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Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypA couple of months ago we welcomed a new room escape designer into the fold, TeraLumina, and we said then that we were looking forward to more. It's a few months later and more has definitely happened! TeraLumina is back with Diamond Penthouse Escape 2, and it's all kinds of good all up in the house. Or penthouse, as the case may be. Time to go searching for treasure! This designer certainly has a thing for gemstones, doesn't he?

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is definitely an improvement on Ruby Loft Escape, the last featured game by this designer. For one, TeraLumina has made the leap into true three dimensional space this time around, giving us a room that we can navigate rather than a single point-of-view. There are more puzzles, more places to explore, and yes, more diamonds to find in this fantastic little mid-week break. Navigation is the standard bars at the edges of the screen, and the blessed relief of the changing cursor means that the gamer spends more time worrying about the puzzles involved than pixel hunting.

The visuals are quite lovely and are a nice touch, although the music loop is short and quickly annoying. You won't see puzzles with the complexity of, say, Neutral, but what is there is fun and involving and perfect for a quick escape. TeraLumina has also included a fun fake-out along with one of the more bizarre room escape endings we've seen here at Weekday Escape. In this case Marilyn Monroe said it best, "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Play Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough

General Information

  • There are 30 diamonds hidden within the penthouse.

  • The game auto saves when you leave so that when you come back you are at the same point you left. You can use this to go back and find the rest of the diamonds if you didn't find them all.

  • There is a color-based puzzle in the game, so the walkthrough will have directions for the color-blind.

  • When you turn, you will end up facing a corner of the room. You can access items on either wall from the corner view.

  • Be observant, there are clues everywhere.

  • When you unlock a drawer or a door, back up once to be able to open it.

  • Good luck!


  • After you read the "story so far" in the book, you will be facing a corner with windows to your right and a fireplace to your left.

  • Click on the telescope in front of the windows and learn that it is missing an eyepiece.

  • Click on the glass-fronted cabinet for a close up.

  • You'll notice a bunch of stuff in there, including a diamond, but there is no way to open it. Back up.

  • Click on the fireplace mantel for a close up.

  • You can click on the clock to turn it around. Looks like you need an allen wrench.

  • Click on the picture to the right of the clock to move it and get a diamond (1). Back up.

  • Click on the picture above the fireplace for a close up.

  • If you click on the frame sections you will notice that they turn red or green. Back up.

  • Turn right.

  • You are now facing another corner. The windows are now to your left. There is a large screen TV to the right.

  • In front of you is a sofa with several small pillows. Click on the sofa for a close up.

  • Once the sofa is in close up you will see a diamond in the plate on the right side of the table, take it (2).

  • Click on the pillows on the left and right to raise them and find a diamond (3) underneath the right pillow and a lighter underneath the left.

  • Back up.

  • Click on the TV for a close up.

  • You can't do anything with the TV without a remote. There are two diamonds here, one underneath the TV, one in the end table to the right of the TV (4 and 5).

  • Back up.

  • Click on the dartboard twice for a close up.

  • Pity you don't have any darts. There is a diamond here, between the 4 and the 13 on the dartboard (6).

  • Back up once, then click on the globe below the dartboard for a close up.

  • There are two diamonds here, one in the plant to the left, one in the end table to the right (7 and 8).

  • There is an allen wrench on the table to the left of the globe, take it.

  • The drawer below the globe has a code key on it. Click for a close up and you will see that you need a four digit code of Roman numerals.

  • Back up twice and turn right.

  • You are facing another corner. The TV is now to the left, and there is a door to the right. Yes, the door is locked.

  • In the corner is a small cabinet, click on it for a close up.

  • On the back of the sofa, on your left, is a diamond (9).

  • You can click on the front of the table for a further close up, it needs four keys.

  • Click on the objects on top of the table for a close up.

  • In the plant on the left of the table top are two diamonds (10 and 11).

  • There are some candles on the right side of the table top. The center (green, large) candle smells nice.

  • Back up twice.

  • On the right wall is an oddly shaped shelving unit, click on it for a close up.

  • There is a diamond on the top right of the shelving unit (12).

  • Click on the books and you will see a close up of a book on dart scoring. The book contains a diamond (13).

  • Note the scoring instructions carefully, this might be important later.

  • Back up.

  • Also on the right wall, below the shelving unit, is a grate. Click on the grate for a close up.

  • Looks like we need a screwdriver. Back up.

  • To the right of the door is a panel on the wall, click on it for a close up.

  • The panel has a lock which involves sliders. Back up.

  • Turn right.

  • This is the last corner. The door is now on the left and there is a red wall with a large shelving unit on the right. You can also see the fireplace on the right.

  • There are some interesting pictures on the wall to the right of the door. Do those shapes seem familiar?

  • Click on the bench below the pictures. Click on the bench again and you will find that some of the boards are loose. There is also a diamond in the plant to the right of the bench (14). Back up.

  • Click on the large shelving unit on the red wall for a close up.

  • There's an odd assortment of things here, wine bottles, vases, plates, boxes, etc.

  • There is a diamond in the upper left cubby, the one with a single wine bottle (15).

  • In the upper row of cubbies, third from the left, is a large vase. Click on the vase to turn it over and get a diamond (16).

  • Third row down, far left cubby, is a large bowl with a lid. Click on it twice to get a diamond (17).

  • Bottom row, third cubby from the left has a box. Click on it to see a remote, but you can't take it without batteries.

  • Back up twice.

  • Time to solve some puzzles!

The Door Panel (Part 1)

  • Click on the panel to the right of the door for a close up.

  • This lock involves sliders. Have we seen shapes like this in the room?

  • Yes, the four panel pictures on the wall above the bench.

    • The position of the pictures on the wall is the code to set the panel lock.

    • From left to right: middle, bottom, middle, top.

  • If you set the slider switches properly, the light to the right of the puzzle will turn green.

  • Back up once and click on the panel to open it.

  • Inside the panel is a hammer and a diamond (18).

  • Once you've taken the objects, you can see that there is a button at the bottom of the inside of the panel. There are also four holes in the inside.

  • There's nothing more to do here, so back up twice.

The Mantel Clock

  • Click on the fireplace mantel for a close up (you can do this without turning).

  • Click on the clock to turn it around, then use the allen wrench on the back.

  • Inside you will find a blue key and a diamond (19).

  • Back up.

The Glass Fronted Cabinet

  • Turn right once. You should be in the view where the fireplace is to the left and the windows (and telescope) to the right.

  • Click on the large glass fronted cabinet for a close up.

  • It says there's no way to open the door, so let's try something different.

  • Use the hammer on the glass front to break it.

  • There is a diamond on a cake stand in the lower left, take it (20).

  • In the upper left are two bowls (blue and green). Click on the left bowl to get some batteries.

  • In the lower right is a small picture. Click on the picture to move it and get a gear (1 of 4).

  • Back up.

The Fireplace Picture

  • Click on the picture above the fireplace for a close up.

  • This is the picture where the frame sections turn red or green.

  • But what order do we push the frame sections?

    • This is a progression puzzle, you need to click the frame segments in the proper order.

    • You can tell if you push the correct section because it turns green. If the section turns red, it's the wrong one.

    • The order is: left, right, top, bottom.

  • If you did this right, you will get a message that the picture is unlocked.

  • Click on the picture to move it and you will find a safe. The safe has a lock that involves a 4 x 4 grid.

  • Where have we seen a 4 x 4 grid?

    • The large shelving unit on the red wall is where we've seen a 4 x 4 grid. The cubbies form it.

    • Back up from the safe and turn left.

    • Click on the shelving unit for a close up.

    • Is there anything in the unit that indicates numbers?

    • The wine bottles do. There are a different number of wine bottles in each cubby that holds them.

    • Using the number of wine bottles in each cubby and their position on the grid, you get the code for the safe.

    • 1 - upper left button, 2 - third row down, third button from the left, 3 - second row down, second button from the left, 4 - lower left button, 5 - second row down, far right button.

  • Go back to the picture safe and enter the code.

  • If you enter the code correctly, the light will turn green.

  • Close down the code key and click on the safe to open it.

  • Inside you will find two diamonds (21 and 22), a green key, and a gear (2 of 4).

  • Back up.

The Roman Numeral Puzzle

  • Turn left to face the bench.

  • Click on the bench for a close up.

  • We know there are some loose slats here, let's see what we can do with them.

  • Use the hammer on the bench. The slats will rearrange themselves into Roman numerals.

    • IX, III, IV, and VI.

  • Back up and turn left (or right) twice.

  • Click on the globe for a close up, then click on the drawer beneath the globe.

  • Enter the code you just got from the bench. The light will turn green.

  • Close down the code and click on the drawer to open it.

  • You will get a red key and a gear (3 of 4).

  • Back up twice.

The Yellow Key

  • You need four keys to open the cabinet, you should now have three (blue, green, and red).

  • If you are still in the corner with the globe, turn right once.

  • You should now be facing the corner with the four lock cabinet.

  • Click on the cabinet for a close up, then click on the items on top for a close up.

  • Remember the big green candle, the one that smells nice?

  • Use the lighter on the big green candle. It will burn down, revealing the yellow key.

  • Back up twice.

The Television

  • Turn right to face the bench.

  • Click on the large shelving unit on the red wall.

  • Click on the box in the bottom row, third from the left. There's the remote.

  • Use the batteries on the remote. You can now take the remote.

  • Back up twice and turn left.

  • Click on the TV for a close up.

  • Use the remote on the TV.

  • Click once and you get mountain scenery. Click again and more scenery.

  • The third click will get you a color test pattern. The pattern is red, green, blue, and yellow.

  • It's a clue!

  • Back up.

The Four Lock Cabinet

  • You should still be facing the corner with the four lock cabinet. Click on the cabinet for a close up.

  • Click on the front of the cabinet for a close up of the keyholes.

  • You have the four keys, you just need to figure out the order they go in.

    • The clue is the color test pattern on the TV.

    • The order is, from left to right, red, green, blue, and yellow.

    • For the colorblind: in your inventory, the keys are, from left to right: blue, green, red, and yellow.

    • Place the first key in the third keyhole, the second key in the second keyhole, the third key in the first keyhole, and the fourth key in the fourth keyhole.

  • Click on the front of the cabinet to open it.

  • There are now a lot of drawers revealed.

  • Three of the drawers have code locks. One involves shapes in black and white, one is a four digit number code, and one involves circles of various shapes.

  • Open the four drawers that don't have code locks and get four diamonds (23, 24, 25, and 26).

  • Now what?

The Four Lock Cabinet, Black & White Puzzle

  • You've already seen the clue to unlocking this drawer (lower right) in the four lock cabinet.

  • The clue is the oddly shaped shelving unit to the left of the door, the black one.

    • The clue is the shape of the shelving unit.

    • You need to rotate the pieces in the code lock until they form the shape of the black shelving unit.

  • Once you've rotate the pieces correctly, the light will turn green.

  • Close down the lock and click on the drawer to open it.

  • Inside is an eyepiece for the telescope and a diamond (27).

  • Back up twice.

The Four Lock Cabinet, Circle Puzzle

  • Turn right twice to face the glass fronted cabinet.

  • Use the eyepiece on the telescope.

  • Click on the telescope and you can see outside!

  • Take a very close look at the billboard out there.

  • The bubbles the little girl is blowing are of four different sizes.

  • Back up and turn right (or left) twice to face the four lock cabinet.

  • Click on the cabinet for a close up, open the front, then click on the upper left drawer (just below the big drawer) for a close up of the lock.

  • This lock has circles of four different sizes.

    • Imagine the circles of the lock as numbers, with the smallest being 1 and progressing to the largest, which is 4.

    • The bubbles on the billboard are 2 (second smallest), 4 (largest), 3 (second largest), and 1 (smallest).

    • This is the code to set the lock.

  • Once you've entered the code correctly the light will turn green. Close down the lock and open the drawer.

  • Inside you will find a diamond (28) and three darts.

  • Back up twice.

The Four Lock Cabinet, Four Digit Lock

  • Now we just need to find the four digit number for the large top drawer in the cabinet.

  • Perhaps the darts can help?

  • Turn left to face the dartboard.

  • Click on the dartboard once for a close up.

  • Use the darts on the board.

  • Click on the board again for a close up to see where the darts settled.

  • The darts appear to have landed underneath the 9, the 4, and the 6.

  • Now what?

  • Remember the book on dart scoring?

    • The book showed that certain rings are single, double, or triple the points.

    • In the case of the dart below the 9, it landed in the triple ring, so the score is 9 x 3, which is 27.

    • The dart below the four landed in the double ring, which is 4 x 2 = 8.

    • The dart below the six landed in the single ring, so the number is 6.

    • Now we have the numbers 27, 8, and 6, but there's more.

    • In the book it showed dart x dart x dart at the bottom.

    • Thus you must multiply 27 x 8 x 6, which gets you 1296, which is the code for the drawer.

  • Once you've figured out the code, back up twice and turn right to face the four lock cabinet.

  • Click on the cabinet for a close up, open the front panel, then click on the large top drawer to get the code key.

  • Enter the code from the dartboard and the light will turn green.

  • Close down the lock and open the drawer. Inside you will find a screwdriver and a diamond (29).

  • Back up twice.

The Vent

  • Click on the vent (low on the wall, to the left of the door) for a close up.

  • Use the screwdriver on the vent to open it.

  • Inside you will find a diamond (30) and a gear (4 of 4).

  • Back up.

Getting the Door Open

  • Click on the panel to the right of the door for a close up.

  • Open the panel. Note the button and the four holes.

  • Place the gears on the holes. Each gear has an arrow on it.

  • If you click on the button, the gears will rotate. When the gear is in the correct position the arrow will glow green.

  • But each gear glows green in a different position? What to do?

    • After you turn the gears, you can remove a gear then place it back. Once you do this, the arrow will be pointing up again.

    • Each gear takes a different number of turns to get to the proper position. The top gear takes 3 turns (it should point to the right), the next gear down takes 2 turns (to point downward), the third gear takes 1 turn (to point to the left) and the bottom gear is in place when you put it in (pointing upwards).

    • There are probably different solutions, but this is the easiest one I can figure out.

    • Place all four gears (all arrows should be pointing upwards).

    • Click the button once.

    • Remove the second from the top gear, then replace it (the top gear should be pointing left, the next one down pointing up).

    • Click the button once.

    • Remove the third from the top gear, then replace it (the top gear should be pointing down, the next one down pointing to the right, and the third one down pointing up).

    • Click the button once.

    • At this point the top three gears should be glowing green (from top to bottom the arrows should be: right, down, left, and left).

    • Simply remove the bottom gear, then replace it. All gears should glow green.

    • Click the button 4 times to rotate the gears all the way around until they glow green again. This will unlock the door.

  • Once you solve the gear puzzle back up.

  • Open the door. Hey, wait, it's a closet?

Getting Out

  • Turn towards the windows.

  • You can click on the telescope to take it.

  • Use the telescope on the windows. Crash!

  • Don't jump, though, unless you want to go splat.

  • Instead, click on the chair to your left (the one in front of the fireplace).

  • Click on the chair cushion to lift it up and you will find a parachute.

  • Back up.

  • Use the parachute on the window and voila, you have escaped!

  • Enjoy your fortune in diamonds!


Just escaped with 29 diamonds, but I guess I missed some.


I'm doing okay but I know I need to find

a green key, 2 more cogs, some darts and a screwdriver.

I'm pretty sure I've clicked everywhere. Argh!


Oh, the power of posting! Just got the puzzle

behind the picture!


Got all the way to

the gear puzzle

and now I'm stuck. Actually, I'm less stuck and more lazy. I really hate that kind of puzzle.

Otherwise, it's been a pretty enjoyable game. The graphics are great, and there's a nice variety of puzzles. This game really is an improvement over Ruby Loft Escape.


Aaand, out! Just guessed on that one puzzle. But I did get all the diamonds, and from the sound of that ending

I'm gonna need them to pay for all the collateral damage from my escape...


meh, can't find the 30th diamond...


sneaky one. Swore I looked in every thing in the entire place.

Yes that tiny little thing in the plant to the right of the roman numeral bench got me ;)


stuck @

the three puzzle drawers in the key cabinet

... what am i missing?


I managed to escape, but I have a few questions:

How was I supposed to know the order to press on the picture frame above the fireplace? I just tried all combinations until I found the correct one. I did the same with the color keys only to find the tv clue later on in the game.

Also, what do the mountain pictures on the TV mean?

If you click the broken window does it tell you that it doesn't want to jump or something? Because after I used the parachute on the broken window i accidentally clicked again and it said something like that.


DUHHH!!! Thanx grinny. man its to late for these things.


Thanks grinnyp.

Didn't notice the red and green frame pieces. Colorblindness has its disadvantages.

The Logical Ghost September 14, 2011 8:36 AM

Made it out with all diamonds without a walkthrough! I think I'm getting better at this.

Also, funny thing, did anyone else notice

that when you jump out of the window at the end, the little stick figure representing you is flailing wildly the whole way down? I almost thought I could hear myself screaming in blind panic. Definitely more realistic than a perfect smooth jump!


I also managed this without a walkthough, with 29/30 diamonds. And if I can do it, you can too. I did have to try lots of combinations for the picture frame puzzle, though.


I don't like puzzles that require guesses like the picture frame one. But other than that it was pretty good. The black and white puzzles always get me,

took me ages wondering why I couldn't make the shape of the bookshelf


I liked this one. Liked the surprise "it was all a waste of time" conclusion, too. It made me laugh a little.


OK...this is really weird. Since today is Wednesday, I'm guessing this game was posted today, and the narrative says it's a new game. I have not played a game here in at least a week. But when I load the game, I already have all the tools. I even tried the New Game option and it's the same thing - I start with all the tools.


Like bxgurl813, I also tried this game for the first time today and started will all the tools!?! They weren't in the scene at all, except the yellow key was found by melting the candle. I couldn't pick it up (I already had it), and when I moved away and came back, it was gone. I think I'm now stuck at a point where I can't finish, because I've managed to do things out of order (like use the TV without inserting the batteries in the remote?) - Seems fun, but it's obviously got some problems. :)


This game was too short. I was sad when it finished right when I was having fun. :(


bxgurl813, the exact same thing happened to me. I've never played this game before, either.


bxgurl813 and luthy: me too. Sure makes it easier!


I had the same problem and I was like, "This is weird, it's a Room escape where you start with a full inventory!"

I got out with 28 of 30 diamonds though so you can get out.


@Justin...maybe, but it's not nearly as much fun. I didn't bother playing.


about restarting after finishing

if you want to play again after you finish,your inventory is full except the diamonds. not sure if this means you can still get the items after the puzzles are redone, or not. but anyway...


Huh. I too started with all the objects. Don't know why. A shame - pretty much ruins it.


Yeah, there's a bug in the starting code for the game. It gives you all the tools. Even the menu option you get at the beginning to start a new game does not reset your tool collection.

It worked find for me the first time through but either it has changed or there's no way to reset it.


So I guess there's not going to be a fix? Oh well...


Sorry folks. I accidentally uploaded a debug version of the game that exposes all of the inventory items at the start of the game. That version ran overnight. I have since uploaded a version that takes care of this. I hope you get to enjoy the game the way I intended it.


Nice hotpants.

The first time I started I had a full inventory as well. When I started this time I had to start from scratch.


Yeah, the reload fixed it. You start without tools now. Just for a laugh I redid it without finding any diamonds but the ending animation doesn't change.


i still have them.


I got the circle puzzle by putting the order of the circles on the dart board by the highest (triple, double, large single, small single) proper thought that was the way and the clue was hard. Thought I was really clever as well :-)

Iilovedaisiestoo October 6, 2012 7:47 PM

How cool is it to have found Casual Gameplay AND the walkthrough for TeraLumina's Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 at jayisgames.com! Wow! Hi, guys...! Thank you!!! This is the first group I've ever found/joined like this. I hope it is okay to share all this here. (So far, I don't see where else to share.). Only, I see it's been more than a year since anyone has posted. Just the same, this game & these kinds of games are new to me... How swell it's going to be to find new games and find folks to share games with! I'd have been lost, today, if I hadn't stumbled upon you... And thank you grinnyp for your Walkthrough and Spoiler...

When I got stuck for the first time in my third TeraLumina game, using my iPad3, a google search, like this time, too, brought me to a "video" that I'd heard of by searching the game's App reviews. Turns out for that particular game I was through, so I didn't mind so much watching a video which would have "spoiled" the whole thing, otherwise. But for this time, I only was temporarily stuck, needing to understand better the grid for the picture frame puzzle. (Little did I suspect that the (shared) sequence of placement was key.). Stumbling onto this wonderful website, and learning I could unravel and reveal only the "spoiler" for the glitch I'd encountered was simply incredible... Happily, thanks to you all, I went back and did the proper sequence punch, and quickly finished up the puzzle...

After that, right away I signed up and joined this website so I could follow and join with others, as we pursued "only the best" games on the web...

PS. Does anybody know how to use the brackets around spoiler text, using the iPad keyboard? I don't see the needed symbols...


It's a bit cumbersome on the iPad keyboard, but it is possible to type spoiler tags using the required angle brackets. To type angle brackets on an iPad, you have to press the ".?123" button in the lower left corner of the keypad, and then press the "#+=" button to get to the special characters.

I'll look into adding buttons for inserting spoiler tags to make it easier for those using iPads.

Thanks for finding us! :)


How awesome to have another escape game fan in the JIG ranks! Our numbers are growing and soon we'll take over the interwebs!

Like you, I found my way to JIG while looking for a walkthrough to a game I was playing. And I agree...it is the best place to find good games of all types, including the point-and-click puzzle adventures that I love the most. We have new escapes at least once a week (Weekday Escape), usually more often. I'd love to read your feedback on those games, too.


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