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BenCamp PineHaving sworn to help other people at all times, you'll extend that oath to include aliens in Camp Pine, a new point-and-click game by Selfdefiant. You take the role of a boy scout, who meets a stranded alien at camp. Playing much like an escape game, your goal is to find the necessary items to get the alien's spaceship back in the air, at which point you'll be awarded a well earned merit badge. Clicking items will variously examine, collect, or use them, depending on context, and navigation is mostly through clicking the sides of the screen.

With only one pixel hunt — in the dark, for a lightswitch — Camp Pine mainly relies on traditional 'find X to use on Y' puzzles. These are never obscure, and although genre veterans might find the game to be on the easy side, it's a fun, coffee break sized distraction without the frustrations of illogical puzzles or hard to find items. Besides, there aren't many Scouts who can say they've helped an alien home. Are you prepared?

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Walkthrough Guide

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Camp Pine Walkthrough

Starting Out

  1. Start by looking around inside the spaceship. It's missing a battery and some fuel (coke), and you can pick up an empty water tank as well.

  2. Head right twice and examine the golf buggy. Turn the steering wheel to find a gold key.

  3. In the left hand portaloo, move the toilet paper to find a silver key.

  4. Go left or right until you reach the house with a red flag on it.

House with Red Flag

  1. Unlock the door with the gold key.

  2. The light switch is left of the door, about door handle height. If you're having trouble finding it, start from the wall panel with the spiral on it and slowly move the mouse up until the pointer changes to a hand icon.

  3. Go right to see an alarm clock. From the back of it you can take a battery, but the front continues to display the same time, which means it must be a clue.

  4. Go right again and look in the drawers to find a trumpet.

  5. Keep going right and check the fridge to find cola.

  6. On the board by the microwave is a paperclip you can take.

  7. Go left from the hut, to the flagpole. The code for this is the number from the alarm clock:


  8. Take the flag after pressing the green button to lower it.

Recreation Centre

  1. Go left again to the recreation centre. Use the silver key to unlock the door.

  2. In the green lockers is a tub of glue (far left) and a wallet (one in from right).

  3. Open the coin container in the wallet to find a bronze key.

  4. Use the bronze key to open the storage cupboard door on the left of the same room.

  5. Use the glue on the canoe.

  6. Use the flag on the glue.

  7. Take the canoe and the equipment from the shelves.

  8. Go to the house with the blue flag on it.

House with Blue Flag

  1. Use the trumpet to wake the sleeping boy.

  2. Take the shoe to the boy by the door to get a pocket knife.

  3. Leave the house and go to the lake.


  1. Put the canoe in the water.

  2. Put the ring and the oar in the canoe.

  3. Use the canoe to reach the buoy.

  4. Use the knife on the buoy to get a lightbulb.

  5. Fill the water tank, then go back to the spaceship.


  1. Take your collection of items to the spaceship. Fill up the fuel tank with cola, place the battery in the battery compartment, and add the refilled water tank back with the others.

  2. On the control deck, there are six lights above the keys. These are the code for the puzzle one screen left of it. The order is:

    purple, yellow, orange, blue, red, green

  3. Place the lightbulb in the space for it. In a panel just underneath is a screwdriver. Take it and go back to the control panel.

  4. Open the panel near the bottom of the desk using the screwdriver.

  5. Use the paperclip to connect the wires and complete the circuit.

  6. Talk to the alien outside to finish the game.


Cute so far :) One thing--

in the outhouses scene, when I went into the left one and moved the toilet paper, I picked up a silver key, but the game congratulated me on picking up an orange gem.

Thought the dev might want to know. Off to finish the game!


Another odd thing

When finding the shoe, the game tells you, "You won a pink bear..." I prefer to think of it as a brilliant use of sarcasm. But that's a line from Escape the Roller Rink, another Selfdefiant game. So it's probably a mistake.


I could not help but think that lad was a bit of a tea leaf.


Meh, not that good but not that bad. It killed time so it did it's job.

@Yaddab - What does that even mean?


Not the greatest "escape" game, but simple and entertaining. Aside from what has already been pointed out, here are just a few notes I made as I played through a few times:

If you use the trumpet to wake the camper and don't take the shoe before leaving the scene, the camper goes back to sleep and you can never get the shoe... since you've used the trumpet (apparently the only item capable of waking a sleeping camper!) for what you needed and it leaves your inventory. Which brings up an interesting situation later on... when you use the screwdriver to open the panel in the spaceship, the screwdriver remains in your inventory, falsely leading you to believe there is still a use for it somewhere else.
When filling the water tank, you need to click on the canoe (not the water!?) to fill it up. There is no sense in that logic. And the buoy light continues to glow even after you take the bulb out. And lastly, the oar is incorrectly identified as an "ore."

That's all


One more bug:

You can get the screwdriver (and place the light) without opening the door in the spaceship, just click the right places.

Jamilworm July 11, 2012 11:32 PM

Another bug that is preventing me from finishing

The only thing left for the spaceship I need is the lightbulb. I already got the canoe and put it in the water but it won't let me take the life saver and the oars. It tells me "You don't need this now." So I'm stuck not being able to reach the buouy.

joshuatenpenny July 16, 2012 10:21 AM


You need to have the canoe in your inventory (not in the lake) to get the oars & life saver.


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