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CGDC4: Lynz

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LynzFlash Game Design CompetitionThe next entry (number 32 in case you're keeping track) is from Eric Whitmire of North Carolina (US). It is Eric's first competition with us, so please give him a warm welcome.

Lynz is an action puzzle game with drawing-based gameplay that encompasses the "ball physics" theme. Please provide your kind feedback and constructive criticism for Eric in the comments.

Play Lynz

Game link: https://jayisgames.com/cgdc4/?gameID=32


Cool game, kinda hard. I like the blur effect of the lines fading away as you hit them.

Coin/yellow dot collision seems a bit off, like on level 3 I skipped right over some of em right after dropping.

A riff in your music reminds me of U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday, not a bad thing though.

littlebum2002 October 8, 2007 3:39 PM

I really like it, but a good improvement would be to have the game remember your lines for each turn, so you don't have to redraw them every...time.....


Yeah, seconded on that improvement, though I had a lot of fun with it anyway. :-)

Got all the coins on level 2 - hurrah!

MindStalker October 8, 2007 3:45 PM

Wow, there were only 19 entries in the last competition, and we are at 32 and still going?

My bets on 45.. :)


Collision is definitely off; I've had the ball go right through solid lines, and once rapidly bounce back and forth "inside" a line until it was destroyed. The angles and strengths of bounces seem weird sometimes, too.

Combine this with all you've drawn being removed when something doesn't go right, making it impossible to fine tune a setup, and, well... it's a nice idea for a game, but I think I'd quickly become annoyed if I tried to go for perfects.


Really great concept, but the lines being deleted when you click retry is a significant (and very frustrating) flaw.


I think the only improvement this game really needs is remembering the already-drawn lines so i don't have to redraw the whole level from scratch every time. With that it would be a really worthy game.

The graphics are superb.


Wow, i just realizted I can continue drawing even after i dropped the ball!

New horizons :)

Dan Black October 8, 2007 4:51 PM

Pretty tough, and a good concept. I noticed that you could draw lines during gameplay, which I thought was a cool feature... but it ended up being too difficult to utilize to any amount of satisfaction, because the game seemed to lag very heavily while trying to do so. Sometimes it would draw the line quick as you please, and other times it would freeze as if I weren't doing anything at all, only to end up drawing the line after the ball was already past the area I was targetting.


I think I'm too dumb to play this game. I have had spatial reasoning issues all my life, but for some reason I'm finding this redonkulously difficult.

But sooo pretty! The levels are just clean and lovely. And I love the powerups that I'll never see due to my uselessness. S'funny, I'm pretty good at pool...anyhoo.


Oh my gosh, 32 entries?! How am I going to play and enjoy them all before the voting?!

(haven't been on JIG in a while, but it's as good as ever!)

Ginger Ninja October 8, 2007 6:27 PM

This game is a good concept and is presented well considering the competition time limitations. I did however find myself getting frustrated very quickly due to the lack of previously mentioned "memory' feature.

Also, not sure if its a bug or user error, but after clicking on eraser - could not work out how to erase lines already drawn, or then switch back to 'draw' mode - ended up having to reset.


In addition to having the game remember your lines, I think another nice change would be for the ink bar to go down as you draw, rather than after you finish a line. That way you would know exactly how much ink you had left as you were drawing.

I like the music, but it doesn't loop properly. That is, you can hear the point where it loops--there's a slight stutter. Shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Nice game, but could use a little more polish.


I found a bug. You can drop a second ball just after the first one reaches the end circle - this allows you to get more points. However, this then results in the game freezing.


Really nice game, a little to short but still a very nice game. I've got perfect on every level but still nothing special happens. Would be nice if some credit or maybe a few extra levels to play after finishing everything.

And there seems to be a password box or something. But I haven't found any passwords so far.


Sorry for double post but I took a look at the instructions and there seems to be a secret but somehow I've managed to finish everything and still didn't get that.

And I also noticed that you can make "super lines". I think the game would have been a lot easier if I knew that from the beginning =)I still managed to get perfect so its not a big deal thou.

ewhitmire October 12, 2007 5:37 PM

Thanks for all the feedback! I'll be releasing an updated version based on all the suggestions soon.

As for the "secret,"

Once you've gotten a perfect on all the levels, you should see 'Congratulations' on the level select screen and two codes to enter in the password box on the bottom.


Uh... I just made very similar game. It's not totally the same but it's quite close. I rather didn't post a link so I won't defer post about your game.

Otherwise I must say - brilliant idea :)


Ok, I just now realized that this comp. is all about balls and physics there are probably a lot of games similar to mine..


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