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CGDC4: Two Ball

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BounceFlash Game Design CompetitionThe next entry to the 4th Casual Gameplay Design Competition is from Jerry Liu and Charles Zinn from Ontario (Canada). Please provide your kind feedback for Jerry and Charles in the comments.

Two Ball is an open-ended action game in which the objective is to hit the grey ball with the orange swirl ball using the mouse. Alternative control methods are also available. The "ball physics" theme is represented well within the gameplay.

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Game link: https://jayisgames.com/cgdc4/?gameID=45


littlebum2002 October 11, 2007 4:10 PM

It seems like a fun game, but with the JIG logo it seems like there is too much going on. Especially when trying to read the directions.

Also, is there a win condition, or is this just a web toy?

Although I do admit, it is very fun and addicting.


Yes, it's a game, but has no objective. Just see the highest rate you can get, or play against friends, or just relax, you know?

Sorry, there was insufficient time to create levels.

I'm Jerry.


It seems to go on forever, I gave up at 300 seconds. At one point it seemed that my squiggle shrunk and faded, making my think I was going to die. It may have been my eyes though or some powerup I accidently hit while flailing around near aimlessly at warp 3.

I kinda liked the JIG Logo in the background.

Overall I think it could use a bit of tweaking in the speed of the object ball to allow for more actual control in hitting it, and some sort of goal/end.

I suggest setting a 30 second copuntdown time and give a 4 second bonus per ball hit would work well for this game (I averaged about 4.5-5s rate.


The timer goes on forever, I suggest you time yourself each time to beat your previous records.


good game,but need to improve to make it more palyable and more fun.


Another one of those dang webtoys that you start playing and next thing you know your eyes are burning because it's THREE in the morning.

The orange squiggle ball thing needs to be tightened up a little - so it follows the mouse pointer a little better. It was a little like trying to manage a wild terrier puppy on the end of a very long rubber band. Tough to hit much with it.

After a while I found kind of a method for control.

Just keep in the middle of the screen. When the ball is heading left move the mouse to the right, then when it slows down move the mouse back left again. Just move in the opposite direction the ball is going. It'll take some trial and error to get it down because you can also really get it bouncing that way if you're not careful. It's kind of like trying to stop swinging on a swingset. After a few seconds the ball slows down and you can gently move it in the direction you want to go.


Not a bad webtoy, but not much of a game. And the swirly is ridiculously hard to control.


Crap. The error message made me think it hadn't worked.


Jerry (and team)

congrats on completing a game!
it is a lot of work. I liked all the different power ups, and it was fun to mess around with.

As others have noted, there are a few areas for improvement. Graphics and story-line should be improved upon, and I think it would be neat if the powerups were introduced a little bit over time, and you had to use them at special times.

I also feel that the movement of the following ball should be less random feeling. I am a firm believer that games should not have their difficulty be caused by their controls.

At the same time though... nice job :P


I thought it would be too easy if the ball came too quick.

That's why.
Oh, and by the way, the strategy you use to play (cause ball to fly really fast) is the strategy I use too. Congratulations on finding it.


By the way the alternate controls can be more efficient in speeding up and slowing down.


A new version is going to be out soon, with levels.
The controls are also better.


Levels would be good :) I was getting creeped out by the game going on forever and ever. Am curious to see what you do with the controls. I didn't have a problem with it, after I got a feel for how the orange ball follows you. I liked the jig logo... it was a nice friendly indicator for when I caught the white ball successfully, otherwise it would have been hard to tell. You need a border around the playing field... the credits were shoved up at the top and the dropdown menu gets in the way sometimes; also, one time the white ball rolled in along the bottom and kind of disappeared under the pop-up score board thing. Overall, I think you did a great job putting this game together. I didn't find any bugs, at least.

And off-topic: THANK YOU for caring about spelling. Thank you thank you thank you.


Please clear your internet caches, and reload the page. There you can find the new version, with levels, lockable stats, and pause functions. Thanks!

[Edit: Reloading the competition UI is all that should be necessary to get the game updates. No need to empty browser cache. :) -Jay]



A few things guys:

When it says "NEXT LEVEL" at the top right of the screen players think that's what they're supposed to click on to get to the next level. Making that a button to do that would help immensely. There's nothing in the instructions about going down to the control bar for the "next level" button so it took me a while to figure that out.

The bouncing bricks is a great idea but introduce them sloooowly. Just have one or two on the first brick level. And maybe keep them stationary for starters.

And why oh WHY have them speed up over time like that? After a few seconds on any particular level the bricks are flying in such a blur it's impossible to "play" the game. You just kind of move around the screen hoping to get lucky and have things collide.

Really getting there though! Keep tweaking this - it's a good one!


All fixed. No one plays this anymore :(


i played and was quite fun, but the <1 rate level is impossible. Only strategy i found is to reset the level and hope to catch the Grey ball at the beginning, i used this in the <2 rate and worked, but now theres no way to make it.

Overall Good game.


Actually that is the strategy I use, often with the last two levels. The last one IS possible, but its more about luck. Well if you got that far you should try free play, it requires a different strategy.


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