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CGDC4: JayIsAdventure

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JayIsAdventureFlash Game Design CompetitionThe next entry is a game from a team of developers, three representing Stimunation Games and two from the Flashkit games forum. The team members include: Ugur 'tomsamson' Ister, Chris 'daydream' Hildenbrand, Aleksander 'T1ger' Mork Strand, Desi A.K.A. 'Psykopig', and David 'Phreax' Hansen. This is the first time they have participated in one of our competitions so please join me in giving them a nice warm welcome.

JayIsAdventure is an old-school style graphic adventure game with a creative interpretation of the "ball physics" theme. I will say no more than that, the rest is up to you to discover and comment freely about.

Play JayIsAdventure

Game link: https://jayisgames.com/cgdc4/?gameID=20


Weird game. I'm ot seeing the ball physics yet, and I don't really get this game. I was only able to do 2 things:


Get the beachball and give it back to the girl


Combine the bucket, water and string, attach it to the cloud and make the old man happy

But nothing really seems to happen. Any thoughts?


having some technical problems? the game isn't loading for me for some reason.


ok, it seems to be working for me now, not sure what was going on with the site at the same time.

littlebum2002 October 5, 2007 6:24 PM

Wow. This game was so bad, it crashed the server.
But hey, you got further than me.

I can't find either the bucket or lost beach ball.


Yes, we had a bit of a server blip about an hour ago, but that's fixed now. If you're having trouble accessing the game at any time, it's most likely due to server load. So please be patient and retry your request in a couple of minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Well... I must be a total moron but besides finding it annoyingly difficult to navigate Jay to the right place at times, I was simply not able to find more than a couple of things to do. I know there are a lot of other things to find/discover but i can't...

What i was able to do:

I talked to the tree, I talked to Sysiphos, i talked to the bikini girl and i went home to dream about a good CGDC theme.

Not more...


I can't get this game to work.

On the starting screen, if I click on any object (the cursor turns into a hand), nothing happens. If I click anywhere else (the cursor is an X), the player begins walking in place, but does not move.



you got way further than i did... I can't do either of your things...


AndyP: I'm curious as to how you achieved the second thing. I have the elements together, but can't figure out how to use.



Talk to the girl and the ball goes over the fence. Click on the bottom of the fence and you'll walk to another part of the beach. From there, you'll be able to see the ball and pick it up.


While on the same screen where you found the ball, you should be able to see a small patch of dirt where the bucket is buried. On the screen with the girl, the big sign has a string attached to it. You can combine the string and the bucket, and combine the bucket and the water, and then tie the whole contraption to the cloud in the first screen.


to AndyP:
yeah,it was up to the developers how to use ball physics in the games and we went for having them somehow featured in some of the puzzles rather than doing a game where you move balls around :)

to bioLarzen:
not bad for a start :)
the game will show an a bit different ending depending on what you do while playing it :)
After talking with the girl try going where the beachball went :)

to OtherBill:
if the game has loaded but doesn't work at all for you your flash player is probably outdated, sorry but you need a newer version of the flash 9 player.

littlebum2002 October 5, 2007 6:43 PM

OK, I found 5 endings.

Hint for those lost like me:

To find the beach ball and bucket,click under the fence on the beach

Now by doing combinations of helping the old man, watching the old man, looking at the poster, and helping the girl, I have 5 endings. I MUST be missing something if there are 7 more. Either that, or you need to tediously try combinations of minor acts, like not talking to someone to get a different ending.


AndyP: Ah, I was trying to

attach the bucket from the ground, not on the hill. Got it attached when I did that.

Now I'm up to three endings. Sigh.


In the tutorial it shows Jay next to the pond with the fish. There must be some way to get down there. Unfortunately this is way to tedious to keep trying.

Videocrazy October 5, 2007 6:52 PM

Not doing anything and going home is another ending, although not obvious. I can't get anywhere other than home, the beach, and the place you start out. How do I go over the fence, for starters?

kellyhalia October 5, 2007 6:54 PM

About the pg-13-ness:

Try to use a man, you can't. Try to use a woman, you shouldn't, but theoretically could. playing some more... Oh and great. The bra on the billboard came off.

Aaannnnd... this is where I stop playing. I know I'm reading too much into things on the first bit but that combined with the second, so soon after, just isn't for me. It's sad, because I was really enjoying the visual style and the unique-to-this-competition-so-far point and click style.

I know it's tagged as pg-13 (though a mention of that in the game intro would have been nice), so I don't have a problem with it being on JIG or in the competition, just so people know.


I'm also stuck on five endings.

I tried arious minor things such as looking at the cloud or the ocean or something and that doesn't seem to work.


About the pg13-ness: truth is, I haven't had the chance yet to play all the entries, so I'm just using caution here. I was assured that the game is pretty tame save for just a slight bit of risque.

Of course, when dealing with the kidsafe vs pg13 issue, there is usually someone that will disagree with what ever label we decide to tag it with.

So just erring on the side of being conservative. ;)


to AndyP: You actually can't get down to the fish, its just there in the instructions gui to have a nice bg :)

And yup, if a game gets tedious to you you should better stop playing it in that moment, from there on you'd just spoil it more for yourself :)
Try it again a bit later when you feel like it, the game has a save feature so it should remember which/how many endings you unlocked :)

kellyhalia October 5, 2007 7:02 PM

Yeah, Jay, I'm totally not trying to criticize you for labeling it the way you did or for putting it here for us to play. It's all cool. The game's just not for me, is all. :-)


I still don't see the ball physics in this game. Yes there is the stone rolling and the beachball, but those barely qualify since they are on a fixed path and there is nthing in this game so far that I would consider bieng ball physics.


I got 7.

you have to examine the billboard.

How I got the endings

One ending is from examining just the billboard to get the ending "BOOBIES"

The other ending is from seeing zeus zap the old guy and then examining the billboard to get the ending "ZEUS BOOBIES"


LOL,just got the 6th ending

it has to do with the sign on the beach

it is certainly something warranting the pg13 though. I'm not complaining though as it is funny.


found another ending

look at the woman to get the BARBIE ending


dunno if you noticed: you can click the rectangle in the top left (or do right click and choose go fullscreen) to play the game in fullscreen :)
(note: this will not work in the very first versions of the flash 9 player, you need a newer version if it doesn't work)

btw the endings are not sorted in any way, you can get any in any order :)


yea I noticed the fullscreen button.

Stuck on 9 endings now, not sure what's left.


Somehow I got an eighth ending, "Ball Physics"... I talked to the tree a bit, looked at water, did essentially everyone did here...


OK... I wish we had more help on this game though...


I did manage to find a tenth one, which has to do with the woman and the beachball.

The tree doesn't seem to have anything to do with the endings, and I'm stuck right now with 10.


How'd you get the 9th?


you just have to look at her while she is playing beachball, then go home. That should trigger the 9th ending. It was the 9th one for me anyways.


I think I've exhausted all the possible combintion of actions and can't seem to find the last two endings.


I don't know what I did to get this ending. It's the first time I finished the game. But it said:

Gentleman style
It might have something to do with returning the ball twice.


Okay, partial walkthrough, up to ending #11:


Do nothing. -> No inspiration.


Watch old man get zapped. -> "Zeus Revenge"


Look at poster -> "Boobies"


Look at woman playing volleyball -> "Barbie"


Combine #2 and #3 -> "Zeus Boobies"


Combine #2 and #4 -> "Gods Hand! In Action!!!"


Combine #3 and #4 -> "Barely Legals"


Combine #2, #3, and #4 -> "Big Pappa Bull"


Help old man -> "Ball Physics"


Retrieve beachball --> "Gentleman style"


Do both #9 and #10 --> "I'll post it on my page soon :-D"

Don't know the 12th one yet. #7 hasn't been mentioned above yet as of this post.


Ummm... I have all of the endings somehow. :D Don't ask me how, I don't know. Seriously.


to kellyhalia:
The billboard and the girl playing beach ball next to it is a parody on the hilarity that is "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball" on consoles.
I'm sorry to hear you're offended by the lighthearted cartoony fun :( :)

Ducatisti October 5, 2007 11:05 PM

meh. Cool premise, but the gameplay is just too glitchy for me to enjoy it. Moving Jay around is erratic, click and sometimes he moves, sometimes he doesn't. Of course, maybe it's just Jay being obstinate? Could be, but I don't think so ;/


I got one called "The king has entered the building." That's probably the last one. Jay has hair and is surrounded by bikini girls saying how they love him. LOL. Don't know how I got that ending... but talked/looked/used everything I could.



Do #8 and #11 --> The King has Entered the Building

Kellyhalia October 6, 2007 1:47 AM


I hope my response doesn't discourage you or any of the other creators. I think you did a good job - I was very impressed with the concept and intrigued by the graphic style. I am not at all familiar with the parody source material, and if I had been I probably would have been amused.

Best of luck to you in the competition, and thanks for sharing your game with all of us!!


well, I expected something more along the lines of a Monkey Island/Sam and Max/etc. type puzzle game where the ending you got would depend on how many puzzles you finished, not how many times you did them/which ones you did. After spending so much time and only getting a couple endings, I decided to look here to see what I was missing. After reading about the different variations I was not as interested in continuing to play.

Maybe it was my expectations, but I was disappointed. I never had any trouble with the controls though. Having played those old-school adventures it was easily manageable, and the graphics were of course pixel perfect.


game is veryyyy glitchy. nice idea but not for me.


to Kellyhalia:
thanks for your kind words :)
Your comment didn't discourage me, i was just worried the game could be seen as weirder than it is regarding such things :)
Maybe i just got a bit defensive after getting sad because of some of the initial negative comments :)
I expected people would right away talk about the art, sound, maybe like the storyline or playing as jay, then nothing of that happened and instead the first commenter already seemed to not like it, that was sorta not the reaction i thought of ;)
Meanwhile i'm fine again though seeing some people seem to have had some fun trying to unlock all the endings :)

Btw once unlocking all 12 endings you can also check out a making of part at the game end screen in case you're into that kind of stuff :)

to coldfrog: yeah, we'd love to have made more scenes and puzzles but we already pushed till last minute to get it done as it is :)
Just heard of the contest around 3 weeks ago ;)


The problem I have is that there isn't really much to do. When it comes to unlocking the different endings you can speed through it in about a minute each time.

Also, the big backpack bar would suggest there should be more to pick up.

The ability to go to full screen was neat and the graphics were very cool. Overall not bad, if a little short.


Well I said I would comment once I had played it properly, so here I am!

Firstly I must say, with a team with such a high reputation as this, I didn't expect anything other than greatness, and the game sure was great =).

Daydream and Phreax working together on the art, can't get much better than that! The whole team has done an excellent job with art, sound and gameplay. I'm not sure who Psykopig is, did he do the sound? Loved the music anyway.

So, congrats guys, great game and I had a lot of fun playing it. I don't need to tell you to keep up the good work because I know you will!



to Charlie: can you specify that some?
Would be helpful for improving it :)

to Ali: cheers mate, haha, that was the most positive feedback so far, i'm stoked, where's the ashamed smiley when i need it? :)
I agree, when its about pixel art i can't imagine a more skilled team than daydream and phreax either :)
and yup, 'Psykopig' Desi made the Tunes, hes regularly cranking on Sound for our games :)
Haha, everyone in the team sits in another country now :)
On the
I don't need to tell you to keep up the good work because I know you will!

I'd actually love to make more scenes for this game or more games of this type, regarding the comments so far i'm not sure yet whether there's actually enough interest for something like that though :)
Some seem to not get the hang for it while others seemed to quite enjoy it :)
In either case it was quite tough to get it up for the contest but at the same time a trippy blast of a ride (just read the making of about the last few hours to understand my crze ;) ), so yeah, no matter who wins its well worth going for such a contest :)

Kellyhalia October 6, 2007 4:11 PM

Oh yes, hehe, playing as Jay is pretty awesome :-D


This is by far the most creative entry in CGDC4, and is also one of the best made games so far. If a game is supposed to win on creativity, this is it.

My only disappointment in this games is that with such a great idea, the designers decided to focus on the combination of three situations, instead of coming up with more ball physics situations that would lead to different endings. But that's understandable because there wasn't that much of time to make the game.

Thumb up.


I know I, for one, would greatly enjoy an expanded version of the game, especially if the storyline was a little more compelling. I personally don't have the patience to go back and do all the different combinations of puzzles just to get a different dream.

I just like being able to control Jay!


To The Developers - I liked the basic idea of the game. The graphics and motion reminded me of the original "Quest" series of games created by Roberta and Ken Williams who pioneered the way for computer gaming.

I would liked to have seen more screens to visit and more objects to play with, rather than variations of the same hunt each time. Or at least a more rewarding ending screen for each variation.

Thanks for your efforts, and for bringing back some fond memories of the early days of PC games ;-)

Best of luck to all of you.


to Kellyhalia and zxo about controlling Jay:
haha, i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking that :-)

to eric_mo :
Thanks for the cheering words man, such words make me happy like a small kid on christmas eve :-)

Yeah, time kinda dictated how many scenes we could do as i said, but yeah, read on :-)

to zxo and Zeke:
i'm glad to hear, after reading some more comments of ones liking the game (and mostly nagging about its length :) ) i'm now thinking about how we could expand this by adding more scenes or eposiodes or other things :)

to Zeke regarding:
"The graphics and motion reminded me of the original "Quest" series of games created by Roberta and Ken Williams who pioneered the way for computer gaming.
..Thanks for your efforts, and for bringing back some fond memories of the early days of PC games ;-)"

Awesome, that was one of the main things we wanted to achieve and if some got that feeling then that is worth a lot to me :)
When playing the game in fullscreen i totally feel like in the days i spent time with Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island and all those others :-D (even if those are way bigger games of course :) )


Would someone please explain exactly how to

combine the bucket and thread? All I get is "thread does not work well with Bucket" or "Those do not fit together"


to ThemePark:

try filling the bucket with water at the beach first


to tomsamson: Your comment of "sorry to hear you're offended by the lighthearted cartoony fun :( :" seems to be phrased in a way to belittle her comment.

The concept that women are to be used comes way too easily to people and you are reinforcing that idea. You could have simply had it say the same is the other ones, can't be used but you used a phrase that implied a certain mentality. In my opinion there is no problem with a woman in a bikini but to imply that the main character would like to "use" her like she's an object, that's the problem. If the defense is it's not meant to objectify the female character then why imply using a person? That's not a positive thing to do.


hello Maria,
my statement wasn't meant to belittle anyone's statement, it was to try to make clear that it was meant to be a parody of another game, not something to be taken all serious.
In real life, yes,i don't think its good when one person thinks of "using" another, no matter if its about a man or woman having such thoughts regarding a man or woman.
In case of an adventure game its typical though that it makes fun of various things,in this case there's an actions menu where one can choose a "use" action and when one chooses that on that person the character makes a commentary. Not more, not less. It does not imply or ask for the player going out and trying to use other persons in real life. In an update to the game I'll change the word "use" to "interact with" when trying it on persons in the game in case you think that is less offensive :)


Maria: I do think you're putting too much into it! Besides I think in this case it's guys that should feel offended by the generalization, that we should all want to "use" women! You are gonna be mad at me, when I use the phrase "human nature". You simply cannot remove testosterone from the male gender!

TomSamson, I told you a million times, I think this is a great little game :D That would make it a million and one :)


The world is losing its sense of humor, and "Girls Gone Wild" is selling like hotcakes. Go figure!

Jay, feel free to pull this comment if you deem it improper. I promise I won't be offended.


"A beautiful girl in a bikini, could it get any better?" Sure could! *wink to Jay*


How do you help the old man?


i'm glad more girls seem to share my type of humor, i was already getting worried all would see us as narrow-minded macho dudes now :D


The game:
Love the concept, humour and overall atmosphere. Interface's kinda glitchy and unpolished, but that's ok. Don't like the vague overall feeling of accomplishment, in the sense that you never know whether you do something "right" or "wrong" and whether you're progressing through the game or not. Verdict: the game is nothing to talk about, really, but the team who made it is obviously quite talented and should make a larger and more streamlined LucasArts-like adventure. Jay is also a pretty fitting avatar.

The comments:
Gee, some people are sensitive. While I strongly oppose all kinds of racism, sexism and whatnotism, it's one thing to have principles and quite another to have a hairline trigger for any utterly benign that could be considered remotely offensive but only if you try really really hard. Otherwise all we'd have would end up like that Christmas play in that early South Park Mr.Hanky episode, when they tried so hard not to offend everyone it boiled down from the story of Jesus' birth to children in black costumes silently waving hands and jumping up and down.


I didn't really like this at all. The graphics are very nice, but the implementation of "ball physics" is a straight up copout. Also, the puzzles are illogical. Hang a bucket filled with water on a cloud to short circuit a giant hand? That makes perfect sense!


The artwork in this game is amazing! I'm so nostalgic right now :)


"i'm glad more girls seem to share my type of humor, i was already getting worried all would see us as narrow-minded macho dudes now :D"

If you made this comment in response to my comment and wink to Jay, you're sadly mistaken. You did not understand what I said. And perhaps that's a good thing.

As for gender roles, use of women and nonuse of men, I don't care because the game simply wasn't very entertaining. It's a nice nod to Leisure Suit Larry and the retro look. But there was very little to do and nothing made me want to play this game more than twice.


for some reason the dude doesnt move on the first screen and everything is in fast forward mode

using firefox 2.007


It's most likely a Flash Player versioning issue, not a browser issue.


flash version is 9,0,47,0


I can't combine bucket(already with thread & water) with the cloud, no matter on the hill or on the ground!


Nicky, be sure you've talked to the tree.


personally, i found the game really funny, the chick looks kinda like me!!!! i wish the dude wouldtear mybra off... any1 here want 2 chat???email me!! at [email protected]


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