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Death Nine

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Weekday Escape

elleAlthough the title might sound scary, this is just an ordinary escape game, with absolutely no dying involved. Yet, without a friendly invitation from a Mr. Whatshisname, nor any other explanation for why or how, Kiteretsu's Death Nine leaves you trapped inside an unassuming room with no apparent way out—and the drop from that balcony is a very long way down. Thus you must rely solely on your code-breaking, clue-sniffing abilities to reach your freedom. Hmm, if you put it that way, perhaps it is a little unnerving.

Death Nine EscapeIn the typical escape-the-room fashion, play Death Nine by searching for hints and items that you can put to use toward opening the boxes, cupboards and doors that impede your triumphant exit. Navigate by clicking the grey bars on the sides and bottom of the screen; study clues and pick up items by pointing-and-clicking on them. Highlight an object in your inventory to use it or select "about item" to take a closer look at it.

Without a changing cursor to signify interactive areas, keep a keen eye out for the visual indicators instead—click any object, or part of an object, that might be worth a second look. Pixel hunting is not needed, though; nothing is randomly hidden along a blank wall but do check out that slightly smudged spot right...there. A number of puzzles will require a notepad, screen grab, or eidetic memory to solve, so stock up on one or all and you're ready to begin.

Death Nine is not long or involved, and the graphics are not the most exciting we've seen here on Weekday Escape, yet it does offer a number of thinky puzzles to stretch your mental muscles on. What frustration might build up in the effort to make sense of it all will quickly dissipate when you reach the end, as a nice relaxing reward waits for you there. If you have the patience and are happy enough with sleuthing your way through, you won't be disappointed. That is unless, drawn by the title, you were expecting something more bloody—the sequel to Kill Eight, perhaps?

Play Death Nine

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Death Nine Walkthrough

  1. When you start out, you're facing the door:

    • Zoom in to look at the patterns on it and make a note of where each design is located on the 3x3 grid.

  2. Turn right to look out the window.

  3. Click the strip of grey at the bottom of the screen to view a table:

    • Pick up the BINOCULARS.

    • Zoom in on the white strip on the lower left table leg:

    • II = 1

    • Back out twice.

  4. Click the curtains to close them:

  5. RED 3

  6. Open the curtains again. Click the door to open it then walk out on the balcony:

    • Grab the YELLOW STAR.

    • Use the BINOCULARS to see another clue:

    • BLUE 2

    • Back out from the binoculars.

    • Make note of that strange smudge on the balcony wall.

  7. Back out and turn right to face the stereo:

    • Make a note of the clue in the picture hanging over the stereo:

    • red+yellow=orange

    • Click twice on the picture of pigeons (on the top shelf):

    • Fa Sol La / Do La Fa Sol

      notice that the "do" is higher than the "la"

    • Back out twice.

  8. Turn right to face the piano:

    • Look under the cushion:

    • I = 8

    • Zoom in on the white strip on the music stand:

    • make a note of the symbols and the letters each stands for

    • Back out and then examine the piano keys:

    • do re mi fa sol la si do


      YELLOW 4

    • back up.

  9. It's time to open the BOX ON THE TABLE, turn right twice and click on the thin grey strip at the bottom of the screen:

  10. Add the colored numbers you found (on the curtains, through the binoculars and on the piano keys) according to the picture on the wall to get this code:

    5 6 7

    Enter that code into the box for a SCREWDRIVER.

  11. Turn left and zoom in on the grate to the right of the door:

    • Use the screwdriver to open the grate and get the CORD.

    • Make note of the symbols found under the cord.

  12. Back up and turn right twice to face the stereo again.

    • Put the CORD in the plug on the left side of the wall.

    • Examine the stereo:

      • Click the button on the right side of the console to eject the disc tray and take the KEY.

      • Back out.

    • Use the key on the top door of the cabinet:

      • Take the BLUE PACKET ("Wet Wipes").

      • Examine the green grid and make note of the pattern of white and black dots.

      • Back out twice.

  13. Turn right twice to face the door again. You're ready to open the GREEN BOX to the left of the door:

  14. Turn the clue you found in the cabinet the other direction and click the dots to change their color.

    Your board should look like this:

    (X= black; O= white)


    • When you've changed the pattern to match the clue, click the button on the side to open the panel.

    • Make note of the symbols and the letters they represent

    • Take the PINK TRIANGLE.

    • Back up.

  15. Now look closer at the METAL PANEL just below the green box:

    • Turn the arrows according to the clues found earlier behind the grate.

    • up-left-left-up-right-down

    • Open the panel to get BLUE HEXAGON.

    • Back up.

  16. Turn right and go out onto the balcony.

    • Use the BLUE PACKET on the smear mark on the balcony wall.

    • Make note of the symbols and the letters they represent.

  17. Back out and turn right to face the stereo again:

    • Put the shapes into the bottom cabinet door and click the button on the edge to open it.

  18. Inside is a WHITE BOX needing a 7-digit code:

  19. Use the clues from the piano and the pigeon picture to get this code:

    4 5 6 8 6 4 5

  20. Inside the white box is a BLUE BOX needing a 3x3 grid of letters:

    • Use the clues you gathered elsewhere in the room:

      • FIG from inside the green box.

      • BJC from on the balcony.

      • AEH from the piano's music stand.

    • And arrange the letters by the design on the door to get:

    • C F B
      I J H
      A G I

    • Enter those letters into the blue box's grid to get the DOOR KEY.

  21. Back out, turn left twice, and use the key to unlock the door:

    • Notice the pattern on the ladder and the arrow on the door?

    • When you climb the ladder, you discover you need another 4-digit number.

    • Also see the clue on the wall to your left.

    • Use the clues gathered around the room and from the ladder to come up with the code:

    • The arrow and the pattern on the ladder tells you:
      II - III - I - I

      Put with the clues found at the top of the ladder, under the piano cushion, and on the table leg, you get this code:

      1 9 8 8

    • Enter the number into the boxes and click the hatch to open it.

  22. Click the opening to exit.

Congratulations on your escape!


Unfortunately this was more about finding stuff than puzzle solving.

nerdypants June 20, 2012 1:51 AM

That was fun! I really liked that last puzzle.


Pretty easy, but not a bad escape.

the Jack June 20, 2012 3:00 AM

I finished an escape before there was a walkthrough up?

Well, I guess I'll be playing through again, then... and writing my own!


Sadly I had to resort to youtube walk through to find

The letter code beside the cupboard

Even having seen that no amount of clicking would bring it up. Not sure why because it does not seem like anyone else had that problem.

Apart from that it turned into a very simple escape from something that initially looked like it would be a killer

Talonic June 20, 2012 5:04 AM


I'm having the same problem with the cupboard as well. Not sure why.


Well, that will teach me to go looking at you tube. You are correct of course, I didn't need that at all.

And I did like it apart from that .

Zanoushe June 20, 2012 9:35 AM

I have to say, I love the music at the end. I've been listening to it for ten minutes now and I can't bring myself to close the tab.


cupboard problem here too and table on balcony too. Same probs on win XP and a win7 PC.


I got out - no cupboard code exists to reiterate. Balcony thing was a continuity error. My bad and all is cool here!

the Jack June 20, 2012 2:33 PM

Well, elle already posted a walkthrough, but I think the one I'm working on is more of a hint-through, so I'll keep at it.

They're a lot more work than they look like!

colin.d.howell June 20, 2012 9:20 PM

It might have been a bit helpful if the text on what the walkthrough calls the BLUE PACKET had been properly translated. It says "wet tissue" (UETTOTISSHU) in katakana. Otherwise you have to guess at its purpose.

the Jack June 20, 2012 10:19 PM

@ colin.d.howell
Actually, since those characters are all katakana (which is phoenetic, not ideographic, and so there are only 51 characters total), it's possible to do what I did when stumped as to the nature and purpose of that object:

1. Open Character Map (on a Windows machine with at least one Japanese font installed; alternately I could've gone to a katakana chart anywhere on the internet, such as Wikipedia) and find the katakana section of a font that includes katakana.

2. Locate each character in the order they appeared in in the game.

3. Copy and paste each character into a text editor (or just leave them in Character Map's text box) until the whole string of characters have been reproduced.

4. Paste into Google Translate (or the Japanese-translation tool of your choice) and get a transliteration, pronunciation, and translation!

5. Hopefully have a better idea what to do with the thing...

I'm still working on my hint-through, in between headache outbreaks. (So. Many. Spoiler-tags.) It seems like people are mostly getting through on their own so far, but hopefully it'll help someone eventually.


This is the first escape game I've played in a long time that involved serious pixel hunting. Finding the table was hard enough that I almost feel like it was a legitimate puzzle! On the other hand, I liked some of the red herrings (like, I was sure that I=8 was meant to be a clue about the musical notes, where do=do).


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