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Colour My Dreams

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Rating: 4.3/5 (212 votes)
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Grinnypcolourmydreams_title.gifDo you yearn? Do you love? We have asked these questions for millennia, but more recently a series of point-and-click games designed by Silver Stitch have asked these and more. Now, the third game, Colour My Dreams, asks a deeper question: Of what do you dream?

Nominally a point-and-click adventure, Colour My Dreams and its predecessors, Colour My Heart and Colour My World, are more of a meditation. While the first two explored the human heart and the coldness of society, Colour My Dreams ventures into territory much more ambiguous: the depths of the human psyche. And what dark, confusing depths they are.

Navigation through the black and white world of Colour My Dreams is accomplished with the [WASD] keys and items are manipulated with the mouse. Simply click on any area that sparkles to perform tasks from adding color to the drab scene to moving bits of the scenery around. If you find it difficult to find sparkles in the stark atmosphere, the mouse pointer changes to a hand when it passes something that can be manipulated.

colourmydreams_scene2.jpgAnalysis: With its stylish black and white art and haunting music by Coin, Colour My Heart continues to blur the line between play and experience, between game and art. Using a less linear structure than the first two games allows the player to wander back and forth through the stark, cold landscapes. Although there is a conclusion this is more (much more) about the journey.

A nice difference in this, the third game, is the change of the movement keys from the arrow keys to the WASD, which makes for much smoother gameplay and exploration. Although Colour My Heart and Colour My World were fun places to visit, there was still the difficulty of using the arrow keys with the left hand while manipulating the mouse with your right. But navigation concerns are a small thing compared to the overall picture painted by these wonderful... well, let's call them experiences, shall we? Short but profound experiences perfect for casual gameplay.

Warning: as with any trip through the human mind beware becoming lost in the endless and disheartening ambiguity of the subconscious. As anyone who has suffered the repeating spiral of deep depression can tell you, it is not a fun place to visit and is difficult to leave. But if you are willing to take that risk, then jump in and explore. Just remember:

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

Play Colour My Dreams

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Colour My Dreams Walkthrough

General Information

  • Move using the "WASD" keys, click on active areas with the mouse.

  • This game is rather non-linear, so there is no absolute correct order in which to do things, except the final task.

  • There's going to be a lot of moving back and forth.

  • Be careful when heading to the right of the screen, there's a lot of sudden drops on the next screen. Move slowly.

  • "To sleep, perchance, to dream..."

Opening screen

  • There are several sparkly areas here to click on.

  • Click on any sparkly area on the ground to get green grass.

  • Click on the top of the bare tree to get a weeping willow.

  • Click on the hole in the wall to the right to get rushing water.

  • Click on the switch on the left wall to open the box.

  • Let's jump into the open box, shall we?


  • A ringing phone in the dead of night. Is there a scarier sound?

  • Go right (through the open mouth).

  • In the next room is the phone. When you try to answer it a startling question appears. How far would you go?

  • From now on, if you fall and die, you will end up back here.

  • Go right, but slowly.

Broken City

  • I told you to go slowly.

  • In the first scene you can click on the satellite dish to make it...bleed?

  • Otherwise, jump your way across the rooftops and proceed right to the next scene. Slowly.

  • What was that?!

  • Below the shattered building is a sparkly area. Click on it to see two pieces of a broken heart reform.

  • Click on the Moon. It says you need more colour...

  • Proceed carefully to the right.


  • Below the large pipe in front of you is a sparkly area. Click on it to make the pipe...bleed?

  • Jump the gap between the building and the pipe carefully.

  • In front of you is a switch. Click on it to bring the platform down, which will allow you to proceed to the right.

  • Proceed to the right.

  • Be mindful of the gap between the pipes and the suspended hook platform.

  • Underneath the hook platform is a sparkly area, click on it.

  • Look, a compass-looking thing!

  • It might be important to note the cardinal points on the compass: top - yellow, right - green, bottom - blue, left - red.

  • Close the compass and click on the pipe sticking out of the house on the right.

  • Urgh!

  • Jump the gap to the platform and proceed to the right. Ignore the creepy blue eye that is following your every move.

  • If you continue to proceed to the right you will be caught in a never ending spiral of darkness. Once the messages start repeating themselves, perhaps it is time to try and escape.

  • Go left and leave the house.

  • Continue to go left (don't forget to jump the gap) until you reach the bleeding pipe scene.

  • Stop when you are standing on the platform that you lowered to be able to proceed. Click on the switch to raise the platform while you are standing on it.

  • What the heck was that?!?!

  • Jump into the open pipe to your left.


  • If you turn the bottom most arrow upwards and pull the switch right by it, you will notice that it shoots out a stream of red. Hmmm, I wonder if the other arrows will do the same?

  • Turn the second from the bottom arrow upwards and pull the switch again. Pretty, blue!

  • Turn the third from the bottom arrow upwards and pull the switch. Green! I think we're getting somewhere.

  • Gee, the top arrow has nothing above it to shoot into. Perhaps if we turned the top arrow to the left so it could shoot into the crate?

    • Position the arrows from top to bottom: left, up, up, up.

  • Once the arrows are in position, pull the switch.

  • Great! You should now have that "thing above my head".

  • But before we go, maybe there's something else that can be done with the arrows?

  • Where else did we see colors and directions together?

  • Remember the compass?

  • If every arrow represents a color, then from top to bottom we have yellow, green, blue, and red.

  • Maybe if we put them in the direction that their color was on the compass?

    • Position the arrows, from top to bottom, in these directions: up (yellow), right (green), down (blue), and left (red).

  • Pull the switch on the left to lower the platform.

  • Jump up on the platform and pull the switch again to go up.

  • Jump into the open vat on your right to return to the bleeding pipe scene.

  • Lower the platform and continue to the right until you are back at the platform/compass.

  • Examine the compass. Look, it's open! And there's a letter!

  • Okay, now what?

  • Always follow the colour and your heart, hmmm?

  • Where have we seen the mention of both colour and a heart?

  • Proceed to the left until you reach the scene with the moon and the broken heart.

  • Click on the moon.

  • Cool! Lots of color!


  • Well, now we have followed the colour. Perhaps it's time to risk the maze again?

  • Proceed to the right and enter the house.

  • Look! You can see the colors of the moon through the window!

  • Let's follow the colour, shall we?

  • Proceed to the right for the end game.


Enjoyed it. Got stuck in the endless tunnel for a bit till I remember what I had on my head.

bluecanary November 2, 2009 3:47 PM

Stuck in the endless tunnel. Anyone can give a hint? Appreciate it.

Nice by the way, love the black and white and the patches of colours.


Man, this scared the bejeebers out of me at least once per screen... I guess I'm being easily influenced, but still!


i got the thing above my head, but i still don't know what to do


and i read the note


I don't know what the "thing above my head" is. I did the

color compass and read the note, but my moon still says I "need more colour"


thanks grinnyp, that was almost embarrassingly simple lol.

bluecanary November 2, 2009 4:25 PM

Thanks, grinnyp but I've still got the same problem as adam.

I have three arrows on the compass thing pointed upwards except the red one, which is on the red. Am I suppose to get all of them pointed upwards or onto their respective colours? But I got the moon to explode, which looked awesome!

I'm gonna keep trying 'cause this is great.


I think I'm stuck at the same place as Adam. The

room with the four spinning arrows? I saw the compass thing but I can't make head nor tail of it.

bluecanary November 2, 2009 4:38 PM

Oh, never mind! Found out and finished it! That was really nice. I love this Colour series; the message is very profound.

Thanks again!


I don't thinking not being able to use the arrow keys is an improvement. Being right-handed, I find the new controls awkward. There should be an option as to which to use.


Interesting little game-thing here. Was initially stuck without the info about

clicking on the moon

that someone posted here. Also, I didn't know about

the note in the compass

and beat the game(?) the first time without knowing about it.


This was much better and less obvious than the previous colour games!
Short and nice :)



If you're right handed, wouldn't you use your right hand for your mouse, and your left hand for WASD?


Since I'm right-handed, I use my right hand for both. I haven't finished the game, but it doesn't seem very mouse intensive so why drop the arrow keys?

zbeeblebrox November 2, 2009 11:14 PM

Ha! I guess I'm just a bit too exploratory for my own good! I wondered what everyone was talking about with the "endless hallway" or whatever, until I read the walkthrough. Heheh, because I went down that pipe near the first elevator, I managed to skip about a 1/3 of the game ;)

(Also explains the purpose of the compass. heehee, totally skipped that too)

Czaerana - you really use your right hand for wasd?? :0 So I guess you type with your hands crossed over each other then? :p


WASD is generally used with the mouse specifically because it's made to be used with the left hand (while the right's on the mouse)...

Izydor Ingwar I. November 3, 2009 7:34 AM

I too like to have a choice in the matter of controls. Being left-handed, I mostly use arrow keys w/ the right hand and mouse w/ the left. Nevertheless, I'm used to using WASD, it's just a bit uncomfortable.


For those of us using a laptop who are right-handed, we are used to using just one hand in games such as these so to suddenly have to try co-ordinate using left hand to move directions I personally found that to be the only downfall of the game. I would have preferred the option of using either the WASD keys or the arrow keys. Other than this tiny gripe, i found the game as fantastic and enjoyable as it's predecessors. Keep up the good work!!


"A nice difference in this, the third game, is the change of the movement keys from the arrow keys to the WASD, which makes for much smoother gameplay and exploration."

Niles Crane - "What?!"


Does anyone else imagine the author of these games to be a 19 year old who just got over his angst-ridden teenage emo years and is now trying way to hard to make some sort of poignant statement? The artwork is ok, but the messages on the wall are pretty ridiculous. The whole time I was playing the game, all I wanted was to find a way to make the irritatingly self-pitying character kill himself.


This game was awful, it's a simple point and click adventure with lazy art ... why so much praise?


My fingers are crippled due to a rheumatological condition so I can't type in the usual way. I mainly use just my right hand. The arrow keys are much easier to use than the wasd keys (buried in among the other letters).
Anyway, the second game of the series was the best.

You can take my city, but you can't take my city! November 3, 2009 7:07 PM

A word of warning to all, if you are easily scared ENTER THE GAME WITH CAUTION. That first jump scare freaked ME OUT. How can I play this game without the fear of another screamer?

dreamer90 November 3, 2009 8:26 PM

hahaha! yeah! the first few scenes made me cower in fear =(

anyway I think the art in this game is likeable. It's simple and clean. =] Just a tad emo-ish...

Dooreatoe November 4, 2009 2:33 AM

Could someone please detail what/when the jump scares are? I'd love to play, but I freak out easily. I wanna give it a chance, lol.



if you read the walkthrough it does mention when the "jumps" are. but basically the first one is more startling than the rest in my opinion. good thing nothing really plasters its face right at you but it does give you quite a startle. :]

Dooreatoe November 4, 2009 6:24 PM

thanks dreamer!


Interesting little game with great atmosphere! A bit of psychological scares and disturbing (in a good way :) writing, a bit classical sudden scares, but all with good measure.

dagniadooms November 5, 2009 8:54 PM

also i forgot those 2 beings and the screaming telephone scared the wits out of me...not to mention the theme of oppressing skept/pesimisim that was mildly depressing...
still very good concept. hope for more.

life is a daydream, daydreams are beauty, beauty is love


Fell_darkpaw November 7, 2009 10:38 PM

I think my computer is acting stupid

After I jump into the hole at the start i move around a blank area

i cant find the source of the ringing and i move to the right and i vanish but the moment i start moving to the left i pop back up

i cant go past the left wall but i walk towards the right for what feels like forever

what do i do? do i just keep walking? or is my computer acting weird?


I still don't understand the compass thing.

You say 'pay attention to the colors' in your guide, but every time I move any arrows in the arrow room the compass arrows point different places. I can't figure out how to make them all point to their respective colors.


That game was hauntingly beautiful. This game and your other games puts into perspective and words the sorrow I face every day and the love and devotion for my true love. Depression hurts, so does cutting, so don't go down either path, I know I won't again (the cutting part). I love what it says at the end.

"I would face any obstacle and overcome my darkest fears just to hear your voice before I sleep..." or something like that.


hey this was very easy just click on the moon when you have that ball on your head :D and go to the finnish.


i needed spoilers to get to the end. but it was totally worth it. even if it was kinda creepy.


I think i missed a bit of this game....


did everything normally, clicked on all the sparkly things, put the heart together, got told I 'needed more colour' found the room with the arrows, twisted them around a bit, left the room and discovered the compass, went back and forth quite a few times trying to make the arrows all match up. Pulling the lever didn't do anything, cept shoot some blue out of the bottom arrow.

Pointed all the arrows upwards except for the top one, got a thingy above my head, went back to the compass place and puzzled over what the point of it was if all you had to do was basically point up, searched around for what do to now, couldn't find anything new. Saw the moon again and clicked it (yay explosion) wandered some more, finally figured out that I could jump on top of the thingy the compass was hanging from, walked a little and finished the game.

So where exactly is the endless tunnel? And what is the point of the compass??


I love this series, and when the new installment came out just recently, I decided to go back and play all the games again. I have just gotten a new laptop, and am using it for all my gaming/work needs. But when I tried to play Color My World and this one, all of a sudden, in the middle of playing, I would start jumping uncontrollably (in the game, of course), and wouldn't be able to move forward. Any ideas?


I guess I found an alternate ending! I didn't click the phone, I just walked to it, and then I got an ending saying something like "I can go past my worst nightmares just to heaar your voice before I go to sleep". The guy was in his bed, holding a phone.


Sorry for double post, but I didn't ever find an "Endless tunnel", I just got past everything, exploded the moon and never did anything with the strange color compass.


First telephone scene scared the jeebus outta me. But I love all these games.


AUGH! Where I am, it's 7:26. Usually, games like this only freak me out past 8, I freak easily :). Anyway, I was

Underground, clicked on the telephone.

"Nothing special... I guess I'll keep walking right? No jump scares for now ':)(he's supposed to be sweating lol)

Then, I walk past the telephone-

I don't know what kind of sound it made, I had MUTE on, but I'm glad, or I'd have freaked out a million times worse! I'll try again tomorrow at like 5:00. Not for the faint of heart past 7:15, thank gosh I'm only halfway faint of heart.

corey roney February 2, 2010 10:55 PM

i know how to get out of the endless tunnle all you half to do is when you have the thing above your head go to the moon and click on it then go back in the tunnle.


I LOVE games like this, but ONLY on Saturdays or days off from school! Any other day, I'm playing it too late to "save" myself from the worst nightmares... Another great game for anyone who liked the horror & trying to not physically escape, but phsycologically "escape" is called:


You can find it at


:{ Both are creepy...


I'm kinda amused by the way the guy crouches, kinda scared. He's like ducking out of the way. Sorry for the hurried post but I gotta finish this game by like 4 (it's 3:49)or I might get nightmares lol :P


I'm confused! I beat it, right now it's 4:01 lol ;). Not too bad, the beings jumping all over didn't bother me. Just the telephone. The

Endless tunnel,

I kept expecting to find another huge big jump scare to make me wet myself(joke). Thank heaven I didn't. I beat it, but couldn't figure out how to move the

Arrows on the compass

I beat it anyway. I'm kind of confused why the compass is there if I don't need to use it...Please clear this up for me!


Oh, sorry, disregard my complaint about the compass arrows not spinning. I thought I actually had to go to the COMPASS & spin the compass' arrows! You have to spin the arrows that

You use to obtain colour.

lol I'm an idiot :P


This is all in one chunk, not spoiler inside spoiler! Beware, there is no way to avoid EACH & EVERY JUMP SCARE!

I think you know to click DREAM, but then click on the city (in the background) to get fireworks, the lever to open the box, the tree to get green leaves, the pipe to get running water, & the grass to get, well, GRASS. That can go in any order. Jump into the box. No jump scares on the 1st underground scene! Walk through the stone mouth, then click on the phone. 2 beings & a message will scare your pants off. Here's the scary version:
Walk by the phone, eyes wide open. GAUGH!!!
Scare-free version(I use this CONSTANTLY):
Cover your eyes with a hand & walk to the right for some time. You may drop off the ledge on the next screen if you walk too far, but you'll just spawn in the Checkpoint Room with the phone. (the beings will never happen again in the same playthrough of the game.) Now, once you're securely on the next screen, not a jump scare to be found. Just jump across the rooftops, then once lightning strikes the satellite dish, click on it. Blood will dump from it, but there doesn't seem to be a purpose behind that. Go to the next screen, where a being (not the same kind from the phone, perhaps a ninja :P) will jump over your head. I know you want to chase him, but you'll never catch him! Click under the ruined buildings to reform a broken heart. Click on the moon as you jump across the rooftops, & words will appear: Need more colour...
Well, how do I get that? Let's just keep moving. Click on the wheel under the pipe to make the pipe start leaking blood, again with no real purpose. Go to the next screen to get that colour! You CAN avoid a minor scare by NOT clicking the pipe at the right. If you DO, it will spawn a big blue eye. Whatever. It can't hurt you. Strange, a compass with sparkles on it... Let's note the cardinal points on it. Yellow is up, red is left, green is right & blue is down. There's arrows, but you can't spin them from THIS location... Let's press onward. There's an endless hallway that has strange messages on the walls. Once they start repeating, turn back. Go back to the place with the lift, get on the lift, & pull the lever. A trap door opens, letting loose another ninja. He kills you-just kidding, he runs away. Ignore him. Jump into the big open pipe the lift left you at. Turn the arrows to get colour into that crate, like this from BOTTOM to TOP: UP, UP, UP, LEFT. Now you have a thing above your head. Now position them so they colour they spurt is facing the way it did on the compass- that's yellow up, red left, green right, & blue down. Go to the compass & check the note that appeared. It'll mention colour & a heart... Where have we seen that? Oh, the moon & the heart. Click on the moon to blow it up & get pretty colours. Maybe it's time to risk the maze again? You'll see the colour of the moon through the window. Proceed right. Yay, you win!!!

Hope this helps :)

deshawn March 7, 2010 9:09 PM

how do you get the colors and how do you get through the tunnel?

Anonymous March 28, 2010 5:46 PM

I walked this thrue by the first time.___. Didn't really need to think so much, it's easy

Wildbreeze March 30, 2010 6:59 PM

I absolutely adore these games. They're so creative and cute. Keep making them, SilverStich. And Coin, please, PLEASE keep doing the music. It's as amazing as the games!!



Bravo. Bravo.

You actually caught me off guard at the telephone.

That screaming monster scared the crap outta me!

And the scream. *shivers*

At least this was a game that. made. me.



Katie10101 April 2, 2011 2:20 PM

Can someone leave a comment with the writing on the wall from the endless tunnel after the light shines through? I love it, but I don't want to play the game all over again. Thanks!


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