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Escape from Restaurant Minshio

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypSo it's Wednesday again, and usually that means you manage to get locked in a room somewhere. But not this week, no! This week you have a plan. This week you're going to go out to dinner with a dear friend and then lock them in the restaurant! After all, you're tired of being the hapless, helpless victim locked up in various rooms, offices, bars, spas, and underground spaces. This time, dear reader, you will have your revenge, and a lovely meal to go with it. Now dinner is over and you're just waiting for your companion to get back to the table and you can put your plan into action! Hey, your friend has been gone a while, perhaps you'd better go check on him? Wait, is that door locked? Not again! If you're thinking, "Only one person would come up with such a crazy room escape scenario", well, you would be correct. Tesshi-e is back, and it's time to Escape from Restaurant Minshio. Welcome to Weekday Escape!

Escape from Restaurant MinshioNow you're locked in the titular restaurant, attempting to get out. All you need to do is phone your friend and they can come open the door for you. No problem. Navigate the beautiful space with the help of arrows at the sides and bottom of your screen, open a few cabinets, solve a few puzzles, pick up and use a few items, and, oh dear, perform a little construction and you'll be home in no time, plotting a better revenge. Presuming, that is, that you can get out. Fortunately, a restaurant isn't the worst place you could be stuck. Especially this restaurant.

Escape from Restaurant Minshio has all of the bells and whistles we've come to expect from a designer as good as Tesshi-e. Gorgeous backgrounds, lively music, tricky puzzles, unique use of found objects, and a slight amount of pixel hunting can be found in this amusing little room escape. Easy to use inventory control, mute for the music and sound and a lovely save feature round out the features we have come to expect from Tesshi-e. And yes, there is a happy coin escape.

So you think to yourself that, yes, yet another escape from Tesshi-e. The games are fun and all, but there's nothing new here. Au contraire, dear reader, au contraire! To begin with, this, the 50th of Tesshi-e's games appears to be a collaboration with Democratic Osan. So while you will find such classics as the standard construction of something useful out of random found objects, you will also find new touches here and there. But most of all, dear reader, you will find some pretty decent English.

Yes, Tesshi-e has found someone to translate Escape from Restaurant Minshio who actually has a pretty decent grasp of the English language. The result is that the entire game, even random clicking, will get you English phrases that actually make sense and help you along with your escape. This is a game designer that doesn't rest on their laurels but continues to strive to create better and better plots, puzzles, and an overall experience. Teach Tesshi-e how to program a changing cursor and, well, tomorrow the world!

With the only minor quibble being the slight amount of pixel hunting, Escape from Restaurant Minshio moves Tesshi-e ever closer to that elusive goal: the perfect room escape. Fantastically fun, challenging, and more accessible than ever, Escape from Restaurant Minshio is about as perfect a mid-week experience as you can get. You even get a yummy meal and maybe even a dessert out of the experience. Time to escape! And, maybe, learn something about ill-advised revenge schemes.

Play Escape from Restaurant Minshio

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape from Restaurant Minshio Walkthrough

General Information

  • Some items may hide secrets, so remember to examine everything you pick up.

  • The little bit of construction in the game is pretty intuitive. Just remember to try to put everything together and see what works.

  • Good luck!


  • You begin facing the door wall, and yes, the door is locked.

  • To the left of the wall is a small stand with an old-fashioned telephone on top. Click on the stand for a close up.

  • Okay, looks like there's a door in the stand which needs a 3 digit code. Click on the door for a closer close up.

  • And there's a clue here, it says "girls". Back up once.

  • Now click on the telephone for a close up. Hey look, a rotary dial phone! Kids, ask your grandparents about rotary dial phones.

  • You can lift the receiver, but there's no power to the phone. Looks like we'll need a key. Back up twice.

  • There's a painting on the wall to the left of the telephone table, click on it for a close up.

  • Why, it's a painting of a girl! If you click on the lower right corner of the painting and hold, the frame will slide slightly and you can see a clue: +841.

  • Back up and then click on the table directly below the girl's picture.

  • Click on the containers on the table to open them. In the small square container you will find a round disk (wheel).

  • Back up.

  • Turn left.

  • You are now facing a wall with a cuckoo clock, a window, and a large cabinet.

  • Click on the clock for a close up and you will see that it is non-functioning and missing some parts. Back up.

  • Below the clock is a small picture or plaque on the wall. Click on it for a close up and you'll see that we need to find a Phillip's head screwdriver. Back up.

  • To the left of the window is another small plaque, and yes, it also requires a Phillip's screwdriver.

  • Click on the large cabinet on the left for a close up.

  • Click to the right of the cabinet to look behind it and you will see an object back there that is out of reach. Back up.

  • Click on the top doors (glass doors) of the cabinet for a close up.

  • Looks like we need yet another key. Back up.

  • Click on the bottom doors of the cabinet for a close up.

  • Click on the bottom doors of the cabinet to open them and take the objects that are inside.

  • You now have a note that says hint and phone with an arrow pointing to 68545.

  • Pick up the other item and you have a gold bowl. While the bowl is in close up, click it to turn it over and find a toy coin on the bottom. Take the coin.

  • Open the right drawer above the open doors and you will find another wheel.

  • Back up and try to open the left drawer. Notice it needs a 3 digit code of apparently Roman Numerals.

  • Back up 3 times until you are back to the long view of the wall.

  • Click on the window for a close up and you will see a toy railroad track outside, with part of the track missing. Turn to the right and you can see that there's something sitting on the track. Back up.

  • Click on the table on the right for a close up and open the containers. And you find nothing. Back up.

  • Now click on the table directly in front of you for a close up.

  • Looks like the coffee cups from your meal. Also, you can search the containers but you won't find anything. Back up.

  • Turn left.

  • You are now facing another window, with a long narrow painting to the left of the window. Click on the painting for a close up.

  • And we need yet another key. Back up.

  • Click on the table beneath the painting and search the containers. You should find a third wooden wheel in the square container. You will also find two sticks in the larger container. Back up.

  • Turn left.

  • You are now facing a wall with another girl painting and a small cabinet. Click on the painting for a close up.

  • Hmmmm, this one says - 739. Back up.

  • Click on the low cabinet for a close up.

  • You can click at the bottom of the cabinet to look underneath, but there's nothing there. Back up.

  • Click on the cabinet doors for a close up.

  • Looks like we need a 4 digit code and here's a clue: Lantern Chair Candle. Back up.

  • Click on the top of the cabinet to examine the items there.

  • That fancy gold thing is called a samovar, and it is used to heat water for tea. Unfortunately, this one appears to be missing some parts. Back up twice.

  • Turn left and you are facing the door wall again.

  • Time to solve some puzzles!

Samovar Cabinet Puzzle

  • The clue for this cabinet said Lantern Chair Candle.

  • Perhaps we need to find how many of each of those items are in the restaurant?

    • There are 3 tables in the restaurant, two tables have 4 chairs each and one table has 2 chairs, for a total of 10 chairs.

    • The lamps can be seen when you are facing the wall with the narrow painting. There are 4 of them hanging from the ceiling.

    • For the candles, look at the extravagant chandelier in the center of the ceiling. There are 8 arms with 8 artificial candles in them.

    • Put the numbers in the order of the clue, Lanterns, Chairs, and Candles.

    • The solution is 4108.

  • Now that you've figured out the code, turn right to face the samovar cabinet and click on the cabinet for a close up.

  • Click on the cabinet doors and enter the code.

  • Click on the door to open it.

  • Inside you will find a piece of railroad track, a Phillip's head screwdriver, and another girl painting with the clue +256.

  • Take the items and back up twice.

  • Turn left to face the exit door.

Telephone Cabinet

  • Click on the small cabinet with the telephone (by the exit door) for a close up.

  • Click on the cabinet again so that you can see the 3 digit code in close up.

  • The clue for this puzzle is simply "girls".

  • Maybe is has something to do with all of the pictures of girls around the restaurant?

    • There are 3 pictures of girls in the restaurant, 2 on the walls and 1 hidden in the samovar cabinet.

    • Each picture has a clue: + 841, +256, and - 739.

    • It's a simple math problem. Add 841 and 256, then subtract 739 and you get 358, which is the code.

  • Enter the code into the lock and press the bar underneath the numbers to open the door.

  • Take the object from inside the cabinet (small valve).

  • Back up.

Let's play with trains!

  • Turn until you are facing the wall with the cuckoo clock and the large cabinet.

  • Click on the large cabinet for a close up, then click to the right of the cabinet to see behind it.

  • Use the piece of rail to get the object that is behind the cabinet (4th wooden wheel) and back up twice.

  • Now click on each of the small plaques in the wall and use the screwdriver to remove the plaques. You now have access to the toy train tracks running outside.

  • When you remove the plaque on the left (Scorpio) you will also find a blue cart. Take it.

  • Place the piece of track in the opening where you found the cart, this will complete the track.

  • Let's build a cart!

    • Pull up the blue cart from your inventory.

    • Use the two silver sticks on the cart.

    • Now add the 4 wooden wheels.

    • You have a cart!

  • Place your now functional cart on the track in the upper left opening and watch it go. When it is done, your view will have changed to the lower opening on the right.

  • Pick up the cart off of the floor, and notice that the object it knocked off of the tracks has disappeared.

  • Back up and turn left twice.

  • Click on the samovar cabinet for a close up, then click underneath the cabinet to see below it.

  • There's the gold ball you just knocked off of the tracks! It must have rolled over here.

  • Pick up the gold ball and while you have it in close up, notice that it is notched.

  • Use the toy coin on the ball to open it and get the club key.

  • Turn left twice until you are facing the cuckoo clock wall again.

  • Click on the large cabinet on the left for a close up, then click on the upper (glass) doors for a close up.

  • Use the club key to open the cabinet and take the toy train engine. More fun with trains!

  • Back up twice, then click on the upper left opening to the train track for a close up.

  • Place the now paired engine and cart on the track and enjoy the animation.

  • Your view is once again at the lower opening, and this time the train brought back something different!

  • Pick up the item and you will discover that it is the weight for the cuckoo clock. Click on the weight while it is in close up and examine the clue on the back (VII, III, IX).

  • Back up.

Solving the Cuckoo Clock

  • To solve the Cuckoo Clock we first need to get into the lower left drawer of the large cabinet.

  • Click on the large cabinet for a close up, then click on the lower section for a close up.

  • Click on the left drawer for a close up of the code key.

  • This code is in Roman Numerals.

  • Where have we seen this before?

    • If you haven't already, pull up the cuckoo clock weight from your inventory and click on it to turn it around.

    • The clue is on the back of the weight, VII III IX (or 739 in Roman Numerals).

    • Some people have reported problems with seeing the numbers in this puzzle. If you have this problem, the numbers start at I, so click the left box 6 times, the middle box twice, and the right box 8 times.

  • Enter the code and open the drawer to get the cuckoo clock pendulum.

  • Back up three times.

  • Click on the cuckoo clock for a close up.

  • Attach the weight and the pendulum to the bottom of the clock.

  • Enjoy the cuckoo which is actually a little samurai warrior.

  • Click on the warrior for a close up and take the spade key.

  • Back up twice.

  • Time to escape!

Regular Escape

  • Turn right twice until you are facing the samovar cabinet. Click on the cabinet for a close up then click on the samovar for a close up.

  • Place the gold bowl underneath the samovar spout.

  • Place the small valve wheel on the samovar spout.

  • Click on the wheel to turn it and you get hot water (and a clue).

  • Click on the samovar for an extreme close up to read the clue.

  • The samovar will say "telephone number" and in the bowl you will see "call me".

  • Back up 3 times and turn right.

  • You are now facing the wall with the narrow picture on it. Click on the picture for a close up.

  • Use the spade key to unlock the picture and you will get a fan.

  • While the fan is in close up click on the handle to remove the fan part and you will reveal a key.

  • Back up and turn right twice so that you are facing the telephone.

  • Click on the telephone stand for a close up then click on the telephone for a close up.

  • Use the key on the phone to turn it on.

  • Click on the handset to lift it up.

  • Now, what was that phone number again?

    • There are 2 clues for the phone number. The first is the note that said phone = 68545.

    • The second is the samovar clue, which is "call me".

    • This is an alphabet substitution code, but not the standard letter = place in the alphabet number.

    • Start with the letter A, and number the alphabet from 1 to 9 (i), then assign the next letter (j) as 0. Now start with the next letter (k) back at the number 1. Continuing on this way, each letter of the alphabet will have a number value from 0 to 9.

    • Using this substitution the letters in phone would create a code of 68545.

    • The letters in "call me" create 312235.

    • The phone number is "call me" so you want to dial 312235.

  • Dial the phone number and talk to your so-called friend.

  • You hang up before finding out the location of the happy coin.

  • Back up twice and click on the door for a close up.

  • Click on the door to open it and click again to escape.

  • Your friend is waiting on the other side. Enjoy the dessert of taiyaki (fish shaped cakes with red bean paste inside, yum).

  • Try not to smack your smirking friend upside the head.

Happy Coin Escape

  • Follow the regular escape up to the point you hang up on your friend before you find out where the happy coin is.

  • Pick up the receiver and dial the phone again (same code as before) and the dial of the phone will fall off.

  • Oh well, you broke it, you bought it. At least it reveals the happy coin.

  • Take the happy coin and back up twice.

  • Click on the door to open it, and click again to escape.

  • This time your friend will take you to a lovely fireworks display in the park.

  • What, no red bean paste cakes?

  • Happy coin will bring happiness to you!!


trishaleigh08 September 1, 2010 12:08 AM

This ended up being much easier than I expected. I almost always need a walkthrough but managed to get out of this in 15 minutes or so on my own.

Primalinstinct September 1, 2010 12:50 AM

I'm having trouble with the roman numeral part. does it have to do with the clock in anyway?


Japanese people should really stop building this kind of room. It's terribly inconvenient.


Freedom! With only a little bit of help, which is quite an achievement with Tesshi-e games. (Though, the more games I play from this developer, the more I kind of wish I could buy a replica of the Happy Coin, especially lately.) It's nice to see that there hasn't been any lack in the beautiful visuals, though I found myself hitting the mute button on the background music after a few minutes.

The addition of English subtitles was also a nice bonus, though I'm so used to playing without them that it was kind of a surprise to see them popping up with everything I clicked! Not a complaint, though.

I think, honestly, that the Lantern Chair Candle thing was one of the more trickier parts, even though I was able to eventually figure that one out on my own. It's a little easy to wind up counting the same set of chairs multiple times, because of the camera angles. The "Prnt Scrn" button becomes my friend. XD

(I swear, I will not make leaving essay-length comments a habit. I just happen to have a lot of time on my hands lately.)


I can't get the phone number right. I have the hint, and I've dialled the numbers using the letters on the


. Any suggestions?


Wow. I'm in disbelief that I've finished a Tesshi-e without any help. *does happy dance*

Only the phone puzzle had me stumped for awhile. And I do like the revenge plot idea.


Out! Don't forget that note with the hint when trying to figure out the phone puzzle.

Also - don't forget to leave without getting your Happy Coin for the special Happy ending!


I love Wednesday Escapes!
The happy coin was a lot easier than I expected.

Happy Coin

Is hidden in the phone

Dial the number you escaped with to get it


I must be especially dense today, because I'm not understanding the




One of the puzzles (the drawer with the green digits) doesn't work for me. I'm seeing green squares instead what I assume ought to be roman numerals. That is, the game is assuming that I have a font installed which I do not have, and I'm just seeing the generic no-character rectangle.


Huh. PoP.

You have to get into the cupboard next to the door, first.



There are 3 pictures of girls around the room, each one hides a three digit number and a +/- sign. Use a bit of simple maths to get a 3 digit code.



You could try counting the number of clicks
The code is

739 which would be 6clicks, 2clicks and 8 clicks


This has been the best-designed Tesshi-e game I've played yet! The English is the best yet, and it even introduces some clear sarcasm when clicking in useless spots. That made me laugh. The puzzles were straightforward, and I managed it all without help. I can see how the phone puzzle could be a little difficult, but I lucked out with my first attempt. It took me a moment of exploring the whole room again to find the happy coin. I kind of wish it had-

-introduced another puzzle like some of the other Mild Escapes do for for happy coin. Even just another word to translate would have added a little something.

Good job overall, Teshhi-e!


clue for the phone number - figure it out from the hint note since

O=5 and P=6

littlefish September 1, 2010 5:10 AM

Great little game!
The point where I was tempted to look for a walk-through was

after running the blue cart on the track, when it had fallen and seemed empty.

The content had rolled in under the cupboard beside the exit door

After solving that, the rest was fairly easy.


That's the funkiest music I've heard this side of 1983.


As well as fantastic looking games Tesshi-e always seems to come up with something new - never seen an outside track before. Also the translation really added to the overall experience.

Pretty straightforward once I'd worked out the 'Lantern Chair Candle' code. Had to use a hint for the Happy Coin as

I thought the phone code would be the numeric equivalent of 'HAPPYCOIN' or similar

Lets hope the next 50 games are just as good.


I seem to be having trouble with

the screwdriver. Does it have two ends or are there two seperate screwdrivers?


Hmm. Can't get enter the code on the left-hand drawer. Seems to be a fairly common problem. I even restarted the game (several times) but to no avail. Guess I'll have to wait and try again later.


Okay, I must need more coffee, because I never have this much trouble with Tesshi-e games. I don't have:

a single key

for anything. I almost feel like I'm missing a view?


I seem to be having trouble here:

Turning the tap on the samovar, I keep taking the saucer instead.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Hedodnista22 September 1, 2010 8:58 AM

I can't open the ball, any hints around. Thanks



you need to use the track outside to get the first key

i still can't figure out the phone number, even with the hint and the

call me clue


Very annoyed with this game having a roman numeral font bug. As a flash programmer, he should at least be aware of fonts and dependencies.

Got stuck there, and dropped it.


New to commenting! I love escape games, but I'm horrible at them. :D

Here's my problem:

I put the saucer and tap on the "strange vessesl," but when I try to turn the tap I automatically pick up the saucer again. Then it tells me I can't turn the tap without the saucer there. Am I way off?


@RedJester -
Have you

found the green coin yet?


Help! I was doing so well but I can't get

the fourth wheel

It looks like it's

behind the dresser

but I can't reach it.


I am stuck. Can't find any keys, and how do I get the thing behind the cupboard?


So I can't find

the ball after running the cart on the track


I also have the green square character problem...

I tried the solution posted by magelie but that didn't work...


Never mind my previous comment - silly me for relying on past experience!


As a first time player of a Tesshi-e escape game, I was stuck until I realised that

examining the items is incredibly important, i.e. clicking on them in the examine window


Okay - out. Once I found that

last wheel

it wasn't so bad.



magelie's solution did work once I reloaded since the characters don't reset if you click away


I'm having trouble with

opening the ball


Ok, so I seem to be stuck and need some help pixel-hunting -_- I'm going to list what I have available so that anyone willing to help can know what I've already done:

I have received the ball from the track but have no way of opening it. I have a screwdriver that doesn't seem to be two sided. I have a saucer that won't stay in place when I try to turn the tap. I have a phone code that seems useless because I don't have the key for the dial, and I have a cuckoo clock that seems to be missing a weight which will likely give me the code for the china cabinet.

thanks ^^



I meant that I'm using the letters from the samovar, not lantern. I use the numbers on the phone which correspond to


, but that doesn't work. The numbers on the hint card don't seem to work either.


Heh, never mind, power of posting I guess


David I'm going crazy! can you tell me where you got the

fourth wheel for the train?

for your questions:


have you found the green coin?

have you checked the saucer all over?


Help with the phone? One hint does not seem to relate well to the other hint.


Some help finding the pendulum, anyone?


Having a hard time with the phone #. Any hints would be appreciated.


Can anyone provide help on the phone puzzle. I have:

note with phone hint and hint from saucer filled with water


Never mind... Now I feel dumb.


OK, I'm at the end I think, but jammed at the phone. I have it powered up and everything, I have opened everything and collected everything, but I cannot figure out for the life of me what the number I should dial is.

I have figured out that if you do the numerical values of "PHONE" you get 16-8-15-14-5, if you strip away the 1s, you get 68545, the number on the hint. "CALL ME" is 3-1-12-12-13-5, yielding 32235, which doesn't work. I tried "TELEPHONE NUMBER" which yields 20-5-12-5-16-8-15-14-5 and 14-21-13-2-5-18; this reduces to 2052568545 and 423258, I have tried them separately and together, no dice. I also tried stripping off the 0, no dice. Finally, I tried "PHONE" 16815145 WITHOUT stripping the ones, nothing.

What am I missing?


So that phone code took a bit of non-linear reasoning...

@baileydonk - in order to get the pendulum you need to

open the left-hand drawer of the cabinet thingy using

the code from the back of the weight

if you have the same problem others of us have had, check out magelie's post above


I thought the Happy Coin would be harder than it actually was. I tried dialing "happy" and "happycoin" into the phone to get the coin. Oh well, it was a fun game.

Alkalannar September 1, 2010 2:52 PM

Grrr.....on both FireFox and Safari, it only loads to 23% and then stops. I can't even get trapped in the room to escape from it!



You are on the right track.

You indeed need to encode "call me".

Instead of "stripping away the 1s", though,

you need to strip the tens, ie. only keep the last digit of each number. The code is 312235.


I'm am amazed. I managed to get out AND WITH the Happy Coin with no walkthrough!

It sure brought happiness to me! ;D


Ahhh, that was nice and refreshing...and for once, the construction bit actually made sense! (Gotta admit, it's a nice change from assembling cellphone cars and bottle boats...ugh.)


I was getting along fine, but then had to refer to the walkthrough because I couldn't find

the toy coin Dx

Otherwise, I think I could have solved it without trouble..


I cannot open the game, I click the link but just get presented with a page full of Japanese characters and cannot see where the game is, anyone else having the same problem?

[For Tesshi-e's games, you have to scroll down the page a ways to find the game. It's there, just further down the page. -Jay]


Does anyone know what font it is so I can download it... ? I tried counting the number of clicks and clicking the drawer, but it didn't work...

nerdypants September 4, 2010 9:22 PM

About the font problems:

People were having the same issue with another Tesshi-e game, Escape to the Spa, and the solution seems to be to install Japanese language files on your computer. Copied from the comments on that game (thanks to exeterkered):

For those of you having font problems with the baskets, here's the solution I found posted for another Japanese game. (And considering that most escape games are Asian, it's just a good idea to do it.)

If you're running Windows XP, go to Control Panel, then Regional And Language Options. Hit the Languages tab, then check Install Files for East Asian languages. (You can also check Install Thai languages if you want to.) It'll ask you for your XP CD, and then you'll have to reboot after it installs it. Problem fixed! I'm guessing Vista has a similar method in adding the language support.


Loved this game - I noticed the ONLY phrase that wasn't translated was the one appearing after making the call. Anyone care to translate that one? The context is obvious, but it'd be nice to know the actual message.


Not being able to see the numbers on the three-digit code-locked drawer ruined it. All the joy of solving a puzzle is taken away when a walkthrough has to be used to discover you were correct all along but the game wasn't functioning. So it gets a low-rating from me for that glitch.

Could it be because of my browser? (Firefox) Or OS (Windows XP)
Or is it just a bug on the game's part?

Anonymous October 17, 2010 6:10 AM

Grrr to the font bug. Had to give up.


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