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Bonus Link Dump Friday:
Expansion Edition

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Link Dump Fridays

PsychotronicI tried to warn you, Professor. I told you they would try to stop us. The Army. The Air Patrol. The angry neighbors with their grill-bows and lawn guns. But you wouldn't listen. You just had to test your Ultra-Hyper-Matter-Expansion Ray to try and pack more levels into innocent games! You've packed them full to bursting! And now, Professor, now… a second Link Dump is upon us!

  • icon_stormwindslostcampaigns.gifStorm Winds: The Lost Campaigns - Now where did I put those campaigns? Oh hey, I found 'em! Hero Interactive's gorgeous steam-punk action/defense game Storm Winds gets seven beefy new levels, with a ton of new weapons and enemies. Mmm. Steamy punks are my favorite kind.
  • icon_ragdollcannonremake.gifRagdoll Cannon: Remake - In the wake of Ragdoll Cannon, Ragdoll Cannon 1.5, and Ragdoll Cannon 2, can there be any ragdolls left alive? Apparently so. Your job, as always, is to feed them and give them shelter blast them out of a cannon into solid bricks and targets. Hey, it's not torture if they look like notebook doodles!
  • icon_hammerfest.gifHammerfest: The Parallel Dimensions - The English server for finely-tuned arcade platformer The Caverns of Hammerfest finally gets the Parallel Dimensions levels, previously only available in French and Spanish. Look for secret wormholes hidden in the main levels to access the new areas, just so they can thrash you mercilessly. English Hammerfest now also features a full translation, with item names and everything. That weird spotty thing you've got 85 of? That's a "surprise cake". Warning: The subscription plan has changed slightly. You can now play only once a day for free, or you can pay to accumulate daily games as usual. If you bought games way back in 2007, you should have quite a pile of them by now.


"If you bought games way back in 2007, you should have quite a pile of them by now."

...Yeah. Unless they rebooted your account without having warning you.


Hammerfest got Parallel Dimensions? This is truly unexpected..

I stopped playing Hammerfest a while ago after entering the Hall of Fame (twice, second time by accident on another account without buying a single game). I was pretty disgusted with the attitude of the game's developers who blatantly stated that they will not expand the english version because "there's no use" and then started banning for life everyone who dared asked why.

I guess things have changed in the last few months. Also, thanks to me winning the Hall of Fame I know have over 500 games to spare on each of the two accounts. Well... I guess I could check it out now a little bit.. :)


I was surprised to see the translation finished already on COH. I went on and listened to the carrotian council and imagine my surprise when I saw ME! Yes, me ARR8, was in the council! And I only helped with grammar....It's so amazing!


Lol. I am so horrible at Hammerfest. More money for them, I guess. XD


I am appalled that Totem Destroyer 2 was not on this list. Blasphemy!

But, otherwise, great list. I like the Ragdoll Cannon games.


Has anyone else found the levels/screens below the exit door in the tutorial mode? On level 15 of the tutorial mode you can use a red bomb to get up on the ledge on the right and bypass the next few levels. You drop to level 19 and the box on the top of the screen says, "oh well, how did you end up here?" If you make it to the exit of this board you get the message, "No! Don't go there!" You then fall into level 20. The message at the top of the screen says something like, "well, that's enough of that." There doesn't seem to be any way out of this level though. Is there any point to these levels or are they an Easter egg of some sort?


I have a picture of the game in V1 that pretty much prove that ragdolls can feel pain.


Btw english version of Hammerfest now includes 2-player cooperative mode, too.

You just need to unlock it, but the quest is fairly quick and a skilled enough player won't need more then 2-3 games...


I remember playing the first Stormwinds and finding it very easy. I'm glad they added more options and made everything harder, but some of the game feels especially hard-to-believe.

Even if you fight off every single enemy contraption and have all your turrets in more or less good condition, it's assumed you lost or had to leave anyway? Or is everyone in the country pulling a massive WW2-era Russian-style retreat, denying enemy troops everything? The mission information could go either way.

Oh, and I beat the bonus stage, but I barely made it on the final wave. Considering how ridiculously long it is, I'm glad I made it. Are the enemy troops remote-controlled, or just really, really expendable?


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