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If it's a Yonashi escape game you know it's going to be short and sweet in the best possible way, and Blue is no exception. One look at the decor and you'll realize the game lives up to its name, but don't let the weepy artwork fool you... if anything, this cuddly game is going to put a smile on your face. Just click to interact with something when your cursor changes, and use the transparent bars that appear when you place your cursor at the edges of the screen to move around the room. You can click the magnifying glass on item icons in your inventory to take a closer look at them, or just click the item itself to "equip" it for use. Blue isn't a game that will keep you tangled up for very long, but it's not trying to, either. It shows exactly why Yonashi is so well loved for creating cute but clever little games that brighten your day without taking a big chunk out of your time.

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You can solve the number code from start and get the screw driver

CJTressler February 16, 2015 10:11 AM replied to bearharry

How? What do you see that I don't?



It's to do with the numbers on the wall beside the window. And the shapes with each pair of numbers.


Without that hint, Jason, I so wouldn't have gotten through. >.


That wall puzzle was really clever! Hard to see the forest for the trees, but really obvious once you realize it.


Oh my gosh. A "non-kids" (i.e. not the monkeys/Pencil Kids type game) escape game that I actually figured out all on my own. That just might be a first.


Quick, quaint, and a fun game. Once you get the glasses, start thinking about what could go with what.


This just became one of my favorite escape games. Simple, but clever with a touch of whimsy. Definitely a pleasant experience.

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone February 16, 2015 9:32 PM

...nope, still not seeing the number/squares puzzle.

shjack180 February 16, 2015 10:34 PM replied to Infant Tyrone

Maybe they're not numbers and shapes, but numbers and symbols...

mathematical symbols, to be exact


I cannot figure out the switch puzzle in the closet. Can someone give a hint?


...nevermind... Got it!

houseworkisevil February 16, 2015 11:36 PM

I always want to go eat a pear when I start a Yonashi game. :)


can't wait for the walkthrough :)

Patreon Donator Infant Tyrone February 17, 2015 10:26 PM


Ah thank you.

VoxPopuli42 February 17, 2015 11:12 PM

Blue Walkthrough


Painting View

So there's a sad girl in a painting. Looks like the tears are a hotspot - but we can't do much quite yet.

Birdcage View

Note the birdcage - it takes a 4-digit code.

The blue box on the shelf has four buttons

They spell out "BLUE" from left to right

Candle Shelf View

For now, all we can do is zoom in to look at the unlit candle.

Window View

Several things of note here:

Table: we can zoom in, but we can't interact with anything yet.

Paintings: 4 paintings involving numbers. One appears to have screws around the edge.

Wall - there is a darker spot on the wall that moves slightly, but we can't quite get it off yet.

Closet View

Two things of note here!

Closet: the safe inside has a code involving buttons in an up or down position.

Collect a MATCHBOX

Fishbowl: the fish reveals a hint

Click on it to get a string of letters.

Okay! Time to start solving!


Letter Box

The hint here comes from the Fishbowl

Remember, the letters on the box from left to right are B-L-U-E

Fish code was: BLE BLU BU

So button code: 1 2 4 1 2 3 1 3

Receive CLOTH


The hint comes from the paintings with numbers

All the numbers were arranged around specific shapes - were they familiar?

They are operation signs from math: Plus, Multiply, Minus, Divide

Combine with the numbers to get the code

[2+5] [3x1] [9-9] [8/4]




We noted before that the tears seemed like we could interact

Use the CLOTH to wipe up her tears

Closet Safe

You must have already interacted with the painting to get this clue

After wiping off the tears, you can open up the CLOTH to see marks

The tear marks correspond to the dark part of the buttons on the safe

Up, Down, Down, Down, Up


Candle View

If you haven't already lit the candle with the MATCHBOX, do so now

The candle makes an arrow pointing up to a lockbox that you can't reach

Unless you use the STEPSTOOL

Open the lockbox to receive two GLASSES

Examine the GLASSES to collect a small gold KEY

Window View

We saw that one of the paintings had screws- undo them with the SCREWDRIVER


Let's check out that moveable dark spot on the wall too

The SCREWDRIVER pops the panel off!

There's a round hole in the wall now - try using your PUSH BUTTON

Control Panel

That off/on switch can probably take something in our inventory

Use the KEY to light up the whole panel!

There's now a code panel that wants 4 letters - and it has a pink light at the top

the NOTE we found has a pink dot at one end - turn the note to get the code


Moon In the Window

The moon has made all sorts of shadows - including on the table in the window view

Those shadows match something we have

place the GLASSES there
They will change to give a letter code

Letter Box, Part 2

This hint comes from the placed GLASSES

They spell out BUBBLE

Collect the BLUE KEY

Getting Out

The shadows have changed a lot of the room- note the new shadow in the view with the Painting

And use your new BLUE KEY on the Shadow Door

ninjamomma February 19, 2015 2:54 PM

Bearharry - thank you so much. That is exactly the hint I needed.


I enjoyed this one! So pleasant!


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