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Dream Chronicles 2 Walkthrough

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KeroWe've just finished a complete walkthrough (with images) for Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze!! Be warned: contains major spoilers, so proceed only as a last resort.
Dream Prison: Stone Chamber
Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze, Scene 1
  • Click near the bottom-center of the room (labeled "Center of the Room"). This will make a pillar appear from the ground. Listen to what the plants are saying.
  • Pick up the "metal object" (hammer) at the bottom of the screen. Use it to break the glass.
  • Take the book.
  • There should be an engraving on one of the walls (on the right-hand side) that was not there before. Click on it. The wall opens, and you can go to the second scene.

Dream Prison: Tree of Truth
Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze, Scene 2
  • A tree reveals several carvings of animals underneath its bark. Gather the animals and place them on the tree. You will need to find a lizard, a butterfly, a turtle, a bird, and a squirrel. once you have located them place the wooden animals into the tree.
  • After you place the shapes into their slots in the tree, you have to replace the six pieces of the bark on the tree.
    • The large, round piece of bark (fifth) should go at the bottom center of the hole.
    • What becomes the fourth piece of bark (somewhat of a V-shape) goes immediately to the left of it.
    • The first piece of bark is placed above that.
    • The new first piece, (which looks like a backwards C) is the next to go into place near the top.
    • The last to pieces go in place, one right above the other.
  • The door should open.
  • Pick up the Dream Jewel near the base of the tree.
  • There are several dream pieces scattered around in the room. Three are resting on the ground in front of the tree, and one is resting on one of the tree's lower roots. The fifth is located on top of one of the rock formations near the upper-left. Pick these up.
  • You can now meditate on the completed Dream Jewel. A question is asked, and you are required to put the phrases in order to complete a response.
  • The answer is: "Outside the prison walls lies the place where the fairies originated."

Dream Prison: Water Chamber
Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze, Scene 3
  • Click on either of the puzzles on the walls to begin.
  • Look at the pattern of shapes made with the tiles. After a few seconds, they will disappear and scramble themselves. Place them back in order. If you're not sure if you're correct, a tile in an incorrect slot turns red.
scene3left.PNG scene3right.PNG
  • After solving these two puzzles, you must cross the pond with stones that will surface. Two stones will surface at a time. Clicking on the correct stone allows you to move forward, clicking the other will reset you back to the first stone. It's basically 50/50 trial-and-error.
  • The final puzzle looks like the first two, but is played differently. Instead of pulling tiles off of the wall, clicking a tile flips the adjacent tiles to a correct/incorrect position. The easiest way to do this is to click above any red (incorrect) tile, starting at the bottom, and working towards the top. Think of this as a modified "lights-out" puzzle.
  • A Dream Jewel and SIX dream pieces are on the ground near you. You will find the rest in the next scene.

Ancients' Place
  • Stonehenge
Scene 3.PNG
  • In this scene you will need to find: 4 blank tiles, 4 round rocks, 4 tiles with quarter circles on them, and one metal plate with a quarter of a square on it.
  • Use the four round stones that you found and place them in the holes next to the three doors. Some glowing symbols should show up on the doors, and holes should appear to the sides of them.
  • Take the four tiles with carvings in them and put them in the four holes in the pillars around the door on the left. The tiles need to be in the right places in order for them to work. (Simply make a left-hand semi-circle on the left, and a right-hand semi-circle on the left.) This will open the door to the Print Stone Machine.
  • Print Stone Machine
Scene 4-1.PNG
  • Inside you will see the Print Stone Machine, but some of the pieces are missing. There are 2 metal cogs, and one crank . Reattach them to the press.
  • Place the metal mold which you ound in the previous area into the top of the press, and a blank tile at the bottom of the press. When you crank the lever, you will make an imprint on the tile. Take the tile off, and repeat with the other three tiles. Once you are done, the mold will remove itself.
  • There are also 2 wooden planks you will need for later in this room.
  • Go back into the Stonehenge room. You now have tiles to open up the door on the right. Put them in the frames like you did for the first door.
  • Crystal Print Machine
Scene 4-2.PNG
  • Inside is another mechanical device, the Crystal Print Machine, but clicking it causes a pixie to dismantle it and hide the pieces! (Blasted pixies.) Here you will need to find: 3 blank molds, something to hold a spherical object, a hammer, a crystal ball, two wooden bars, and a wooden circle.
  • Reassemble the machine with the pieces. First, use the two wooden bars to create uprights on the top surface. Then, place the wooden ring on top of them. The object that looks like a bowl can be placed on the wooden ring, and the crystal ball goes inside of that.
  • Wait ...what? Did something just appear? Now you can pick up the wooden handle. This gets attached to the left side of the machine.
  • Now you need to rotate the machine. Click the crank several times to rotate it. (You'll know when to stop, as you can't go any farther.)
  • One at a time, put the blank molds into the base of the machine, and remove them once they now have an engraving on them.
  • Back into the main Stonehenge chamber we go. Remember those stones we couldn't pick up before? Now, take your hammers and smash them into two pieces. You should get a total of twelve tiles, ready for printing.
  • Go back to the Print Stone Machine (door on the left). Use the three new metal molds that you just made with the Crystal Print Machine to make 8 printed tiles. (The molds will automatically disappear when you have enough of each.)
  • Go back into the main chamber (Stonehenge). These eight tiles are now used to open the middle door. Try to match the pattern on the door. Don't worry if you get it wrong, the tile will turn red, and you can pull it out and place it somewhere else.
  • The Waterfall
Scene 4-3.PNG
  • Finally, the Waterfall! Make sure you pick up 3 wooden boards, and the metal mold.
  • The text says to make a diamond to stop the waterfall. You'll use the press to make yet another mold for the last four tiles. Pick up the metal mold.
  • Go to the Crystal Print Machine (door on the right), and put the metal in the machine once more, then...
  • Go to the Print Stone Machine (door on the left), and make four more printed tiles, then...
  • Go to the Waterfall and put them inside the holes to make a diamond shape, then...
  • ...The waterfall stops. Hooray! But we don't want to cross on that shabby bridge... Lay down your five boards, and you can cross safely!
  • ...Except the keys disappear from the doorway. Aaugh, these fairies don't want you to have your way, do they? Well, now you've got to find the four keys. There are 4 pieces to find, there is 1 key in each of the 4 rooms in this area, not including the room witht he door on it.
  • Go back to the door where the waterfall was, and put the keys in the door. Don't be surprised if they turn red... they need to be rotated into place. However, rotating some keys may rotate some others.
    • The left key moves all four keys.
    • The right key moves the top three keys (not the bottom key).
    • The bottom key moves the right key (not the top or the left)
    • The top key moves nothing else.
  • Each key is in a "correct" position every four turns. The first step I used to solve the puzzle was to make sure that each key was in either a "correct" position, or two off from that. After you do this, make sure you always click keys twice (or four times), so that they stay in this pattern.
  • From here, the keys should be in one of four patterns:
    • All four keys are wrong - click the left key twice to rotate them all.
    • The top three keys are wrong - click the right key twice to rotate them.
    • The bottom and right keys are wrong — click the bottom key twice to rotate them.
    • Only the top key is wrong — click it twice to rotate it.
  • The door will open, and you are on to the next scene!

The Mortals' Maze
  • This scene is a maze. You could blindly stumble around in the maze, or... you could pick up the pieces of the map which are on the floor. (In any case, you pass by the three map pieces before you even get to the first dead-end.) In what might be a completely contradictory statement, the white spots represent where you find the map pieces on the map you are about to assemble...
  • Conveniently, this map even has an arrow to show you which way you're going. So, now go to the red spot and pick up a key. This key opens up the door, which is a solid line on the map.
  • Continue following the path to the green spot, where you get five hammers.
  • The yellow spots on the map are barrels. Use your hammers to smash the barrels open. Three contain keys, and the other two have dream pieces.
  • Be sure to stop at the aqua spots on the map to pick up keys on the ground.
  • Now you can advance to the final door at the black spot. Oh, no, it's another rotate-the-keys puzzle...
  • Here's the breakdown:
    • Top — rotates only itself
    • Left — rotates itself and the top and center keys
    • Right — rotates itself and the center key
    • Bottom — rotates itself and the left and right keys
    • Center — rotates all five keys
  • I would recommend using the same system of above (moving the keys so they are "correct" or two off, then adjusting the patterns from there) to open the door.

Meerows Cottage

Scene 6-1.PNG
  • The first thing you will need to do is get all those pesky roots out of the way. To do this grab the crowbar , and use it to open the hatch near the bottom.
  • Inside the hatch is a simple color matching puzzle. Just click on a flower and match it with the same color flower. Simple trial and error works here to find out where all the colors are.
  • Next you will need to find the key.
  • Enter the house on the left.
  • For this room you will simply need to pick up plate and attach it to the rope on the right. Go outside and pick up the heavy rock. Then place the heavy rock you picked up in the plate. Voila! The water is running again.
  • Now you will need to go back outside, hit the switch on the left house, and use the key to enter the house on the right.
  • In this house there are three floors, however the top and bottom floor can not have electricity at the same time, and you need a key for the bottom floor.
  • First find the key and the disk.
  • There are two diffetrent solutions for the box. Since we need to go upstairs first, arange the tiles in the box like this.
Scene 6-3-1.PNG
  • Now go upstairs, and click the on gramaphone. Once all the pieces go missing you will need to go find them.
  • Pick up all the hexagon pieces on this screen. There are 3 total on this screen. You will also need to find another disk, a key, and a gramaphone part.
  • Click on the back button to zoom out.
  • Now you will need to find 2 keys, 2 hexagons, and a disk.
  • Go downstairs and collect the gramaphone part, and the two hexagons.
  • Next you will need to head outside. There is a hexagon peice infront of the fountain.
  • Now your inventory should be full. Head back to the gramaphone and place the 8 hexagons you have in place. Use the four keys you have on the boxes on the shelves. One of the contains the final hexagon.
  • Head back to the waterwheel room and pick up the final gramaphone part.
  • Now you will need to head back to the room with the gramaphone and reassemble it. Use the keys you have obtained to open the boxes that were circled in pink. One of the contains the last hexagon you need.
  • Once you assemble the gramaphone play the disks. Each disk has 3 sounds on it which you will need to match to one of the hexagons. The sounds are fairly stragihtforward but if you can't tell what it is you could use trial and error to find the correct hexagon. Once you finish the disks you will need to get the key from the draw that opens, and head back downstairs.
Scene 6-3-2.PNG
  • You will need to rearange the power grid to the pattern above so that you will have power in the basement.
  • Use the key and enter the basement.
  • Turn on the lightswitch.
  • Now talk to the plant. Be nice and offer to help him light a fire. He will give you a match and direct you outside where there are 4 logs you need.
  • Once you have the logs place them into the fireplace and use the match to light the fire.
  • Now return to the lab and speak to Meerow. Offer to make his elixer for him.
  • Go back upstairs to the gramaphone and get the bottle of plant food from the upper left shelf.
  • Return to the lab and pur the liquid into the green flask.
  • Pick up the candle, the empty bottle and the 'something fireproof'.
  • Pour the bottle of plant life into the flask that looks like 4 spheres.
  • Use the bottle on the yellow liquid and transfer it into the flask to the right.
  • Light the candle on the fire, and then place the burner bas under the flask with the liquid in it. Put the candle in the base and then collect the liquid with the bottle once again.
  • The elixer is now complete. Give it to Meerow and then agree to let him take you to the next area.

Lake of Dreams

  • To cross the lake, you'll have to rebuild the boat. Much of the level revolves around finding scraps of wood and reassembling them. You will need to find 3 pieces of wood, a harpoon, a paintbrush, a set of oars, and an oar lock.
  • Use the harpoons to open up the three barrels on the right side of the screen. Two have wooden pieces inside.
  • As for actually building the boat, there's really no good way to describe it. The shapes are fairly indistinguishable, so the best way to put the pieces in the boat is trial-and-error. Be sure to try a piece on both sides of the boat, and if it works in neither place, put it back and try another one. The oarlock should be the last thing to go on the boat.
  • Take your paintbrush and pick up some of the blue resin in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then, use this brush on the boat to make it waterproof. Then you can push your boat into the water, throw the oars in, and hop aboard. Pretty easy scene, really.
Outside the Tower of Dreams
  • This first thing you will need to do is try to get through the gate. You will be informed that there is a magical puzzle that needs to be solved before you can pass.
  • Hit the two triangle buttons just at the top of the stairs. This will cause the puzzle on the sides to appear.
  • Pick up the three rounded stones.
  • Notice the two puzzles that appear to the left and right of the gate. This is where we will use the rounded stones, but we need a few more first. Go back to where you first arrived on this island.
  • Pick up all the rounded stones on this screen. By now your inventory should be getting pretty full, so go up the the gate again and zoom in the the puzzle to the right.
  • You will notice there are already a few pieces in place but they are in red indicating that they are in the wrong spot. Place the flower based pieces on the wall like this. And don't worry if you dont have them all yet.
Scene 8-2-2.PNG
  • You will need to go find the last 2 pieces of the puzzle. They are in the forest area off to the right of the area you started in.
  • Now do the same thing on the left side of the wall with the tree and weather based pieces arranged like this.
Scene 8-2-1.PNG
  • Now you can watch the magic happen before you enter the door. Pretty.

Inside the Tower of Dreams

  • You will need to fix the organ. Simply find all the pieces (7 total), and place them in the organ. Putting the pipes back into the organ should be fairly straightforward.
  • Now zoom in on the organ.
  • Don't be intimidated by the amount of buttons on the organ, it is a pretty simple simon game. Unfortunately the button sequences are randomized so you will be on your own for this part. Perhaps a peice of paper and a pencil will come in handy if you have trouble remembering the orders.
  • Once you finish the organ section head upstairs.

  • Pick up the two books (one by the staircase and one on top of the book case on the left.) and the crystal ball in the center of the room.
  • Put the crystal ball and the books on the shelf to the left and the books should open, as well as the other books re-appearing around the room. The three books that didn't disappear describe how to solve the other puzzles.
  • Pick up the books scattered around the floor and on tables, there are 10 in total. They are pretty easy to find.
  • If you mouse over a section it will tell you what it is, for example the volcano section or the history section. The books generally go in the opposite place they should.
    • The book of fire goes into the water books section.
    • The book of night goes into the sun books area.
    • The book of peace goes into the war books area.
    • The book of light goes into the darkness books area.
    • The book of myths goes into the history books area.
    • The remaining 5 books go into the empty shelf in the middle.
  • Head up the stairs.
  • First you will need to assemble the music stands. If you don't you could end up filling your inventory with the score pieces and have to restart the level. There are 4 complete stands in this room, and 4 score pieces.
  • Head on back downstairs.
  • Pick up the two remaining pieces of the music stands and go back upstairs and reassemble them.
  • Come back down and pick up the pieces of paper, there are 8 in the library.
  • Once your inventory is full go upstairs and start putting the pieces of the score onto the music stands. Trial and error works best here, as once you get a peice right it will make a noise and you will not be able to remove it again.
  • Once again head back downstairs and pick up the remaining pieces of paper. There are also 3 pieces down in the room with the organ.
  • Go back upstairs and put the last pieces of the music sheets together.
  • Head to the library and open up the lower book on the left shelf using the crystal ball. Organize the instruments in the book by picking up the shadows and placing them with the correct description. The instrument will turn color when it is in the right place.
  • Once you finish that the instruments will be labeled in the book, and will appaear in the music room. Simply match the instrument with the name on the music sheet by placing the instrument on the chair.
  • Head on upstairs. Almost there!
  • First you will need to collect all the chess pieces and reattach their heads. There are two pieces on the library, and two in the music room. The remaning 9 can be found in the chess room.
  • Once you attach all their heads you will have to play another copy type game. Just keep following the patterns untill there are no more black pieces left.
  • Head up the stairs.
  • For this room you will need to assemble the knights in a logical order. It doesnt matter which knight you do first. Just that you have to make sure you put things like the shoulders on before the arms.
  • Most of the pieces are in the knights room, however there is 1 in the chess room, 3 in the music room, and 4 in the library.
  • Finally get some much needed rest! Or wait...!

The Eternal Tree

  • Here there are 6 trees with gems on them. Just pick up any gems that don't belong on the trees and match them to the trees that do. There are a lot of gems so you will probably have to go back and fourth between some of the same trees a few times just to make sure you have room in your inventory for everything. Not a very difficult puzzle, just a lot of clicking and matching.
  • Enter the tree.
  • There is a puzzle etched into the wood on the left side of the tree. The colors of the gems correspond to the colors of the gems outside the tree. Green is at the bottom. Going clockwise from the bottom the answers are, green purple, back, red, blue, yellow.
  • Once you finish that enter the maze.
  • Next we have a maze. If you have been collecting the dream jewels the Dream Jewel of Osiris contains a map for this maze. If you missed it just follow the directions below.
  • The black area is where you will start. First find the three keys that are where the teal splotches are. Then go to the red blue and green areas to find the gems you will need. Head over to the pink area and place them gems on the womens heads. Once all three gems are in place go to the yellow area and use the new key you just got. Move forward and pick up the potion and then return to your husband.
  • Give him the potion.

You are now finished Dream Chronicles 2 \o/!

Three cheers to Art for all his help with getting this together \o/ \o/ \o/!!!


I'm stuck on the Dream Jewel of Caseopea. I can't find the last gem for it. It's in Chapter 3.


Thanks for the great walkthrough! I am stuck on the armor puzzle. I found everything except for the rusted knight's foot! Any tips? I've looked EVERYWHERE.


I'm stuck on the maze! No matter what way I turn, I've only found one piece of the map! I tried to follow the map, but no matter which way i go there's only 4 or 5 scenes! Help!!!!!


I found the foot! It was in the music room, I just totally missed it. That's what I get for playing it all in one sit down... I went to bed and tried again today, and there it was!


help i can't find one of the brown pawns heads i've looked everywhere been stuck here for two days now can anyone help?


I'm stuck on figuring out the secret to the Dream Jewel of Rhiannon


carrie: i believe that piece is in the vase in the knights' room.


I am stuck in the last maze. I cannot find any gems or keys. I only see barrels. What is happening? Help

Anonymous March 3, 2008 6:57 PM

I'm stuck in the knights room. I have two knight arms and two swords left; but there not fitting?

Anonymous March 11, 2008 3:52 PM

I am stuck on the Chess game and cannot get through the memory part (almost 200 tries). I've tried marking the screen, still can't keep up. I'm quiting and I guess I'll never be able to finish the game which I loved. Manydogs

wikedwhich March 16, 2008 10:46 PM

To Anonymous Re: Chess

I found this very annoying myself. I gave up trying to mark anything down.

This may sound a little weird but I sat further back from the screen and tried not to "think too much". I'm terrible at these things but was able to solve it without losing a piece. I know weird. Good luck.

wikedwhich March 16, 2008 10:48 PM

And I'm stuck in the last map too. I have the map, have even flipped it so it's a regular N map and I am so completely lost. Thanks for any advice.


I am stuck on finishing the boat, no matter what I do I am unable to put the oar lock on, what am i doing wrong?

Anonymous March 29, 2008 2:59 PM

Why don't you comment about "jewel meditating", please? English isn't my mother tongue, so it's very difficult for me to build the sentences.

Thank you.

cajungirlinwales April 7, 2008 2:41 PM

I need help. I've played 2 disks on the gramophone but can't find the third disk can you help please?


for the person trying to find the brown pawn, i had a hard time finding one also. it was in the music room by the base of one of the music stands. i believe it was the one in the middle.


How do you get back out of the tower? I can get back to the organ room, but no futher out.


I am stuck trying to open the book in the library with the crystal ball? Exactly how is this done? I tried every way I can think of.


I can't find the last music stand and I'm missing 1 piece of a score sheet

Melody H April 8, 2008 6:48 PM

I am stuck on the dream of towers, I have position the symbols as it shows in the walkthrough and nothing is happening. the seasons and the sun and flowers. chapter 17. what am i doing wrong?


I just started and I cant find the fourth key that opens the door to the mortal world. I have the key from the rms on the rght,lft and middle.

Marty Oakley April 8, 2008 11:12 PM

I'm already stuck on the puzzle (lights out). I can't complete the puzzle to turn all the pieces the correct color. I did start from the bottom and tried to work my way up, but I still can't get past it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Currently, I'm stuck in the music room. I have two instruments that I have no idea where they go!! Help! Where do they go? I need that staircase!


hallo ik heb de watermill geprobeerd.
maar krijg de stroom niet.
precies gedaan zoals je voorbeeld.
misschien toch iets anders?
vast bedankt voor je help


hi i try the watermill
but i dont get anny stream upstears,
i do the maze like you say,its still dark
maybe i forget something


I can't find the third disk with sounds on it and I can't find the answer in the walkthrough. I see someone on the 7th had the same problem. Please help.


To Marty. the lights out puzzle. do what u did again,start from the left bottom and go right ,like your reading a book from the bottom up.when you reach the top and there are no more squares to click on above the red squares then click on a red square and it will give you a square to click on above the red. keep doing this and u will get it,thats what I did.hope this helped.tell me if it did.


I am stuck in the music room....I have found all the music stands and the music pieces but there are no instruments showing up in the music room. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried finding the stands first and then the music sheets and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


To whoever is stuck trying to find 3 discs for the gramaphone .. there is one disc peeping out from behind a picture on the wall on the middle floor


In the tower .. i'm in the library and have read both the books using the crystal ball, have placed musical instruments in correct places.. on the walkthrough it says collect the books that are lying around but the books aren't there ... what haven't I done?

Shellthegal April 9, 2008 12:43 PM

Help please! Am with the gramaphone. Have played the first disc which was a frog noise and the hexagons have all lit up but cant open drawer. Also cant change one disc for another


Hello :) Thanks for a great walkthrough!! I'm stuck in the Music Room. I have 4 of the stands built, and the base to the 5th stand located. I can't find the stand. I have all the instruments identified and in their chairs..just missing one piece of music , but most importantly I'm missing the upright portion of the last music stand. I have been upstairs/downstairs, and in the library numerous times. Yikes! I know I'm missing something!!


I am having the hardest time finding the hexagons and keys for the gramaphone! Can someone please help! Or if the could be circled on the pictures...that would be great!



That was it Kero!! Thank you very very much!! Awesome!!


stuck on chess board. cant remember all of them.


Kero...Thanks to your help, I made it through!! Now we have to sit back and wait for number 3!!



i can't find any of the keys, i have found one chest. i don't have the map, can anybody help


I am stuck trying to make Merrow's elixer. I can't find the plant food. It says its on the upper left shelf in the gramophone room but nothing comes off that shelf and I can't find a bottle labeled plant food. Please help me!


Okay, my frustration level is at a new high. I'm still stuck in the music room. All stands are assembled, the music sheets all put together, instruments are on the chairs and ??? No way to continue up to the chess room. What am I doing wrong? I really don't want to reset this level again.


BAH! I can't even get in the tower. I've triple and doublechecked the order, and I have it exactly, but nothing's happening. Help!

Anonymous April 10, 2008 11:05 AM

i have finished the game and i loved it but i cannot contain my excitement and anticipation for dream chronicles 3!!! it must be where u have to find lyra...
if anyone needs help please post a message


Thanks for the walk-thru! Just finished! Can't wait for the third!


I am stuck building the boat. You said you need 3 pieces of wood, apparently you need 5. I've found 4. If it weren't for needing that one little piece, yes, this would be an easy level, as I found everything else right away. Any ideas?


Meerows Cottage: where is the second key to open the door on the right?? Thank you.

Puzzlepug April 10, 2008 2:54 PM

I, too, am stuck being able to get the plant liquid from the upper left shelf. Everytime I click, it says leave it there.


Just finished this great game! You need patience to findsome items....but it pays off! bonorth


Kero my hero! That helped a lot! Thank you~


Kero, Thanks for helping. I did finally figure it out. I had all the pieces of music, just on the wrong sheets!

linda323 April 10, 2008 7:43 PM

am stuck on the dream pieces can you help dont understand what you have to do been back and forth on the chapters

HeatherH317 April 11, 2008 12:22 AM

I am stuck on the music room level. I have collected everything except the last music stand base and the last piece of sheet music for the lower right hand side. Someone please help. Have been stuck for 2 days now

tikigirl April 11, 2008 2:28 AM

Please help! I am stuck in the music room, I have found the 4 stands, but I can only find 3 pieces of music, where is the fourth one? I really don't want to have to restart this room again. While I enjoyed the organ, I don't want to have to do it again. Thanks for your help.


same here, stuck with 4 music stands cant find the 5th one, instruments in right place, all papers in place, nothing happens. help?


Oh boy-- I must be a real lunkhead. No one else seems to be stuck on this & even copying exactly from the walkthrough, I can't seem to get the electricity to turn on to go upstairs. What am I missing? I have the key & disk-- is there an order to pushing switches? Thanks guys.


Dear Kero,

Many thanks; I seem to have the biggest problems with the most obvious items! B.


help neep to find one peice of the chess set. Really don't want to start level over. please help :)


okay I am still stuck on this chess board. I get a message of nothing to do now. what i am I doing wrong. please help.


I have a question....I finished the game, but at the end my score was 0 and I'm not sure why, any ideas? Tnx bonorth

nursenormajean April 11, 2008 4:06 PM

tikigirl; check several times on and around the organ and look for tiny tiny differences.


I am at the end maze. How do I know what direction I am moving in? I can't seem to find any help even from the dream jewel.

Georgia Peach April 12, 2008 3:28 AM

I really need help with the sentence for Dream Jewel of Oriris please help Thanks Peachie


thank you so much for the walkthrough. It really saved me. Absolutely loved the game and can't wait to see if there will be more!!!!!


I have opened the downstairs door to the ?lab but it is dark. I have rerouted the power but I can't find the lightswitch. Where roughly on the screen is it? I am going crazy clicking randomly. Appreciate any help.

Cindy Miller April 12, 2008 1:03 PM

I am in the final maze and can't figure out which direction I am going - the map doesn't help me. I can't seem to change directions. Help!



Help, I'm stuck looking for the top to the white queen or king, I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. I thought I found all the pieces, 9 in the chess room, 2 in the library and 2 in the music room. But I can see the kind doesn't have a head and the game hasn't started. Help please!


I am at the final maze! I have found 2 chest 1 key opened one.Was all the way through before needeed one chest and one jewel placement & accidentally restarted level.Anyway,this maze is harder,I didn,t get the map.I did copy the map on the walkthrough but I still end up going in circles.Hel[p me make the right left & right turns!


I cant put the 10 sheets of music together help in the music room.


Kero How do I register for your site and no typekey


To register for this site:

  1. If you're already signed into TypeKey: click "sign out".

  2. Click "Sign in to comment on this entry".

  3. On the sign-in screen make sure "Casual Gameplay is selected on the right under "Sign in using...".

  4. Click "Not a member? Sign Up!" near the bottom of the form.

  5. Enter your desired username (must be unique from you TypeKey identity) and your desired display name that will show up when you comment (may be anything you like), along with your valid email address.

  6. Verify your account via the email that is sent to you.

I hope that helps. :)

palomablanca April 12, 2008 7:49 PM

Boskers... I think you may have forgotten to switch on the electricity at the switch on the opposite building (the one housing the water wheel). It is located on the outside wall.

Blondieskatz April 12, 2008 9:49 PM

I am stuck with the organ. I've found the tune, but can't get upstairs. Now everytime I click on the organ it plays music and when I exit the organ the stairs are disappering. How do I get upstairs?

elizabeth mastrangelo April 12, 2008 10:37 PM

I can't get the plant to give me the match.help


Even with the map for the final maze I go round in circles and am about to give up - thanks for all the other help couldnt have done it without you guys!!
On completing the dream jewel of osiris and giving a map it should have had arrows as the previous one did that would have been more fun.

Anonymous April 13, 2008 12:50 PM

I, too, am having trouble with the last map. I've been going in circles and can't tell which way I'm going. I believe I passed the same two barrels more than once. How can I figure out where I'm going if I don't have the map help me tell me where I am?

Anonymous April 13, 2008 1:33 PM

I am at the final maze. I have tried to follow the map and directions from the walk-through, but I am still going in circles! I got 3 keys and went into a woman's head accidentally, while I didn't actually know where I was.
I follow the map but I still cannot go to where I want to go, or there may be another route appears that is not in the map (as if I have followed the map correctly). I am wondering if the locations of the objects are same on the map in every game? Thanks.


Now that I solved this one, when is the next one coming out? does anybody know?Thnx vero


How come you say four music stands and only 8 paper in library 3 in organ need fifteen ,means four in the music room right well got all five stands and four done one paper missing where is it for the fifth stand.help me.


I am now at the trees with gems and got a magnifying glass and found everything, thankyou for answering this game is fantastic even if it is a chalenge,thanks makers.

june stockdale April 13, 2008 9:11 PM

I am in the final maze and have replayed it several times. I have yet to find the keys or gems, and the woman's head. I have drawn the map and followed it to a tee while walking thru the maze. Are the broken barrels hiding these items, or are they just there as a distraction?? Please help--I've been stuck on this one for days. Is there something that I'm not doing that I can't find the keys or gems??

andypandy April 14, 2008 1:36 PM

Did anybody ever post about how to get back down out of the tower, out of the Organ room. I need to go back to about chapter 16 because I have completed through 23 or whatever chapter it is
How do you get out of the Organ room...in other words back down stairs


Unfortunately, there's no way to backtrack through this game. You'd have to start a new game to go back to a previously visited area.

slaflamme April 14, 2008 7:13 PM

Help! For the life of me I cannot figure out the sentence in the Arachna jewel. It's making my brain hurt...arrgh!

slaflamme April 14, 2008 7:21 PM

Andypandy, have you tried to take a nap on the bed?

Here's how to leave the room:

leave the room via the window


I must be really stupid cause I don`t have Osiris map ,cant see any paper in the maze and go no-where for 1 hour .if there is not somehow someone can take me through this left right thing and step forward I have to give up this game now.if you want to e-mail me please do.

twogreatdanes April 14, 2008 9:01 PM

Please help get me past the gramophone. I have found 8 of the nine hexagons, but I cannot find the last one. I think the one I am missing is on the second floor or by the gramophone. I just cannot find it. Could I get the locations of the nine hexagons? Please help!


MontanaGrandmom April 15, 2008 12:24 AM

Just finished the game. Very challenging, but fun. Without the walkthrough, I would have become too frustrated and quit. Thank you. I only went to the walkthrough when I absolutely couldn't figure it out myself. Once I found the walkthrough, I reset a few levels when I got stuck and took notes about how many objects were to be found in each location. Even at that, it wasn't easy, so even with the walkthrough you still have to think for yourself!


Maze instructions: F = Forward x number of steps, R = Right turn x number of steps, L = Left turn x number of steps.
F3 , L, F4 , L, F2, R, F4, KEY 1, F1, L2, F5, L, F2, L, F2, R,F2,L, F3, L, F1, KEY 2, L2, F1, R, F1, L, F2, L, F1 KEY 3, R2, F1,R, F2, L, F2, L, F2, R, F3, R, F2, R, F1, USE KEY1 GREEN BOX ON MAP, R2, F1, L, F2, R, F2, R, F2, USE KEY3 BLUE BOX ON MAP, R2,, F2, R. F4, R, F2, R, F2, USE KEY 2 RED BOX ON MAP, R2, F2, L, F2, L, F9, L, F4, L, F2, R, F2, R, F5, WHITE STONE, R2, F1, R1, F1, RED STONE, L2, F2, BLUE STONE, R2, F1, L, F4, L, F2, L, F2, R, F2, L, F2, R, F2, L, F1, KEY, F2, L, F3, POTION, R2, F3, R, F3, R, F2, L, F2, R, F2, L, F6, R, F4.


I have followed your spoiler to the tee and still do not find any keys.one more try at this please, say where are the keys all I see are broken barrows.


I cannot for the life of me find all the pieces for the scores. i end up with pieces of the scores that don't fit anywhere...pointers?


HELP IM ABOUT TO THROW THIS COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW!!! for the life of me i cannot get past the chess game. i have tried the few tips already here but to no avail. any suggestions? im beginning to feel really dumb.


Great game but I'm stuck outside Merrows house. The walkthrough says it's a simple flower pattern game but mine appears to be valves that move a little up or down. One valve is now quite high but I can't seem to get the others higher. I tried so often darn it!

Melissa July 30, 2010 4:26 PM

Dream Jewels

  1. Dream Jewel of Abalona — Outside the prison walls lies the place where the fairies originated

  2. Dream Jewel of Illat — Fairies used the machine to print the first volumes of history onto stone tablets

  3. Dream Jewel of Osiris — Merrow is an inventor who left the fairy realm and so lost his powers

  4. Dream Jewel of Caseopea — Fairies do not want the mortal world to know about their secret way of life

  5. Dream Jewel of Nereus — If Fidget becomes her husband, Lilith will have total control over the dreams of mortals

  6. Dream Jewel of Rhiannon — The tower is where the Fairy Lord watched over all and where the Dream Guardian resides

  7. Dream Jewel of Frey — The Fairy Lord went out on one of his quests but never returned

  8. Dream Jewel of Montu — The Dream Librarian prints knowledge of fairy life into volumes of books

  9. Dream Jewel of Arachna — Lyra could be the Chosen Child because she is the daughter of a fairy and a mortal

  10. Dream Jewel of Ikwara — All of the fairies left because one fairy saw three stars fall from the sky

  11. Dream Jewel of Apollo — Fairies control natural forces but they must follow rules set by the Fairy Lord

  12. Dream Jewel of Ebisu — "It is an underground labyrinth that separates the ancient fairy world from the mortal world

  13. Dream Jewel of Poseidon — Aeval has the power to communicate with plants and she received a message from them

  14. Dream Jewel of Chloris — The new Fairy Lord must have a mix of both mortal and fairy blood

  15. Dream Jewel of Ikwara — All of the fairies left because one fairy saw three stars fall from the sky


Great game, but its to bad I wont be able to finish it. Have tried for a week now to do the chess game. I never was any good at Simon says games. I wish they had put something in the game that lets you pass it if you have tried at least 500 times, but alas I just have to give up. Enjoyed the rest of the game up to now.

Jan Barnett August 20, 2010 12:08 PM

Really good game. Puzzles made you think a lot to complete them. On the CHESS GAME I had to have the help of my 12 year old grand daughter, Mikayla. She solved the CHESS GAME after 15 attemps. Unbeliveable.... I couldn't get it and she wanted to try, so I said okay and she solved the puzzle..How,don't really know but she just followed the lighted squares. Only clue I could suggest is to answer the sequence of lighted squares slow.:)


i am stuck


Could you please be a bit more specific about the where abouts ;) ? That might help me to help you better. :)


HELLO, I'M AYELEN I HAVE PROBLEM WITH THE FINAL PUZZLE OF THE Water Chamber, REALI I DONT KNOW WAHT CAN I DO ......I TRY PLAYING WIYH RED...WITH WHITE....I still have 2 pieces.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I go crazy :S

Anonymous December 4, 2010 8:56 AM

Hi!!! i have a problem in Meerows Cottage.
I entered the basement and i rearranged the power grid but the basement is still dark
I dont know where to find the switch. HELP?


Dream Chronicles 2
re: Chess Solve
Just paste a piece of clear plastic to your monitir screen. Use an erasable pen to mark and number the sequence of the squares that light up. A second person will greatly help ensure the puzzle is solved. John

Stephanie March 27, 2011 2:00 PM

For the love of god.. How hard is it for someone to just type where the stand can be? instead of it might be this one.. i read all of the comments and it's not in there.. People please help each other rather then just ask your own question and ignore the others.


To those struggling with where the third and final disc is on the gamaphone puzzle, it's located behind the top picture on the left hand side in the ground floor room of the house :D


thank you for this walkthrough! I wanted to finish this in one sitting and got stuck in the labyrinth and this guide got me through :) finished without any problem after that


I finally got frustrated with the chess game and ended up numbering the chess board squares on my computer screen with a dry erase marker,I just wrote down the number seequence when they got more complicated. It was the only way I could keep track and I got the puzzle after the first try..hope that helps!

Anonymous October 23, 2011 5:35 PM

i need the magical band and i don't know where to go to get it


I seem to have a really weird problem: I miss 'Fairies' in the list of words when meditating on Caseopea's Jewel. I can't find a scroll bar or something like that either! How am I supposed to finish that puzzle now?


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