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cafe3.png cafe4.png

Good news - Robamimi is still active and creating in Unity! This escape game is a remake of her old game from 2009 - must be one of the first games she created and wasn't published on JIG then. Important notice: default setting is in Japanese and you can change it on the start screen in the upper left corner. Enjoy!

cafe2.pngYou find yourself locked in a café but it's not an omission or a mistake; it's a trial. Everything is explained right at the beginning (and that's why is recommended to switch to English) - you work in this café for five years and there's a chance to promote if you pass the trial. The owner left you a letter and explained that your final goal is to find the store manager badge with your name on it.

The careful exploration of the place is essential and on your way you get familiar with the arrangement of the bar, the office and the storage. It comes handy later when you become the manager. Of course, first you need to figure out the code opening 'staff only' door and get to the cafe background - and then get to the office and so on. Don't give up and remember that the badge with your name is already done. Good luck!

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no one comments anymore.

game does not load.

i think 10 minutes is enough time to wait.


I forgot about it and it finally loaded.

I guess just be super patient.

I have resorted to finding video walk throughs which are not as nice as written ones. So I am wondering where is the clue for the yellow 3 digit box?

And where is the clue for the gray 3 digit box?


Hi 4red3s,
both boxes get their clues from similar places:

look at the side wall between the staff and office doors. There's some graffiti. Also the employee manual has a clue about the yellow one.

Hope that is helpful.

jF August 17, 2021 4:50 AM replied to 4red3s

There's a known issue with the way Unity compresses game assets, and it causes the Unity canvas to seem to stop responding with the loading bar at 90%. Most developers are already using one of the known workarounds. If it seems to hang at 90% for you, try reloading the page a few times. It should eventually launch properly.

Lucky me—loaded on my first attempt.

jF August 17, 2021 4:53 AM replied to 4red3s

LOL—is Robamimi throwing some shade on Japanese employment practices? :)


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