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Bored Prince Escape

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Rating: 3.4/5 (54 votes)
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Bored Prince Escape

Being royalty isn't necessarily hard, it's just tedious, as the protagonist of no1game's Bored Prince Escape can attest to. He's sick of never having a moment to himself, of having every minute of his day planned out, so one day he plans to escape during one of the brief times he isn't under watch. With bodyguards stationed outside the room, getting out is a little more complicated that sneaking out the door. To play, just click to interact, though keep your eyes peeled and search everywhere since the cursor won't change when you mouse over something even if you can use it. The prince's escorts aren't messing around with keeping him under his thumb... there are plenty of locks and codes, as well as a tricky hidden item or two. But hey, when you need some "you" time, you gotta go what you gotta do!

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That is one creepy looking princess!


Note to ALL FUTURE Game Makers, If your people make skill stink, DO NOT USE PEOPLE!!!!!


I usually enjoy the games from no1game, this one was very annoying. Quit before solving it.


I wandered around a bit not knowing exactly what to do, but once you

find the blue ball that's hidden/sparkling in the room with the cage

then everything else fell in line.



where??? i don't see any sparkles. I have clicked everywhere!


Wow! I have experienced PoP for the first time. ;)


... out. Short but sweet.

josephine17 February 5, 2015 5:43 PM

Cute game -- out with no help, which doesn't happen that often.

You may have to

wait on a screen for a minute to see a clue.

And there are a couple of things you may have missed on the


hans.vogelaar February 5, 2015 5:47 PM

Walkthrough for Bored Prince Escape

When the game has loaded, click English, then click Start.
There is some introductory text; click 'Click', then 'Click', then 'Start'.

Let's gather clues first.

Wall with bed:

There is a code lock with color buttons on the front of the bed.
There is a book with a picture of a chess board on the table.

Go right:
Wall with cupboard:

There is a code lock with buttons with chess pieces on the cupboard.
There is a locked box on the table, and a locked drawer.

Go right:
Wall with bird cage:

We cannot go through the doors - there are guards behind it.
From time to time, something blue sparkles on the floor before the doors.
There is a code lock with letter buttons on the bird cage.

Go right:
Wall with fireplace:

The doors on the left open to a balcony, but we can't go there.
There is a code above the fireplace:


The glass panes in the doors on the right are misted over.
There is a sign on the floor in front of these doors.

OK, time to start solving the puzzles.

Wall with bird cage: Pick up the blue sparkling thingy. It's a crystal ball.

Wall with cupboard: Place the crystal ball on the box on the table. Open the box and take the towel.

Take the crystal ball from the top of the box.

Wall with fireplace: Use the towel to clear the glass panes in the door on the right. The glass panes are colored!

Look at the sign on the floor in front of the doors on the right.

The reflection of the colored panes and the arrow define a sequence. Memorize or write down the sequence.

Wall with bed: Use the color sequence on the code buttons on the front of the bed.

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

Take the note with a chess board and a clue from the drawer. Note the "coordinates", and combine these with the picture of a chess board in the book on the table.

1b = White Knight, 8e = Black King, 8d = Black Queen, 1a = White Rook

Wall with cupboard: set the code button to the correct sequence of chess pieces.

From left to right: White Knight, Black King, Black Queen, White Rook

The cupboard opens. Click the four pieces of clothing according to the code from the mantle of the fireplace.

Click 2nd from left, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th.

A card pops up from the pocket of the coat on the right.

The card has SOS on it.

Wall with bird cage: Enter the code from the cupboard in the code lock on the cage.

The code is SOS.

Take the jewelry box from the cage.

Look at the jewelry box. Use the crystal ball to open it. (If you forgot to do so earlier, retrieve it from the top of the box on the table.)

Open the jewelry box. Take the key.

Wall with cupboard: Use the key to open the drawer in the table. Take the rope ladder.

Wall with fireplace: Open the doors to the balcony.

Hang the rope ladder over the railing. Escape!

Hmmm... wonder if it was worth the trouble... ;-)


Ha ha! I love that princess! She and her skeptical prince are wacky.


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