Do You Have a Grudge?

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The GrudgeFrom Sony Pictures comes this Flash point-and-click adventure to promote their new low-budget horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. This mini-adventure is quite scary and will likely send chills down your spine, so turn down the lights and turn up the volume for maximum effect. Click.

The Grudge is actually a remake of a Japanese haunted house thriller created by Takashi Shimizu, who also directed The Grudge.


Just as good as the movie.


hey my name is judy is it a real story


i think the grudge is betta den the gothika can you make it a bit more scary plz thanks


its weird!!!! i didnt lyke it at all! the worst film i have seen in a long while


it is well scary. ma heart went when i saw these shadows. u should go on this it well cool aand scary


it wasnt even that scary at all it was funn


scaryiest movie iv ever seen how bout another one?


i almost sh*t my pants!


hey I didn't see the movie but the game is scary!!!!!!!!!!!


that was some scary sht. wow thats realy creeped me out. as if the movie wasnt scary enough. urgh! well i highly dought ill ever watch that again!


after i was scared to move from my seat and i keep looking over my back.i just stayed up and watched cartoons for the rest of the night

HannahLandrigan February 6, 2005 7:50 PM

That movie was the best movie i ever seen. I pooped my pants. Honestly!!!!


u guys have to do better than that u guys r weak

ihatedthegrudge February 16, 2005 5:11 PM

That movie was so bad. bad actors, bad effects, tried too hard to be a good scary movie. soggy woman was disgusting and creepy. It was freaky at times, but overall it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

Brooke and Katie February 19, 2005 10:11 AM

We can't figure out what to do in the game so leave comments to tell us how to play ....Thankz


the grudge wasnt even that scary at some parts it was but my mom wasnt even scared and she gets scared of the smallest thing so come up wit a betta scarier movie


hey, i'm watchin the movie on friday and if the game's anything to go by, i better have a blanket ready to hide behind!


I don't know how to play so if people can start commenting about the game and how to play instead of how scary the movie was that would be great.


i thought the movie was stupid... it was not scary and had no point... therefore i didn't like The Grudge!!

samantha April 2, 2005 4:39 PM

That wasn't too freaky but if you listen to it and a phone rings be perpared to scream.

hayley norcott April 13, 2005 4:54 PM

ermm.... it made me a bit jumpy but i havent actualy seen the film was a bit scarey the first time when i was on my own but now it dont bother me.

rich smith April 18, 2005 10:21 PM

ok so yea kinda keepy but does it like end or is there a point, i mean i sat here wondering arounmd in this house fior a half hour and yea, i think i go the food and pills and the sheets changed the objective thingies greyed out and then yea nothing happened after that so im just wondering if there is anything else i should have done yea creepy tho


hi i like the grudge it was so scary i jumped out of my mom was so scared


How do you win this game?


i played the game weird how do you beat it?i wana see movie.


I have no idea how to beat this game!!!
Someone help , plz


the grudge freaked my friends out so much they were speechless for half and hour!


How do you complete the grudge game?! Need help!


it hated the grudge it was LAME! and to this chevy taylor person gothika is 100000000 times better and scaryer, and use proper grammer, da? den?

heather pickering May 12, 2005 2:04 PM

it waz great!!!!!

Lindz And Krist May 12, 2005 10:21 PM

We have no idea how to play the game, so if you all would please give us a walkthrough it would be very appreciated!!



it was so not scary and what do ya do when ya complete it?????


game is not even that good does it even have a ending??? film was a bricker but the game aint all bad just needs bit more work.


When i first played the game i was so scared but now i am ok. I just hate the shadow in the mirror. Has anyone completed it? Me and my mates have been in every room but nothing happens.
I havnt seen the movie but when i have a sleepover with my friends we are going to rent it out every one has been saying it is rubbish but we still want to see it.

becca o. May 22, 2005 11:26 AM

omg i love this game but it takes forever 2 how do u complete it........if anybody know plzzz help i guess ill tlk 2 yall later


the movie was great i was scard but my mom was more scard then i was thankx ANGIE


that really did scare me and it really was real i could tell and i love the games to.


Oh my gosh. The game knew my name! I'm so freaked out now. I dont want to play it!
How did it know my name and initial???


omG! what the frig is up this game! though its as scary as hell, we can't beat it. each time we do the friggin missions, and then we're lost, how do you beat it?

Miles Scovern June 4, 2005 1:12 PM

Guess what guys, I've completed the game and I'm going to give a complete walkthrough...

First, look at your checklist. It will list a couple things you have to do. You need to complete those before you do anything else. Here they are:

  • Call me when you get home. To do this just go to the room with a tv and click on the phone and press the yellow button. Done! (press the black button to go away from it).

  • Mom's pills are in the bathroom. Go upstairs and click on the sink picture. now click the cupboard. now there's gonna be some scary thing! but then you're done.

  • Get mom's food from the refrigerator. Just go into the tv room and click on the picture with lots of rice paper around it (there's also a kitchen table). Now click on the refrigerator. Now click it again when it flashing again. Done!

  • Something about laundry. Go to the porch and click on all of the photograph pictures. they will disappear. Now go up the stairs, and click on the door straight ahead. Click on it again BOOM! Click on it again BOOM! and click it one more time SHA-BAM!! Now open the closet (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, then click the closet again. Done! I think that's all of them.

  • When you have all your chores done, go upstairs and click on the door on the right. WARNING: THIS PART IS SCARY!

  • Now open the white, flashing closet just a creak.

  • Now open it again (you could die here by chance) and hope you live, THEN SEE A LITTLE BOY SITTING IN THE CLOSET.

  • Now click on the glowing blue opening over the closet (if you lived) to go to the attic. This is the part with the highest chance of you dying.

  • If you *somehow* (like i did) survive, move your mouse to the left, and grab the phone.

  • Click on it when it stops flashing.



I really do like going on your website i go on it every week i love the games and the film is great don't take it off the web xxxx


Hey guys, we did all of the "walkthrough" and we got the phone and everything, so is there a screen that should come up to say that you have won? and how do you get out the house?? lol

vanesa rigdon June 23, 2005 8:32 PM

i thought that it was sad because you dont have to do all that just to have a boy

nichole June 24, 2005 4:13 PM

when i played do you have a grudge? game i finish the list but i dont do anything so i just look around!!!! then i die what the heck im i supposed to do something else?!

nichole June 24, 2005 4:33 PM

when you go in the room with the t.v look at the t.v for a while you'll see the moms FACE!!!!!its so scary!!!

Victoria June 26, 2005 9:22 AM

Even though i haven't seen the movie the game is so scary and fun at the same time. I sometimes turn away because its so scary to look at. I can't wait to see the movie it's probably scarier then the game.

Griffin June 30, 2005 9:09 AM

Good job Miles, I knew it wasnt a dead end (the attic)


i havent seen the movie but the game is well scary!


How do you open the closet? it just keeps writing my name in it.


the game is sort of scary my friend messed himself with the volume turned off, this game has really made me want to see the movie if it is as craZy as the game


ok the thingy is really SCARY and we've been on the websight since last night and we still can't finish it... and we did everything on the list and we STILL cant finish it.. and we KEEP on DIEING in the attic.. grrr.. im mad!

lucyliz July 8, 2005 1:38 PM

omg i don't think you can beat it but i showed it to all my friends! and enemies and one enemy not mentioning names (hayleigh.) WET HERSELF!

Bradley July 12, 2005 4:23 PM

how the heck are you supposed to finish the game when you automatically die? like i bet no one ever finished and survived the whole game. so what's the point? ok i would have to agree that it was scary but pointless.


that game was scary i hope there's grudge 2 ill be freaked out man


not that scary but the grudge is a scary game looking foward to seeing the film.


omg!! that's tha scariest thing i've ever done!


My gosh, it freaked me out! Just listen to the croaky voice in the room


This is not exactly a game. One thing is-you must die. The Grudge woman kills you, and in the end, its an advertisement for some Grudge screensaver. But yeah...I can't sleep after this thing, someone help? :'(


Ok if you did not like this movie you are a feack'in shi* face and if you have not played the game you need to play it. And here is the address The game is called do you have a grude.


Ok if you did not like this movie you are a feack'in shi* face and if you have not played the game you need to play it. And here is the address The game is called do you have a grude.


I thought the game was good and i really liked it when you watch the tv and you can see the grudge staring back at you. The only thing was that every time you go somewhere the same thing happens

Sarah-Elizabeth August 31, 2005 4:17 PM

The game is cool my sis and i played it and I thought it was aright! Oh and thanx to the person who told how to win I was stuck forever until you helped so thanx!


That was pretty scary there....


the grudge roks hahaha


ahh, I played this quite a while ago.
I almost died from heart attacks xD
what's worse, the first time, I innocently started playing it at night home alone. O_o;;
I haven't seen the movie though. haha


The scariest thing in that movie and in that game is the freaking noise..i had to shut it down..

stacey hu doesnt like toshio November 18, 2005 11:47 PM

oh my and my friend tammy watched the movie together, and we almost cried..hey we are 13!!! ive seen number two too, and i had to watch it in the morning, so i could get over it by night time!!!!


it was very freakyat some stages butt on some stages it wa very boring

Miles Scovern November 28, 2005 12:57 PM

Hey guys! It's me again! I'm the guy who posted the walkthrough. See, I have been reading your entries and I noticed that you guys keep dying. Like I said in the walkthrough, you always have a chance of dieing or surviving. In the Attic you probably have a 20% chance of not dieing. If you don't die, grab the phone (you just have to turn around) and you'll beat the game. It doesn't say you beat the game, but that's when you win. :)

sook xian December 7, 2005 5:12 AM

too short....
not good play....


my little bro wouldn't evan watch me play it he thought it was so scary


yah im too scared to start the game past the chores note. hehe


Hey... I went up into the attic and i got the phone and nothing happened. Then when I went down again the game killed me. Does that always happen?


omg if anyone says this isn't scary they are smoking something! i almost crapped my pants! me and my bf have been playin' it and we need a screaming pillow!!!! LOL! besides that it is awesome!!!!!!!!


That was the scariest movie I've ever seen!
That game was pretty damn creepy too
I couldn't play it all
Got frightened when I saw the first shadow!


ACTUALLY i completed all of it without that walkthrough and how do you know thats the end?? i dont think when you get the phone its the end. have any of you downloaded it???????????


omg this is the coolest game ever it is like scary and funny at the same time!! like the first time i played it i was scared and the second time i played it i loved it i can only get to the attic before i die though it is pretty tough!!


that game is scary and freaky and the person who did the walkthrough you havent completed it my friend says she's completed it and theres a screen that comes up saying you have won. i havent been able to complete it though im so scared that i hardly look at the computer screen.


how come you only die upstairs not down also where is the attic.


this game is so scary.
that i get scared when i go into a room or some other place.

christina April 14, 2006 7:08 PM

hey my name is christina n i luv the grudge!!! its da bomb....


how the heck do you beat the game???
pleze help me?????


that was scaryyyyy it should of been longer but i enjoyed it


The Grudge is one of my favorite movies! The Grudge 2 will be out October 13th!!!


This game was scary! O.O


I like this game but is scary


This is a GOOD game!!!!! me and my cousin played this on the computer and it was awsome cant wait for the 2nd (the grudge 2!!!)

brodie and abbie June 26, 2006 2:04 PM

i finished the list but then i dont now what to do cuz i just die wen i finished it i need help.

Molly and Hannah June 26, 2006 5:22 PM

Omg we went through the steps but guess what We still die! Do you die if you dont get it in order and do you have to be lucky to win or something? We are really having trouble so HELP US PEEPS!

Molly and Hannah


how do u complete this game!!!!! also where is the flippin attic!!


hi, me and my friend Emma can't get through the first level/room.
how do you get the keys? i really don't understand the game!
please help.


OMG i lasted about 2 seconds its well scary!! I nearly wet myself!!:P I am never going near that mirror thing again EVER!!Is the story real?


OK, here's the deal. No matter how much someone says you can beat the game, you can't. The flash encoding in the game uses a script that basically means you have to die. This isn't necesarily a game, but as someone said, and advertisement. Yes, you can complete the checklist items, and grab the phone, but as far as "omg youve won!" goes, there is no point in the game where that happens. The real winning the game is just doing everything there is to do in it; i think that the personal satisfaction of doing all the things in the game should be winning enough.

You can't beat the game; its that simple. you DIE. you can survive really long, but you can beat it.


hey this was so so so not scary, i am only 12 and i watched and played the game and i thought that both the game and the movie were good but not scary. So seriously could it be made scarier please. thanks


omg its scary!!


Hello, i wet my pants as soon as I saw the reflection in the mirror. When I went into the attic, i saw the grudges face, it blinked on and off! omg scary!
also to get to the attic you have to go through the bedroom upstairs!!! OMG how do you beat the paragraph that says "thanks for filling in on short notice"


How do you win?!!!!!!!


Hello, if you want to know how to win here's how: get every thing on the list then go to the main room down stairs and you clik on the far right side so you turn around. you will then see the front door and click on it and you will go outside, and then you grab the letter from the mailbox and then you win. because on the letter is says that you win. but if you do see the eyes in the attic, then you have already stuffed it up because you can't win, so dont bother trying to finish it.

Clockwork August 13, 2006 3:49 PM

The movie had absolutely no effect on me. The plot was ok, i guess. But overall it lacked the element of a truely good horror film. Also the acting and effects were terrible. Above all, the thing that really ruined the movie was the ending. That is the worst way to end any horror movie.

eddiebrooks August 16, 2006 11:44 PM

I ALMOST WET MYSELF!!! I just wanted my computer to shut down when i had seen a shadow in the mirror~ (I wish they hadn't done that!)
when i got of the phone, i could so two glaring eyes on the telivision set! there is no way that i am going upstairs! i know that the girl gets killed up there in the grudge and Ju-on! but for some reason, i still want to see the movie the Grudge 2 and Ju-on 2.

Chris Brown August 18, 2006 1:33 AM

Yo, Yo, Now everybody please QUIT asking how 2 finish the game!!!!!!! All you have 2 do is just keep trying and trying until u reach the end. And all u can do is ask other people if THEY need help okay!!!! Understand?? Thnk You all!!!!!


wow! had to close my eyes on some bits!...crap bit is that once youve done the tasks you get killed! totally ace!


What is the age limit for the grudge?


Wow. like, this game is scary man. I keep playing it, but i die everytime.
did anyone actually beat this game? if u did, u wanna let me kno how u did it

thnx <3<3<3<3


Okay. I can not die! My friend has died like 8 times, and we have each played like 10 different games, but no matter how much I explore, how much stuff I click, and how many times I see the kids I can not die! Argh!

So is there a way to win? Or is the end actually dying? 'Cause I have not achieved either.

devondrew October 6, 2006 7:38 PM

this game is scary thanxs


Ehm, the game is pretty darn scary... -_- Scarier than the movie at least... Then again I'm a scaredy cat. I should actually try to go over the game with one of my friends.

I know what im talking about November 4, 2006 6:10 PM

OMG!! i beat the game
heres how
complete all the tasks
then go to the bathroom
find the toilet and flush it
then the grudge pops out and shakes your hand then it says congratulations u won!!

dont listen to all those dumb people
that are all like "OMG IM SO COOL GO TO THE ATTIC AND YOU BEAT IT!! FIND THE MAILBOX" they are liars!!! u dont need to go to a stupid mailbox or attic

1. complete the list
2. go to the toilet

listen to me and you will won
those of u that are aggrivated because u cant beat it just listen to me


I've completed this game, to beat it u must examine all
clickable objects & finish ALL chores, not just those
listed on your social welfare application, this is a list of all objects:
Telephone in the living room (completes "call me if u
need me" chore.) The diary under the coffee table in living room. Shredded photos in the tatami room. The fridge in the kitchen (completes "make sure mom eats something" chore.) Medicine cabinet in bathroom (completes "make sure mom takes her pills, they're in the upstairs bathroom, she needs one every 4 hours" chore, note: 65% chance of dying here.) The closet in the main bedroom (completes "change mom's bed clothes
in her bedroom" chore, note: 95% chance of dying here.)
The closet in the spare bedroom (completes "there's some laundry upstairs" chore, note: 75% chance of dying
here) the telephone in the attic above the closet in the spare bedroom, note:45% chance of dying here.
congratulations, you've completed the game! Unfortunately there is no ending sequence to prove your
feat, as the whole point of the game is to be killed
by the curse, so you can either wander around the house
aimlessly, or get killed upstairs.
I rate this clever, yet repetitive game:


Don't listen to that ridiculous rumour about the hand
shaking ghost in the toilet once you've completed
the game, you cannot select the toilet in the bathroom.
Also, there is no mailbox saying you've won the game,
you CANNOT turn around at the downstairs landing, I will
say it again, though you may examine all clickable
objects & so see all the interactivity the game has to
offer, or as I said above, "complete the game", there is
no ending screen or reward, the point is to be killed
because the "game" is just an advertisement for the gtudge & its legendary curse, if you wish to look at this negatively, the game is pointless.


I loved the game even tho i have no idea how to win. HOW DO YOU WIN?

Andrea Fairytall November 16, 2006 6:54 PM

excuse me david magee but "i know what im talking about" is right!! i completed the game. the grudge shakes your hand its true!!!

and...its not in the main bathroom but the basement bathroom.

there is an end
and since u said there wasnt your just plain old dumb like we say in america TU ES STUPIDO!!!!


I'm sorry Andrea Fairytall, Maybe you are right, but maybe since you said you're from America, that there is a European version of the game, maybe we have to apply for a bigger version online, but when I play the game there is definatley not a basement bathroom, meant no offence but you gotta admit, Kayaoko coming out of a toilet shaking your hand would sound a bit funny if you're going by horror movie rules (maybe it was a prank by the game designers?) meant no offence, sorry!
your version of the game sounds much more interestig & certainly a relief of seeing something so funny after being scared so much!
Don't take this in any wrong way,
sorry, yours truly


Also, Andrea, if I'm wrong & there is only one version of the game, how do you get to the basement bathroom?
OK, I go into the house, I can select upstairs & downstairs, Surmising as much I click downstairs, I jump at the ghost in the mirror...ya da ya da ya da...
I then have three selections, kitchen, Living room & downstairs landing, in the living room I can click on Kayaoko's diary & the telephone receiver, in the kitchen I can click on the fridge, & the tatami room, the photo.
So...where is the basement bathroom?
"TU ES STUPIDO?!?" ...Frankly, I am quite amused & would NEVER let myself be insulted by other peoples' comments! right now both my friend & I are laughing! Misspelled
inaccurate french & Hand shaking possesed toilets?!?
You have a REALLY good sense of humour!
seriously! You should put that on Myspace or Bebo!


*sigh* this game always gimme the creeps

qoozone1984 December 2, 2006 10:48 AM

omg.its scary!!
but somebody'word !!!!I can't believe.

callummcquade December 2, 2006 5:30 PM

a played the game and i did ever thing but nothing happend what do u do make a better game


I finished the game. And yes, you CAN get out of the house (to all those people who said you can't!) Just go to the top floor, click on the door to the right to go to the bedroom, then the closet on the left. The boy should appear. Then, click above, just a little to the left up where the boy was. Then you're in the attic. Move around to grab the phone, phone quickly before the battery runs out, then you're out.


And, to "I know what i'm talking about"
You obviously don't. Why the heck would they make a scary movie, just to have a lame ending like the one you made up?
Oh, and there is no basement bathroom. So dont be smart.


The original Japanese movies were much better than these crappy American remakes that keep popping up all over the place.


Well,I thaught it was pretty much scary playing it then watching it!cause they put the scary music while showing the scary pic! So I thaught it was really scary!!!

David Magee January 17, 2007 10:13 AM

Who's in Europe on this discussion site? Because if I'm right, the European version does NOT have an outside or downstairs bathroom! I am REALLY sorry, maybe my computer doesn't allow me to access certain areas on the net but I am telling the absolute truth when it comes to me playing, there is NO outside OR downstairs bathroom.
Part of these rumours involve a letter saying you've won the game outside in the mailbox, I deny the existence of an outside area BUT there IS a letter in the house. It's in the bathroom, you can clearly see it propped up against the mirror above the sink, PERHAPS There is a similar easter egg to that of Andrea Fairytall's supposed hand shaking toilet ghost in the downstairs bathroom,(AND perhaps the source of that rumour) inside for those who follow my ACCURATE walkthrough above (see David Magee's FIRST entry on the list)as it is CLEARLY a letter that seems to be there for no reason at all BUT seems to be a likely candidate for the beginning of that "Letter" rumour, REMEMBER, THIS IS MY OWN PURE SPECULATION!
Now please, don't argue with me, I am completely open to
speculation about my "regional version" theory.

Allison March 4, 2007 4:49 PM

I have gone to the attic, I have seen Kayako's face, and I can't get killed!
Seriously, I can't, i keep wandering the house until I get to a place I can't get to, then I start it over again.
For me, there is no way to win or lose.


Ok, I have played the game a hundred times. I have been to EVERY place there is. I have been to the attic, I have seen the cellphone and seen all the scares. And I have to agree with David Magee, there IS NO downstairs bathroom. In fact, there is basically no basement. I have also found the letter, it's quite funny, but I prefer the satisfaction of going to get the cellphone.

Also the first grudge game has been updated and it is now practically impossible to get the cellphone, actually I don't think there even IS a cellphone in the attic anymore. You get up there and you die. That's it.

As it has been said many times, this is just an advertisement. And also, let's not start getting obsessed about this and become the "OMG i know how to win it LISTEN TO ME AND NO ONE ELSE" people that we see so many times on Neopets.

lopsidation March 28, 2007 2:24 PM

The Grudge Two:
Fun game, isn't as scary.


this game was scary! i hope that my bffs will stop teasing my friend because in the movie the grudge meows and now all the people in my class are meowing at her!!! oh and thanx miles!!! for helping win the game even though i'm never playing it again!

David Magee April 10, 2007 12:26 PM

thank you teena!
there is no basement!

christine April 12, 2007 7:05 PM

it's super scary


the point of the game is to go do your mission then gotta go to attic then you win thats it


Its crazy i mean like... The closet open and boo you die.. I seriously played 2 times. the first time i explored the whole house until teh attic tehn boo i died? The second timewhen i am in the bathroom, i saw the child and me frenz scream so loud i go click on it? then die liao.... aiayoyo... Anyway it has no ening just die.... check teh flash code if you dun believe me..

Sh1Fty_Jc May 5, 2007 5:25 PM

man this game is annoying, i keep dieing and at the same time, i only have time to play the game at night =X

edwina and steph May 20, 2007 9:44 PM

ive played this game millions of times and there is no way of winning


yo i love the game gruge it is so hard to beat it but i was scared at the first time but now it is not that scary and i figured out how to win the game

Denise Valshe May 26, 2007 4:52 AM

I hear that the mirror ghost is very scary. However, I haven't seen it yet, so I'm terrified to play again. My brother played this game and wouldn't give up. He's played about 25 times, and died every single time. I have played plenty enough times, but I never die, I just aimlessly wander around.


i try to play this game for many times/omg
i always try to get in to the attic and i always die /pif
i think there is no way of winning this game..



Confused June 27, 2007 9:08 PM

Excuse me, but does anyone know if the names that appear at the end are supposed ot be people actually playing the game, or are they randomly shoved there?

Because I get names like "Kitsune J" and "Dorky P" and "Gnome K" in the middle of all the normal names, and it seems liek the kind of things other players put in :P

BTW, the whole point of the game is too die.

scaryboy July 5, 2007 5:53 AM

I keep on dying on the closet part, how do you not? Every time i play this game i die! HELP!!!


there is no ending apart from death in the movie every one who comes into contact with the grudge dies do you think after you have been all around the grudes house and played with her toys slept in her bed eat her food do you really think she is going to let you live

the grudge cannot be stopped the second movie says
"it will keep on growing and kill everyone it comes into conatc with until the whole world has suffered the way she did"

mr game & freak August 3, 2007 6:03 PM

I keep chicking out if I play alone but i have a chance of winning I never died on the closet part But on the phone in the living room click on the blue button and listen to the message

aaaaaaaaaaaaah! October 26, 2007 11:12 AM

There is NO Basement toilet,
NO mailbox,
About the attic, im not sure ive picked up the fone and then its dissapeared.
Some stupid face comes up and thats all that happens.
I Dunno how to complete the game but the toilet and mailbox is a load of bull.


it is scary how do you pass it


Hiyaa everyonee ! i played this game in ict at school wiv mahh friend and it was chasing us when my teacher walked round the corner !

So we quickly switched it off and i darnt watch it on my own again ! lol, will someone tell me what happens next ? :P

i rytee wannaa no ! lol x

Rytee Bakkwards

Luciaa -Ox


Hey people,

i just started playing this game and boom i died already, i mean what the heck is that??


this game looks pretty freaky but o my god it cant be that bad can it!


Pretty scary. I'm kinda glad my computer's sound card is busted.
One funny thing...when I died...apparently someone named "Dudley D" died with me. Lol.


where is the toliet ? i can't find it

Liviaa..~* <33 x December 15, 2007 11:59 AM

Oh My Gosh! I Didnt Get Killed But There Is NO WAY Out The House...
PLEASE Tell Me How To Get Out Cause Its Kind Of Boring In There.


omg i gt scared the first time i done it,i tried it on my cuzzins and one of them actually peed his
the game is tooo short and i hate it wen it keeps on loading. :(


for some of you who can't find the attic. when you check into the closet the attic will show up ontop of the screen above the closet.


This game sucks eggs cause it is un beatable but it rocks because creepy effects and sounds (you can also commit suicide). Freaking Awesome except for people saying that the grudge pops out of the toilet and shakes your hand and the stupid mailbox myth!~


Whoa i died that sucked.Has anybody played grudge 2.Its not really scary.


Wow. If you think the game is scary you should see the movie!!


The part when you go to the upstairs bathroom scared me!
So did all the other parts. I didnt actually play it a lot (only once I died).
I watched my friends; still very scary.


This game is scary!
Go on it though because it's fun.
But Warning, it's scary!

If you like scary stuff,

go into the bedroom and open the cupboard. Then there will be an attic in the corner. Go into it. Move left and you'll see a phone. Click on it. When it's dead, click on it again. Move left again and AAAAAAH!!! ok thanks. It's scary, just to let you know again.


If you stay in a room for too long, you get murdered by the posessed girl.

PPS: I've never finsished the game. It's too scary.


When I went in the attic and the face came up, I exited it straight away because it's so scary.

PPPPS: If you like the game, watch the movie. I haven't seen it, but I've read about it on Wikipedia. There's lots of murders.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

thanks (:


little kid scared the hell outta me.

love the movie through

Titan F. Primaji April 22, 2009 9:10 AM

it's sick!
i already finished iy,anyway..but it's sick!


I just played this game about 12 times. You do exactly what you're supposed to do, in order, perfectly, without flaw- and still die in the middle of the game without finishing?

It just wasn't any fun for me at all. It's like you click one thing then endure 30 seconds of cut scenes and loading. Then click one thing then endure 30 seconds of cut scenes and loading. Click another single thing then endure 30 seconds of cut scenes and loading...

Then die before you're supposed to?

Just not fun at all. The only reason I played so many times was because it became a challenge to beat the darn thing.

So I'm not trying to be condescending but this was just too ridiculous to even enjoy. It's like you are basically clicking just to watch a scene, a loading screen, then die in the middle.

Then the more you play, it just becomes frustrating- not enjoyably scary because you are concentrating more on just redoing everything you've already done previously multiple times and you know what is going to happen over actually enjoying things as you progress with surprise.

No thanks. Two thumbs down.


That's strange... A game where you have chances of dying at points where you progress?

I only lived through the first chance. Got owned on the second. xD;

I find it funny that the person decides to stay and finish the chores even though the house gets creepier and creepier by the second. I mean, I know that you wouldn't have a game if the person just walked out, but still. x'D

I thought that this was going to be one of those games with really junk graphics with screen shots of the stuff from the movie slapped onto it. *coughs* Crimson Butterfly "escape" game *coughs*

The game was okay. I covered the screen with my hand since I hate jump scares. I was just curious so I just listen to the sounds. 8D;

The fact that you can die at several points is kind of a turn off though... I mean, I could keep trying I guess, but I wish there were fewer. I'm willing to give it a few more tries though.

I kinda like these games that are made to promote stuff since they usually seem pretty neat. xD Hotel 626 (I think that's the name...) was pretty interesting too.

I love this site since I don't have to shift through tons of disappointing games. e.e; Not everything is perfect or goes with my tastes, but I've still found out about a ton of fun games here. Keep it up you guys, you're doing great. *thumbs up*

hfgbkivf August 4, 2009 9:05 AM

It's scary! I don't get it - where does she come from? Well, I really wanna win in this game but its scary and difficult. Her voice is not really scary, but the way she moves is. Oh I am scared! Well can any body answer me - why does she kill innocent people? So dumb!!


Ugh took me a while to beat this game... But it was fun to play... Just too many shadows dancing malevolently got my head spinning xP

Anyways. Walkthrough here. SPOILERS CONTAINED!

Call me When You Get Home...

This took me a while since I just traveled all around the home to get notice of all the rooms. Well for you, it's simple. Look for a room with a television on the corner and click on the phone and press the yellow button. That should do it. Press that black button to move away from it.

Mom's pills are in the bathroom...

This sorta got to me. Go up the stairs in the main room and go to a room with a sink in view. The bathroom duh! And in there, click on the glass cupboard. AaaaHH!! T.T But now you know that's that.

Get Mom's food from the refrigerator...

Go back downstairs and go past the T.V. room to find the kitchen. Looks more like a dining room actually. Click on the picture with lots of paper wrapped around it. Then click on the fridge. Click on it again when it starts to flash again. Completed!

Something about Laundry...

Go to the back porch (NOT OUTSIDE) and look on the floor. There are glowing photograph pics. Click on all of them to make them disappear. Go upstairs, and click on the door far ahead of you. Click away... 3 times. Then click on that closet (CHANCE OF DYING) and you're done.

The AFteRMaTH...

When you complete all the chores, go upstairs and go to the room on your right. Inside, there is a closet that is slightly glowing. Open this... just a tiny creak. It will close. (HIGHER CHANCE OF DYING) Click on it again, and see that creepy little dude in the closet. Reminded me of Toshio Saeki from the Grudge series. Then click on that trapdoor above you to enter the attic. (HIGHEST CHANCE OF DYING HERE) Don't click on the phone just yet... Wait until it stops glowing, then pick it up.

The End. GRATZ You won :)

vandana May 7, 2010 11:04 AM

ohhhh!!! terrific verry scary my god never play this again Ohh my gooooodddddd

jason voorhees May 12, 2010 5:17 PM

wow! this game was creepy the first time, but i always die at the clotset or bathroom. i don't think the grudge likes a name: jason v. he he. mabey it's because i can't die and come back for more! :) oh and what's up with the name jason x. that's a movie. anyways the mirror part was kind of lame. i mean, even 'escape from crystal lake' is better. just help me, and my friend win this game. and the sequal to it. p.s. the toilet part is soo fake. not so horror-like. just know the horror, and let your mind sink into the grude's mind. and this is just a tip. your horror friend, jason.

Jessie/ Tryer21 December 8, 2010 6:23 PM

wth. i do everything you say and it doesnt say you win or anything it just keeps going on. You should make a video and show us how to beat the game conpaired to just telling us!

John Nicdao April 23, 2011 6:40 PM

you guys. there IS a way to win the game. all you need to do is go up to the attic and move your mouse slowly to the left. look on the floor. you will see a cell phone. click it. it will say low battery. once it stops glowing,click it and you will get yourself scared by kayako saeki with her eyes and face screamin. that's how you win. don't listen to people saying that you need to go to the bathroom and thr grudge will shake your hand or the mailbox. trust me. i beat this on April 23,2011. the cell phone is still there Teena. hope this helps.


There is a possibility of dying when you take the mom's pills. I died :D

sparklygrass May 29, 2011 9:27 AM

Wow, brilliant game! I keep dying whenever I get to the bathroom bit though..Ah well, gotta keep trying~
Does anyone know what the active desktop thing does? I'm kinda curious.

Tryer21 July 14, 2011 2:09 PM

Why dont you put a video on youtube about how to beat the game plzzzzzzzz


Dear Judy.

No, ghosts do not exists, thence this is not a true story

Yours sincerely


first do all the chores then, go up and click the right door. then click the glowing closet 2 times to see toshio saeki. then go to attic in the upper right. then HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART TO WIN!! move your cursor SLOWLY. SLOWLY then click the cellphone. it says LOWBATT. then click it when it glows. YOU WIN !!. haha !! ^_^. i've figured it out cr0wds. haha !! ^_^ ..


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