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ClickPlayTime 6

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ClickPlayTime 6I don't know about you, but the mere mention of NinjaDoodle's ClickPlay series is enough to send my pulse racing. The countdown timer is flashing, the play button remains out of reach, I can't get it Ican'tgetitI'mrunningoutoftimeSOMEONEHELPME!

Okay, okay, take a breath. A deep breath. NinjaDoodle are back for a sixth instalment of their popular point and click minigame series, but unlike some of the previous instalments, you aren't going to be punished by a countdown clock for every second you take to finish each puzzle. This instalment has a calm atmosphere that encourages you to take your time, right down to the funky lounge music that accompanies your puzzling. You can take your time figuring out each mini-game, which require a combination of pushing, pulling, twisting, and mathletics to solve.

The series isn't known for its complexity, but that's not really the point. Grab a coffee or tea, sit down and enjoy a few minutes of puzzly goodness!

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Level 13

I tried to solve this by using cut-and-paste into Paint to find the original state and then figuring out what had to go where to get the required result. I had to be quick on the PrintScreen button - the result of moving the dials disappears very quickly. (Way too quickly to be fair, I think, and if showing the rotation back to the starting state is supposed to provide a clue, it's way way too fast.)

But I couldn't even figure out which dials affected which quadrants. Or why some quadrants went completely black sometimes.

For what it's worth, here's what I figured out regarding where each quadrant was supposed to end up compared to its starting point.

Top left has to move to top right.
Top right has to move to bottom right.
Bottom left has to stay where it is.
Bottom right has to move to top left.

But I have no idea, even after seeing the solution, how the dials affect the quadrants.

I had to use the walkthrough on youtube to get the answer. Here's how to move the dials to get the Play button:

Numbering the dials from top to bottom 1 2 3 4:
1 right
1 right
2 left
3 left


The Knight's Move one, I don't know the level number:

I don't think the required answer is correct. I had to go back to the youtube video.

They want 3 for the third one, but it takes 5 Knight's moves to get from the top right to the middle right.

Maybe it's about something other than just the number of Knight's moves to get to the target ... looking forward to someone explaining why the "answer" is correct.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 12, 2017 10:03 AM replied to barbara

Here's my walkthrough, if you want to check out those two solutions.

ClickPlayTime 6

Remember, there's no limit on anything. Just relax and take your time. Except for a couple of stages where you'll fail.

  1. Tortoise

    Tortoise wants to be its shell. Or something like that.

    (Hint: You can swipe, i.e. click and drag.)

    Swipe its head right, tail left and legs up, in any order.

  2. House

    But instead of H and E, it's J and T.

    Swap the letters around to spell JOUST.

  3. Meow

    Four cats sound similar but they look different. Give the cuties some names.

    Orange = Tiger (Tigga)
    Black = Ash
    Pink = Bow (Bowie)
    Brown = Dirt (Scrap)

  4. Tick Tock

    Where's the clock?

    The hands would point to 1, 9, 6,3 on a clock face.

    So enter 1963 as the code.

  5. Burps

    Help the burps get their burpformance in order.

    BURPS on the sign is yellow, blue, yellow, pink, yellow.

    Click them in the order 21232.

  6. Scooby

    -dooby-doo, who else is in the crew?

    Swap the letters to spell VELMA.

  7. Comic

    Put the panels in the panels. (But it resets if you click past the green panel.)

    Click them 1, 2, 3, 4 times from left to right, or 0, 1, 2, 3 times after a reset.

  8. Phony

    That's not where the digits on a phone go!

    (Speaking of, where do they go?)

    The marked buttons are 1=2, 2=0, 3=4, 4=6.

    Enter 2046 as the code.

  9. Shooter

    Hit five enemies before you get hit four times.


    The ship will alternately turn right and left between shots. So if the ship is turning right, try to hit the enemy on the right first.

    Also, remember that there's no delay between taps. If you need to continue turning right, tap thrice instead of once.

  10. RBY

    When mixing red, blue and yellow paints, you get...

    Swap the letters to spell BROWN.

  11. Examine!

    Four seconds to memorize where the green and blue guys are.

    But the pattern never changes:

    Only five trees have hiders.
    Green: 1st tree, 2nd tree right, 3rd tree top and top right, 4th tree left.
    Blue: 2nd tree left, 3rd tree top left and bottom, 4th tree top, 5th tree.

  12. Heels/Head

    All you need is to swap top and bottom.

    After swapping, the symbols read 4502.

  13. Dials

    Only four swipes to assemble the play button. Which dial is which quadrant? Is clockwise left or right?

    The top dial is the lightest quadrant, the next one second lightest, and so on.

    Also, swipe left for clockwise and right for counterclockwise.

    The middle grays have to move clockwise once, and the white quadrant must move twice (in either direction).

    So swipe the dials 2, 1, 1, 0 times left.

  14. 40:40

    Looks like a long tennis match.

    Swap the letters to spell DEUCE.

  15. Pyramid

    Each box guy holds a number which is the sum of the lower two.

    Fill the question marks (orange numbers) with 97 3 5122 or 97 3 4213.

  16. Knights

    How far must the knights go?

    __0 | 0__ || 2_0 | 0_2
    1__ | __1 || __3 | 3__
    __2 | ___ || _1_ | _14

    2, 1, 3, 4 moves.

    Enter 2134 as the code.

BubbaJoe April 12, 2017 4:16 PM replied to barbara

It is three. From top right, go to middle bottom. Then to top left. Then to middle right.

I made the same mistake, thinking it took five, until I looked at it again.


tips for the dials level

you can figure out which dial responds to which piece by moving only two dials at a time and seeing which move back into place. you'll have to do at least twice.

for example, if the dials are labeled 1-4 from top to bottom:
-move 1 and 2 twice each (direction doesn't matter)
-take note of which pieces move back into place
-move 1 and 3 twice each
-take note of which pieces move back into place
-whichever piece moved both times corresponds to dial 1

you can continue to use this method to figure out the other pieces+dial combinations

after that you just need to figure out how many spaces the pieces need to move to form the play button. note that it HAS to be pointing right, the same way the other play buttons on previous levels.

moving the dials left move the pieces clockwise and moving the dials right move the pieces counterclockwise

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 18, 2017 1:16 AM replied to Krizpy

@Krizpy: Nice method for the dials level, but I think you can do it more efficiently by

turning each dial thrice in one direction and then once in the other.

Of course, once you know the gimmick, you only have to make two attempts and be quick on your screenshot button:

1st: +1, +1, +1, +1
2nd: +2, +1, -1, 0

which tells you which direction to turn the dials and then which dial is which.

I might be doing a little too much analysis for a puzzle that you only solve once and only understand by trial and error, but that's how the puzzle is.


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