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Being One:
Episode 3 - Dark Matter

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Grinnypbeingone3_corridor.jpgConfused about your place in life? Worried about the future? Ever wonder, what does it all mean? These are questions we might ask ourselves every day as we stumble through our drab, dreary lives. As day to day troubles pile up, we might also think, hey, it could be worse. At least we're not waking up in a mysterious lab, having to witness disgusting experiments on aliens, fighting robots and creepy vampires, and puzzling our way through yet more locked doors and discovering even more questions with no answers. Unless, of course, you're the mysterious hero from Being One: Episode 3 - Dark Matter, in which case your thoughts will be more like: "OH NO! I'm still not out of this lab?????"

Yes, Being One: Episode 3 - Dark Matter picks up right where we left off in the Being One series, still trudging through a research facility that is beginning to resemble the Pentagon in size and complexity. (Ever been in the Pentagon? Definitely don't try it without an escort. Seriously, you'll get very lost, if they don't shoot you first. Actually a lot like Being One...) Psionic brings us another chapter in the ongoing saga of a day in the life of some poor schmuck who cannot seem to escape an infernal research lab infested with lots and lots of hostile life forms that have been tortured...ahem, "humanely researched" into insanity. Fortunately, this time around, everyone appears to be off on a smoke break, leaving the place eerily empty.

Surprisingly slight even for a story being doled out in bite-sized chunks, Being One: Episode 3 is short on crazed research subjects this time around. As with the other Being One games this is a mish-mash of point-and-click adventure, hidden object, and room escape. The emphasis here is on learning more of the back story while trying to logic your way past door locks, broken machinery, and surprisingly non-password protected computers. Hey, at least no collecting blood vials this time around!

Not, perhaps, as meaty as the other installments, Episode 3 feels more like a short breather in-between sprints. A time to think rather than act. A time to reflect and perhaps begin remembering exactly who you are and why you are in this facility, while attempting to get the heck outta Dodge. An intermission, if you will, between the insanity that was 1 and 2, and whatever lies ahead in Episode 4.

Still, Episode 3 has much of what we've come to expect from the Being One games. More door locks to figure out? Check. More machinery to fiddle with, hoping to not blow up the place? Check. Annoying cell phone still telling you what to do? Check. Yet another really ticked off creature from beyond ready to rip you to shreds? Uh, why in the world did we leave that lovely, peaceful green vat again?

Play Being One: Episode 3 - Dark Matter

Walkthrough Guide

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Being One: Episode 3 - Dark Matter Walkthrough

  • This game is pretty easy when you know how things work. The walkthrough will give an explanation of how the machinery works with the exact answer hidden by spoilers.


  • You're in a corridor with machinery that is emitting black smoke. On top of the machinery at the lower right of the screen is a red fuse, mostly obscured by billowing smoke. Take it.

  • On top of machinery at the lower left of the screen is a green fuse, also obscured by smoke. Take it.

  • On the floor just at the lower left corner of the elevator is a blue fuse. Take it.

  • On the floor in the middle of the corridor is a Keypad Hacking Unit. Take it.

  • At the lower right corner of the elevator door is a fuse box. Click on it for a close up.

  • Use the multi-tool to open the spring clips on both sides of the fuse box, then click on the box to open it.

  • Place the fuses in the places that have two of the same colored wires leading to them. From the bottom moving upwards: blue, red, and green.

  • When the third fuse is properly placed a little green light will come on.

  • Back up.

  • On the right corridor wall, near the vent, is a little yellow box with a lightning bolt on it. Click on it for a close up.

  • The voltage should read -120. The six switches need to be set so that the voltage reads 240.

  • The top switches, when flipped, have the following effect: upper left (+120), upper middle (+20), upper right (+100).

  • The bottom switches, when flipped, have the following effect: lower left (+20), lower middle (+60), lower right (+80).

  • You need to flip the following switches to the "up" position: Upper left, upper right, lower middle, and lower right. This should get the meter to 240.

  • Back up.

  • There is a keypad on the elevator door. When you click on it it should now say "Power is Activated!"

  • Use the Keypad hacker on the door to determine the code.

  • You can guess three times with the keypad hacker before it kicks you out. Best strategy is to start with the number 5 and notice if you need to go higher or lower.

  • The code is 66692.

  • Once the code is entered don't forget to click "activate?".

  • Enter the elevator.


  • It's never as easy as a simple ride to the top, is it?

  • Once the elevator stops click on the panel near the door.

  • Use the multi-tool to remove the screws then remove the panel.

  • Click on the top part of the open panel for a close up.

  • All lights need to be green to proceed.

  • The upper triangles affect the colmns, the triangles on the left affect the rows.

  • On the top row, click the second from the left triangle to turn that column green, red, green.

  • On the top row, click the triangle on the right to turn that column green, red, green.

  • Now go to the triangles on the left and click the middle one to turn that row green.

  • Yay, the ceiling panel is open.

  • Go up.

Elevator Shaft

  • To the right you will notice a ladder. Click on the ladder to start climbing.

  • At each level you can swing your flashlight to the left to see the name of the floor. There are also dark things dropping down the elevator shaft. Ignore them. Welcome to the Lycanthropy Research level. Click on the upper part of the ladder to climb.

  • Dinosaur Research level. What is this, Jurassic Park? Click on the upper part of the ladder to climb.

  • Undead Research level. Click on the upper part of the ladder to climb.

  • Botanical Research level. Hey, that almost sounds normal. Click on the upper part of the ladder to climb.

  • Dark Matter Research level. You can't climb any further. A yellow arrow appears, click on it.

Service Elevator Door

  • On the left (on top of some machinery) is a datapad. Read the datapad to learn how to get the door open.

  • On top of a barrel to the right of the elevator door is an x-ray. Read it.

  • Use the Keypad hacker on the keypad for the door on the left.

  • The code is 97238.

  • Enter the left door and you are in the pistons room.

  • On the floor in front of you is a datapad. Read it.

  • On each of the pistons are two controls. The control on the left increases pressure level, with settings from 0 at the top moving clockwise to 70. The control on the right is a multiplier, with settings from 1 at the top moving clockwise to 8.

  • Each piston has a control that you can click on for a close up. The control will tell you what its initializing pressure needs to be.

  • Figure out what pressure (left dial) and multiplier (right dial) you need to set to put each piston at the proper level. For some of these there will be more than one solution.

  • Piston 1: needs pressure of 140. Set the left dial to 70 (click 7 times) and the right dial to a multiple of 2 (one click). When you back up the piston should be running.

  • Piston 2: needs pressure of 240. Set the left dial to 60 (click 6 times) and the right dial to a multiple of 4 (three clicks).When you back up the piston should be running.

  • Piston 3: needs pressure of 560. Set the left dial to 70 (click 7 times) and the right dial to a multiple of 8 (seven clicks). When you back up the piston should be running.

  • Piston 4: needs pressure of 180. Set the left dial to 60 (click 6 times) and the right dial to a multiple of 3 (two clicks). When you back up the piston should be running.

  • Once all four pistons are running back up to the corridor.

  • To the left of the service elevator door is a control panel that says "stabilise pressure?" Click on it for a close up.

  • Each of the red buttons needs to be clicked when the pressure is at 50%. This is a reflex game. How quick can you click?

  • The easiest way with the faster ones (at the top) is to just keep clicking on the red button until you hit the right pressure.

  • When you've hit the correct pressure the button will turn green. Proceed to set all four buttons until they are all green.

  • Back up.

  • Time to use the Keypad hacker on the door on the right.

  • The code is 19285.

  • Enter the door on the right. You are now in the Dark Matter Containment Room.

  • There are two x-rays and a datapad in the room. Read them to learn more about the lab.

  • At the front of the room is a window. Click on it for a close up. "We will tear your universe apart!" Nice. Back up.

  • Ignore the giant creepy...whatever that was.

  • At the lower right of the scene, just above one of the x-rays is a battery backup. Click on it for a close up.

  • Open the battery backup system and flip the yellow switch. You are going to have to answer a series of questions to get the battery backup system working.

  • Think logically when answering the questions and you should be able to figure it out.

  • Answer: yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes.

  • Now click on the computer on the right for a close up. Don't bother with the computer on the left, it's smashed.

  • Nice, no password protection.

  • You can read the entries to learn more about the lab, the doctor running it, and the mysterious organization that is probably behind your annoying cell phone.

  • The only file that is really important is the bottom one which reads "activate door". Click on it.

  • Back up twice. You can now enter the service elevator.

End Game

  • Yay, the corridor is blocked.

  • At the extreme lower right of the scene is a datapad. Read it.

  • To the left are some red doors. Go through the doors.

  • You are now in a corridor lined with lots and lots of "specimens". Your helpful cellphone companion has a few words to say about that.

  • On the lower left of the scene on the floor is a datapad. Read it.

  • Go forward.

  • More specimens, more commentary, and another datapad. Go forward.

  • Finally, you've reached the end of the corridor. Ahead of you is one of those lovely open platform elevators, like the one in "Aliens" where they're fleeing the queen Alien as the power station is breaking up around them...but I digress.

  • Go forward onto the elevator.

  • Our friend the giant creepy...whatever is back.

  • Do not go for your gun. It won't help.

  • On the base of the elevator platform at each corner is a spotlight. Click on each of the spotlights to turn them on the dark creature.

  • Once tall, dark, and creepy explodes go forward.

  • To be continued....


Yay! Someone got around to this threequel's review! :)


Color blind help

stuck at the fusebox? Blue goes on the bottom, red is the next one up, green right above it


Way too short. I've enjoyed all of the Being One games, but this one left me wanting more.


...and finally, I parse Being as a noun rather than a verb.


Great game, but it scared the living...well you get what I'm saying.


Was quite a bit different to the previous episodes.

It was also very linear in how often you clicked forward and couldn't go back, like a point and click adventure on rails.


Did I miss something or was this one really easy?


Yes! Finally solved without help from a walkthrough!


Why isn't grinnyp's walkthrough official yet? I used it and it works.

[Edit: Fixed. Thanks. :) -Jay]


Very quick and easy, at least the others had you going back and searching for neccesary items (vials etc) i hope the next one is coming quickly to make up for this one

Any one got ideas as to the scoring system?

so far my best is

-30k datapads
-15k xrays
0 meet the beast???
-12k files read
-70k time bonus
+3k beast attack





Not nearly as good as the other ones. A letdown, to be honest. I hope the next one lives up to the previous installments!


This was the first game I've done without even looking at the walkthrough. Easy but fun. I enjoyed being able to kill the big alien without looking at the walkthrough!


What do you do to get the 'Meet the beast' bonus? :/ I wanna know! :P

hope gonzalez March 22, 2011 8:12 AM

i love and beat all of the games but i needed more help on being one nub.2:bloodbath


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