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Dismantlement: Tea Canister

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Rating: 4.4/5 (205 votes)
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Dismantletea_title.jpgGrinnypIt's dismantling time again! Yes, gam.ebb.jp has brought us something new to tear apart in a frenzy of violence! Or, you know, just to calmly pull to pieces layer by layer. Welcome to Dismantlement: Tea Canister, another great point-and-click puzzle game where you can have fun reducing something to its basic components. Mind you, there's usually not much to dismantle when it comes to a tea canister. Open the lid and find tea, that's what usually happens. But if you happen to find a strange sort of device? Well, that can't be good news. Never mind that it's a bomb. Surely it's not that dangerous.

As the instructions so lovingly point out at the beginning of the game: you only have a screwdriver. Good thing you have one, otherwise this game would be more like Stare at Things: Your Lunch. Simply click on screws to remove them, and click on other things to manipulate them. You'll figure it out, you're a smart gamer, you.

Like its predecessor, Dismantlement: Radio, Dismantlement: Tea Canister is an exercise in patient deconstruction and puzzle solving. There's no moving around from front to back in this one, instead you are proceeding layer by cautious layer through the cylinder of the canister. Trickier puzzles await the intrepid explorer as they work their way towards the bottom. Can you get there without blowing up? Only time will tell.

Analysis: Oh happy day, a sequel! For all those gear heads who had fun the first time around, taking apart a tea canister is just as intriguing as a radio. This one's a bit trickier than the original, and once you hit a certain point, you're working against a timer, so be ready to work fast. Fortunately, if you blow yourself up, you don't have to restart the game, just the countdown.

Dismantlement: Tea Canister isn't without a few flaws, though. The music puzzle, for example, requires both sound and a keen ear, making it rather inaccessible to those hard of hearing. Some of the puzzles also require some dexterity, so if you're working with a touchpad, you might have a rough time with this one.

Still, it's nice to tear things apart without getting into trouble, so go for it. Take a break from the everyday and start dismantling! Just try not to blow up so much, okay?

Play Dismantlement: Tea Canister

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dismantlement: Japanese Tea Cannister Walkthrough

General Information

  • This walkthrough separates out each layer so as to avoid spoiling the whole puzzle.

  • Remove the screw at the title page and the screw at the instruction page to continue.

  • You do not need to know Japanese to play the game.

  • Your screwdriver is already provided.

  • Try not to blow up too much.

  • If you do blow up, you will go back to the Danger! Layer rather than the beginning of the game.

  • Try not to blow up again.

Layer 1: Clock Face

  • Click on the Tea Cannister to begin.

  • There are three hands on this clock, each with a shape at the end.

  • There are three white buttons at the edge of the clock, each controls one hand.

  • The upper right control moves the hand with a square at the end.

  • The bottom control moves the hand with a hexagon.

  • The upper left control moves the hand with a triangle.

  • Start by observing the shapes.

  • I wonder if the positions the hands need to be have something to do with the shapes?

    • Count the number of sides on each shape.

      • Place the hands on the number that corresponds to the number of sides: Triangle on 3, square on 4, and hexagon on 6

  • Once the hands are placed correctly the little lock symbol will show unlocked.

  • Click on the face of the clock and it will raise up.

  • Remove the three screws that are revealed.

  • Click to remove the layer.

Layer 2: Music Theory

  • First remove the three screws holding the metal separator.

  • Click on the separator to remove it.

  • This one needs the sound turned on.

  • Click on music note 1 and listen to the lovely tune.

  • Click on music note 2 and listen again. Notice the extra notes.

  • You probably need to make the tune from music note 2 match the one from music note 1.

  • Perhaps if you turned off some of the chimes?

    • You need to turn off the extra notes so that music note 2 tune matches music note 1.

      • Counting from the left, turn off the number 2 chime, the number 3 chime, and the number 7 chime.

  • Once the proper chimes are turned off play music note 2 again.

  • If done correctly, the three plastic protectors will pop open, revealing three more screws.

  • Remove the screws and click on the layer to remove it.

Layer 3: Alphabet Soup

  • Oh look, spinning gears preventing us from removing the screws.

  • Let's take a closer look at the dials below the gears.

  • Hmmm, A, B, and C.

  • And what's this lettering around the outside of the circle?

  • Does the lettering have something to do with the dials?

  • Certain letters have arrows above them, does that mean something?

    • Notice that each of the alphabet dials has 12 settings, like a clock.

    • Notice that one A, one B, and one C on the outside lettering have an arrow pointing to them.

    • Perhaps their positions should be mirrored in the dials?

      • The setting of the dials should mirror the clock position of the letters on the outside rim that have arrows.

      • Set the A dial to 5 o'clock, set the B dial to 3 o'clock, and set the C dial to 9 o'clock.

  • If you set the dials correctly the gears should stop spinning.

  • Click on the large gear to remove it.

  • Remove the 4 screws revealed by removing the large gear.

  • Click on the inner face to remove it.

  • Remove the three revealed screws.

  • Click on the layer to remove it.

Layer 4: Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

  • Okay, this one will take a little dexterity. There is also no one "right" solution.

  • The ball is at the top of the circle. You want to get the ball to the grey hole at the bottom.

  • Yes, this is miniature golf played with a metal ball and magnets.

  • The white and red things around the outside are magnets, and each will pull the ball in their direction.

  • Start with the magnet on the upper right and click it. The ball will begin to roll towards it.

  • Continue around clicking the magnets to change the course of the ball until it is near the bottom.

  • Continue to manipulate the ball with the magnets until it hits the gray hole at the bottom. Do not let the ball hit the outer gray rim or you will have to start over.

  • Once the ball makes it into the hole, three plastic protectors will pop up revealing three screws.

  • Remove the three screws and click on the layer to remove it.

Layer 5: Danger!

  • From here on out, you are working against the clock.

  • Remove the two screws for the danger plate.

  • Remove the danger plate.

  • Oh look, a turtle!

  • Notice that the countdown to explosion has begun.

  • Watch the turtle as he rotates counter clockwise.

    • Notice that he twitches at some screws but not at others.

    • Perhaps we should remove the screws in the order that he twitches at them?

      • Remove the screws in this order: Upper left, lower left, lower right, top, bottom, upper right.

  • Once the screws are removed in the correct order the turtle will stop rotating.

  • Click on the turtle to remove him and go to the next layer.

Layer 6: Color Theory

  • The clock is still ticking!

  • This layer will take a quick eye and quick hand.

  • This layer is random, so there is no one "right" answer as to the order to remove the screws.

  • There is a center button and eight screws which keep changing colors from red to blue.

  • There are two clues on the outer rim, examine them closely.

  • The clues on the outer rim explain how to safely remove the screws. Remove one screw wrong and you will explode and go back to the danger plate.

    • According to the clues, opposite colors are wrong and the same colors are right.

      • Watch closely and remove a screw when that screw and the center button are the same color, either blue or red. Removing a red screw while the button is blue will blow you up, and vice versa.

  • When all the screws are removed click on the center button to remove it.

  • Look, another screw! Remove the screw.

  • Click on the center plate to remove it. Yay, four more screws.

  • Remove the four screws and click to remove the layer.

Layer 7: It's A-Mazing!

  • You have made it to the bomb itself.

  • There's a small plate in the center, held down with two screws. Remove the screws.

  • There's a maze game in the middle. Click on it for a close up.

  • The object is simple: Get the blue ball from the top of the maze to the bottom without touching the sides or the whirling fan thing.

  • Click and drag until you have reached the bottom.

  • Luckily if your hand gets tired you can "set down" the ball and rest for a second before picking it back up and continuing.

  • Once the maze is completed the timer should stop.

  • Click on the face of the timer to flip it up and remove the screw underneath.

  • Click on the timer to remove it. This reveals a screw underneath, towards the bottom. Remove it.

  • Click on the maze to remove it.

Layer 8: This is the End

  • There is a screw in the middle, remove it.

  • Click on the layer to remove it. You have reached the bottom!

  • Congratulations on not blowing up (much).


This is so spooky. I just played 'Dismantlement: Radio' this morning for the first time. Looking forward to this :D


Very clever Revane. I see it now!

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 24, 2009 7:43 AM

This better be brief. That tea canister won't disassemble itself.

Markonite2 November 24, 2009 8:46 AM

Must dismantle! I remove all of parts!!


Now that is a long music code to remember, even thought I do not know what I should be doing with it.


Cleared it... that was fun, but

it got a little annoying to have to repeat elements after I'd already done them, once the bomb timer was started. It's not too frustrating though because stabbing at things randomly and failing a few times helps you to figure out what the logic behind the post-bomb puzzles are. Why do I keep blowing up? Why don't I blow up when I do this? Ohhhhhh!


Thanks for the link professional! Wow, this one was much more straightforward than the last...I didn't even need a walkthrough! Yay!

At first I thought that it was buggy when

I clicked on the tea and could only rotate the triangle, diamond, and hexagon hands, but after I smacked my hand against my forehead, I got it.

Fun and casual!


I didn't understand the

order of how to unscrew the turtle layer. I only got through that part using brute force trial and error.

Alkalannar November 24, 2009 9:39 AM

You need to

turn some of them off so that the second button only plays what the first button plays.

Down to the red and blue screws after the spinning turtle, and they're driving me nuts.



Look at the charts on the left and right. They are hints.

X no O yes

You have to match the color to remove the screw, no order is necessary.

Alkalannar November 24, 2009 9:45 AM

Ah, the power of posting. Timing detection was messing up somewhere, is all.


Hello everyone! First time poster- many year reader!

I love the dismantlement games, but i am so stuck with the letters and the dials. I feel like I'm missing something obvious...



Each of the three dials corresponds to something. It's spelled out for you.



the tea canister

click on the tea canister

first layer: clock

notice the shape of the each end of this clock

bottom button: hexagon = 6 sides
right button: square = 4 sides
left button: triangle = 3 sides

hexagon to the 6
square to the 4
triangle to the 3

click on the clock
click the 3 screw
click the other 3 screw

second layer: music

listen to music 1 and music 2

note the difference between them

switch off the excess notes

from left to right: on off off on on on off on

click 3 screws and remove this layer

third layer: gears

notice how many arrows are there and where the letters are

the gear says A B C and it have 12 teeth, what is similar to it?

A is 5
B is 3
C is 9

click on the big gear and remove the screws

fourth layer: ballgame

this are 8 magnets which will pull the ball to it

but avoid to touch the grey area

when the ball goes into the bottom hole, remove the screws

the bomb (you have 8 minutes)


remove the screw and open it


notice the sequence of when the frog move its legs

the sequence:
1.upper left
2.lower left
3.lower right
6.upper right

colour screws

notice when you can and cannot remove the screw:
when the center colour match the colour of the screw, remove it

when you done, keep remove the screws

spin plate

now there is a timer and a spin plate

when the arrow become white, spin the plate to that direction until the button on top turns green


keep remove the screw and finished!


That was a bit frustrating at the end.

I understood what I had to do for the last puzzle (the black arrow/white arrow one), but I had trouble actually turning the dial. The movement produced by my clicking and dragging seemed to be random. I was trying to drag the dot around, like it was a handle, but it seems the solution was more along the lines of 'drag your cursor in a circle a lot, accuracy not required.' Could have used a bit more polish.


Brilliant, love it :)


I liked the first a bit more because it had more of an over-all sort of puzzle to it (even if that puzzle was also split up and linear) but this one was very good and I sure hope they keep making more! very fun.


The game is back up!

We had to unpublish the review shortly after it went up on Tuesday due to the author taking the game down to re-tool parts of it.

We will need to re-verify the walkthrough(s) posted to be sure they work with this new version.


Only the last puzzle was changed.

Now you have to get a point point (ball) through a maze without touching the walls to stop the bomb

Beside that, it's the same game.


Thanks, Undine! :)


I can't seem to back out of the view of the top of the canister.

I assume the bottom-right button is what is used for that?


Nevermind, power of posting. I feel really dumb.


Too bad about the last puzzle getting retooled. Before, it was one of those rare challenges that was easier on a track pad. Not so much now.


Could someone spoiler up how the last puzzle USED to be?


On the last one, you can actually let go of the button to stop moving it for a moment if your hand needs a rest.


First, I really love these "Take Stuff Apart" games, and I know I'm not the only one. Do I sense a new pop genre emerging? Or maybe a CGDC theme? Second, I hate mouse avoider games--they just seem pointless (or is it too much pointing?)--but I love how this game switches up the puzzles. The mouse avoider bit was a refreshing challenge that kept me interested. Great job gam.ebb.jp!


Cleared and without the need for a walkthrough (which somehow wasn't working when I needed it most - namely on the second to last challenge).

Great little puzzler! Keep up the good work.


I wasn't particularly excited for the new last puzzle, but what made me quit was having to replay the two previous puzzles for a retry at it.


Quit after I blew up 6 times on

Where you actually get to the bomb and the silly mouse maze thing.

Papachabre November 27, 2009 4:28 PM

I think I feel the same way about these dismantlement games as I did room escape games when they first starting appearing - I love them!

Kevin Buckingham November 27, 2009 4:44 PM

The puzzle is different in the area I found, but only in the last part. Here's the last puzzle in my tea canister:

The timer is still going. Remove the two screws in the middle plate, and then remove the plate itself.

Solve the mouse maze to disarm the bomb.

Click the timer to reveal a screw (just like Radio! :) ).

Remove the screw, and then click the timer assembly to remove the whole bomb.

Remove the remaining screws you see.

Congrats, you've defused the bomb!

Hope this helps...


for the love of god change the last puzzle!


Ugh, Irritating Stick. I always quit when a game makes me play Irritating Stick. The rest of the game was awesome, though. I'll have to go back and play radio now.


Gamedesign rocks.

[Edit: Although the style is similar, these dismantlement puzzles are from gam.ebb.jp not Gamedesign.jp. -Jay]



I don't think I can find the words to describe how sad I am.

The Radio was SO great... the right level of difficulty, the absence of pixel hunting, the plausibility of it all.

This canister does everything SO wrong instead.

* Linear levels structure - So. There was an actual need to use the canister gimmick to string a series of minigames together? Gone is the three-dimensionality of the Radio, the physical logic of the puzzles, the feeling that this could mimic a real (but strange) experience.

* A music puzzle - will game designers ever learn that LOTS of people are simply tone deaf? Without the walkthrough not me nor my girlfriend would ever pass it.

* A twitch puzzle - The turtle thing, apart from being totally implausible in an actual object, relies on such minute and confusing hints that in the end one ends up solving it just by trial and error.

* A precision puzzle - A mouse-maze? In there? Ok, so the realism of it all goes out of the window. And the will to fight with a less-than-perfect mouse is soon reduced to <0.

To sum it up: the Radio was a great concept and a greater execution. This one is a silly videogame like hundreds of others. A shame, really.

We are hoping the next dismantlement will bring back the original feeling of it all... deeply.


Is anyone having the problem where you can only click the middle thing at the beginning, then you can't click out of it and can only click the buttons that control the hands?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 28, 2009 12:24 AM

I think I'm glad this one came back after it's brief stint of being 'broken'.
The freakin'

maze! My hand is sweating on the mouse so much and as soon as I get to the wheel part, my hand twitches and BOOM! and then it's back to the turtle - again,

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 28, 2009 12:25 AM


that's how the game starts. You have all the clues you need right there.

how many sides does a triangle have? A square? A hexagon?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 28, 2009 12:29 AM

Okay... I give up...
I can't get through the mouse maze without scaring the bejeebus out of my cat every time I blow up...
Maybe later.


I effing HATE HATE HATE mouse avoider "puzzles". (In quotes because there's nothing puzzlish about them, they're simply tedious.) The fact that blowing up sends you back to the turtle is adding insult to injury. This game has hereby entered my list of "games I detest".


I agree with Tracian. Whether or not this was a good series of puzzles (I personally feel the puzzles were mediocre), it threw the entire "dismantlement" theme out the window. The radio was an actual mechanical object, and the feel of actually turning a plausible device in your hands, figuring out how it works, and attempting to use that knowledge to take it apart... that feeling was great. This game has none of that, instead being a linear series of unrelated puzzles that happen to have screws instead of a "next puzzle" button.

While normally I don't try to force games to stand next to their predecessors, this game isn't that remarkable on its own. Most of the puzzles were interesting and fun, but some were pointless and out-of-place.

In the end, it was an enjoyable experience, but lacking, and a disappointment to the wonderful expectations raised in the first.


But I'm still very much looking forward to the next release! The game shows polish and thought, it just went astray in a few broad areas.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 28, 2009 6:08 AM

heh! Finally made it through and my cat is relatively unscathed.
For all of the constructive opinions above, I liked it, and I thought the mouse maze was appropriate in that it actually induced a feeling of nervous perspiration and frustration that might be likened to the defusing of an explosive (although probably nowhere near as nerve wracking).


Not to give anything away, but I though this was much easier than radio, it had more self-evident/contained puzzles in a linear order, the only hard parts were music and the maze, which I did use right-click on. Very good


On the music puzzle, I'm tone-deaf too, but

if you look at the symbols (1=2), then look at which red lights light up when there's a double note, you'll know that you need to turn those off.

Skydragon222 November 28, 2009 12:00 PM

These are great games, nothing but dozens of puzzles to solve using logic. I can appreciate a good plot, but sometimes I just enjoy a couple of logic challenges.


Really, this was much worse than Dismantlement: Radio on so many levels! First of all, the motivation - while I perfectly understand the need to dismantle a radio every now and then, I see no reason to dismantle a tea canister - I mean, just open the lid and that's all you need to do! All these insides were really weird, and then it's all linear and actually much easier than the radio where you had to figure out which part to do next. Then - tests of dexterity in a point-and-click puzzle? This, Sir, is an outrage! I really hope the next Dismantlement will be something like "Dismantlement: Grandfather Clock" and not "Dismantlement: Cornflakes Box".


Having a problem loading this game. It loads 83% and then stops. Im playing with windows xp. Any thoughts as to why it wont load all the way. thank you.


No. 12268

Really great game, I don't see why Taleweaver says it's so bad.


I agree with Linkzcap, it wasn't bad it just wasn't as good as the first. I still like the idea, the puzzles were fairly original. It would be nice to bring back the 3-d nature of it because that made me think spatially and made it fun. Still, I like this and I hope there are more!


Darn...don't do sound games. Wonder why this one requires it?

brokenrecord November 28, 2009 9:03 PM

At some point you just have to think, I don't really feel like tea anymore.


I big pet-peeve off mine is a tedious mouse maze. Otherwise, I thought the whole concept was unique(haven't tried the radio one yet).


One thing I noticed is that the entire game has a tool tip of "radio". The programmer must have added that to the original game, and forgot to change that when he modified it to make this one.


Yeah, I'll agree it's not as good a game compared to Radio, in terms of gameplay or thematically, but it's still a fairly good game in its own right.


I hate the stupid maze thing. >.


YAY! Now I can finally...HEY WAIT

There's no tea in here!! Argh!


Ha! Cleared it! And no walkthrough this time! :D

The music box was a lot of fun.

The "bomb cleared" sound startled me more than the "explosion" sound, though.


Though it was all presented in a linear fashion, there's nothing inherently wrong with that; the problem was that the Dismantlement: Radio managed to use every part of an everyday object, using little tricks and puzzles to add to the complexity of the overarching one of dismantling the radio; with a perfectly cylindrical tea canister, there was nothing to use except to make it the container for the puzzles themselves. The sound puzzle isn't all that complex, and you don't even need to know any music at all to do it; if you figure out what needs to be done, you can just fiddle with the buttons as you get closer to something that works.

The first time, I didn't see the lights go off and thought that both buttons did the same thing, as they were both greyed out. I thought I had to flip each switch in the same order as the tones were played, which was both more complicated than what was really needed aside from being wrong.

The hints for one or two of them ended up looking rather ambiguous, so I ended up thinking of something similar and getting confused when it didn't work. I'd still like to see what else he can booby-trap, but hopefully next time he'll use something that isn't devoid of features.

Oh, and for posterity, #20242. If you add up all the digits, you get 10, or 28 if you don't count the 0 by itself.


there is a little trick for the last maze
(it may be useful for those who has a extremely shaky hand!)

click on the dot first

hold it and then right click

no need to hold the mouse button anymore

go straight to the end point and left click

NOW, it is a baby level maze, isn't it-V-


Excellent game!


I liked this! I thought it was much easier than the Radio disassembly, which is neither a good nor bad thing, and I'm glad it's apparently been retooled so that blowing up sends you to the beginning of the puzzle you were working on, not the beginning of the timed section. I think I'd have enjoyed it MUCH less had I needed to resolve the entire timed portion every time I messed up the mouse maze!

As to the music puzzle: It can be solved entirely on rhythm rather than tone. That's how I solved it, at any rate: by figuring out which beats were extra rather than which notes. It's still a roadblock for those without computer sound or the ability to hear, but if you're just musically useless like me, you can still do it. :-)


Help.. I would really like to play this game. Enjoyed the radio. Cant get it to load past 83% It just stops there. I wrote a comment asking for help earlier but no response. I even tried e-mail to the web site where the game is. again no response. Has this happened to anyone else. all other games Ive ever played load just fine. I have windows xp. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

[Edit: Try emptying your browser cache, then reload the game page. It is possible that when your browser downloaded the game file the first time, the file became corrupted either by the author uploading a new version at the same time or for some other reason. Refreshing what's in your browser cache should do the trick. -Jay]


Thank you so much Jay. Clearing the browser cache worked. And if that ever happens in another game that's the first thing I will try.

[Edit: I'm glad it worked for you! I've added this to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the site's Support page. It's a good question that comes up a lot. Cheers! -Jay]

Capn Obvious December 21, 2009 8:41 PM

Irritating maze is irritating.


Why are people complaining about the music puzzle!? Now, maybe I'm not the best person to bring this up, since music happens to be my forte (hahahah--pun!)but... Not only is the puzzle extremely easy, but even if you are completely tone deaf and can't do anything music related to literally save your life, they even have lights that blink to show you which button is making what noise! They practically handed that puzzle to you... Personally, I was most irritated by the maze puzzle, lol. I hate those things.....

Anyhow, I loooove this series! Seriously, I wouldn't mind at all if this became a new hit genre (or sub-genre, if you lump it with escape games).


Dear NaoMi,
Hearing-impaired people exist.
They also play games.


^ I know. -_- If by "hearing impaired" you mean people hard of hearing, I wasn't talking about that. But even for them, it would still be possible, because of the lights. Much harder, of course, but still possible. So for all you "tone deaf" people, it shouldn't be THAT hard.


I enjoyed this because there weren't any super-impossible puzzles in this one - I occasionally needed the walkthrough, but not much.


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