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Escape from Detention

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Escape from DetentionYou have been sent to detention with a couple of your friends, and locked in a room in the school by the evil principal seeking revenge. The only way out is to use your ingenuity and resources around you, along with the help of your friends, to Escape from Detention. The Shockwave game was produced by Bitcasters, a talented multimedia studio in Toronto, Ontario.

Use your mouse to click on any of the three students, Serin, Geo or Bravo, then click to move around each room and pick up items. Inventory items may be combined to solve puzzles, and even shared between students. Very nice pixel graphics and challenging puzzles make this game a lot of fun for anyone.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Complete walkthrough (kinda long):

Detention room:

  • Go into Serin's backpack, click the battery. Take the battery over to Geo's backpack and combine it with his flashlight.
    Since Geo is the only one with the light, use him to go over to the desks (including the teacher's desk). Click them all. Find a notebook and a quarter. Click the chalkboard. Get chalk. Combine chalk and notebook together to get a map of the school.
    Get the quarter from Geo's backpack and give it to Bravo. Click Serin and put her on the bench by the vent. Then click Geo and click the bench. He will climb on top of Serin. Then click Bravo and click the bench, she will stand on the two of them. Get the quarter from her backpack and click the vent with it. Bravo will open the vent. Give Geo's flashlight to Bravo. Click inside the vent. Bravo is now in the generator room.

  • Generator:

  • Now Bravo is in the generator room. Flip up all the switches to turn the lights on. Go to the tall cabinet and find the rope and the crowbar. Grab the rope from Bravo's backpack and click the middle generator-thingy in the row closest to the vent. Click the vent. Now Serin, Geo, and Bravo are all in the generator room. Give the crowbar to Geo, and have him use it on the door. Now you are in the hall.

  • Hall:

  • The exit door is locked. There's a ‘dark scary hole' with something glinting in it. We'll get to how to open that later. So go into the double doors closest to the creepy painting of the principal and the bear statue. Now go to the door closest to the exit, on the side farthest away from you. You are in the classroom.

  • Classroom:

  • There is nothing important to speak of in here. Go back into the hall and click the door closest to you. (The door next to the one that leads to the classroom is the principal's office, don't wake him!) Click the door nearest you. You are now in the gym.

  • Gym:

  • The janitor's big scary dog is blocking one of the doors (to the janitor's room). There is, as quoted by all three characters, ‘nothing interesting' in the plain brown doors, so go to the glass one. You are now in the locker room.

  • Locker Room:

  • Nothing interesting in here. Go back into the hall.

  • Back in the Hall:

  • Go to the door next to the door to the generator room. Now you are in the Library.

  • Library:

  • There is a door on the far wall. Now you are in the staff room. Click the couch. Find coins. Click the cabinet with the sink. Find ladel. Go back to the hall. (Finding the ladel is optional, there's really no use for it except to confuse you and take up space).

  • Back in the Hall:

  • Go into the door you haven't gone into yet. You are now in the science lab.

  • Science Lab:

  • Collect all the chemicals on the counter in the science lab. You may need to switch characters as one of their backpacks might be full. Go to teacher's desk, find magnet. Exit Science Lab. You are now back in the hall.

  • Back in the Hall:

  • Go into the double doors closest to the trophy case. Go straight on through the next set of double doors. You are now in the cafeteria.

  • Cafeteria:

  • Get meat loaf from blue counter. Go through the double doors. Now you are in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen:

  • Go to tall wooden cabinet. Find thread. Exit kitchen and cafeteria.

  • Back in the Hall:

  • Go to main hall with the bear and the picture of the principal. Combine the thread and the magnet together. Go to the dark scary hole by the principal's picture. Use the magnet and thread to get the small key. Go into library, then into staff room.

  • Staff Room again:

  • Unlock file cabinet with key, find note that says ‘PASSWORD=ROVER'. Exit staff room. You are now in the Library.

  • Library again:

  • Go to one of the computers and access the chem. Lab by entering ‘rover' into the password box. Learn that a green chemical mixed with an orange chemical will make a sleeping potion. Combine YELLOW CHEM. With RED CHEM, then BLUE CHEM with the other YELLOW CHEM to make orange and green. Combine orange and green chemicals to make a sleeping potion. Combine sleeping potion with meat loaf. Exit Library. You are back in the hall.

  • Back in the Hall:

  • Go into the double doors closest to the picture and the bear. Go into the door on the wall closest to you. You are now in the gym.

  • Gym Again:

  • Give the meatloaf with the sleeping potion to the janitor's dog. The dog is now asleep. Enter janitor's room.

  • Janitor's Room:

  • Go to the file cabinet. Find main door key. Exit janitor room.

  • In the Hall for the Last Time:

  • Go to the exit door. Use key. After short animation, you are free! YAAY!


how do you get past the dog?


how do you get out of the power room?


how do you get out of the power room?
there is a crow bar in the cubpoard, u give it to Geo.

how do you get past the dog?
u have 2 get the meatloaf and all the chemicals in the science room, then u have to go on the computer (the password is rover) and it will tell u how to make sleeping potion, u put the sleeping potion on the meatloaf


wat do u do after u give the crowbar to geo?


wat do u do after u give the crowbar to geo?
use the crowbar on the door


but geo isn't in the power room with you. how does he get there?


do you have a rope


how do you get up to the vent in the detention hall im very confused?????


I have the rope, what do i attach it to?


how do u get out of the detention room! how do u open the vent


I have Bravo in the second room. The others are still in the detention room. I have the rope and the lever bar. I don't know where to connect the rope at, I can't get Geo in the power room and I can't use the bar to open the door. Please help me out.


You can tie the rope to something BEFORE you throw it through the vent. But it has to be something close to the vent. There aren't that many options. Just try. ;o)


what are the thread and laddle for???

Ninjaangel January 27, 2005 1:10 PM

The thread combines with a magnet to make a magnetic fishing pole type thing. I don't know about the laddle yet


ive got in the power room, i have the crowbar and the rope and the coin and the torch, but the bar wont tie to anything and niether will the rope and im really stuck


How do u get out of the power room? I have the rope and crowbar but what do you tie the rope to?


u tie the bar to the middle light box near the vent and then frow it through


but how do you tie it to the light box cos it dont let you


wheres the magnet?

Dark Dude. February 10, 2005 5:24 PM

Switch the box off first.


I swear, I have searched the first room for like 15 minutes and there is no rope anywhere. All I found was a notebook and chalk (map), and a quarter. Where is this alleged rope?


its in the 2nd room after u clime on top of the 2 other people to get in the vent


How do you get the dog to move? I have the food but I don't know what to do with it...? Please help.


Hey i beat it its really eesy just ask by posting here


i cant find the magnet

Erika Boone February 16, 2005 6:27 PM

i need to get out of the power room I have the crow bar and the rope is tied but The crow bar isnt tieing to the rope HELP


where is the magnet that u need to make the fishing pole to get that key out?


im in second room and tied rope to middle power thing, wot do i do now?


click on rope and throw threw vent to get the other two in with you.


the magnet is in the cupboard in the kitchen. the key is in the drain by the bear. the password for the computer is rover. in gym mix sleeping potion with meat loaf and give to dog.the main door key is in the janitors office in the filling cabinet.


im in the 1st room. ive found all that there is to find. i dont know what to do with the quarter. more like i dont know what to do to get out of the room through the vent. help please!

Lady of Lore February 23, 2005 1:46 PM

hey that game was pretty cool


how do u get people on top of each other


i can't get it, i did the tying of the rope , but it won't doanything when i try to throw to others:S


can someone help me how to get out of the detention room with the quarter?


how to get out:
1st room. have serin give the batteries to geo. that will get the flashlight on. give the flashlight to bravo. with bravo click the chalkboard and the teachers desk. you will get chalk and a quarter. go to the upper right desk and get the note book. use the chalk to write in the notebook. you will get a map of the school. click serin, the click the little bench, not the vent. she will kneel on the bench. click geo and click the bench now click bravo and click the bench. she will be close enough to the vent. make sure bravo has the quarter and flashlight before you stack them. click the quarter and click the vent. it will open the vent. click the vent again. bravo goes on alone for now.
room 2: click the box in the middle to turn on the lights. then click the closet to open it and get a rope and crowbar. tie the rope to the left middle box then click the vent to send the rope to get serin and geo. once they are in there give the crowbar to geo and with him click the door.
room 3: a key is in the grate in the floor by the bear.
room 4 (chemistry lab): pick up all the chemicals and then click the teachers desk to get a magnet. go to the cafeteria get the meat loaf and then into the kitchen in the closet there is string. attach the string to the magnet to make a "fishing pole". go back to the hall with the bear and the grate in the floor use the magnet to get the key out. then go to the staff room and open the filing cabnet up. you will get the password to the computer. (rover) to learn how to make a potion. go to the gym and put the potion on the meat loaf and click the meat load to give it to the dog, go through the door behind the dog and click the filing cabinet to get the main door key. go to the exit and use it to get out.
the end.



thankyou =)



thanks kevin!!


kevin just took all the fun out of doing the game yourself... what's the point in playing a mind game if you can't figure it out for yourself???


How do you get past the first room


its because of all the people asking "how do you get past the first room" and "where is the rope" etc. dont knock kevin for giving the people what they want.


Thsnks Kevin you da Man you got big kahoonies


How do I start playing this game?


This game is easy I just didnt understand how to get the password the only reason I got it is because i saw someone type it on the posts, where are you supposed to get it?

Chicago babie April 2, 2005 7:53 PM

this was a very easy game and thats from a 12 yr old!!!!!


meh not too hard. only annoying bit was the 2nd room with the rope bit. didn't know where to attach it to. i mean......aint the top bottom left 1 closer?? lol oh well


OMG great game but the corniest ending in the world! it definantley could have been a lot longer and better. i give this game a thumbs DOWN!


Nice idea 4 a game took me about 10 minutes 2 complete it though without cheats.

Escape from detention master April 25, 2005 9:20 AM

You lot who can't get out of the first room are crap i did it the first time round i just knew what to do. if you use your brain its simple. look if anyone needs help email me, the master is here to help.


my shockwave got some prob... cant get into the cafeteria and kitchen.... my characters are not able to move there.. and i'm stuck in the room..
do u all experience it too?


OMG! that was easy! could have been a lot harder! and the ending was crap!

steven May 4, 2005 5:07 PM

this was so cool thanks to a post i finally figured out how to get out of room 2, i actually thought u had to put the crowbar and rope together to make like a hook rope, but i was wrong! also when i had tried to get bravo to open the door there was no message so untill i found out later on i thought that this was like a demo or something{b/c i tried @ school and @ home}

i also wish they had more to it also, like, another BIG LEVEL FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FINISHED!


where do you get the green potion i found the red and yellow and blue all i need is the green where is it?

deedee May 6, 2005 5:38 PM

i cant get through the second room.. everything is attatched but the problem is that there is nothing left to do.. im stuck in the room alone



Hey, how do you figure out the password for the computers?
p.s i know its rover i just wanna know..


Where are the potions because they dont seem to be any where in the science lab I have looked every where.



Man that was easy - but fun at the same time.


you would find the password in the drawers in the staff room. you have to get the magnet on the string and get the key to open the drawers


Yeah the game was fairly easy. what is the small gold key used for ?


How do you turn on the lights.


to turn on the lights you have to pull the lever on the middle power switch in the middle row bye

i am stuck by the dog!


instead of asking anymore questions look up above k


wow that game was easy but i think that there should be like a level 2 or something


great game, but I agee with Masta, there should definetely be a level two or sequel. I admit, I went here, and it took all the fun out of the game.
P.S. to the guy who asked about the green potion:
It's first grade!


Hey you dont need a magnet all you need to do is make the dog go to sleep. Then you get the key and go to the front door


liked how you had to use more than one person but there should've been more things that only certain people of the three could do like the crowbar for example


Ive tied the rope down to the box in the power room then what do I do?!!


All you need is the chemicals, meatloaf,rope,crowbar,computer password(rover),quarter. I think thats it. Get in to the power room by stacking geo and serlin on the stool under the vent. then have the other one open the vent with the quarter. The power switch is in the dead middle. Go to the cabinet and get rope and crow bar... figure the rest out!


What was the laddle for?
The gold key was needed to get the password if you didn't cheat (cause it was locked in a cabinet)
I am going to try again but mix up a purple potion and see what happens.
It took longer to read the comments than to play the game, still it was fun little puzzle game I hope they make more.

Simon Adams June 2, 2005 4:11 PM

I love the concept, and I don't see nearly enough isometric pixel games. It was easier than I expected but still fun.

PS I wonder if the creators were fans of Silent Hill. ;D


hi thanks kevim


OMG!! this game is like so easy! i finished it in like 5-7 min with ONE cheat. It was really fun. People who are asking questions--> TRY AND USE YOUR BRAIN! I MEAN HOW EASY IS THIS GAME? A BLIND MOUSE CAN FINISH IT WITHOUT CHEATS!

OK thanx for the cheat on where to attach the rope:p ENJOY THE GAME!


To get out of the detention room first get the batteries out of serins backpack then click on them then on geo to put them in the flashlight. Then go to the first row and all the way right and you'll find a notebook, then go to the chalk board and you'll find chilk, then the teachers desk a quarter. okay now to escape you have to get up on each other. click on siren then the little sitting area under the vent and then and she would bend down then click on geo same thing, and then on bravo same thing make sure you past all the items to bravo.
light room
to get out here go to the middle row and then pull the lever to the middle machine then go in the closet to get the crowbar, and the rope okay now get the rope and connect to te middle machine in the row nearest to the closet then connect the other end to the vent and siren and geo would come through now past the crowbar to siren and let her break the door because you have alot of strength then bravo, and geo. so now your out
now go in either room except te top left corner now go to the staff room your find landle coins not sure for what then in the cafeteria a meat loaf and search the cupboard for string then in the science room and grab all the chemicals together then you try to mix them like you did with the book and chalk earlier to make a green, and orange then put them two potions together to make a sleeping potion then put it on the meat loafa and give it to the dog he would fall asleep
then go in the room that the dog was at and get the main school key then click on the main doors you'll probably be thinking you have to find more items cuz the doors are stuck but thinks to siren she's tough she just banged it open well i hope my walkthrough has helped you alot


hey i found the main door key!! but i tried to get through the exti and it wouldnt let me....wat do i do now

oh and to get rid of the dog put the sleeping potion into the meat loaf then feed it to the dog.


Hi, i have finished the game, but i want to know what you need that ladle for. Also, what is the change in the teachers lounge couch for?



i chucked the rope thru the vent but how do the people come thru

brittany June 15, 2005 7:38 PM

tie it to one of the light things and throw it through the vent


how do you get the key out of the vent?


all you have to do is get the key (silver) and you win!......-.- this game seems fun but it ends so quick! its stupid -.- at first its fun but then it comes to an immediate stop blah! i hope #2 is better. P.S... #2 is where the pricipal finds out you left so when you come back he remembers and you do another bad thing so you get sent to another school where you have to get out.... it might sound dumb but it is actually awesome. i saw a clip of it.

Brendan Cook June 17, 2005 2:19 AM

Ive finished this without help and it was pretty easy

Guy at Bar June 17, 2005 8:00 AM

if u mix any potions besides the ones that mak green / oj, it wont work. so you cant make purple.

p.s. new game sounds good... hope ill get to play it!


I can't connect the rope to anything, not even the left middle power switch.


How do you put the potion on top of the meat loaf?

How do you throw the rope in the vent to Geo and Serin?


that was sooo easy! and this is comin from a 11 yr old.

it wasn't long enough and it was so easy you could do it with your eyes shut


how do i mix the potions it says to review the database but where is that??


Just Played and finished, V Easy


is this game has some problem when it goes to the restaurant? Because mime always stuck there and display a window say "shockwave is facing some problem causing playback problem", or this is only my wrong with my PC?


that game was fun!


i went to the cafeteria and i dont even see anything..its just a room with nothing...somethings wrong but i dont know what


whats with the gold key?? i mean what do you use it for?

mellisa June 29, 2005 7:38 PM

i finished the game ha ha ha ha ha ha


i'm in the 3rd room it won't let me get the key


i just finish the game!

1st room: put serin on the bottom and then geo then bravo use the quarter to open the vent then climb through.

2nd: go to the middle power thingy and turn only that 1 on then go to the cuboard and get the crowbar and rope. next give the crowbar to geo next tie the rope to the power thingy that is right to the closest one to the vent after that use the rope and click on the vent and they should come through. next make geo open the door.

look all around and get all the stuff u can find

the password is rover for the computers.

3rd: Go to the room next to the library ( not in the library!!?!) then pick up the potions and then go get the magnet in the desk and when u have the thread tie it to the magnet and stick it under the vent near the bear. Then get the key, i just remembered u don't have to do the magnet thing cause evenguoualy u find the password rover lol with the magnet.

4th: put red and yellow potions thogethere and the yellow and blue the orange and green and theres most of the potion then use the meatloaf and the potion togethere it will make a cake type thing then give it to the dog then go in the room and get the silver key

5th: go to the exit and use the key with the exit

p.s the ending is kinda... LAME!!!! but kinda wierd at the same time!?!?!?


how do u get the key from the vent!?


To get past the dog you have to feed him the meat with the MIXED potions


That was brilliant!


I like it >.


How do mix the green chemical with the meatloaf?? it didnt work


Alright, where is the Cafeteria!!! I've looked for like 10 mins, from all the doors help.

Gothyka July 27, 2005 9:57 AM

Look in the map, if you still dont have, join the chalk and the notebook you got in the detention room...

darkisses cya

Brandon Torres December 22, 2007 5:04 PM

in the detention room i cant get bravo on geo. how do i do it?


That was pretty short but sweet. Alright game.


this is easy peasy I figered it out by my self

BlueApplePie January 4, 2008 5:47 PM

How is serin meant to open the door? shes in the other room!

Anonymous January 4, 2008 6:41 PM

can someone pleas tell me where the light switch is? I just started the game i've looked everywhere but i cant find the light switch


I am terrible with escaping games, so I am pretty happy that I got through this :) The hardest part was the second room (the machine one) when I couldn't figure out what to do with the rope.


you're in the detention hall but there's no light

- to get some light use serin's battery and geo's flashlight.

- get the chalk from the blackboard, the coin from the bigger desk and the notebook from the upper right corner desk

- use the chalk with the notebook. u get a school map.

- give the flashlight and the coin to bravo.

- get serin to stay on the bench near the vent, then geo and finally bravo

- use the coin to unscrew the vent and get bravo to go through it

- you're in the power room. turn the lights on (power box in the middle)

- go to the closet and find a crowbar and a rope

- tie one end of the rope to the middle power box in the first row (nearest to the vent) and toss the other end to geo and serin.

- get geo to use the crowbar to open the door.

- time to collect objects:

. go in the 1st door right next to you (library) and then get to the staff room (u need to walk through the libray to get it). get the ladle in the sink, the coins from the sofa.

. in the door next to the library (the science lab) get all the chemicals and the magnet from the desk

. next (door with glass) there's a corridor that leads to cafeteria. get the meat loaf and in the kitchen u can find the roll of string in the closet

- time to use the objects: use the roll of string with the magnet and go to the grate (in the hallway when u came out from the power room) and get a small key.

- go back to the staff room (check the map if u don't know where it is) and use the key to open the drawers. u'll find a note saying "rover".

- go into the library and go to one of the computers. use the password and see how to make a sleeping potion. u need a green and an oranje potion.

- now it's time to use some knowledge. get the chemicals and mix the right colours to obtain green and oranje (yellow+blue=green and yellow+red=oranje). after that use the sleeping potion on the meat loaf

- go to the gym (once again check the map if u have doubts) and feed the dog with the meat loaf.

- enter in the janitor's room and in the drawers find the school's main door key.

- get out of the gym and exit the school by using the
gray key....
ray key


This was awesome!

Germaine Gothley March 11, 2008 2:43 PM

How to do the whole game....in 21 steps, please dont click here if you want to do it yourself SPOILER

1. take the battery and give it to geo to put into the penlight
2. find a quater in the teachers desk
3. make serin neal on the box underneath the vent
4. make geo give the pen light and quater to bravo and make geo neal on top of serin
5. make bravo climb on top of geo and serin and open the vent with the quater you found in the desk
now you are in the next room with geo and serin,
6. look in the cupboard in this room you will find rope and a crow bar
7. turn on all the machines to find out which turns the lights on
8. tie the rope to the 2nd machine from the vent, and tie the other end to the vent to let geo and serin climb through
9. give geo the crowbar and let him break open the door
you are now in the room with the bear in it
10.in this room go through the double doors on the right into the canteen and pick up the meatloaf
11.go through the double doors into the kitchen and click on the wardrobe this will give you some wire/srting
12. go back to the room with the bear and go through the single door on the right into the science room take all the bottles containing coloured chemicals
13.in this room you will also find a magnet in the desk
14, go back to the bear room, not far from the bear on the floor is a grill, tie the magnet to the wire and you will pull a key out of it
15. go through the second single door into the computer room walk straight through and unlock the cabinet with the key you just found
16. now you have your password click on the pc to type it in
17.to make the sleeping potion mix the bottles together
18. go to the room wear the dog guards the door (through the first double doors, then the single one on the right)
19.mix the potion with the meatloaf and feed the dog
20.go in the room and get the key
21.NOw you may leave through the exit with the key!!

any questions?


where is the crow bar

Anonymous May 15, 2008 4:22 AM

Cute game and all, but who did it? None of the clues that the game menu mentioned were in the game.Is a sequel in the works? Cuz the whole 'framed' thing leaves me a bit dissapointed.



was there a point to getting the ladle?


what do u tie the rope 2 in the power room


how do i get out off the first room its soo hard i have the torch, chalk, quarter, map how do i get through the vent plzz help!!!

Jellohead August 8, 2008 3:40 PM

Cute game ;)


I am in the second room. Can you tell me everything from then on so I can escape? One more thing, how do you turn the middle light off if she is scared of the dark? Help please.


I finished the game with no help AT ALL and I was only nine... far too easy.


Okay, wth is a ladle doing there? Ive done everything else, but the ladle is still unused. Eh?!!


How do you tie the rope?


Hey, I saw this game when I was cruising around Newgrounds once. I got stuck rather early XD


How do you get a green chemical and an orange chemical? I don't have any.


before u leave the detention room make sure u have got everthing out of that room -

quarter, chalk, note book. then under the vent is a little table thing, make geo crouch on it, then serin and then bravo.

When bravo is in the power room

turn the things on to get light. get the rope and crowbar. tie the rope to the middle box in the forst row. the others will climb through. give geo the crow bar and use it on the door and then you are out.!!!! ( if u use the chalk and note book you get a map)

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

alleypupismydog August 12, 2009 6:09 PM

the ladle just takes up space in your back pack!
it is dumb ;p

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 10, 2009 2:40 AM

Fun :) Generally easy to switch between and move the characters and the objects and fairly logical combinations of objects. Cute game to pass idle time.


how do you get the key out from the grate???

Anonymous November 8, 2009 8:24 AM

very easy game. mix the blue and yellow potions to get the green potion. mix the others to get the orange. mix the orange&green to get the sleeping potion. combine it with the meat piece and give it to thedog.


Where is the meatloaf??? I can't find it...


uhm, where's the green potion? i can't find it...

Anonymous March 5, 2010 4:54 AM

WOW lots of items were useless but nice game

mattew May 3, 2010 7:59 PM

how do you mix the potions it says geo can't hold anymore


they say they want to look at the database and they wont mix them


Yaay it was hard but it was finished!!! And worth it ;)


How so you get out of the detention room?


easy finished in 2 minutes


Seems this link is no longer valid

[Thanks for the note. I've fixed the links and updated the review. -Jay]

shipoopie May 31, 2014 6:35 PM

There was a little navigatory strangeness when trying to

get on each other's backs and also making sure the right person had the right tools

but otherwise it was an alright game. Didn't take too long to get through and the puzzles were logical. It's a pretty old game, but I think if it came out in today's days, it would still work.


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chrpa Hi! Welcome to the latest Weekday Escape! Again we start with Amajeto in their typical room and no need to hurry, you are well protected here from wet and cold weather outside. The next cosy room which you're supposed to...  ...
chrpa Hi, it's retro time - four games from the past are here! All games featured this week contain some Japanese, but don't let yourself distracted by that, you don't need to understand. They are all easily playable without any Japanese...  ...
chrpa Welcome to the new Weekday Escape! Amajeto's lets you play for a while with chess pieces and accessories, and after you escape from their room, Maymay locks you in another one where is enough puzzles and codes to keep your...  ...
chrpa Hello escapers! Your time is here! Halloween is over - still we return twice to that night full of magic with Amajeto and Selfdefiant. Both lock you in a darkish room and both expect you to escape without fear. Not...  ...

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