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The role of gold in online games and how to get it

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In order to develop your character well and confidently in any online game, it is important to invest in its development and find sources for obtaining additional gold.

The principle is the same as in life - if you focus only on what the system offers you without looking for additional means of enrichment and improving your hero, then it is likely that you will remain an average player who will never achieve top positions on your server. This principle works in Path of Exile and in other projects.

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What is gold in an online game

Gold is a tool and a source of achievement in any online games that you have to master in order to receive regular progress and improve your character in terms of equipment, weapons, potions, skill enhancements and secondary resources.

How is game gold obtained
Buying in-game gold from Skycoach

You can always spend money to get Skycoach in-game gold in the right quantities for your needs.

These can be funds to buy a missing item from a set of equipment, pay for services and help from other players, buy back valuable lots that will strengthen the hero in the future.


These are the main and secondary tasks that local NPCs assign to the player in order to gain experience, rewards in the form of equipment and weapons, learn game mechanics and, of course, gold.

The main quests always bring more gold as a reward for the fact that the player spends time researching and completing them and following all the recommendations of the game developers.

Side quests are often side quests and bring fewer rewards. If you perform only them, then the progress in the growth of game money and experience will be minimal, but if you mix them with the main assignments, then the profit and speed of gold mining will increase many times over.

The list of rewards and potential efforts to obtain them can be seen when accepting the quest - do not be lazy to read their conditions so as not to do useless work.


This is a way to earn gold and useful materials through classic hunting in zones that suit the player in terms of level.

If the monsters are of a much higher level, then this will lead to inevitable death, and if less, then there will be no reward and experience.

If you choose the right location and have a hero who is able to quickly destroy the enemy with single attacks, or massive skills to kill many monsters at once, then this format of enrichment and gaining experience will be very successful.

Supports and low damage classes are better off focusing on questing and leveling in groups rather than wasting their time on long grinds.

Risks when buying game gold

In itself, the process of buying game gold is a prohibited activity, which can lead to the withdrawal of the purchased resource and blocking the account for a certain period, or permanently.

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Buying Gold from Skycoach

Despite all the threats listed above, you should not be very afraid and take everything at face value.

The fact is that game developers cannot ban players for any reason and they need to provide iron evidence of a violation, otherwise it looks like just a witch hunt and can lead to a strong outflow of players from the project, which developers and administration cannot allow.

Skycoach provides several stages of stealth for a gold deal and disguises the whole process as a classic exchange between players who know each other in order to make everything look plausible to the game administration.

In any case, the service guarantees you anonymity and the possibility of returning the invested funds in case of disputes, or intervention of the game administration in the subject of the transaction.

The transaction process is as follows:

-Go to the service website.
-Select game, server and service - e.g. Diablo 4, gold
-Specify the amount and pay for the order, or request feedback from the manager who will help you complete the transaction correctly.
-Discuss delivery method and time.
-Get your gold and leave a review.

The most common ways to supply game gold

It is worth considering that not every project indicated and available for buying gold supports these mechanics, but this is a common practice that you should deal with in advance in order to understand how the Skycoach service provides security guarantees

Exchange between players

This is the most common, but not mandatory, method of shipping in-game gold that can be used.

The fact is that the players themselves manage how to handle and exchange their property, and therefore this method is so often used in transactions with real money - after all, the administration cannot track each transaction without good reason.

In addition to using pure gold - a currency obtained in an honest way through classic farming, the service also adds various items and asks the client to do the same - these do not have to be expensive items, but simply things that will make a deal with a large amount of gold a full-fledged exchange, and not empty transfer of currency.


Not all projects support such a format for the exchange of items and resources between players, but where such functionality is implemented, it is often used to the fullest.

Since each player decides for himself what goods he wants to put up and how much gold to ask for his ransom, even if this is absolutely not a market value, and therefore the game administration rarely interferes in such transactions, unless the gold that was used there was mined in a dishonest way, or was stolen.

Skycoach only works with honestly earned currency, so this situation is excluded.

You only need to put your lot on the trading platform and the service will buy it, thus completing its part of the transaction. The game administration will have no actual grounds to impose game sanctions, but even in the event of a dispute, Skycoach is ready to take responsibility and compensate for the damage incurred.

Game mail

Sending useful game items is a fairly common practice in online games, and a very small number of projects do not support such mechanics.

It allows you to send items and gold for free, that is, mail free of charge from the recipient and on a paid basis.

The paid basis is what Skycoach needs to transfer game gold to the client. The player simply sends the low-value item to the specified character and enters the amount of payment that corresponds to the purchased gold, and the service completes its part of the deal by simply buying back the item.

This format is also very safe from the point of view of the intervention of the game administration, the main thing is not to make absolutely brazen transactions and then everything will be good.

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