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Cap'n Marcela: Parrot Charmer

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Rating: 4.1/5 (98 votes)
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Cap'n Marcela: Parrot Charmer

In Carmel Games' point-and-click puzzle adventure Cap'n Marcela: Parrot Charmer, Cap'n Marcela finds herself dealing with the dread Puffy Shirt Morgan, who's going to burn her island and its tiny village to the ground at sunrise. She needs a solution, fast, but it seems like she's the only one around competent enough to get things done, so before anyone will help you, you'll need to find things for them and solve puzzles. Just click to interact, and click an item in your inventory to highlight it for use. You'll need to come up with some rather unorthodox solutions for some of your obstacles in order to foil Puffy Shirt's scheme, but hey... if anyone can soothe a surly tavern owner or inspire a wizard, Cap'n Marcela can!

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Throw the coconut in the water by the skull cave.


can't wait for this :)


"This doesn't work."


This was a nice, simple, fun little game -- I always enjoy Carmel Games titles.

One thing that surprised me is that

I never raised the gate into the lighthouse -- in fact there was relatively little to do on that screen.

Maybe I just missed something.


Getting the cachaça out after paying for it,

needs the hook. Took me ages to find it

under the tombstone.


Even though it's gotten down-voted, I never would have finished the game without Indie Gee's comment. Sure it should have been in spoiler tags, but I imagine every single person looking at the comments is going to need that advice.

When a game has something so ridiculously idiotic and random and illogical as

a floating coconut supporting a person's weight

then it ruins it for me. I know there are usually unrealistic things in these games, but this just crosses the line. I would never in a million years guess that solution. I hate it when a game is so illogical it degrades into trying out every item on every hotspot on every screen because it is impossible to actually "solve" the problem.

Carny Asada January 17, 2015 2:31 PM

Short and sweet.

My only complaint would be: Either be a pixel-hunting point-and-click or do not be a pixel-hunting point-and-click. I clicked NEAR Barbara's solution about seven times before finding the right pixel. None of the other items required that kind of accuracy.


hope walkthrough is in the works

baileydonk January 17, 2015 8:24 PM

I think I'm nearly done, but totally stumped. No one will talk to me anymore. I've got a

bag of coins

and a

bottle of "magic octopus dish"

and can't find what to use them on.



Use the dish on the water in the port.


I guess no one has a walkthrough yet. oh well. :(

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU January 18, 2015 2:23 PM

Wow. One of those "unlock one thing and you've almost completed the entire game" games.
Apart from the pretty graphics, TERRIBLE game play.

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Nice game. I enjoyed it. There is a walkthrough available to those who need it on the game menu. I had to use it to get the

Get the code for the chest. Does anyone know who the code was derived at?



Regarding the

chest code:

There is a paper hanging on the wall with a sequence of numbers which can be used to calculate the code.


I don't think they know how to count/do basic math....

the problem on the wall obviously goes like this...


the answer is 60, but if you follow the pattern it should be 90 because 3x30= 90.... js


Not really. Note that when you reach the last number

the series skips a step, from 50 you go down to 30. You may use the general formula X > X*(X/10 - 1)


Le walkthrough
Number 1

Get the hook that's by the grave

Number 2

Go to the lighthouse

Number 3

Get the coconut

Number 4

Also get the little white flowers on the wall

Number 5

Go to Skull Rock Lake

Number 6

Throw the coconut in the lake

Number 7

Get on your ship or whatever it is xD

Number 8

Get your telescope

Number 9

Get your gold

Number 10

Click on the treasure chest in put in the number 060

Number 11

Go to the flea market

Number 12

Buy a lime

Number 13

Buy the recipe book

Number 14

Click on the coin bag and click the vending machine to get a soda

Number 15

Use the hook to get the soda

Number 16

Go to Vinnie's Pub (Did I spell it right? Oh well.)

Number 17

Talk to the man

Number 18

Click the little document hanging on the wall behind him

Number 19

Use your telescope to read it

Number 20

Go to Skull Rock Lake

Number 21

Get in your ship, boi. Or gurl.

Number 22

Use the ingredients in your blender

Number 23

Go back to Vinnie's Pub (Hoping I spelled it right)

Number 24

Give him the drink

Number 25

Get the drink

Number 26

Take the fishing rod

Number 27

Go back to Skull Rock Lake

Number 28

Use the fishing pole in the water

Number 29

Go to Wizards Cave

Number 30

Talk to Wizard

Number 31

Give him the book

Number 32

Give him the ingredients

Number 33

Get the Magic Octopus Dish

Number 34

Go to Island Port

Number 35

Use the Magic Octopus Dish in the water

Number 36

Be a boss and save the village. WOO!

Enjoy ^.^


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