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Da Capo

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Da Capo Escape

elleWe all find ourselves in sticky situations every now and then, some of us more than others. As it turns out, you're one of the mores as once again you're locked in a room without explanation or reason, and only your wits and ability to make logical deductions can help you escape from Da Capo.

As you navigate via point-and-click trying to gather up clues and tools to open a smattering of door codes, you might think the environment is rather dull. Yet the beauty of it is in its simplicity: the design is so clean that, even without a changing cursor and lack of an English translation to the Japanese messaging, there's no pixel hunting or deep enigmas to be found. Everything is laid out logically making for a brief excursion that is both simple and clever, with a bit of originality mixed in with the familiar formulas (including a color code). This entry from new-to-the-scene game designer, Indice, will have you looking forward to the next tricky circumstance you can get caught up in.

Play Da Capo

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Walkthrough Guide

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Da Capo Walkthrough

  1. You begin facing a locked door. Turn left to face a series of four shelves. Let's examine each:

    • The far left shelf has a jar with a red ball on it...

      • Grab the JAR.

      • Open the lid on the jar to also get a RED BALL.

    • Zoom in on the "D.C." on the next shelf...

      • Inside the first dot of "D.C." is a PHILIPS SCREWDRIVER. Take it.

    • The far right shelf has some sort of box that has a jar-shaped indentation on top. So far, though, nothing. Make a note to come back to it later.

  2. Back up from the shelves and turn left so you're facing a small desk under a large piano keys poster...

    • Click on the CHAIR to take it.

    • Now you can zoom in on the desktop:

      • From the pencil holder, get the BLUE FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER.

        • Examine the blue flathead screwdriver to find something in its handle: a CLUE.

    • Click on the right side of the desk:

      • Use the PHILIPS SCREWDRIVER to remove two SCREWS.

    • Back up and click on the left side of the desk:

      • Here, use the FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER to get two more SCREWS

    • Back up and click underneath the desk:

      • Click the board in the center and it will turn over to give you another clue. Make a note.

  3. Turn left again. Here's a grey cabinet with double doors and two drawers:

    • Open up the bottom drawer and you'll see an interesting device. On it is a place for four balls....

      • Take the GREY BALL for now.

    • Back up to close the bottom drawer then click on the top drawer to view its lock...

      • You need a 4-color combination to unlock it, but so far haven't found the information needed. Back up.

      • Click on the right side of the cabinet. Now you see a bunch of colors....

        • Put the CHAIR in front of this color panel to end up with four colors.

      • Back up and examine the top drawer again. Now you can input the correct colors and open it.

      • ANSWER:


        Colorblind Help:

        If you click the up arrows, the colors go in this order (starting from white)...


    • When it's unlocked, back up and click on the middle of the drawer to open it:

      • Get the YELLOW BALL.

  4. Examine the lock on the cabinet doors to find out you need a 4-digit number. Let's look around more and see what we can find.

    • Turn left twice to check out the shelves again.

      • If you look at the shelves and look at the paper clue in your inventory, something should look like an answer to you...

    • Turn around back to the cabinet doors and input the code.

    • ANSWER:

      Notice the placement of the shelves on the wall? Each shelf corresponds with a number on the clue, giving you this code...

      5 2 9 4

  5. Once you get the doors unlocked, back and open them to see what's inside. Um, wait...

    • Don't feel cheated, just zoom in to see there's screws on the clothes rod.

      • Use your FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER on the right side...

      • and the PHILIPS SCREWDRIVER on the left side.

      • Then back up and take the ROD.

  6. Back out and return to the right side of the cabinet again. With the chair still there, you can click on the top of the cabinet to see what's up there...

    • A WHITE BALL. Use the ROD to reach it.

  7. Go back to the bottom drawer of the cabinet and examine the device:

    • Place each of the colored balls in the correct positions, according to the clue you saw earlier.

    • ANSWER:

      The clue under the desk, after you've removed the screws, explains where to place each color...

      North = Yellow
      East = White
      South = Red
      West = Grey

      Colorblind Help:

      Your inventory is organized like this...

      PAPER - JAR

    • With the balls placed in the correct order, the device opens...

      • Get the METAL PLATES.

    • Now, before you leave the drawer, maybe you want to take the balls back?

      • Get the GREY BALL. The rest stay firmly in place for some reason.

  8. Back up from the cabinet and turn left. Examine the box on the far right shelf:

    • The box didn't respond to a jar with a red ball, and it doesn't respond to an empty jar, but there must be a reason you were able to keep the GREY BALL, right?

      • Put the GREY BALL into the JAR. Then put the JAR WITH GREY BALL on top of the device.

      • You should hear a click. Something was activated.

    • Back up to see "OK" is lit up on the front of the box. So, open the panel underneath it.

      • Get a KEY.

  9. Leave the shelves and turn right to face the door.

    • Zoom in on the door handle and use the KEY to unlock the door.

  10. Click the middle of the door (not the handle) to open it.

    • Just a wall! With a hole in it...

      • Insert the ROD into the hole.

      • Then place the METAL PLATES around the rod.

      • Using the clue from the piano keys poster, put the SCREWS in the proper spots...

      • ANSWER:

        + -

        + +

        - -

    • When the screws are in the proper positions, the rod will light up like a GREEN BUTTON.

      • Save your game here if you'd like.

      • Push it!

  11. Back up. Now the cabinet has turned into...something else. Go on in!

Congratulations! You...escaped (???)

On the "Congratulations" screen, click the buttons in the bottom, right corner... First view the credits, then go to the new start screen (this only works from congratulations screen...do not refresh or reload).

If you move your cursor around this screen, you'll find a couple letters are moveable... Just move the "a" from "Capo" onto the "a" in "Da."

Now you have a "Da Capo Extra"

Extra Game Walkthrough

  1. Open the cabinet and take the YELLOW SD and BLUE SD.

  2. Remove the ROD again. Back up and close the doors.

  3. Open the bottom drawer.

  4. Use the ROD to prop open the doors on the device so you can take both the YELLOW BALL and the GREY BALL at the same time.

  5. Take out the rod, back up and click on the top of the cabinet again.

  6. Use the ROD to get a PIECE OF PAPER. Read the paper for a clue.

  7. Back up and look on the right side of the cabinet for more colors...

  8. Back up and look on the left side of the cabinet for another clue.

  9. Now, put the clues together...

  10. The paper tells you the direction to read each clue. Then, note where they are equal:




  11. Put that color code into the top drawer to unlock it. Then back up and open the drawer to access the puzzle there.

  12. Use the chart to figure out the value of "D" (yellow ball) and "C" (grey ball).

  13. Note how the lines would chart out on a graph...

    D = 7,2 (middle)

    C = 2,5 (top right)

  14. Put the balls in the correct positions and escape...again!


I have:

three different balls(yellow, red, and gray, a jar, 4 screws, 2 screw drivers, clue from blue screwdriver, and a key

Now I'm stuck. Any help?

nerdypants January 15, 2013 3:16 PM

I'm stuck too. Anyone know how to open the number-code cabinet?

I already found the clue with the numbers on it, I just have no idea what it means.


I was stumped at exactly the same place until

I worked out what the symbol on the clue was referring to.

nerdypants January 15, 2013 3:41 PM

Thanks, Hyosho! I finally realized what that was.


Thanks elle. Out!


Great game. Played this yesterday.

Once you have finished the game there is an extra puzzle for you if you can find it.

Use the buttons on the congratulations screen. One will show credits, one will return you to the start screen. Try playing around with the things on that screen.

One of the letters can be moved. Where to move it to though?

Can you make a match?

billyswong January 15, 2013 10:24 PM

I don't get the chart puzzle of the extra ending. The answer provided in the walkthrough works, but the logic behind is a mystery to me :(


For the extra game chart puzzle

I think it is the number of lines in a letter added up: A=3, B=3+3=6, C=6+1=7, D=7+2=9 and so on.


stupid question. how do you move the A on the title screen?

I beat the game, went back to menu... and tried to move the A to get 'extra' mode... but nothing happened. the a wasn't draggable, no letter was.


I cannot seem to play the extra part of the game, am I doing something particularly stupid? I have played right through the first part but nothing on the the screen moves.


For the extra I think you need to

read the credits first, ie hit the higher right button, then the lower one

Thats how I made it work anyway


Strange. I'm currently using Google Chrome in Ubuntu Lucid and the place where the game ought to be says that there is no plugin. It works fine in Opera, though.


Amendment: The problem is with the alternative link. The main link works just fine.


I'm having trouble getting to the extra game. How exactly do I

move the "a" from "Capo" onto the "a" in "Da"?


yaddab was right about how to get to the extra game. :)


Jazzer, your post makes sense for how to figure out the values of C and D in the right-hand chart, but I don't see how to use that information to position the balls in the grid.


Just a suggestion for game designers ...

If the in-game messages could be CTRL-C copied, then we could use Google Translate to translate them. Not just for the Japanese games, but also for the English games when played by non-English speakers.


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