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Dr. Stanley's House

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Rating: 4.2/5 (569 votes)
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Dr. Stanley's HouseI know this next one has been available for a couple of months now, but it comes very highly recommended and, after playing through it, I have to agree that it's a quality title.

Dr. Stanley's House was created by James Li and is a point-and-click adventure game. It has a mysterious plot with some twists and turns that is very creepy at times. The lush colored graphics provide a striking contrast to the moody atmospheric soundtrack, with several cut scenes that develop the story as you play.

Note: Some text in the game is written in Mandarin Chinese, though it is possible to figure out the game without it. Use the inventory by clicking on the magnifying glass first, then the item you wish to examine. Some items need to be combined by examining one, then clicking on another.

Play Dr. Stanley's House

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Complete Walkthrough:

Outside at beginning:

  • Click on car to zoom in.

  • Click on stick beside car, pick it up.

  • Click arrow to zoom out.

  • Click arrow to go right, click again to go to the tree.

  • Use the stick to knock paper airplane out of tree.

  • Click on plane to pick up. Unfold plane to reveal code for front door. The code changes everytime.

  • Use code to open front door.

Inside part 1:

  • Go in ugly yellow room on the left. You will find a lighter on the left wall in the corner. It's gold color. Leave room.

  • Turn so you can go up the stairs.

  • Go in door at top of stairs.

  • Pick up teal colored key from top of toilet paper holder. Leave room.

  • Go down the stairs find the teal colored door with the lines on it. Use key to open door.

  • Click on plant, take grey key.

  • Go to grey door and use key to open.

Grey Room:

  • Click on pillow take key. Use key to open the door on the left.

  • You should be in a bathroom.

  • Click on tap, pick up green key.

  • Leave room, go to hallway.

  • Remember this room you will have to come back here.

  • Find green Door.

Green Room:

  • Use key on door.

  • Click arrow to go in a room with a candle.

  • Use lighter on candle.

  • Take meat from box.

  • Leave that part of the room.

  • Click arrow on the left of the green door to go into kitchen.

  • Take plate and steak sauce.

  • Click on plate, put meat on plate, put sauce on meat.

  • Click door on the right to go outside.

Outside part 2:

  • Give meat to dog, dog falls asleep.

  • Click right arrow till you find blue statue.

  • Go back in front door. You have to enter the code again. Same one from the plane.

Inside part 2:

  • Go to stairs find pink key.

  • Use on double doors at the bottom of stairs.

  • Click on cup. Select cup then click on pitcher to get water.

  • Go in door on left pick up blue key.

Blue room part 1:

  • Use key, will get knocked out.

  • You wake up in the grey room.

  • Leave room and go to pink room to get your stuff back.

  • In the pink room there is a dead guy.

  • Take his case. You stuff is in it.

  • Go back to blue room.

Blue room part 2:

  • Go in blue room.

  • Zoom in on book shelf.

  • Take tall brown book. It's a diary you will use later.

  • Click on door to left.

  • Go up ladder.

  • Take key by chimney. Go back in room.

  • Click arrow to go in room on right.

  • Click patio door to go out pick up key.

  • Leave room and go to pea green room next to blue room.

Pea green room:

  • Open door with key take phone cord.

  • Leave room and go to orange room on same floor.

Orange room:

  • Click arrow then go out on patio.

  • Click on old guys head to put him in the bed. Give him glass of water.

  • Click arrow to go left. Go in door on left.

  • Click mirror to reveal star puzzle and key pad on other wall.

  • Code for key pad is in the back of the diary.

  • Input code, wall opens to reveal a hole shaped like the statue.

  • Put the statue in the hole.

  • Turn off lights to reveal answer to star puzzle. Colored dots match keys.

  • Put keys in the puzzle. Hole in wall opens, take files and give them to the old guy.

  • Leave room and go back to grey room.

Grey room part 2:

  • Click phone on desk.

  • Connect cord to phone.

  • Try to dial numbers.

  • Phone raises.

  • Click on ID.

  • Congratulations you are done.


EvilHayama August 10, 2005 2:45 AM

Argh, can't get past this dog! I'm pretty sure I need to combine this bottle and the meat somehow, but I can't get them to do it :/


Put meat on a plate and use on it a bottle


This is fun, even if it's kind of short. :]
This is actually the first point-click game I've finished without hints, lol!


I think i accedentlaly skipped to the end. my mouse was acting up, and i kinda picked it up, and slammed it down, then i saw the whole deal with the ID card and the guy in bed. opps

EvilHayama August 10, 2005 5:17 AM

Finished it, didn't realise you have to click item, then magnifying glass, then other item, them the magnified item... Always missed that last step. Good game though!


I am now officially stuck. beware the old man in bed, he seams to eat your items. (so far a binder item and a cup of water.... cup and all) but despite this, it does not allow him to eat the power cable, nor may you whip him with it.


Jay, great site although I'm sure it will get me in trouble at work....

I'm stuck here.. what does one do with the glass?
I can't get into the last 2 rooms..

Also what was that I picked up in the closet. I think I used it (because it is gone) but not sure if it did anything...

Good on ya


Junior, sounds like you're where I was for a bit. In the room with the computer, there's another doorway to the left of the bookcase, took me ages to find that.

fudgemonkey August 10, 2005 6:55 AM

i am stuck. what do you do with the airplane in the tree? i cant pick it up!!!!!

fudgemonkey August 10, 2005 6:58 AM

never mind i got it! Sry for wasting yuor time!


I am now stuck...i put the statue in its place and the keys (is there a particular order to put the keys in the slots?)......then i did something with the cable, but not sure what i did because it is gone now.....any hints as to what i should do next.....and one last thing, how do i get into the door beside the one with the old man sleeping?


bob - Try the lightswtich for the key order ;)

The thing for the phone is a phone cord, once you use it if you look at the back of the phone you'll see it in place.

For anyone struggling trying to make the phone work, don't. It's literally the last thing you look at in the game.


ok i got it thanks


Help! I'm stuck! where do u get the statue from?.... how does the light help you with the key order?....

CareyBeth August 10, 2005 9:40 AM

Yeah, Draffut, I'm stuck at the same place. But the power supply (the white cable thing?), I think that's actually a phone line. I plugged it in to the phone downstairs, maybe in the grey room, but I don't know what it did.

So what do I do next? The old guy's just..sleeping. Do I have to do something with the, uhh, (for lack of a better way to explain it) hole in the wall outside of the kitchen? Where the guy opened the lock, etc? :/


The statue is from the lounge, it turned up missing after the cut scene with the person lurking behind the curtain. You might try looking in places you know that person has been.

The statue knows the order of the keys, but the lights have to be out to 'see'.

There's nothing to do with the dog's cage outside.


thanks. i'd figured out which statue it was, but i can't find it anywhere. have clicked all over the curtain, up on the roof and on the ledge where he obviously fell from plus the area where he landed... where else has he been?... I feel like i have tried everywhere!!!!!


thanks. i'd figured out which statue it was, but i can't find it anywhere. have clicked all over the curtain, up on the roof and on the ledge where he obviously fell from plus the area where he landed... where else has he been?... I feel like i have tried everywhere!!!!!


I've solved the key puzzle and acquired the item from it, but am clueless as to what's next. Please help!


V - try looking around outside.

Jules - now may be a good time to try using the phone.


oh, i know u must think i am totally stupid, but i've got the thing from the safe now but can't get the phone to work (i have plugged in the cable already)... how do i do it?


I'm not so far in the game, but I'm really, really, stuck. I have got a lightner (and one used key) and one key lying at the other side of the window. Now I don't know how to get there, although I walked around the house for about ten times.
Hmz.. i'm not good at this at all. Can I get a hint??

CareyBeth August 10, 2005 10:21 AM

Umm..I think I finished it, I'm not too sure. Found Stanley's card thing, the old guy woke up, and then the screen went black except for what I presume to be the credits. (*chinese character* James.Li, etc) But I never got into the orange room. Is it supposed to end that way?


aha, got it! bit disappointed at the ending though... I didn't go into the green room either (orange room in my game was where the man in the bed was)... is this the only possible ending?...


Aah, I missed a room,
(I'm not th·t bad...)
great game Jay!


Careybeth, yes, I think so.

It's a twist in the story, thinking that Mr X is the man in question, when in fact it was 'dun dun duuun' Mr Y!

mooooomba August 10, 2005 11:23 AM

oh mai gawd!

the ending is so freaky with the scary music

goosebumps >.


What do you do in the grey-doored room?


Nevermind, i found the key.


right ok, i really am jus stuck at the beginning as i cant get the silly little paper plane out of the tree...any suggestions?
(feeling dumb)

great site by the way...lovin it :D


how do i get the meat? i think it is in the crock pot thing but i cant open it!


nevermind once again!


Davies, have you checked to see it there's something to poke it out? maybe something long and pointy?


At once all my inventory is gone! I haven't seen yet that creepy person in one of my room as suggested above, only sneeking around and finding his way through the house. But do I have to start all over again? I don't hope so...


Lame, lame, lame!

So, you can, for no particular reason, not use the phone until after you've given the secret file-looking-thing to the old man? What sense does that make?

It's a shame, because the game is so clever up until that point with the logic of its railroading.


Wow, this game was pretty easy, but not irristating at all like so many of these clickey-adventures. Ya don't have to click on the exact pixel!!!


k im stuck i can not find the statue any help please?


How do i give the meat to the dog?


Mike, You have to put the meat on the plate while it is in the magnified mode.


Then put it in the food bowl. sorry forgot about the last part on my last post.




At once all my inventory is gone! I haven't seen yet that creepy person in one of my room as suggested above, only sneeking around and finding his way through the house. But do I have to start all over again? I don't hope so...

no, you have to find the guy that stole them...


great ending! took me bout 20 min. (i took forever with the dog and the meat...hehehe) loved the art style, great find!



How do I get into the cabnet in the phone room? And where do I get the code for the pinpad in the bathroom?


you don't have to start over. It is part of the sequence.

V: There is only one possible solution. Do you see the twist?

For others:
I can get the gist of the words in the game because Japanese language uses Chinese characters.

The old man in the says to you
1. "water"
2. then "important document (or letter)"
3. then something about information and call for rescue.

The card obviously says "Dr. Stanley" with the picture so you are muttering to yourself, "who is the other man?"

christine August 10, 2005 2:24 PM

Pretty game, but I've been locked in the kitchen. Bad dog! I have 4 keys, a plate and a bottle of sauce and a lighter but no meat. I've tried the pot no go. Why doesn't this danged house have a fridge? :O

Trogdor248 August 10, 2005 2:29 PM

Fun game, I enjoyed it. It took me a while to figure out how to use the phone though.

Christine - There's an adjacent room to the kitchen that has some meat... but it's a little too dark to see...

christine August 10, 2005 2:36 PM

Trogdor, thanks! I thought that was some funky headless statue.


Seems I'm stuck. Just found the statue, but now I don't find a way back in again. Kitchen locked and Code doesn't work on front door anymore, nor do any keys on the door. Someone got a hint for me?



To Jules above who said "lame" three times, it might help if you understand chinese and what the old man said after you hand him the documents. He said "Please call the ambulance" and that's why you can't use the phone up till that point. Basically in his diary Dr. Stanley said he came up with something that could revolutionize the world and obviously someone was trying to take it away from him. Just trying to clear up the story line for those a bit lost.

Great game, loved it, and hated it because it somehow creeped me out a bit. >.


Ahh sorry for the double post. I guess there is a character limit on the comment so it cut my last one off. Just wanna say great site Jay, and keep the good work up! =)


um...so i'm at the same spot as christine, and i already have the prepared meat, but i still can't figure out how to get out of the kitchen i was locked into....


um, never mind. why do you always figure it out just when you break down and post for help?!

christine August 10, 2005 3:51 PM

I think I did it all, gave Santa his milk and papers, I'm clicking around the phone but nothing happens. :( Phone cord *is* in... did I miss something?

christine August 10, 2005 3:59 PM

Jess -- I'm the same, posting right before finding the answer!!! I finally got the phone.


so we'll see if me posting helps me solve it...i know i just posted, but now i'm wandering around aimlessly....i can see the key on the other side of the window but can't get to it, have used all my available keys (4 including the one to the bathroom), fed the dog....and am lost.


like i said.....never mind guys. i'm good now....


OK. finished it. But never went in the green room. Did anyone else?


I got the statue, but I can't figure out where it goes. Can someone give a little hint?


Ah! when i was in the kitchen, the man knocked off my door knob so i cant get out!! what do i do? or do i have to start again?

plz help!


n/m i got it! good game!

TornadoTK August 10, 2005 9:02 PM

Stuck outside the house after feeding the dog the poisoned meat. Any help?

TornadoTK August 10, 2005 9:28 PM

Nevermind, wasn't working for me earlier.

What is the lighter for?

Shastanna August 10, 2005 9:28 PM


I'm so bummed out! I'm way behind you guys, and I'm totally stuck!

I got into the house, and the only doors not locked are the 2 bathrooms and the room on the first floor with the flowers in it. I've got 2 keys and a lighter, but I can't figure out what to do now. The keys don't seem to open any of the locked doors.

Can somebody please give me a hint?

Shastanna August 10, 2005 9:50 PM

Ok, nevermind....

I wasn't using the inventory list correctly.



I am also stuck at the point just after you find the statue. I have it, but I dont know what to do with it, and I cant find a clue on the code for the pin pad in the bathroom.


Ok I got the statue and the book yet I still can't the bathroom puzzle. HELP


Jen, the statue isn't used as early as you may think. In fact, it's used after the discovery of the key puzzle everyone's talking about, not before.

Zathor, read to the end of the journal.


I can't pick up the second key! I've found all I think i can (the first key, the lighter, cane, and airplane). I've checked the doors, and I can't pick up the key on the window sill! Am I doing something wrong?


ok I have the meat and the plate but do not know how to give them to the dog...ideas?


um...i went to open the door upstairs and someone knocked me out, It goes black...then when I wake up all of my stuff is gone! This happen to anyone else?


I have 2 keys, stick, lighter and code for front door, how do you get the key out of the window seal, I have clicked everywhere outside and tried the keys i have to open the window, please help


kelly aline did you find out how to get the key from the window sill? I am stuck there also

EvilHayama August 11, 2005 12:07 AM

Sads: There's a dog bowl near the door, and yes, that's normal. Look around.
christal: There's usually a new key in each new room. Check the bed and the taps?

So far a couple of people have said it was too easy, and everyone else is stuck. I'm glad someone is putting a bit of a plot in a clicky game finally, clicky games lend themselves well to story.


i can translate anything in there if anyone needs me to =)


You get the key from the window sill from the inside, there's no trick to opening the window.

To get it you need the pink key to get into the dining room, exit through the door on the left to get into the room in which the blue key sits on the window sill.


I'm having serious problems finding the statue. As far as I know, I've clicked practically everywhere that looks even remotely interesting outside, and I still haven't found it. Can someone help me?


Once you have silenced the dog, the statue appears on the ground in front of the green bush near the grey front door of the house.


what do i do with the statue?


and how do i get back in


Great fun! The fact that it's a little spooky made it even more fun!


Man, I'm so close to finishing but I can't seem to get the cord for the phone. I think I know which room it is, but I can't seem to click in the right spot. BTW, thanks for the statue location, Jay. Now I just need to find this one last item and I'll finish it. :/


what a freakin weird game -_-
i still like the crimson room the best outta all of these.


lol the ending was a twist


here's a translation of the letter:

Detective James,
I am Dr.Stanly from xxx research center. I hope you can find a time when we can meet at my house. I need to discuss some important matters with you.
Thank you very much!


first thing, YOU CANNOT GET LOCKED IN THE KITCHEN WITHOUT THE LIGHTER, the place you enter before you poison the dog...

I am stuck at the man, in the bed...


I cant get pass the stupid dog. I have given him lik 3 meat on a plate and when i¥m trying to get past him, he just runs back and bark at me :(


ok i now know that i¥m suposed to use the bottle on the meat, but how do i do that? I have klicked on them, first meat, then bottle and the give to the dog, but he just keep on barking at me.


i think i got all items,the man is in bed and asked me for water(gave it to him),but where is this inportant letter he is axing for?
and what is this pinpad in the bathroom jen is talking about?plese healp,im so close!


i got it,nevermind,thx!
great game jay!


I am still stuck after finding the statue outside. I have no idea what to do. Tryed all the doors and everything and this keypad / bathroom puzzle what are you guys talking about?


Nevermind stupid pink key... who notices that? its smaller than a period.


to drug the dog, you need to put wine (the "bottle") on the meat in the plate... so you put the meat on the plate first and then put wine on it....


actually, it doesn't sasy it's wine, just says that it's a very powerful liquor

blink fan August 11, 2005 12:53 PM

where is the STATUE???!?!?!? help.......


blink fan- jay said where to find the key above. it appears in front of the bush at the grey front door after you deal with the dog.

can anyone give me a hint about the pink key?


oops, again, the magic of breaking down and posting ends up with me finding it. never mind.

blink fan August 11, 2005 1:39 PM

hehe i found the statue rite aftr i sent that note. sry ppl. finished the game too. FREAKY ENDING! great game. wats in the green room?

Shastanna August 11, 2005 1:55 PM

Yay!! Finally finished!

Blink Fan, I'm like you - there was one room that I never got into.

What a cool ending!!! Loved the music too!

Thanks for the great game Jay!!


Where is the pink key?

bioLarzen July 11, 2007 8:00 PM

Fun game! Not too hard so even I could beat it - well, almost... I used up the green key where I had to insert all seven keys to get that file case before i went to the green room so it stayed there locked and i couldn't get in - so i had to read the walkthru to know what would have happened :) But i saw that there is something under the phone - now i know what it is :)))

But it was my mistake, i was acting without thinking it over...

llllooooollllaaa August 11, 2007 8:31 PM

umm everytime i get to the kitchen part there is a cut scence where somone knocks off the door handle and i cant exit the room. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey people i finished the game and even getting the pass the phone and got the card
omg the id had a pic of stanley and that person was killed inside the room in the pink room..... then who was the person in the bed (the old guy)
that was creep


Proably it was someone who wanted to steal dr. Stanley's discovery, but I'm not sure, since the most important information must be in the diary, and I can't read Chinese/Mandarin/Mandarin Chinese. Could someone please translate it?


Pickin up the ID card under the phone

To pick up the ID card, make sure you have spoken with the old man in bed after givin him the water and file. Then click on the phone a few pixels above the little white bump in the middle of the bottom of the phone. That is the card sticking out from under the phone, but clicking on it won't pull it out, your click must be on the phone itself.


Approached the car
Inside the garage, right under the bar to get away
Go to the right side, using a wooden rod on a paper airplane off
Paper airplane with a magnifying glass (item below) to examine, "HELP (random numbers)," saying that it is
The main entrance next to the door panel, found that numbers from a paper airplane
Get inside
Now enter. The yellow door to the left (WC)
Left behind the wall between the pipe and take a lighter
Stairway to the second floor immediately to the blue-green door (WC)
Toilet paper holder on a blue-green to take the keys
The first floor door white (right next to the front door of the front door) to the left of the green door keys to use
Get inside
Table and put a vase to examine
Only a little white vase from the black keys to get out of the country
The main entrance next to the black door to door using the key
Get inside
The blue cushion the lower right (?) To examine
I get the keys to the floor
I got the keys, left open the door
To examine the bathtub faucet
Ocher back toward the key, so we take
Ocher under the stairs as the key to open the door
Went into the left
Using a lighter to ignite a candle
Cardboard to get into the meat
Left of the plate and take some seasoning
In a field with a magnifying glass to examine the plate
In a state of the field on a meat
With a yellow border state, which appears in the middle of the screen to the plate (on a meat dish will be)
Click seasoning
載ったmeat on a plate (the amount of seasoning meat dishes can載った)
Right out of the blue door
The ground near the door and put a plate of meat to use gray
The white door, then take the bronze statue to plant the front side to take me down
The front door locked out because the front door again to pass (the first time I went into the same) to
If you go to the second floor staircase, landing at the left corner of the key pink
First floor under the stairs open the door to the pink
Get inside
Pot next to take a paper cup
Paper cups and pot use
Left out of doors
Left corner of the window of a blue key
Upstairs room to the blue door
I got the keys to the blue
People are lying because the tool box to take away from
Magnifying glass to examine the chest and taken back to the item
Upstairs room to the blue door
Left to examine the bookshelf
Right from the middle of a little orange Diary (between yellow and red) to take
Magnifying glass to find out the page to flip over the last "18668798″ numbers
Left out of the front door
Climbing ladder, chimney hole near the orange key
Return to room, go right
Left out of the window to the veranda
Brown depths of a key
The blue door right beside the door open a brownish
Lamp left under the red in the case to get the phone cable
Out of the room, open the door at the back of the orange
Walk into the window to check out and have爺さ�"
爺さ�"lay down on the bed
爺さ�"a paper cup of water use
The door of the room opposite to
Mirror to examine
Appeared in a number of wall panels to examine
Nikki was pressing the numbers
Cavity with a cast bronze statue
And the room lights off, with 7 of light reflected on the wall
The colors are the key to挿す(挿すelectricity at a price)
Clockwise from above
"The sky blue - orange - Loess - black - blue - pink in the middle - tea"
Slide the walls of the case file will come out to take
爺さ�"asleep to use the case file
爺さ�"talk ( "救" or words would come out)
Black door of the room to go
Telephone cable phone use
Use the phones

my walkthrough


Hi. I think this game is really fun and all, but I got to the point I'm tottally stucked. I didn't really understand this meat, plate and sauce thing. I click on the plate, but how to put meat on? If I click on the meat, and try to drag it to the plate, it just selects meat and I'm stuck! The magnifiying thing didn't work too. I select plate and then I click on the meat, nothing happens. I select meat and I click on the plate, nothing happens. Please help!

Frustrated June 24, 2008 12:11 PM

Why is the name of this game in English, and all of these posts in English, but the game is in Chinese? Do you need to be able to read what is written on the screen to play the game?


I can't get that ID. The phone doesn't rise. I still have a plate, lighter, stick, silver key, box, airplane paper, and diary. Please help.


If you plug in the phone
(after you do the light key thing and give the papers to the old man) and it's still not working, even though you've done everything, go back and click on the old man again. Then try pressing the buttons on the phone again.

Mariaisrandom September 8, 2008 7:46 AM

So, I'm stupid, trolling through these comments. I'm nowhere near and old man, a statue. But I *am* near the dog part.

I'm locked in, the creepy shadow guy let the dog out. Currently in my inventory is three keys (dark blue-green, gray and dark yellow), a round skeleton key, lighter and a metal rod. Oh, and the paper.

What do I do now?!


I gave the old man everything. The phone is plugged in, I've tried dialing numbers.
Nothing is working.


Never mind.
After giving him the fils you have to click him again so that he tells you he needs help or something.
Then the phone works.


you think that was creepy.. try playing it at 12.10

Eric the Red November 16, 2008 10:03 AM

I am new on here and have always previously bought point and click games so finding this site is just excellent, well done.

I tried Dr Stanley's House for a few minutes and then tried to save it on my computer but it went back to the start when I opened it again.

How do you save at a advanced point in the game to come back to later?

Thanks ETR


@ Crocker

Dr Stanley's discovery shocked the world and he thinks he's a genis >.>" In the next page , it says that a person is trying to buy his discovery and even threatened him . He's trying to say he's not afraid . In the next page again , he realised that there are some weird noises in his house , and he require a pet to accompany him . He concluded , that it must be the sinister's trying to trick him , and he told himself to keep the secret somewhere .

*Anyway , after you played finish this game , and if you replay again , the keys will still be there . Bug I guess ? :o


put meat on plate ( click plate then clik magnifying glass, then click meat so it appears on the plate and then put sauce on meat.)

Question, wheres the statue? i had to put it in a piece in the wall, and i dont have it. :)


Who is the old man at the end who opens his eye with the freaky music? Can someone explain the story to me please!!! :)


There's no grey key in the plant...


pardon me but is the link to game broken? =(

[Edit: The link works just fine. Click on the Japanese text on the first screen that appears with the eye to start the game. -Jay]


where can i find the pink room????

Anonymous April 28, 2011 11:35 AM



That was not cliche! And I love games that are not cliche!! XD


how do i get the paper out of the tree=(

superkoala June 30, 2011 8:56 PM

I cant find the stick and i know it says to click on the car but i try to click on it and it wont let me

cutepanda June 30, 2011 10:01 PM

Hi i got all seven keys but had to skip pea green room because it kept saying door is locked can some one give me a tip please thanks


I feel stupid I can't find the plant!!!! Please help me


I need help I am stuck I found the paper plane got the code off of the paper but every time I enter the code it dosent work


I don't know what the code is to get into the door again can someone tell me


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chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 69 - Retro with four games! After you find the ten monkeys in the chapter, look in the inventory. You will find a...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the Roundup 68 with three games! As mentioned in the previous roundups, only odd-numbered episodes are featured since even-numbered are for Robin Vencel's patrons (the...  ...
jayisgames.com In 2022, the revenue for gaming reached $184 billion, which says a lot about just how popular the industry has become....  ...
chrpa Jayisgames needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here! We'll start with two new cans in tomoLaSiDo's vending machine and then we'll go back to 2007 with GameDesign...  ...

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