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Escape from Pesimari

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Escape from Pesimari

elleAdmit it. You've always admired Mr. Birdy wall art and hippo decanters from afar, but all this time held secret doubts on whether you could pull off "the look" in your own home. Hmm. Well, maybe just a happy coin mug? Do your shopping where Tesshi-e shops: Pesimari, a whims-quirky sundry shop, where an assortment of miscellany can be purchased. Actually getting out the door with your purchase is another matter altogether—to Escape from Pesimari, a plenitude of clever devices and tricks need to be dealt with before you can finish up your shopping and grab a bite to eat.

Escape from PesimariThis is Tesshi-e's 92nd escape-the-room game and we're all the richer for it. If you've played the other 91, then you already know how this goes. Point-and-click navigation and interaction, a handy inventory sidebar, and superbly responsive interface makes for pleasant gameplay. Although the cursor is unchanging, it's not difficult to find interactive areas and, mostly, the challenge is a good mix of challenging and logically obvious. If you find yourself stumped, it's either because you walked away from an item before realizing the information it contains or you're trying to decipher letters in boxes (hint: you might have just bit into a red herring). The well-crafted puzzles alone make this a worthwhile venture, but it's also enjoyable to explore this setting, with its pleasing aesthetics, and even more fun when you discover a clue or device because they're so creatively rendered. Because of that ineffable charisma that makes a Mild Escape what it is, you'll leave with a smile and maybe even an extra happy coin for your wallet.

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Thanks to Cyberjar88 and Celli for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Escape from Pesimari Walkthrough

First Explorations, Gathering Clues and Items

  1. You begin facing the door and a table/chairs under a window. Zoom in on every detail you can find along this wall...

    • By the plant you see an "r" written in the first of four boxes.

    • A sign near the door says A1-Z26.

    • In the corner of one of the window panes is a single maple leaf.

    • On the table is a Mr. Hippo device and a coffee maker.

    • On a chair is an "H" written in the first of four boxes.

  2. Turn left to see a shelf with a star box under two big windows...

    • A ladder under the shelf is secured by a lock.

    • There are more maple leaves stuck to various spots on the window panes.

    • A stand is missing one of three Mr. Birdy picks.

    • A Mr. Birdy glass figurine is missing his hat.

    • The star box seems to need a 4-digit number code.

  3. Left again. Here you see the counter, maple tree picture, a white cake display and...

    • Grab a BLUE CAN of coffee from behind the counter.

    • Read the book and admire the various Mr. Birdy poses.

    • A green book on the counter has an "i" in the last of four boxes.

    • A pink glass Mr. Birdy device has four buttons to press.

    • The maple tree picture is wobbly.

    • The cake display needs a key.

    • Four tiny chairs sit on a tiny stage.

    • Next to the tiny chairs is a round device with 8 buttons on its dial.

    • Along the edge of the low table, below the chairs and round device is a drawer secured by two small screws.

    • Finally, high up on the ceiling beam is a green doll.

  4. Take one more left turn. More windows and a 3x3 cubbies...

    • Note there are more maple leaves in the windows.

    • You can take any MUG CUP you'd like off the shelf, but only one per customer.

    • Inside the MUG CUP is an "M" in the second of four boxes.

    • In the top middle cubby is a hat locked up in a glass case; a 3-digit code is needed.

    • A box on top of the cubbies needs a key.

  5. After looking at everything you can readily see, exploring every accessible crevice without solving any puzzles, you're left with many clues and only two items so far: a MUG CUP and a CAN of coffee.

  6. You're also ready to solve two puzzles now.

Wobbly Maple Tree Picture

  1. Look at the leaves in each of the window panes.

  2. Think of each window as divided into two 4x4 segments. Note which corner of those 4x4 segments leaves are located and count the leaves.

  3. Use those clues to solve the wobbly picture.


    Number of leaves and placement tells you in what order to click each of the four corners of the picture frame...
    BL, TL, BR, TL, TR, TR

  5. When clicked in the correct sequence, the picture lifts up to reveal a hidden niche...

    • Get the PINK MR BIRDY PICK.

    • Note the "o" in the first of four boxes.

Pink Mr Birdy Device and a Ladder

  1. Look through the green book on the counter and pay attention to where Mr Birdy's eyes are looking.

  2. Use those clues to operate the pink birdy device.


    Follow the eyes...

  4. If you click the buttons in the right sequence, something drops into the slot...

    • Get the CAN OPENER.

  5. Use the opener to open your blue can...

    • Get the DIAMOND KEY.

  6. Unlock the LADDER with the diamond key and take it.

  7. Use the LADDER on the green doll that's sitting on the ceiling beam and climb up.

    • Take the -RI- DOLL

    • and note the "p" in the third of four boxes.

    • Remember that there's a box up here that also needs a key.

The Hat, a Spade Key, and a Screwdriver

  1. Go over to the long shelf under the windows and put the PINK Mr BIRDY PICK into the stand between the other two.

    • Get the SPADE KEY.

  2. Note the height of each pick as well as the dots under them.

  3. Use those clues to solve the 3-digit number for the encased hat (on the top middle cubby).



  5. When you enter the correct code, the case opens and you can...

    • Take the GREEN HAT.

    • Look inside the hat to get a SCRATCH CARD.

  6. Before leaving the cubby area, use the SPADE KEY to unlock the white box and...

    • get -MA- DOLL

  7. Go back to the long shelf and place the HAT on the GREEN BIRDY...

    • Get the SCREWDRIVER.

Star Box

  1. Go over to the low display table and use the SCREWDRIVER on the small screws along the edge.

  2. Back up then click the handle to open the drawer:

    • Look at the rows of folded towels, noting number and color.

    • Move aside the blue towels to see a star and get A COIN.

  3. Use the COIN you just found to scratch off the SCRATCH CARD.

    • Make a note of the info you see there and turn back to the star box on the long shelf.

  4. Using the information you just found, enter the correct 4-digit number into the star box...


    Put the colors in order, then multiply the number. 4235x2 =
    8 4 7 0

  6. When you get the star box open, you'll find two things:

    • the -SI- DOLL. Take it.

    • A [period] in the third of four boxes.

Mr.Hippo and the High Box

  1. After solving the star box, you now have all the clues to open Mr.Hippo's mouth.

  2. Turn back to the round table by the front door and examine the hippo device.

    • Click each of the four buttons in the correct sequence.


      Numbering the buttons from left to right, spell Mr.Hippo, using the clues you found around the room (letters in boxes). Don't forget the period! Click the buttons in this sequence:
      2 1 3 1 4 3 3 1

    • Get the ROUND KEY.

  3. Back up, turn around, and climb up the ladder...

    • Use the ROUND KEY to unlock the small box,

    • and look inside it to get the MATCHES.

Compass Device

  1. Now that you have matches, it's time to make coffee! Climb down the ladder and back to the coffee brewer that's on the table next to Mr.Hippo...

    • Pour the CAN OF COFFEE into the top of the brewer.

    • Use the MATCHES the wick at the bottom of the stand.

    • Click the top of the brewer again to put out the fire; a vacuum effect will bring the delicious coffee down into the lower pot. Note the design on the upper glass of the brewer.

  2. Back up, turn around, go over to the low table on the other wall and zoom in on a round, clock-like item:

    • Light up the correct buttons on this device then click the center button to open the device.


      Look at how the flower design changed completing the whole coffee brewing process; the white petals represent the buttons you should light up on the compass device.

      NW, E, S, SW

    • Take the -PE- DOLL from inside the device.

Normal Exit

  1. Back up from the compass device and zoom in on the four tiny chairs next to it.

  2. Place each of the dolls in the correct order...


    Spell the name of this shop:

  4. When correct, a panel opens in the stage:

    • Get the HEART KEY.

    • Note the numbers on the panel.

  5. Walk over to the door, use the HEART KEY to unlock it...

    • Before exiting, save your game (Function, then SAVE).

  6. Open the door and escape!

Happy Coin Exit

  1. After unlocking the door, don't exit. Use the clue by the door and re-arrange the dolls...


    Each letter represents a number. Since you have two letters together, just add the letters' number value. For each pair's number, the numbers on the open chairs stage tell you how to arrange them...
    RI - MA - SI - PE

  3. When done correctly, you'll get a SPADE KEY.

  4. Use the SPADE KEY to unlock the cake display and take the happy coin.

  5. Now you can walk out the door for the happy coin end!


Out ! But no happy coin ...



It is to do with

The arrangement of the dolls on the chairs

You need to match the value of the letters on the dolls to the numbers in the box under the chairs

remember the A1-Z26 clue by the door



Did anyone manage, though, to

pour themselves a cup of coffee in one of those mugs!


I'm having trouble with the Hippo puzzle. Here's what I've got:

It looks like H, O, and R are the first button, M is second, P is the third, and I is the fourth. This should create a code of 2114331, but that's not working...

I understand that the review said that was a red herring, but I thought that referred to

trying to translate the letters into numbers for the star box



1. The windows are four four windows, not a whole 8 windows...
2. Cups are not important at all, coffee is no need to get out too.
3. Height is related with hat
4. Get a coin to remove the silver bar first, then go to the star number
5. M___, ___r, etc are for Mr.Hippo totally 8(7) of them
6. Pesimari is obvious, then how to hide it for the happy coin by rearrange them?


Oh, god, the

period after "Mr"



Mantus you are missing

The full stop from the star box which is the third button


.thgir ti teg lliw uoy ,siht ekil ti od uoy fi tub ,gnorw si redro llod ehT



Did you notice that you get to choose your coffee cup for the end scene? Great escape.


Out + happy coin...
Though I must confess I got the happy coin only out of pure luck...

I just got the inspiration to spell the four syllaber word backwards... but I see no link with the four numbers... something to do with x7 combinations ???

Paris : damn cold, fur pants compulsory...


K... I got it

RI is 18 + 9 = 27, and so on...

Thank you, my third (and last) neuron !

damon August 4, 2015 3:55 PM replied to Gen

I thought that was clever, yeah.

char char Binks May 1, 2020 7:18 PM

I just started doing these escape games. It appears from the comments that this game has been out for a while. There seems to be a rewrite. There are some changes. The tiny stage with chairs is now in a cabinet on the wall to the right of the cake fridge (which, by the way, is now red)

still has the slice of cake and happy coin

The round clock/compass-like item is not beside the stage cabinet, it is on the top of a shelf (as opposed to, cubbies) on the wall, beside the green counter that had the album. This shelf has the hat puzzle and the coffee mugs.
The table with the coffee maker, has the Mr. Hippo puzzle and the coffee maker. When the coffee is made,

the top glass of the coffee maker has a flower with eight white petals all numbered between 1-8. When using all these petal numbers, they do not work.

I am stumped and I cannot go any further until I can receive the

‘Pe’ doll.


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