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Earth Editor

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Rating: 4.7/5 (183 votes)
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eartheditor.gifJohnBHa55ii, creator of Powder Game, Liquid Webtoy and Irritation Stickman, has released a new webtoy designed to steal your afternoon and be a playground for your creativity. Earth Editor uses similar particle physics and materials as previous games but adds a unique twist: centralized gravity. Drop some sand on the screen and it's pulled to the middle. Add water and you have yourself a little planet. Then you fling some meteors and watch the fun explode!

With version 1.1 of Earth Editor there are only a few materials to play with, including sand, water, walls, and the destructive meteor. Sand and water mostly just stack on each other and try to form a round ball. Drop meteor into the mix, however, and things get hectic pretty quickly. You're limited to drawing 40,000 "dots" at once and can set materials to both the left and right mouse buttons. You can also erase portions of the screen, change the size of your drawing tool, or just reset the whole thing and start from scratch.

Earth Editor is very similar to Powder Game, but the focus on gravity gives it a great new twist. Hopefully ha55ii plans on adding mini-upgrades in the future as has been the case with previous titles, as more materials to play with are the bread and butter of this webtoy. Even with just a few tools at your disposal, Earth Editor is an alarmingly fun way to spend your time.

Play Earth Editor

Cheers to Motzo for sending this one in! =)


Not bad, could use a couple more options.

Lucas Riggs April 24, 2008 11:38 AM

First To Comment and first to say what really can you do? Not much to experiment with, but cool idea with the centre of gravity!


Anyone else here find it strange how sand goes through walls?


Oh wow, this is the kind of innovation and creativity that I love to see in game design. Introducing new features like this really push genres forward.


It doesn't really do much though...

Aside from making a big sand-splosion.

I hope he adds more to it, because I do like the concept.


HEY i sent you this link and not mentioned :(

[Edit: Sorry Motzo! I've updated the entry for you. Thanks again! :D -Jay]

fuzzyface April 24, 2008 2:25 PM

Nice idea, but it IMHO it fails to be interesting. Why is there a fixed grav. point this is quite strange. If particles would attract particles this would make things interesting. Why would meteors be different than "sand". A meteor should be nothing else than a big clunk of sand with high velocity hitting into the "earth". Can I make a moon? Can I make a two planet system? Really the idea has potential, but if you do the math that would be required to make it interesting it might not be a playable speed :(


wow that was fast. THANK YOU =D


This game is a great time waster!!! I love blowing stuff up!!! And by the way... I can't get the sand to go through walls.


that is perticular. if you make the planet a square(with wall of course[just make a lot of wall around your center and use clear]) and then take a size 9 sand pen and quickly make a line paralel to one of the sides, and it makes a sort of pillar of sand. SCHWEET!!!!!


you can use meteor as part of the planet, like for the core. i even made "life" by having more meteor than sand, so the sand kept burrowing around the meteor planet like... er, sandworms.

also, i'm getting the sand going through walls bug too.


About the moon topic: Well, after some meteorites smashed into my desert planet and sent the sand whirling through space, I have a smaller planet now... and one piece of sand in a constant orbit! It's been an hour now, and it still hasn't crashed!!! ;)


There is one vaguely entertaining thing I managed to do with this.

Firstly, make a huge planet out of meteors. If there's no sand, water, or walls around, the meteors will eventually pile up in the centre and stop moving.

Next, make sure you have both WATER (or sand) and CLEAR selected. Make some space in the centre of the meteor planet, add just a few 'grains' of water, and watch the whole thing fizzle up from the inside!

There needs to be more features added...


I found this with the other web games on his site, if you're interested.

And i think new features will be added, just like he keeps adding them to his sandgame. When i first saw the sandgame, it didn't have soapy, torch, gas, text, clone, etc...
Even the version posted here is already the second, the first one didn't have meteors.

Patience is a virtue :p


I'd like to see an update where you can click on a point to make the gravity head there, and drag to increase its force; that could help you get started with a whole solar system.

Ramnesis April 24, 2008 6:23 PM

You can make a volcanic world if you make the core out of Meteors and sprinkle a few grains of sand across the surface. A few meteors should get the explosions started and if there's enough sand it will just continue.


I'll bet that when God gets bored, he throws meteors into random planets and watches the pretty colors.

fuzzyface April 24, 2008 6:41 PM

maftie, its not I'd miss soapy, torch, gas, text, clone etc. I find the concept of the one gravity point nothing extraordinary... could have done in his other game as well.

What would an extraordinary and interesting change would be particles attracting particles... so planets/moons etc "naturally" form..


If you make the core of your planet from meteors you can stack water and sand around it with no explosions.


Seed's been added, but it doesn't do much. Little tiny brown sticks, no trees or anything.

greaseproofmonkey April 25, 2008 5:15 AM

it's quite good how you can set orbits up using pen-shot and dragging the trajectory line about, but thats about it for now.

will be a lot better when other materials are added, and i like the idea of being able to create a solar system.


It intense potential, but I think you should have waited before posting it. Personally, I don't think it's quite 'Jiggy' material yet.


BTW this has been updated now, there is the seed option to grow plants

InsertNameHere April 25, 2008 6:26 PM

wee this is fun :P I've got four meteors circling a small planet with three trees and some lakes

atomic1fire April 26, 2008 12:18 AM

Seed is added now

Next review should be after a few more elements are added
or perhaps when he makes a new game because usually by then current content wise the game is usually got a bit of new stuff look at early powder game and now
you can now make a lot of elements including soapy powder for making bubbles


The game would be better if there were some sort of accumulating effect, i.e. bigger object have more gravitational pull, but this would probably be overly complicated and require alot of processing power.
Some sort of compromise would probably work best: just keeping track of a particulare number of the densest spots while they grow and ignore the rest?

Another thing worth looking at, which is excellent in the sandbox games on thesame site, is the denser materials sinking to the bottom and the lighter ones to the top.


it's hard to get a round planet, even if it comprises solely of water.


Moons and dynamic gravity would be super nice, but I don't see it happening with this engine. Only pixel-sized objects move in these games (aside from the vector stuff), understandable since moving clumps of pixels in a smooth manner would require a full revision of the underlying mechanism (I know, having written this kind of code myself).

Gravity caused by the materials themselves is possible, but computationally very expensive with large amounts of pixels.

But I'm looking forward to more materials. One thing that doesn't really fit into the normal array of stuff but which would nevertheless be fun is a teleporter (or maybe pump and hose) of some sort - I've made beautiful chains of fountains that carry water to the center through a chain of basins, and it would be great to have a little teleporter in the middle to pump the water back to the outer rim ^^

Maximilian April 29, 2008 4:21 PM

It's looking better, the new pen functions are good. The phyics still need some work, I want to see density and things sinking through each other. Why can I do this?


The plants in the center should be crushed from massive pressure. I WANT CRUSHINGS! :P

Anonymous May 2, 2008 6:38 PM

They have salt too now..

AndrewBagel May 7, 2008 1:57 PM

You know what would be great?

Multiple gravity points.


Well, it appears you may have been granted that wish, Andrew.
To be honest, though, I'm not sure I like the way it was implemented... mostly because even though it's called a black hole, you can build a planet there. C'mon.

Also, I think he slightly changed the color of the meteor tool. I don't think it does anything different, it's just a darker red now.


Woah! I just noticed that since you can add gravity points wherever you wish, you can also delete the default gravity point in the center!

You can create materials in freespace!!

This little toy is so cool...



Black Hole has completly morphed this game into something completly diffrent... completly...

you can create some crazy orbits, planets between three+ gravity points, and awesome explosions.

The only things that can be improved upon are the name, and different sizes create stronger or weaker gravity (eg. Size nine would collect more particles than a size one)

A good addition could be fire (like a core or something) that can be used like a sun so you can make the solar system.

Different coloured particles could also be added, like in the other planet game, so you can make multi-colored planets and moons, and a pause/play function to help you draw easier.

Finally, an upload feature and it could be as big as powdergame.

OrigamiMarie May 17, 2008 1:15 AM

I like the way the plants grow in this game much better than in the regular Powder Game. I do wish these plants would produce seeds though, as this would make really nice ecologies. I also wish the powder (or maybe a different thing, like sand) would sink in water. I know, the salt sinks, but that's salt water sinking, not a solid. I love the new gravity points. I want clone like in the old powder game too, partly because I just discovered some really pretty fountain effects if you place two dots near each other and start dropping material a little ways away from them so it goes in between.


you can erase teh starting planet, apperently, and each element becomes it's own item, so no gravity there

might be a bug


Hey, if you build a planet and surround it with white holes, you can make the whole thing implode!!!


we now have the entirely useless fire. and when i say entirely useless, all it does is burn seeds and plants


I noticed fire won't settle, so you can make a really cool effect on one gravity, then a normal planet on another. Also, if you do the white hole implosion, it can't be too big or you will not get it to completely implode without completely ringing it in white holes.


the fire would be awesome, if this game was 3D. you could make a shell of fire around a planet, and it woudl burn continuously


This is too much like falling sand game, not much originality.


I have found a lovely little method to make "gobstoppers", but the colours are limited to the stock you have available. D:

First, make a big ball of the colour of your choice. Unfortunately, red is not available (fire and meteor don't work).
Once the ball is in place, make a shape of sand around it, completely surrounding it. The shape can be a triangle, a circe, a square...prety much anything that you can draw.
When that's finished, use clear to hollow out the interior of the first ball. You can make the leftover part of colour as big as you like, but the bigger the less layers you can have.
Next, fill the space in the middle with any other colour you want, and repeat. Alternately, you could leave the space in the middle for a "hollow" planet.

Remember, you can't use red. However, by chance, I found that using wall and hollowing it out, then filling it with fire leaves a thin layer of red on the wall.

Have fun!


Another thing to do with the method I posted (gobstopper) is to make a hollow planet, then use meteors to blow it up - from the inside!


how do you PLAY? i clicked on the play button and it juust bought up a walkthrough. i couldnt actualy play though and i realy want 2!


i think there's a problem with my ie browser or java, i just click the game and ie immediately shuts down.

[Edit: Try reinstalling Java, and use a better browser. IE is the worst. -Jay]


This one is really fun. I managed to get a drop of water in orbit around my planet.

tatertot May 15, 2010 12:53 AM

Not only did I succesfully create a moon, but I created an atom, as well! five moons orbiting my planet in atomic style. This game is so fun!


The new update includes gravity dots you can add (Black holes) and antigravity dots (white holes). This is useful for complex orbit patterns.

rocketman210 August 21, 2010 12:14 PM

with the shot tool it makes moons an easy to use object with a full assortment or materials to make them out of

TheMrNexar February 5, 2011 12:02 PM

i love this game but ters not enought materials

Svarta Svansen March 12, 2011 2:58 PM

Okay, that was funny. I had three dots of water orbiting my planet and showing no signs of falling. Then two of them collided head-on and fell straight down.

That takes skill. :P

Tassadaritze September 10, 2011 5:57 AM

If you didn't know, you can also make suns in this game, just get a bunch of lava at first and then a bunch of oil.
And you have a sun.


I found out how to make an atmosphere!(sort of) First create a planet the way you usally would. Then, scatter a bunch of salt all over the screen. After that draw a little line with the clone tool. Eventually There will be a big circle of salt around your planet.


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