags pop up on either side of the ornament, taking note of both color and sides.

  3. Turn all the way around to face the Sky and Sea picture:

    • Use the clues gathered from the unusual looking ornament, the trombone, and the picture itself to solve this one.

    • Click the corners of the wobbly picture frame in the proper sequence.


      The lettering on the trombone tells you sky=red and sea=green. Sky is top, sea is bottom. The flags that popped up as the medal fell through the unusual ornament tell you the sequence, both by color and side. For example, green on the left refers to the bottom left corner since sea is green and sea is in the bottom of the picture. The correct sequence is:

      BR=bottom right; TL=top left; etc..

  4. When you've clicked the corners correctly, the picture will raise up, revealing two things:

    • A CUBE STONE. Take it.

    • And a cover with the number "412"; it's screwed to the wall, though.

The Fern, the Green Cabinet and the Screwdriver

  1. With the cube stone/brick in hand, turn to face the giant boston fern...

    • Use the CUBE STONE to lift the planter and prop it up

    • then take the CLOVER-SHAPED KEY.

  2. Turn left and use the CLOVER KEY to open the green cabinet.

    • Look on the top shelf of the green cabinet to see a purple box; it's secured with a wire you can't untie. Take the ESCAPE CARD (3 of 4) that's on the box.

    • When you examine the hippos puzzle on the bottom shelf, you see they're holding what appears to be an exacto knife, but one is missing. Note the star and the arrows on the hippo stand.

    • Lastly, turn your attention to the wicker box...

      • Enter the code you saw behind the sky and sea picture.

      • SOLUTION:

        4 1 2

      • Get the SCREWDRIVER.

Hippo Puzzle and Purple Box

  1. After getting the SCREWDRIVER from the wicker box in the green cabinet, turn back to look behind the "Sea and Sky" picture again:

    • Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the panel.

    • Get the GAS CYLINDER.

    • Then, on the other side of the panel to find the TRIANGLE-SHAPED KEY.

  2. Now examine the camping stove on the little table:

    • Insert the GAS CYLINDER in its compartment.

    • Next, put the POT OF WATER on the stove.

    • Lastly, turn on the stove. Click the pot to check the water: it's boiling!

  3. Remember that note you found under the pillows?

    • Put the NOTE in the boiling water and another clue will appear on it: a star and some arrows.

    • You're almost ready to solve the hippo puzzle, but first you need another hippo. This is where the triangle key comes in...

  4. Turn to the shelves under the window by the bed.

    • Use the TRIANGLE KEY on the rattan box on the lower shelf to open it:

      • take the HIPPO.

  5. Go back to hippo puzzle in the green cabinet.

    • Place your HIPPO on the red stand between the two other hippos.

    • Then, click the buttons in the proper sequence.


      The star and arrows that appeared with you "boiled" the paper give you the answer...

    • When correct, the hippos open their mouths and you can...

      • Take the BOX CUTTER

  6. Back up and zoom in on the purple box on the top shelf:

    • Use the BOX CUTTER to remove the wire securing the box lid.

    • Take the last ESCAPE CARD (4/4) from inside the open purple box.

Escape Cards, Heart Key and Exiting Normally

  1. When you have gathered up the 4 escape cards, turn back to the shelves under the window and examine the key card device on the top right side:

    • First put the cards in the right slots, then press the buttons in the correct sequence.

    • Use the clues from the dolls and the log stools.


      The dolls on the headboard tell you where to put the escape cards. Note that the arrows on their hats indicate how to rearrange the order. Put the cards into the device in this order:
      Screenshot: Escape Cards Order

      Then the words REAL PLAYER PEA LRY appear on the device. Use those words to "spell out" four shapes on the log stools. As you press the buttons on the device, you'll see four different shapes light up on each button. The words tell you the proper sequnce for pressing the buttons. Example: since "real" is a square, press the 2nd button* (a square) first...giving you this solution:
      2nd button--3rd button--4th button--1st button
      (square, hexagon, inverted triangle, triangle)

    • Done correctly, the HEART-SHAPED KEY drops into the slot at the bottom of the device.

  2. Take the HEART KEY, turn to the door, unlock it...

  3. **Use the SAVE feature in the "Function" menu before leaving so you can come back for the happy coin**
    ...and escape!

Happy Coin

  1. After unlocking the door with the heart key, don't go outside.

  2. Instead, go back to the hippos in the green cabinet...

    • look at the NOTE in your inventory again

    • Press the buttons in the new sequence:


    • This time, when the hippos open their mouths, you'll see the HAPPY COIN. Take it.

  3. Go back to the unlocked door and, with the happy coin in your pocket, walk outside.



littlediva12 June 30, 2013 5:54 PM

Thank you, thank you!! I've been going through Escape Game Withdrawal since Wednesday...I checked the site all day and no games for Escape Day!! :O (What happened?!) Whew. Tonight I can finally get some sleep! :D

little_geoff June 30, 2013 6:28 PM

Was beginning to think that Jay invited the staff to some pleasant looking restaurant only to find themselves locked inside with only some shoddy picture hanging and friendly ducks for company...?
I always look forward to Room Escape Day (yes it is what we actually call it in our house!!)
So any room escape is a good escape...!

ninjamomma June 30, 2013 8:14 PM

First Tesshi-e that I haven't needed even a hint for. I was disappointed Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday and Saturday) but actually had time to pour a glass of wine and enjoy this one today.

IMHO it's great that you waited until you had one JIG worthy. Tesshi-e has been busy. Several great games recently, but it's never enough, I could play one every day. Playing a lesser game is like going to the pantry when you're hungry and finding only a bag of unsalted pretzels from that low sodium diet you tried last year.

[I love that analogy! It fits perfectly, too. Thank you! -elle]

neo1973 June 30, 2013 8:58 PM

Happy coin anyone? I'm trying to find the Tesshi-e give away, but can't seem to.

neo1973 June 30, 2013 8:59 PM

and right after I type that, I found it...

neo1973 June 30, 2013 9:01 PM

and right after I type that, I found it...

and I wish I wouldn't have. I'm starving and

that fried chicken looks awesome, and that salad too!


Happy Coin:

After unlocking the door, something changes in your invetory.

The code on the paper changes, relating to a different hippo code.


I'm stuck. I'm holding:

a pot full of water
a stick with a cup attached
a piece of paper reading HotWater
an empty plastic ball
a medal
two swipe cards

I think I'm supposed to be able to figure out the Sky & Sea painting, and I think I've got part of the pattern, but I can't figure out the order to click the corners.

I ran the medal through the machine and got Green-Red-Red-Green-Red-Green, and I know Sky is red and Sea is green... but assuming that's right, I still can't figure out where the right/left clue is. I thought the hats on the figurines on the bed headboard might be the clue, but R-R-L-R-L-L matched to G-R-R-G-R-G doesn't work, so I'm stuck.

Any help?


Oh, and I also can't figure out how to

get the plant pot to stay up or move it out of the way so I can grab that key.


Another 5/5 from me.

Also in my opinion featuring substandard escapes when there are no good ones on a Wednesday would be a mistake. JIGs twitter by line says it all "We filter the crap so you don't have to"!

vulpisfoxfire July 1, 2013 7:11 AM

@dansomeone Ouch...the clue you need is literally right in front of your face with the one you already got.

Drop the medal again, and pay a little more attention to those flags that pop out, as each one has *two* bits of information to impart to you. The pattern's pretty simple, though.

Jennifer July 1, 2013 1:03 PM

@elle, I would definitely rather see you all skip a Weekday Escape than post something less-than-jayisgames quality. It was a disappointment but when I read the explanation (via Twitter) I definitely understood. :)

Daibhid C July 1, 2013 2:47 PM

Well, that's a first...

I got the heart key while double-checking what the shapes on the buttons were, and then looked at the walkthrough to find out what I'd done!

MrsRavoon July 1, 2013 4:59 PM

typo in the walkthrough -- in the green cabinet, the box has a wire you CAN'T untie.

[Hmm, that's what I said. No? Oops. Okay, now it's right. (Thank you!) -elle]


IMHO you should stick to your editorial schedule. If I haven't visited JIG in more than a week, I click on the "archives" tab and search for "escape" on the page.

If it's difficult to find "review-worthy" escape games, why not a weekly "point-and-click?" It's a broader category that includes the escape genre.

That's my two cents. :)


Yep, that was staring me in the face. Yeesh.

Another excellent escape from Tesshi-e. Escape Day is my favorite day of the week here, but I don't care which day of the week it falls on.

JetSetVegas July 8, 2013 7:16 PM

After starting this room escape a few days ago, getting stuck, refusing to look at the walk through, giving up, coming back a few days later, almost giving up again, staring longingly at the walk through now available box, tempted, but refusing to look at any clues finally that one piece fell into place and the dominoes toppled from there. WOW! IMO most challenging Tesshi-e escape in a while but I persevered and found the Happy Coin first try (after saving just in case). Keep it coming Tesshi-e.


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