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Easy Joe 4

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Rating: 4/5 (67 votes)
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Easy Joe 4

Functu knows how to bring the funky, as point-and-click puzzle game Easy Joe 4 shows. The goal is to guide our neon, abstract little bun-bun safely through each level by finding what you need to click on in the proper order to open the way forward. If you look at the world of online gaming as a buffet, Easy Joe 4 is the handful of candies you filch from the dessert bar... not particularly filling, but tasty and sweet nonetheless. It's going to be a little too easy for some, but hey, it's right there in the title, and at least this time you'll get a weird little quick-time-event arrow battle for Joe to Matrix his way through to boot, though it needs to be said... Joe is kind of a jerk.

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Anyone else having issues?

I can get to the Invisible Platforms stage and jump on to the first platform. Then I cannot move anywhere. It's not that the screen is frozen -- I can still jump up and down as well as move the center platform.

Also, the game starts with a background ticking noise. That noise speeds up and by the time I get to the Invisible Platforms stage, the ticking is very rapid.

Did I run out of time? Is there something I did wrong?


Oy, that ticking noise continues past that "puzzle".

Ruinator January 8, 2016 9:16 PM replied to WillYum

There is a trick to it, you need to

lower the platform, then click on the second invisible platform

WillYum January 8, 2016 9:54 PM replied to Ruinator

Thank you for the hint, Ruinator!

And yeah, the noise continues for the rest of the game. URGH!


Cute game, as always, but WHY the 'ticking' noise??????? I just turned the sound down but it made no sense and I LIKE the Easy Joe jazzy background music but couldn't stand the noise over it.


Hmm, that IS weird! All I can say is I'm playing on Windows 8, Chrome (though I just tried Firefox and no change)...and as the others mentioned it is a loud repetitive noise (like rhythmic popcorn) through the whole game becoming faster as you progress, all but drowning the music out...where's Scooby, we have a mystery :)

ThemePark January 9, 2016 1:12 PM

You probably have an old version of the game uploaded, as the ticking sound is only on this site and not Fast Games.

But it's not a ticking sound, it's actually the sound the switch in the first scene makes, when you flick it. If you press the button without the battery being plugged in, the switch sound then gets stuck on an infinite loop, and another loop gets added for every button press.


I didn't get the ticking sound on the first level, but I did get it starting at the invisible platforms level. Like someone else said, it's not a ticking sound, but the sound the switch on that level makes. Each time you press the switch, it adds to the frequency. And once it starts, it doesn't stop.


Also using Chrome on windows 7. Clicking sound stayed through the whole game (after the invisible platform screen.) I was just glad for a mute button.
Right after i checked it out on fast games and had no issue with the repeating sound. Odd.


Too cute! Memories of Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther. I also had the annoying click. Urgh


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