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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Walkthrough

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Dream Chronicles 4 Walkthrough: The Book of Air

KeroWe've just finished a complete walkthrough (with images) for Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air! Be warned: contains major spoilers, so proceed only as a last resort.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Walkthrough


  • This walkthrough was created while playing through challenge mode, where the puzzles are slightly more difficult and you can not skip them. However, where ever possible this walkthrough will show solutions to both casual and challenge modes.

  • There are 180 dream jewel pieces in total, however you only need to collect 150 of them in order to beat the game

  • If you are stuck finding an object you can use the locate spell to find one for you every minute or so. It will also find dream jewels.

Chapter One

The Village of Wish

  • Pick up the clock gear and use it on the box on the ground to open it.

  • Collect your dream journal from the box, and a note from your grandfather.

  • After you listen to the note, a lightning bolt will break one of the statues. Collect the nine pieces of the statue, and put the statue back together.

  • Enter the school.

The School
Items to collect

  • Collect the 11 dream pieces.

  • Click on the chalkboard.

  • Read the note from your grandfather, then pull the handle in the center of the chalkboard.

  • Use your decipher spell to translate the text.

  • Zoom out, and then click on the cabinet to the left.

  • Collect the 4 dream pieces then pick up the letter from your grandfather.

  • Zoom out, and you will find books on 3 of the desks in the classroom.

  • One of the books will have 4 dream jewels inside when you open it.

  • The first book is on the left side, second table from the front.

  • Open the book and use the decipher spell.

  • The object of this puzzle is to place the letters that are missing into the column on the right.

    • In Casual mode the missing letters are J, and P.

    • In Challenge mode The missing letters are E, K, and P

  • The book will show you which symbol goes in the middle.

  • Zoom out and click on the book On the table second from the front on the right side of the room.

  • Use your decipher spell to translate the text

  • The goal of this puzzle is to complete the pattern.

    • Casual mode:DreamChroniclesAir04.jpg

    • Challenge mode: DreamChroniclesAir03.jpg

  • The book will now show you the third symbol for the cabinet lock.

  • The last book is on the far right of the room on the desk closest to you.

  • Use your decipher spell once again and complete the pattern just like before.

    • Casual mode:DreamChroniclesAir07.jpg

    • Challenge Mode: DreamChroniclesAir06.jpg

  • The book will now reveal the first symbol for the lock on the cabinet.

  • Return to the cabinet and input the three symbols you got from the books in the top.

  • Once you open the cabinet the map will fly out and scatter around there room. There are 6 pieces to collect total.

  • Go back to the cabinet and try to place the map on the center.

  • You must now assemble the map like a puzzle.


  • Once you have the map return to the chalkboard. And use your decipher spell.

  • You must now complete the word search, looking for the names of each of the shape drawn on the left. There is no set solution for the word search, it is randomly generated each play through.

  • Once you complete the word search enter the portal.

Chapter 2

Outside the airship

  • Collect the 8 dream jewels and the key to the airship, also click on the pile of rocks you will need these soon.

  • Enter the airship.

  • You will hear a crash, exit the airship

  • The airship is damaged, so you will need to collect parts to rebuild it.

  • Look for three pieces of rope, a propeller, two flaps, and the deflated balloon.

  • Put all the parts back on the airship and then enter it once again.

The Airship

  • Collect 6 dream jewels and read the note from your grandfather.

  • Place the map on the wall on the right of the ship.

  • Use the reveal spell on the map, and note the coordinates of the location revealed.

  • Use the control wheel to enter your coordinates

  • Try to pull the lever but you will need fuel first. Click on the device on the right.

  • Read the note from grandfather, and collect 6 Dream jewels.

  • Put the stones you picked up outside into the hole on the right of the machine.

  • You will have to play a simple collapse type game to collect fuel. The bigger your combos are the more fuel you get. An easy way to win every time is to collect all but one type of rock, then collect all of the last type of rock in one click.

  • Once you fill up the gauge zoom out and click on the lever.

The Clockmaker's Tower

  • Start by reading your grandfathers note, and collecting the 8 Dream Pieces.

  • Note the placement of the towers shadow over the roman numeral 6.

  • Click on the door at the bottom of the tower.

The Doorway

  • Start by collecting the 5 dream jewels

  • Next you will need to set the clock. Use the buttons on the lower right to change the time.

  • The clue for what time it is was outside.

    The tower is actually a sundial. Set the clock to 6:00

  • Once you set the clock, enter the tower.

The Clockmaker's house

  • First thing's first, collect the note from your grandfather, and also 7 Dream jewels.

  • Next inspect the door on the left

  • Read the note from your grandfather, and collect the 3 Dream jewels.

  • Zoom out and look for two small gears outside the house.

  • Zoom back in on the door and place the gears on the puzzle. You need to slide the gears around so that the two bronze ones are spinning.

The Clockmakers House

  • Collect the note from grandfather, 12 Dream Jewels, a pipe, and the metal bell.

  • Put the pipe on the wall, and the metal bell on the desk

  • Read the book on the counter.

  • There are 5 dream jewels on the pages of the book.

  • Use the reveal spell.

  • Use the letters on the left to complete the page on the right.


  • Zoom out, and then click on the mechanism on the wall.

  • Read the note from your grandfather, and collect 5 dream jewels.

  • The book on the desk will show you how to place the gears


  • Zoom out and then ring the bell, then speak to the clock maker.

  • You need to listen to what he says and then choose the correct responses.

    • I'm trying to find my way home. I don't belong here

    • Yes. I need to go back to my own dimension

    • Where are they?

    • That sounds difficult, but I will do my best

    • Very well, I shall return.

  • Go back outside and inspect the door on the right.

  • Read your grandfathers note, and collect 3 dream jewels.

  • Use the reveal spell.

  • Put the puzzle together.

    • Casual Mode:DreamChroniclesAir21.jpg

    • Challenge Mode:DreamChroniclesAir22.jpg

The Clock Room

  • Pick up the note from your grandfather, and 10 dream jewels.

  • Set all the clocks to the correct time by using the three switches at the bottom.

  • In case you don't remember the correct time is:


  • Pick up the colored stones and go back to the Airship.

  • Use reveal on the map to find the next location, set your bearings there, and use the stones for fuel.

Chapter 3

The Treehouse Village

  • Pick up the letter from grandfather, 12 bream pieces, colored stones, and a pile of sticks.

  • Use the transmute spell.

  • You need to use the sticks to get the nut into the hole on each of the four trees.

  • There are also 2 dream jewels on each tree.

  • Here are the solutions if you are stuck, starting from the left:

    • DreamChroniclesAir42.jpg

    • DreamChroniclesAir26.jpg

    • DreamChroniclesAir27.jpg

    • DreamChroniclesAir28.jpg

    • For the last one When the walnut gets stuck, remove the angled stick keeping it up by clicking on it, and it should fall into the hole. Keep trying sometimes it bounces weird.

  • Collect the Key and go back into the airship.

  • Use reveal on the map and head to your next destination.

Wind Music Island

  • Pick up the note from your Grandfather, 10 dream pieces, and some Colored stones.

  • Click on the pillars in the upper right corner.


  • Pick up the note from Grandfather, and 8 Dream pieces.

  • For this puzzle you simply need to rotate the columns until all the symbols are green.

  • The solutions for these are different in Casual and Challenge mode. If you number each row in a column from 1 to 5, starting at the top, the order you need to get the rows correct in each column are:

    • Column 1

      • Casual: 54321

      • Challenge: 54321

    • Column 2

      • Casual: 12345

      • Challenge: 54321

    • Column 3

      • Casual: 32145

      • Challenge: 25431

    • Column 4:

      • Casual: Any order

      • Challenge: 5432154

  • Once you have all the columns correct zoom out and then head into the cave.

The Cave

  • Use your brilliance spell to light the cave.

  • Collect the note from your grandfather, 8 Dream pieces, The hammer, and two metal cylinders.

  • Use the hammer on the large crystal to the right.

  • Put the metal cylinders in the device, and place one of the blue stones in it.

  • Open your dream journal and go to the previous page, about the columns. You will see the symbols drawn in order. Use the device to copy these onto the blue stones.

  • Click the top of the device to change the order of the symbols imprinted, then click the level to press them into the stones. You will hear a chime when you have a set of symbols correct.

  • When you have all four Scored stones, head outside.

  • Inspect the device Just above the cave, but below the pillars.

  • Get the note from your grandpa, and collect the 8 Dream Jewels

  • Place the first scored stone in the first slot

  • zoom out and collect all the parts of the broken instruments and reassemble them.

  • Once you have fixed the instruments put the other scored stones in the slots on the device.

  • once you have your key return to the airship and get the bearings for the next location.

The water collector

  • As usual start by collecting everything you can. There is a note from your grandfather, 13 Dream Jewels, 3 pipe pieces, Colored stones, and a key

  • Collect the pipe pieces and use them to fix the broken pipe in the background.

  • Use your thunder spell.

  • Use the small key to enter the Hut.


  • Use your brilliance spell to illuminate the room.

  • Time to collect! There is a note from Grandfather, 10 dream jewel pieces, 6 wooden planks, and 5 goblets.

  • Inspect the wheel on the right, and use the wooden planks to recreate the patterns on the wheel.

  • Place the planks in the device on the right, and then pull the lever. Swap out the different goblets to find the one that is the right weight for each pattern. The patterns are randomly generated each time so there is no set solution for this puzzle.

  • Once you have the final key, return to the Clockmaker's tower. And enter the upper door.

The Final Door

  • When you try to open the door, the roman numeral plates will fly off. Zoom out and collect the 3 piles of them.

  • Put them back on the door and a "Simon" puzzle will start. Simply copy the pattern that the clock makes. There are also 3 dream jewels on the door.

  • The pattern is different every game so there is no set solution for this puzzle. If you are having trouble try writing down the numbers it plays.

  • Enter The Time machine.

The Time Synchronization Machine.

  • Use Brilliance to light up the room.

  • Collect 5 dream jewels as well as an Iron key.

  • Use the keys you collected previously to open each of the locked covers.

  • You will have to solve a gear puzzle on each one.

  • The solutions to the gear puzzles from left to right are:

    • Left: DreamChroniclesAir38.jpg Use the iron key you picked up to unlock the gear with they keyhole.

    • Middle: DreamChroniclesAir39.jpg

    • Right: DreamChroniclesAir40.jpg

  • Once the machine is fixed, collect the colored rocks from the clock room just like when you were here before

  • Head to the airship and return home to wish!

Bonus Content

  • The bonus content is only available in the collectors edition.

  • Examine the book on the right.

  • Unscramble each of the words, to find the hidden message.

  • The words are:

    • Guide

    • Instructions

    • Complete

    • Dreamer

    • Follow.

  • Pick up the map on the right, and put it in the frame in the upper right.

  • Grab the key that appears on the stairs.

  • Use the key to open the box.

  • Put the picture of the airship together.

  • Once you see the art, go back to the main room and look for the next key.

  • To unlock this chest you must unscramble the words.

  • The words are:

    • Dreaming

    • Solving

    • Family

    • Magic

    • Discover

    • Memories

  • Get the next key and open the next chest on the map.

  • This time you have to put another puzzle together.

  • One more set of word puzzles for the final box.

  • The words are:

    • Caught

    • Ominous

    • Airship

    • Think

    • Enormous

    • Returning

  • Once you get the last key and open the fifth chest, you have one final puzzle to put together

  • Enjoy all your bonus art!


roseinbloom June 26, 2010 10:45 PM

I'm stuck in the Hut. How do you

recreate the patterns? what are you supposed to do beyond putting the planks in the machine, putting a goblet on the scale, and pulling the lever? I've tried every one and nothing happens!

roseinbloom June 27, 2010 12:24 AM


Yes, thanks. I've done that now, and had 'success' with all 5, but in spite of that it still won't

give me the final key. the bell has chimed, i've made all 5 symbols, and nothing happens. I think this just might be a glitch in the game---it keeps crashing for me.

Darveson June 27, 2010 9:47 AM

Is there a sample solution for the water hut wooden tiles puzzle anywhere?


I used the musical device and made some tablets before going up the hill. Now I don't have enough clean crystals to make the required tablets. Is there any way to get some additional crystals or hammers?


I can't get the map to revel the The water collector what did i miss?


I've collected all three keys, went back to the clockmakers house and there should be a grey key on the floor (I checked above), but in my game there's no key at all?!


Laverson June 29, 2010 9:43 PM

I am hoping someone will post a sample solution of the wood tiles in the hut in the water area. What does it mean "use the wooden planks to recreate the patterns on the wheel"?

Zanarra July 1, 2010 8:18 AM

After I completed Wind music island the reveal button won't work so I can't move on the the Water collector. Help!!


I am also in the position of having gotten both keys (one from the forest and one from the music island) and nothing interactable left to fiddle with and no response from the reveal charm. I have read through the walk through and am definitely not missing anything so I guess its a bug and i have to start again.


I'm stuck in the Clock room because (this is weird), the clocks have only one hand :? Any suggestion? Thanks!


When I get to the water wheel, it won't let me place anything on the actual wheel or inside it, or anywhere. Is there a specific place to put the symbols,or maybe a specific order in which to make the patterns?

Anonymous July 19, 2010 4:08 PM

Reveal doesn't work on the map after I talk to the clockmaster He says I need to go to the map and collect 3 keys. But reveal doesn't work on the ships map. Any help?

abiekaye July 26, 2010 9:52 PM

I have turned the columns, printed the blue stones, placed them, rebuilt the instruments and the island is singing. How do I get the key?

(I should add that I went back to the clock maker's after the tree puzzles and used the keys I got to solve the relevant puzzle in the last room. Have I violated the rules in some terrible way?)

BTW I received the iron key at the same time as key 1, in the tree area.


I did not complete the clock puzzle behind the door on the right so I didn't get the pile of stones for fuel. But then I managed to use the clock numbers from the top door as fuel in the airship! DUH... now I can't get in that door. Any ideas other than starting completely over?

Anonymous August 1, 2010 8:00 PM

I am stuck in the cave...I have five stone but am only able to find patterns for four....where is the fifth pattern that goes on the blue stone?


um i was kinda disappointed i thought it was going to be more interesting. it was actually rather tedious.


I'm stuck in the forest. I completed all 4 trunk puzzels, got all dream pieces and collected the key. I went to click on the air ship and the same key grew out of the dirt again so now I have two ornate keys, and the game will not let me back on the airship. What should I do?


I'm stuck in the music place. I tried doing the columns without succeding and now I can't reset them, so I can't do the suggested moves. How do I get past this? The map won't reveal any new locations (because of the column?)


I have really enjoyed all the previous dream chronicle games, but I am really frustrated with this one!I am in the hut, I've matched the planks to the pattern on the wheel and yet none of the cups balance with the water! I've tried all the patterns and all the cups and it just does ot balance and the bell does not chime! other than going all the way back to the begining does anyone have any suggestions?


I found this game quite a challenge and loved it. I had to really think about what to do next. Thanks for the info you did a great job.


You forgot a room in the Clock Maker's house. I do have the mechanism right behind the desk, but it still won't let me do anything. What now?


I have completed the music island puzzle but I don't see a key anywhere. I have done the game to this point twice. I have looked on the beach where the instruments are, in the room with the press to mark the tablets, and on top of the building where the columns are. I used the locate button in each of these locations and it indicated there was nothing to locate. Getting bummed out...


I'm stuck in the final puzzle, fixing the time machine. I have all the keys, unlocked all three doors, used the iron key to unlock the left-most door. But I can't either take or move the gears on the sides. Clicking hightlights/makes them glow/"activates" them, but I can't either move them to inventory or drag them onto the gear box surface. gaaaah! Thanks in advance for any help.


JIGUEST, after you spoke to the clockmaker, how did you get the map to reveal the next location. For some reason, I was able to go to the location to fix the gears, but I only had two keys and an iron key and still can't get into the 3rd gear. I need to get to the water collector, but can't. Thanks.


Finally completed the game, looking forward to the next one.


Hello - I just finished wind island of music, got my key went to the ship and my map will not reveal! I filled the tank and everything. Why would it give me a key and then not reveal the next destination? I checked the walk-through and even used my locator at all the spots to make sure I didn't miss a jewel. I correctly solved all the puzzles. Any thoughts or advice??


What shall I do to play the bonus level? Have played through the hard version three times and collect 185 - 186 dream perls every time, have the title: master.


I found all three keys, got the clock working, and was told I could return home. I do not have any fuel to go home. I've checked all three rooms in the tower and can't find any fuel. Help.


I have just completed the clockroom and got my fuel stones however i can't get back to the airship to carry on can anyone tell me what to do or where I have gone wrong. All it does for me is take me outside the clockmakers house

fattygirl789 September 27, 2010 10:43 PM

ive gotten pass the music island how do i get to the next island because the reveal spell is not working

oldylocks October 5, 2010 2:37 AM

I have done everything at the music place, but I cant find where the string stone goes and therefore cannot go on..frustrating is almost adequate, but not quite.
if I dont do that, I cant place the blue stones and get the stupid key...and there is not help for this within the game..any help truly appreciated.

Anonymous October 8, 2010 5:51 PM

i am stuck in the wind island. the statute has broken and i cant find the pieces of it now. nor can i put the stones in its place.
can there be help of any sort?


I am the clockmaker's and have opened all of the doors, including the top one. I have the key, I have collected everything. I have done everything behind the doors. I have fueled up my ship, but the reveal spell will not work... what do I do?


inside the hut i am not able to change the wheel pattern with wooden planks????? plz help!!


Bittu, where exactly are you stuck? At the water island?


If you are stuch with the wooden planks:

wooden planks DO NOT go on the wheel! Place the planks in the device on the right


I have weighed all of the goblets and they all chimed but the key still has not appeared. Please help.

Arienserinde April 14, 2011 3:46 AM

Great Game! Felt shorter than the others, but that could just be because I'm getting used to the play style... Hoping the next one has a few more screens and a little harder tasks as I finished this game in about 2 hours (including a coffee break, lol). Keep up the good work!

BusterBronco May 29, 2011 3:11 AM

I'm in the clock tower and used the keys to open the locked hatches on the left and middle. I can't open the right one though. I used one key to open the right and one to go in the key hole, then the last one to open the middle hatch. Now how do I get the right to open?


I have opened all three door and solved everything except in the third where the iron key is supposed to be used. I cannot locate the iron key anywhere. I have gone back and forth to all the different locations repeatedly. Supposedly according to this thread the iron key is in the room with the three doors. I can not locate. Help!

Melissa June 22, 2011 9:40 PM

Hey, I am stuck at the clock makers house. I hav opened all the doors, but cannot reach the clock maker from the left door. Hav all the stones on the wall in the right place but wen I ring the bell nothing happens!! Wat am I missing??


TR and Melissa -
Check the walkthrough posted above. If you press "Ctrl F", you can even search for what you need.


Hello - I just finished wind island of music, got my key went to the ship and my map will not reveal! I filled the tank and everything. Why would it give me a key and then not reveal the next destination? I checked the walk-through and even used my locator at all the spots to make sure I didn't miss a jewel. I correctly solved all the puzzles. Could you please help me???


PLEASE HELP!! I've restarted the adventure 5 times now and I ALWAYS get hung up at the same place. I try to enter the top room of the clockmakers house and I always have 33 stones for the illumination spell and I need 40, so I'm never able to make the last room light. WHAT DO I DO??? Am I missing a room?? How come I never have enough dream jewels to activate that illumination spell? :(


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