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Dracula 3: The Path
of the Dragon

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Rating: 4.4/5 (45 votes)
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Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

GrimmrookDracula. While the character may need no introduction, it's appropriate to at least warm you up for what's in store in Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon. The war-torn streets of Vladoviste populating this long-form point-and-click adventure aren't a place for idle speculation, and you'll find the game will bury you deep in the legend of Dracula.

dracula3c.jpgWhile the literary character is but two centuries old, there is something about Dracula that has allowed the story to spread throughout Western culture as though he were much older. Count Dracula is a litany of dichotomies analogous to our own human natures. At once he is romantic and noble, both through title and occasionally through motivation, and yet he is vile, evil. The creature he represents, the vampire, offers an interesting compromise of nightmare and desire: immortal, and yet cursed, powerful beyond the dreams of mortal men, and yet feeble in the face of such harmless everyday things as sunlight and garlic.

Dracula lures both romantics and those obsessed with the macabre, and as such it's little wonder we would find so many different re-tellings of his story in books, film, television, and of course, games. I admit, all of this is quite a long introduction for a character who needs no introduction, but it's important to understand the background of the legend. Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon exists within that journey from the reality of Vlad the Impaler, the madman the Count was based upon, to the myth of the best-known vampire, Dracula.

Upon the death of one Martha Calugarul, you, Father Arno Moriani, are tasked by the Vatican to research Martha's life, uncover the facts of the miracle worker from Transylvania, and decide if she's worthy of canonization. Her ministrations to the wounded during the Great War would seem to make her a viable candidate for sainthood, and her fate as such rests in your hands.

Yet, upon reaching the little ruin of a village, you happen upon the traces of a darker narrative just beneath the surface of her good works. There is an evil at work, one that Martha had discovered and sought to track down and do battle with herself, ultimately dying in her quest.

dracula3b.jpgAs this darkness seeps up all around you, you find yourself obliged to see it through to the end, to rediscover this mighty evil and finish the work Martha started. But such a task will not be easy, not even as easy as the arduous tasks set forth by novelist Bram Stoker. No, to find the vampire, you must set out on the journey to be a vampire. You must walk the Path of the Dragon.

Analsyis: The key to enjoying Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon is understanding exactly what you're in for. You will be disappointed if you go into it thinking this will be another scary point-and-click adventure game with lots of gotcha moments and item-based puzzles. The game's basic structure is conventional enough, though, and falls into the first person adventure category quite nicely. In most settings you are granted near-full movement, though there are a few instances where this is quite stylishly not the case, and you move from scene to scene along pre-determined paths. Hover your cursor over a hotspot and it will change to a context-sensitive action, another convention that streamlines the playing experience but somewhat limits your freedom of exploration. It's tough to wring information out of an environment when you can only do what the game wants you to do.

Dracula 3 is a text-heavy game, and its puzzles involve multiple steps, items, and research, forcing you to pay very careful attention to every conversation you have. The readings you are supplied with are not merely supplemental but vital to the way the story is told. To give you an idea, there are full, unabridged versions of both the Bible and Bram Stoker's Dracula available to you early-on. Yes, if you've never read the original Dracula, here's your chance. The game unfolds with a steady sort of deliberateness tempered with subtlety. It isn't scary so much as it's pleasantly eerie, and it takes its time to unfold methodically, steadily, deliberately, and subtly. If you're one of those players who skims through in-game texts, you'll miss most of what Dracula 3 has to offer.

dracula3a.jpgEven with the strong emphasis on text, Dracula 3 doesn't come up short in the ear and eye candy departments. The settings are remarkably well-rendered and lit to provide just the right level of uneasiness. Vladoviste, the village where you'll spend most of your time, is exceptionally well-done with war-torn buildings providing a marvelously creepy backdrop. The sky seems to perpetually dangle upon the dark precipice of twilight while wisps of silvery fog creep through the alleyways. Perhaps the one drawback to the settings is that the passage of time isn't marked. Vladoviste is always on the night-end of twilight, while the outskirts leading to the castle are late afternoon. It's a little disconcerting if you pay too much attention.

Filling out the aesthetic qualities are rendered characters and voice acting, both of which are very well done. The people you meet may not necessarily look photo realistic, but they at least feel organic and are brought to life by the actors. The only flaw I noticed was an apparent inconsistency with accents from one character to the next. Should a rustic old Transylvanian grave digger have a standard American accent?

The sights, the sounds, and the volumes of text in Dracula 3 come together to create a brilliant game whose soul is not unlike the text it's based upon. The apprehension of meeting Dracula is slowly built as you stitch together clues and read bits and pieces of information from the sources you meet. The final effect is a game where the tension slowly mounts, slowly grabs at you, and sucks you in. And, every once in a great while, you might be presented with a jump-out-of-your-seat moment.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Make sure you check out our massive Dracula 3 Walkthrough

(thanks Kayleigh!)


Black Drazon May 24, 2009 12:40 PM

I have the original two Dracula games in this series from a compilation called The Vault of Fear (along with Alice, Dungeon Keeper 2 and Undying). They've got a certain amount of charm that have made me come back to them despite their oddball ideas about camera work (like the first game's obsession with close ups on the eyeballs). Since none of the reviews I've read have said that sort of nonsense has come back, I'll probably get the game when I'm in more of a spending mood.


It has the FULL version of the original Dracula? Damn, Game, that's some commitment you got there! I think I might be interested in this one, and my enthusiasm for vampires was sort of killed around the time mainstream media decided it was acceptable for them to sparkle.

Can I ask about how long it took you to finish, Kyle? I might be dropping this one in my shopping cart at some point.


Make sure you check out our massive Dracula 3 Walkthrough

(thanks Kayleigh!)


Hi. It's wonderful! I like it. It's good.


Oh this looks good! I can't stand games with nothing but jump-scares trying to call themselves horror. Somebody jumping out and scaring you is NOT what horror is made of.
I hope this is as dark, creepy, and disturbing as promised!


I got this game for Christmas and i LOVE it! I agree with this review! Cinematography, characters, full rotation, wonderful! I love the music score! I'm a sucker for a Vampire anything and this has not disappointed. I'm eager to keep it up and use some brain power.

However i am so frustrated with typing/analyzing the blood i asked my mother who has been a phlebotomist (for 20 YEARS) to help me figure it out and she can't either!

I'm stuck (can't seem to get the equpt. to work!) for almost 2 hours now so i'm online looking for cheats! I love this aspect as much as i hate it.


Rahbin - stucked/cheats

Rahbin, did you recognize our walkthrough?

Also: Make sure to read every paper that you find, look at all pages of books and when you have to examine pictures or objects with the magnifier, you should do so. Also go always through the whole conversations. Otherwise, it can happen, that at a certain point, you will have to go back and do this things, because without the "knowledge" of this, the game will not go one. If you run into something like this, then have a look at your objectives (option in the inventory) and see, what objectives are not marked as done!

Greetings, Kayleigh



I posted first then did the walk through, then realizing i had to go back and re-do somethings before the point where i got stuck. However I can't get M's book off the shelf (no 'grab' icon, just the eye.)

Yes i try to be very through, but there will always be some things missed, or the proper order in which to do them-As far as the blood I was simply doing it out of order to what the game needed. Very simple solution that i was making more complicated then it was!

I wish this game was in 3-D it would be even better.

Thanks for the help.


I don't understand why a bunch of other high and mighty reviewers on other websites hate this game so much. I like this review, it's not biased and describes it pretty well. I played it about a year ago, and it wasn't my first game of the genre. And I fell in love with it. The graphics were great, I loved the storyline, and the puzzles kept me busy for a while. Plus, the ending totally surprised me.

and also totally depressed me


I am stuck in the developing room and i'm not sure why! I have no 'bottle' (in my inventory except the holy water vial) to dilute the Acetic Acid with and it won't let me mix/combine the AA + Diluted water (from available developing bottles in the room)in the second developing tray (i have tried to do this both ways-from avalb. bottles and from my inventory-neither worked)....so i have no idea what to do!


I can not seem to get the star of david on the door right! im going mental! someplease email me back with an answer please!


Hi, im playing dracula 3 on my iphone and i can't get pass the Skull and nails game?? No where in the game did i find nails.. ! Can anyone help me? PLease!

Jenifer Huff May 22, 2010 2:56 PM

I am playing Dracula 3 on my iPod Touch and it doesn't match with the walkthrough, which I suppose was done based on the computer version. I can't get past the part in Vlad's prison in Turkey. The thing in the walkthrough that says a crow is supposed to fly out of the prison and leave a feather never happens, and if I don't have that I apparently can't get to the temple room which means I'm never passing this part. Is there something I have to do in the iPod/iPhone version to make the crow fly out of the cave and drop it's feather?


I am going crazy! My game doesn't ever have the crow fly out of the cave and leave a feather at Vlad's prison. It just never does it. Is there something I am supposed to do. Every walkthrough I have found is for the PC version. I have it on my iPod Touch and it is slightly different. So some of the things in the walkthrough just aren't in my game at all or don't need to be done for me to advance to the next part the way they do in the PC version. I don't know what to do because if I can't get to the temple room I will never pass the game. I didn't spend $1.99 on this game to get stuck and not be able to fully play it. I wonder if this is a glitch in the iPod/iPhone version of the game. This really sucks! Please help!

Alicia Sandoval May 25, 2010 1:32 AM

If you look on iTunes when you purchse the games, every single one of the Dracula:Path of the Dragon part 1, 2, & 3, it says, PLAIN AS DAY: THIS IS ENTIRELY RE-DONE FROM GROUND UP AND IS NOT THE SAME AS PC GAME!!!! It's annoying that people whine about the EXACT opposite most people who enjoy this genre complain about: amateurs say it's too hard why did I waste my $$ (umm, for a CHALLENGE you nit wit! I just KNOW your the kind of person-since you obviously can't be bothered to read, or when stuck for TWO hours, RE-READ the product description!! I just know, though, that if you were able to solve who game quickly you'd cry and whine about how you wasted $2 on a game that was over WAYYY too fast.). On the iPhone especially, you shouldn't be whining, try ALL items on all things until you get a result. Presto Bingo! True fans of this genre don't WANT a game that's not a challenge! Figuring out what goes where, does what, with what is the whole point. Please, please, PLEASE don't go whining about how there's a glitch possibly in game cuz it's not EXACTLY same as PC game unless you've bothered to look @ description-in which case you'd KNOW the 2 medias are going to differ.

You got THUMB TACKS IN 2nd ROOM ENTERED @beginning, use thumb tacks. WHERE/how? NO CLUE!! Does something need to make star?


I am stuck with the skull puzzle on my iphone. I cannot see nails as described in the PC walkthrough. Pls Help!


You use the syringe on only 3 skulls,no order.Skull upper Lt with scarf hat,skull bottom middle and skull with little hat middle Rt. Hope this helps!


In answer to some of the above comments about "what is so wrong about this game"- the main thing, without being a spoiler, after you go through all this arcane nonsense and puzzles and collecting items and reading documents and talking to dozens of people dozens of times and traveling over the continent and walking hither and yon up and down hills and caves and etc etc you expect the big pay-off, sort of like Dracula 2 provided (I haven't played 1, yet, anyway)- you get to KILL DRACULA- that's kind of the entire point. Again, without spoiling it, 3 leaves you a bit unsatisfied in this regard. It actually made me angry at being manipulated by the designers and then denied the pay-off.

One reason might be because of sequels, but how has killing Drac ever stopped anyone from a movie, game, book or w/e sequel? He was killed in 2 and came roaring back in 3, so why deny us the final, satisfying closure of killing his evil ass?

That, and the fact this game is dreadfully slow, thin on surprises or plot, puzzles are tedious and repetitious (the entire blood test thing, ugh) and the characters pretty poorly drawn, character-wise, make this a "save your money and play something else" game. The ending alone makes it a _total_ waste of time and ruins whatever entertainment value or little bit of self-satisfaction you get for finishing a long game. Like this long comment, it leaves you empty and irritated at the end.

It's certainly not a game I'd play more than once. I deleted it after completing it so I wouldn't infect anyone else with its lameness, like a vampire passing on his virus.


I have a question, I'm playing the dracula game on my phone and I am stuck, because I dont know how to grab things, and for example when he comes up to that shelf full of books, I don't know how to grab any of those books??...how do I grab stuff?? What do I touch on the screen? Please someone let m know

Christeen Bates July 10, 2011 10:21 PM

I just bought the game today and got stuck in the beginning. I found the walkthrough link, and it looks like there are things missing in my game. I cannot take a closer look at things, there is no fruit basket at the inn, and when I first arrive at the train station, in my inventory is a bible and a crusifix, not a bible and list of roman numbers. I'm so confused, and a little irretated lol.

Anonymous July 16, 2011 11:28 PM

I bought this game as 3 games on one disk called Dracula Mystery Trilogy for $10.00. It's parts 1-3 as far as I can tell. My problem is that I don't have half of the things on my game as I am reading on the several walkthroughs I've found. No gypsy at the train station, no puzzles, and items aren't where they are said to be in the walkthrough. Take the feather, in the walkthrough, it is in the prison, in my game it is in Maria's beadroom. I also don't have the objective list. When I click on the "i" icon, I get taken to my inventory. Can someone tell me which version of this game I have so I can find the proper walkthrough? I'm stuck in Vladoviste and can't go back to the castle cause Fr. Arno is tired, but he won't go to bed cause he says it isn't the right time. I'm at the point where I've fixed the fuses and found Janos in the coffin. I don't kow what else to do.


WHy is it that every time i try to go into my room at the inn, in the very beggining some trap gets activated then i cant do anything. the only thing i find i can do is use the thumbtacks and i get "i only need to use one tack". the walkthrough fails to mention anything about it!

Anonymous July 19, 2011 4:48 PM

I just got the 3pack gane for 9.99 too. The walkthroughs I've foound are completely different than the game I'm playing. Yes its for the PC. I can't find a feather and can go no further in the game. Any help would be appreciated. I just want to find the feather and a walk through for the game version I have.

Cristen July 27, 2011 2:23 AM

I bought the three part game too and I try to follow this walkthrough and another one both of them explain something about asking about Ozanas son and the conversation doesn't go into anything about a son. Me and my mother are trying to get further. We spoke to everyone that are visible but we can't get any further than that.


i am in the chaple doing the skull puzzle and i know that i am supposed to put nails in certain skulls but there are no nails and when i use the seringe it doesnt work, this is on the pc game.....please help


I have the PC version (so I am not whining because the PC walkthrough is different from the Iphone game!) and I am major stuck. The game (9.99 at walmart for parts 1-3 one) is missing nearly half or more of the stuff in the walkthroughs and now I am where you meet luana (which was never at the train but is at crossroads now) and she says to get to know my enemy or whatever and I have been all over the place and can't find anything else to do. The walkthrough says to do that stuff in the photo lab but it wont let me do anything there and since the walkthrough and game have been majorly different this far I don't even know if my game wants the photo lab stuff done like the walkthrough and I don't know what to do. Anyone know a walkthrough for the dramatically shortened version of the game???


Hey everyone. It's hard to tell, because a search for "Dracula Mystery Trilogy" doesn't turn up a link to the game, but I think the game you guys are talking about is not the game featured here. "Dracula Mystery Trilogy" is published by an outfit called GameMill Publishing, according to my research, while "The Path of the Dragon" is published by Microids, so I don't think the latter would be packaged in the former.

If someone could mention who the publisher or developer are, I could be sure. These days there are a lot of Dracula/vampire type games.


I'm playing dracula part 3 - and I got at big problem..
where do I find my enlarger? or where is it.. I play the game on a macbook pro, if it got something to do with it..

please help


I also have the same problem. It seems that there are two versions to this game and we are playing the Dracula Mystery Trilogy. Our in game menu is different and alot of the actions and items are different than The Path of the Dragon, although the story remains almost the same. It looks like it's a condensed version of The path of the Dragon, why is that? I feel like I got ripped off. Any help???????? Thanks.


I really need help I'm in the cave and I need some feather but I can't get a crow to fly out...I'm also on my iPod do if someone could help me ASAP it was be very much appreciated (:


I think i have a new version or something because I have the PC version and i'm in the library and i've searched this thing over and over and i can't find a box! so is there another way to get around it? because i am stuck >.>


Hi! I'm playing on iPhone & I cannot go through the bloody eyes in Vlad's prison. He always says that 'I have must done something wrong'. Please help! Thx :)


Tam?s F?rjes -

Even though our walkthrough was written for the download version of the game, you might want to browse through it to see if you can find help for your problem. There is a link to it above the comments.


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