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elleelle_christmasminiescape_image2.pngFirst, let's go straight to the what: Neutral's new Christmas Mini Escape! (Yay!) Now, the why: there are dozens of escape-the-room games released on a daily basis, yet few of them rise to the level of our notice. Even fewer have us climbing over each other to have the honor of presenting it to you, the ever discriminating JIG reader. That is Neutral.

If you have not discovered for yourself why Neutral is so revered, this small, unassuming banner game (yes, the game is the small banner at the top of the screen) is a perfect example of how to capture the hearts of escape fans everywhere. Don't worry, you don't need to know Japanese to complete the game. While miniature in scale, it is filled with details, clean lines and a changing cursor to avoid pixel hunting. Puzzle clues make sense but require enough deductive reasoning to make you feel as if you've earned your way out. Then, just as you think you're done, there's another layer to unwrap. The end is not a brief congratulatory phrase but a beautiful animation that leaves you feeling truly gratified.

My descriptions do such a delightful game no justice, though—see for yourself. This is a treat in any season but with all the Christmas bells and lights, it's like Santa telling us casual gamers that we've been very, very good this year!

Update: This seasonal game is currently available through the month of December only. Enjoy!

Play Christmas Mini Escape

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Christmas Mini Escape Walkthrough

As you move around the room, make notes of everything in your surroundings. Almost everything you see has a purpose—either as a clue, a tool, a puzzle or as a way to hide those things from your view.

Gathering Goodies and Making a List

  1. When the game first starts, you're facing a santa red sofa, a lovely live Christmas tree and an end table with a poinsetta on it:

    • Look at the lovely ornaments on the tree...snowman, two bells, two bows and a star (well, and an ordinary ball).

    • Exhausted from the holiday hustle and bustle, head for the sofa, fall off and get a good look underneath; no dustballs, just...

      • A FORK. Grab it.

    • Nothing in the unlocked drawers, so turn to the right.

  2. Now facing the fireplace, make note of the clues there:

    • A picture that has four trapezoids, three red, one green, facing different directions...something to keep an eye out for later, I suppose.

    • A snowman on the mantel; it's a wonder he doesn't melt! Better look closer to make sure...

    • ...and from close view, an unmortared brick in the fireplace catches the eye. The FORK is handy here. Pry out the brick and see what's in there:

      • A STAR. Take it and back up again.

    • A clock. 3 in the afternoon. Still early in the day, when nocturnal creatures are sleeping. But, taking a peek behind it, you realize it's not working, it's missing a part.

    • A key in the bottle. Can't fit the bottle through the bars so Santa definitely ain't fitting.

    • Poor BEAR. He seems sad about that. Give him a hug...well, at least pick him up.

    • Turn right again.

  3. Well, this cabinet is doing no favors to the colorblind...throw open a few random doors...

    • Odd that they open different directions...the shapes from those doors when open do look familar...

    • The clue in the picture seems to indicate the order on the cabinet doors:


      But opening them in that order does nothing. Well, it's not like Neutral to have some random, obtuse clue. Better to write down this information because no doubt it will come in handy later.

      • In the bottom door, second from the left is a BOW. Take it.

    • The base of the lamp is screwed down as if it's in some cheap motel room.

    • On top of the cabinet is a green box needing two more far (if you're following the walkthrough), you have one...go look for one more.

    • Also wine, but no corkscrew (yet).

    • Pretty wreath with bell and bow on the door.

    • Well...let's turn right again.

  4. Bed, wardrobe, stocking, picture on wall...

    • Look under the covers and under the mattress:

      • There's the other STAR. Take it.

    • The picture is also screwed on to the wall. Nothing to do about that right now.

    • I wonder if Santa put anything in your stocking?

      • Just a crumpled piece of paper...pre-used even!

  5. Well, it looks like you have everything you could possibly get without unlocking doors and drawers. Time to solve some puzzles.

Solving Puzzles in the Room

  1. Open the green box:

    • Put the two STARS (found under the bed and behind a brick in the fireplace) in their places on the top of the box, push the button:

      • Yay! SCREWDRIVER!

  2. The Secrets of the Floor Lamp and Wine

    • Use the screwdriver on the base of the lamp then move the lamp.

    • A panel that needs four numbers. The way the number are arranged resembles the pictures on the crumbled paper (found in the stocking):

    • Seems you need to count some items around the room:

    • 4 stars, 4 bows, 3 bells, and 1 snowman=

    • Open up to get a CORKSCREW.

    • Now use the corkscrew on the wine; pour it (click twice).

    • Oh, a glass of the prettiest, brightest Pink. Careful, if you spill it on your clothes it will stain!

      • Take the SILVER KEY out of the glass.

    • Turn around and go the end table next to the sofa.

  3. The Bottom Drawer and the Wardrobe

    • Use the key from the glass of wine to open the bottom drawer of the end table. Look at the clue:

    • The way the letters in WARDROBE are arranged seem significant: a 4x2 grid. Where else in the room did you see an 4x2 grid?

    • Remember how the picture of the trapezoids seemed to indicate certain doors on the cabinet...and how those trapezoids are in a certain order?


      Put that information with the clue from the bottom drawer to get:


    • Enter that code into the wardrobe's 4-letter code, then back up to open it.

      • Take the socks.

  4. What's a Bear to Do?

    • Think about (or take another look at) that clue in the bottom drawer. There was a picture of a bunny on it. A bunny wearing a bow and pink socks. But in your inventory you have only a bear, a bow and white socks.

    • Things, they need a changin':

    • First, make the Bear a Bunny... it's all in the ears...

      Hang the bear up in the wardrobe...close the doors, walk away for a while, come back to find his ears have stretched.

      Second, turn those socks pink... what will stain them?

      Put the socks in the wine.

      Now put them all on the bea...Bunny. But he's squirmy and won't sit still!

      Sit him down in his chair...put on the bow, put on the socks, pick him up again.

    • When you have the dressed up bunny, he needs somewhere to go...well, he's worried about Santa making it through the chimeny with stocking stuffers...

    • Put the bunny in the stocking.

      ...grab the GOLD KEY!

    • Time to open a couple more doors.

  5. Hidden Niche and Exit Door of Room 1

    • Use the screwdriver to open the picture of the stacking chicks (also a banner mini-game from Neutral).

      • Take the BLUE ORNAMENT.

    • Use the gold key (from panel behind the stocking) to open the door.

    • Climb the ladder and go out.


  1. Take a look under the nests:

    • Get the HEXAGON LETTER "O".

  2. Turn around...Go see the sleeping owl; there's something in the branches of the tree to the left:

    • Get the SQUARE LETTER "Z" then back up.

  3. Turn until you see the the background is a gopher's home. Well, gophers probably like to decorate for Christmas, too. Drop the Blue Ornament in one of the holes.

    • Wait! You want that the gopher a bit until he gives it back. Take the BLUE ORNAMENT again.

    • Seems there was an order in which the gopher peeks up to look at you...

    • ----4th---2nd, 5th---

  4. Turn around twice, go back to the treasure chest. A present? Were you good?

  5. Use the same pattern from the gopher to open the chest...

    ---4th----2nd, 5th---

    • Take the PENTAGON NUMBER 3 (?)

  6. Turn right. Put the shapes in the stone. Still one missing...

  7. Grab the GREY ROCK to the left of the stone, maybe it's useful.

    • No, it doesn't fit. Well, let's throw it down the chimney then. Uh uh. Breaking sound not good...Go have a look.

  8. Back down the ladder (under the right nest) and into the house to discover the RED KEY in the fireplace.

    • Use the red key to open the red and green cabinet.

      • Take the CLOCK GEAR.

    • Back out and Turn left. Put the gear in the clock.

      • Time flies! It's getting late now...8 in the evening. Go outside to look

  9. Back outside, it's a beautiful starry night...

    • Owl isn't sleeping anymore, go to his nest,

      • take the CIRCLE LETTER.

    • Put the letter in its spot on the stone...A SNOWflake. Hmmm.

    • Adjust the letters to spell SNOW.

  10. Pull the blue lever...

  11. Put the blue ornament in the cannon...pull the lever again...

    ...and Enjoy the Musical Show!

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!


i can't figure out the code for the closet!
i know is has something to do with the paper... but i try all the combinations posibles and nothing!!!


i got it!!!! Now i don't know what to do with the blue ball


I feel really silly having to ask for some help on this one, but I am stuck.

I have done most everything, but I still have the blue ball with the snowflake on it and I can't find a use for it.


hey elle- do you know how to get a screw driver?
i got the bear- the fork and the bow- i have no idea what to do with all of it- =.= or is there somethingelse i need to still pick up


I can't figure out what to do with the


and I still need to

put some sort of ears on the bear



i'm stuck with a blue

christmas ball. I think i have to turn the bear into a bunny. don't know what password to put in the ward robe.


gamakai -

I'm also stuck with the blue ball, so can't help you there. For the wardrobe, if you've found the paper that shows you the bunny, look on the very back of it.

Notice the diagram there - it matches something in the room.

The cupboards that don't have anything in them! You need to pick 4 of the cupboards and match the corresponding letters.

The red/green painting tells you which cupboards/letters to pick.

The Logical Ghost December 21, 2011 5:30 PM

Beautiful Neutral work, as always!

And as always, I'm stuck. I've used

the fork -> the star;

And have noted that

the bear can be placed in the chair and the sock with or without the bow;

And I get that

the picture next to the fireplace has something to do with the cabinets, and that the crumpled paper has to do with the # of each object.

I know I'm missing something obvious ...


GOT IT!!!! Beautiful ending!!

The Logical Ghost December 21, 2011 5:37 PM

Power of posting. I'm now just past gamakai, with the

wardrobe open and the socks on.


I almost don't wanna know how dense I must be, but

what is supposed to happen after doing the cabinet doors? I even looked at the spoilers to make sure I was reading the picture right, and I seem to be, but nothing appears to happen after I click the doors...?

Please, somebody, enlighten me, even though I know I'll have to facepalm afterward.

The Logical Ghost December 21, 2011 5:46 PM


Out. Really, really sweet. Thanks, Neutral, for just the right little diversion for the season.



made the bunny (bow, socks, stretched ears)

but what do I do with it?


@elle *facepalm*

Thank you!


I'm pretty far along, but I've gotten stuck. I have

The Transformed Bear, fully decked out and stuffed away

and in my inventory

one lone blue Christmas ball remains.

I'm not sure where to go from here, though.


I really look forward to Neutral's escape games, both these mini Christmas ones and the more complicated "regular" escapes. I was not disappointed.


Never mind! Not so much Power of the Post as it is someone else posted something helpful in the intervening time. There was something I had neglected.


i did it!!!
The end is beatifull!


People say to check the rabbit paper to solve the cabinet puzzle, but I have no idea how to get the paper. Any hints?


I got through the rest of it on my own (yay!)

Very nice ending. :)


I love Neutral's escapes. Even their mini-effort is excellently done.


Ending made me "d'aww." :)


Loved this game :D when I got to the part with the canon, I was like 'ooooooooh


Holy bleep, it's a Neutral game!


That was precious!


Why does it have to be over so fast? :'(


Love their games so much! I completely forgot that it was a mini until I had finished it and I saw how much of my screen wasn't the game.

I would love to see you guys fighting over who gets post this. XD, Congratz, elle


Excellent. Needed help because I didn't figure out the

bear was meant to be a bunny

but apart from that all the puzzles were great and the graphics and reward are suitable. Much applause.

VoxPopuli42 December 24, 2011 12:04 AM

Neutral made a new Christmas game! EXCITEMENT!
And I finished without any hints. This will most definitely be a lovely holiday season :]
I especially liked the end scene.

and the bear --> bunny process

Mya's games fit in so well with my own intuition, and all her puzzles make such logical sense. hoorah!


This was beautiful. Thank you Neutral!


I am having a terrible Christmas cognitive booboo - where can I find the game? When I view Neutral's website, all I see are the escape games from previous years but not the one described here?


[The game was in the website banner, but it looks like she removed it because christmas is over. :( -Jay]


@Jay and elle: Thank you for your replies. Fingers crossed she will as I really like their mini games :)


I had to quit the game halfway because I had an appointment. Next day I planned to take it from where I left it, only to find out it is off the net until next Christmas? I am not really amused. :-/

Ah, well, I don't think it is fair to complain about a free game, so I'll suck my frustration up. I respect this somehow extreme artistic decision but, well, a warning would have been nice.

[We had no idea or we would have given notice, too. But perhaps Mya from Neutral will host it another way. I keep checking and hoping at least! ;-) ~elle]


Yeah, I thought so, Elle, no problem. I'd better trust someone who is able to take grinnyp in mudwrestling ;-) . I have heard her secret weapon is muttering deadly puns, so I'll hazard the guess you could only prevail by using earplugs.


It looks like it's been replaced by what used to be the Halloween Mini-escape.


It's back!!


It's back again for this year!


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