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ChiktionaryDelizaSome things in life are purely about experience, like bungee-jumping and rollercoaster rides. And there are games with no apparent meaning, that draw you in simply to enjoy something different, like Deliza. This point-and-click curiosity is essentially an advergame without the hard-sell elements, diffcult to define yet an experience in its own right.

An intrinsic element of Deliza is the three-dimensional viewing, requiring a simple click and hold of the mouse to scan each screen and giving you even more than a 360 degree panoramic view. Although the navigation is fairly static in that you basically feel you're standing in one spot in each screen, there's so much to look at as you move your mouse and examine the detailed environment from the sky to the ground and all around you, in an almost virtual reality type experience. The aim is practically secondary to the viewing; locate items to progress through the game, and like the navigation there's not much room to move. Progression requires that you click on everything possible, and often even re-click on items later to uncover clues and further items. Objects to be collected or clicked on are discernible by a silvery-blue glimmer and a tinkling sound, so it helps to have the volume up.

The viewing by moving the mouse around the screen can be a little disconcerting, perhaps even a little disorienting. But don't despair as there are navigation arrows to the bottom of the screen that you can click to limit any potential motion sickness. Clicking on items will either add them to the inventory at the left of the screen, or open small screens. Either way, the clicking can sometimes feel delayed which may be a frustration for some, but perhaps reminds us to slow down and enjoy the experience of feeling like we're in a virtual extra-terrestrial environment. Items in the inventory will automatically allow progress so no need to click or drag objects to use them.

Although Deliza can be considered to be almost purely experiential, there are inherent challenges. Take a wrong turn and you're stuck, or complete the game without actually finding all that can be found. Thankfully, the atmosphere of sights and sounds makes it less of a chore to start over. And on an extra-terrestrial planet where there are four seasons in one day, it's actually quite delightful to explore more than once. There's not a whole lot more that can be said, other than repeating that Deliza is an experience more than a game. With beautifully detailed 360 degree plus environs with sound effects to match, it's a pleasure to spend time exploring the offerings. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but hey... neither does bungee-jumping.

Play Deliza

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Deliza Walkthrough, to achieve 100% in the game.

General Information

  • Click and hold the left mouse button, and drag to scroll around the screen.

  • There are arrows at the base of the screen that you can click on to look around, and may provide more control over viewing.

  • There is a short loading time for each screen. You can scroll around the screen before it's fully loaded.

  • Click on items to add them to the inventory.

  • There is no need to click on items to use them from the inventory. Clicking on areas will automatically use the correct object.

  • Items to be collected or interacted with will show a pale blue glimmer, and when you mouse over them, they will emit a tinkling sound.

  • Items that provide clues will open in a small window. These items can only be viewed and not interacted with. Simply click to close the views.

  • Sometimes there is a slight delay between clicking and the object views opening.

  • There's no saving of progress in the game. If you find you're trapped, or wish to restart the game, click on the Home button at the bottom of the screen.


Getting Started

  • In the opening screen, you can scroll around and click on some things for information relating to the creator's company.

  • To start the game, scroll so that you're looking down. You will hear a robotic type voice say something and the deliza icon will glow red.

  • Click on the red icon to begin the game.

Beach - Day

  1. You start out looking at the sky.

  2. Scroll down until you're facing the giant gray planet with rings around it.

  3. Just to the left of the planet, in the top of the palm-tree is BLUE GEM #1. Click on it to collect it.

  4. Scroll to the right and click on the headstone.

  5. For now, the heastone is blank. Click out.

  6. Scroll to the right a little more until you're facing the temple.

  7. On the left orb at the entrance to the temple is BLUE GEM #2. Click on it to collect it.

  8. In the same view, on the ground in front of the temple is another blue glimmer. Click on it to collect the SILVER KEY.

  9. Click on the temple doors, and click again once they've opened to enter the temple.

Inside the Temple

  1. You'll start out facing two statues. Click on the head of the statue on the right, to collect BLUE GEM #3.

  2. Turn 180 degrees until you're facing the door and the small table with the book.

  3. Click on the book. It's closed for now.

  4. Click under the table to collect BLUE GEM #4.

  5. Click on the doorway to go back to the beach.

Beach - Rain

  1. Scroll around until you're viewing the tops of the temple towers.

  2. Click on the tallest turret on the right to collect BLUE GEM #5.

  3. Click on the top of the temple dome to collect BLUE GEM #6.

  4. Scroll left and look at the heastone again.

  5. This time there's a clue.

  6. There is now an engraving of the two statues inside the temple.

  7. The foot of the engraved statue on the left has been circled in red.

  8. Click out and go back into the temple.

Inside the Temple, part 2

  1. Remembering the clue, click on the foot of the left-side statue. The large globe between the statues will light up.

  2. Click on the foot of the statue on the right to collect BLUE GEM #7.

  3. Click on the globe and then turn around to look at the book on the table.

  4. The book will now be open and display a picture of the front-view of the temple, with the left orb circled and the right orb crossed out.

  5. Click out of the book view and go back outside to the beach.

Beach - Sunset

  1. Look out over the ocean and click on the glimmer in the flock of birds to collect BLUE GEM #8.

  2. Go back inside the temple and click on the globe between the statues to collect BLUE GEM #9.

  3. Turn and face the temple door and collect BLUE GEM #10 from the plant on the left.

  4. Click on the book and note the picture of a small sack - another clue.

  5. Go back outside to the beach.

  6. Remembering the first clue from the book, click on the left orb to open a stairway in the ground.

  7. You can click on the right orb, and that will also open a stairway. However, the right-hand stairway is a trap. If you head down that way, you'll have to restart the game.

  8. Head down the left stairway to enter the underground cavern.

Underground Cavern

  1. You'll start the scene facing a large chest.

  2. Click on the chest to view then click out.

  3. Click on the chest again, view, click back out. At this point BLUE GEM #11 should appear under the chest. If not, repeat steps one and two, perhaps waiting a little before clicking the chest again.

  4. Click on the outstretched hand of the skeleton to collect the GOLD KEY.

  5. Click on the chest and the lid should flip open with an exit sign.

  6. The view will automatically scroll to the right and show the cavern wall crumbling.

  7. In the view of the crumbled wall, note the small sack to the right.

  8. Click on the sack to collect the GLOBE.

  9. Scroll to the right until you're facing the entrance to the crypt. Click on the doorway and a grate will come crashing down. BLUE GEM #12 will also appear. Click on it to collect.

  10. The inventory should now be glowing with all 12 gems.

  11. Scroll back left and click on the chest one last time.

  12. A green and white card with a picture of a bandaged penguin will be added to your inventory. Believe it or not, this is your spaceship pass.

  13. Scroll back to the right and click to go to the other side of the crumbled wall.

Spaceship Flight

  1. Scroll around until you can see the spaceship on the rock.

  2. Click on the spaceship and watch it take-off.

  3. The screen should automatically go to your rating, but if not, click one more time.

  4. View your rating, watch the space ship fly overhead and listen to some rockin' music.

  5. Clicking next will take you to the Home screen, only this time there will be a colourful fireworks display for those who achieved 100 percent.


Patreon Crew SonicLover May 3, 2011 10:43 AM

Okay, I'm stuck. I've gotten into the temple with the key and I've got four blue gems. I seem to have run out of things to click on. Now what?!


Sonic Lover

I had the same problem until:

There is another "shiny" by the base of each statue. Getting those should advance you.


And now I am stuck in:

The crypt.

Have managed to open the wall, but cant use the spaceship


Can only find seven gems - good game though but to short.


i was distracted by the beauty of space and completely forgot that it was a game...i spent half an hour just spinning around space

tjhen77 May 3, 2011 12:18 PM

any one figure out

how to get in that door outside the temple yet?

tjhen77 May 3, 2011 12:47 PM

to get in the spaceship

go back into the crypt. click on the box, get a green card. go back to the other area and click on the ship


Welp, got rank A with 70%. Time to find that additional 30% then.


managed to finish the game, but only with 11 gems. wonder if there's a special ending for finding 12...


hopefully a walkthrough is on it's way :)

Bumjelly May 3, 2011 2:12 PM

Hey all,
Out the 1st time with 75%
7 blue "sparklies" in inventory
"Sucai penguin boarding pass?" from crypt chest.

Out second time with 80% - 8 blue sparklies so ea. sparklie = 10% finished?

Tried going down right side stairs to crypt - not a good idea.

Never had any interaction with small "shrine" to left of temple, anything to the right of temple or anywhere else inside of temple other than statues area and book on table.
Missing something somewhere but don't know what???

I love this kind of game. Beautiful graphics. Short but very good. It is graphics processor intensive and slows down at times on my laptop.
Takes me back to the Myst series and other adventure games of that era. Love the 360 degree tilt / pan navigation!

Back into the fire to figure it out...


Does anyone know what to do with...

...the Globe?

Bumjelly May 3, 2011 3:46 PM

Bumjelly here, back after 3rd try.
I also got up to 11 gems and a 95% finish.

The last gem just has to have something to do with the small "shrine" to the left of the temple and the new pic in the temple book.
I just can't figure it out yet.

Here are some spoilers to show my progress so far...

"Sparklie" Gem 1

Top of furthest right palm tree, right side of temple

Key to temple door

Blue spot on sand in front of temple

2nd Gem

Left side of temple door - go into temple

3rd Gem

On head of right side statue

4th Gem

Under table with book on top - exit temple

5th Gem

Top of temple dome

6th Gem

Top of "minaret?", right side. Re-enter temple

7th Gem + book clue

Click base of both statues, get 7th gem, sculpture on pedestal lights up and book opens with clue shown. Exit temple

8th Gem

See sun and birds, gem in the flock of birds

8th Gem

Click sculpture, left side of door, opens stairs in sand to lower level crypt. Back to temple first!

9th Gem

Gem on sculpture between statues. Book on table has new picture

10th Gem

Plant on left side exiting the temple. Exit and go down left set of stairs to crypt

Will follow with the rest of my progress in next post. Have to go now, back soon...


Wait a minute... Are we really supposed to find invisible gems like

the ones at the feet of the statues



The graphics are really awesome, but that is more than questions this one as a "good" game...


Bumjelly May 3, 2011 3:57 PM

Bumjelly here, OOPS!
I just saw a mistake in my hints. Rookie mistake, 1st time posting hints. Not sure how to "edit" a published post.

The "second" 8th spoiler does not "get" a gem into inventory. Sorry.

[We'd be happy to edit it for you, but I'm not sure what you're saying here and how the previous comment should be edited. If you give specific edits to make, will make them for you. -Jay]

Bumjelly May 3, 2011 4:18 PM

Bumjelly here again,

There is more to the game than just finding the gems. Gathering them allows progress towards the goal of escaping the planet.

11th Gem - Underground Crypt

Bottom of entry gate when closed

Other things found for progress in crypt...

Globe in corner, left of crypt entry gate. Purpose is unknown to me at this time.
Key to chest in skeleton's hand.
"Boarding pass?" for escape ship in chest.

Have not figured anything else out. Yet!

SkylerF May 3, 2011 7:07 PM

So what do we do after we go in the spaceship?

I'm back in the "galaxy" mode that I started in. There are two hotspots: the two Earths. One is the logo, the other doesn't appear to do anything.

And, of course, there is the clickable spot at the "bottom" of the screen that started that adventure.

SkylerF May 3, 2011 7:37 PM

Ah. Rank S is for 100% completion. You do NOT have to open the right globe to get this (I was worried).


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