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Balcony Escape 3

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Weekday Escape

elleNyan and Wan are back and—so typical!—Nyan's stuck out on the balcony and needs Wan's help. There's more than one way to rescue a cat, of course—all of them very entertaining and extremely cute—in Cogito Ergo Sum's escaping sequel, Balcony Escape 3.

Balcony Escape 3It seems poor Nyan is always finding herself locked out while Wan can only laugh and say, "You are at it again." That is after Nyan finds the pass code for her smart phone so she can call him which means a few things need to happen. Step one: as Nyan, poke around the balcony uncovering hints and useful objects. Step two: as Wan, search around the kitchen and living room to do the same. All with one goal: let Nyan back inside the house. Although there's no changing cursor, there are other features that make interactive areas and grab-ready objects more apparent including, but not limited to, a cleanly drawn design and clearly marked clues. Just like in other Wan and Nyan adventures, each has a characteristic ability that helps to solve problems and radiates their personality. Three endings—easy, normal and happy—increase both the game play and the charming story.

Here is a feel good game, sweeter than anything Pixar, where every corner of the world is smiles and happy pastel colors. Yes, the puzzles are much too easy. Even amongst the typical Cogito Ergo Sum fare, this one offers the least challenge to avid escapers, yet it still bubbles over with appeal and charm. Who can stop from chuckling at Wan and Nyan's antics? A cheerful, encouraging chime each time you find the right answer is almost as irresistible. Playing Balcony Escape 3 is like a daily affirmation for life: the simplest things can be the most enjoyable!

Play Balcony Escape 3

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Walkthrough: Balcony Escape 3

Nyan on Balcony

  1. After watching a story scene in which Nyan forgets the passcode to her phone, you begin with the smart phone still open in your inventory.

    • Click outside the green box to put away your phone.

    • Zoom in on the potted grass. Blending in with the green of the grass is a green-handled SCREWDRIVER. Take it.

  2. Back up. Turn right to face the balcony railing and two planters of pansies.

    • In the middle of the two flower boxes is a rolled-up PAPER the same light-brown color. Pick it up and read it:

      • A clue. Notice the different sizes of french fries.

  3. Turn right again to see another window and the edge of a short brown storage unit.

    • If you watch closely for a while, you'll notice something glinting on the left side of the floor:

      • Click to examine the bottom left side of the screen, in a little crack between the wall and floor. It's two SCREWS. Grab them.

      • Back out.

  4. Click on the short brown storage unit to look at it straight on. Click again to examine the four orange buttons on top:

    • Each button can be clicked on to display "S", "M" or "L"

    • Enter the pattern that will open the box using a clue you already found:


    Remember the different sizes of french fries?

    "S" = small, "M" = medium, "L" = large

    Enter this code: M S S L

  5. The correct code opens the bottom part of the storage unit to reveal a smaller, grey safe:

    • Its handle has broken off and needs to be fixed:

      • Pick up the handle then replace it on the safe.

      • Place the SCREWS (found in the space between the floor and the other wall) on the handle.

      • Use the SCREWDRIVER (found in the grass) to secure the handle.

  6. With the handle re-attached, you can open the small grey safe to find:

    • A pink BOOK with another clue inside: different sizes of coffee.

    • A WHISTLE.

Now you have two choices:

  1. Blow the whistle?

  2. Try to use that new clue?

What you choose to do determines what happens next.

NOTE: Save your game before preceeding so you can go back and choose again.

Easy End

Once you open the small grey safe and find the whistle, choose: "Yes" to blow the whistle.

Watch and enjoy the ending. :)

Nyan phones Wan

  1. If you don't choose to blow the whistle, you'll need to find the pass code to Nyan's smart phone and call Wan for help:

    • Look at the first clue in the pink BOOK (found in the small, grey safe).

    • The different coffee sizes tell all.

    Enter a new code on the short brown storage unit, based on the coffee sizes...

    L M S L

  2. Inside the top portion of the storage unit is a PINK BOX needing a four-digit number code:

    • The second clue in the pink BOOK gives the answer:


    As the book hints, the first digit is made up of tiny triangle-like eyes, the second should is from horizontal line at the top of the mouth, and so on.

    Look at the image on the other page. You should notice a pattern...

    Instead of counting images themselves, trace a pattern based on the clue to make number-like shapes...

    So, the first digit is "2" because the tiny triangle eyes outline the shape of a two...

    That makes the entire code:

    2 3 5 8

  3. Enter the correct four-digit code and press the button on the edge of the PINK BOX to open it. Inside you'll find a:


    • Read the SKILL BOOK to learn Nyan's signature skill: PUNCH.

    • Now when you click on the face of Nyan in your inventory, you can use "punch" to move heavy objects.

  4. Look around the balcony for something to punch; perhaps the pass code is hidden there.

    • Back up and turn right.

  5. You'll see a blue jug. It's too heavy to move until...

    • Use Nyan's "punch" ability (highlight Nyan's face in your inventory) to move the jug.

    • Now you know the passcode:


  6. Take out your SMART PHONE and enter the correct passcode (see above spoiler) and click the home (bottom) button twice.

    • Now you have the choice to call Wan.

    • Or, if you haven't already, you can select "No," then save the game and try the "easy end" first.

When you call Wan, another cute story scene begins. Watch and enjoy. :)

Wan in the Kitchen

  1. You begin this section with your SMART PHONE out again. Put it away. You're facing a picture and two food bowls.

    • Click the green food bowl and Wan will come eat. When he's done, he leaves behind:

      • a BUTTON with a green triangle on it.

    • Now take a closer look at the picture above the wall:

      • Notice how there are three buttons--triangle, square, circle and x--and where they're positioned.

    • Back up.

  2. Turn right to face the kitchen sink. Search through the unlocked doors and drawers first.

    • Open the far left cupboard:

      • Inside is a GREY BOOK.

      • Read it and make note of the clue.

    • Open the bottom drawer:

      • Take the BUTTON with a red circle on it.

  3. The rightside cupboard needs a three-digit number to unlock it:

    • The clue for this is in the grey book in the left cupboard. Follow the instructions to get the needed numbers.


    By moving the red squares to the other side of the number, you form new numbers:

    3 5 2

    • Enter the correct code (see above spoiler) into the rightside cupboard to get:

      • another BUTTON, this one marked with a blue X.

  4. Turn right again to see a cabinet and a tall plant.

    • Move the red monkey-face vase

      • ...take the last BUTTON, with pink square on it, from behind the vase.

    • Zoom in on the bottom doors of the cabinet:

      • Use the clue from the picture (seen on the first wall) to arrange the four buttons in the correct positions.


      - - green TRIANGLE on top - -
      SQUARE on left - - CIRCLE on right
      - - blue X goes on bottom - -

  5. When you open the bottom of the cabinet, you'll find:

    • a green clue book.

      • Open the green clue book and solve the anagram (the picture gives it all away!)

    • a GREEN BOX.

      • To open the green box, type in the word from the green clue book (no spaces, all lower case):


  6. When you've entered the correct word into the GREEN BOX. you will get:

    • a green SKILL BOOK.

    • Read the skill book to learn Wan's signature skill: JUMP.

  7. Turn right to face the door. Hanging high out of Wan's reach is a KEY.

    • Use JUMP to reach the key.

    • Use the KEY on the door and choose "Yes" to enter into the living room.

Wan in the Living Room

  1. There's poor Nyan, stuck outside on the balcony! A SMART CARD is needed to get the sliding glass door open. Time to investigate the living room.

  2. First, click on the cubby-shelves to take a closer look:

    • Look at the duckling picture: "We can out!" How encouraging!

    • Get the BLUE BOOK from the left cubby and read it. It provides the hint needed to open the blue box.

    • Pick up the BLUE BOX. It needs a three-letter code.

      • Follow the instructions in the blue book to get the correct code word:

      • T R Y

    • When you've opened the blue box, you'll get...

      • a CLICKER (TV remote) but it's out of batteries.

    • Hidden in the leaves of the jade plant, you'll find...

      • a BATTERY.

      • Put it inside the clicker. Now you need just one more.

  3. Back up. Turn left to see the door and a hanging plant. Wan can reach it if he jumps high.

    • Use Wan's JUMP skill to make something fall from the plant:

      • another BATTERY.

      • Put the second battery inside the clicker. Now it's powered up, let's find a place to use it.

  4. Turn left. Here is another set of cubbies filled with nine ducklings. Zoom in closer:

    • Each duckling has a letter on it.

    • Remember those words of affirmation from the picture?

    • Click on each duckling, one at a time and in the proper order, to spell out the phrase:

      "WE CAN OUT!"

      If you need to fix a mistake, back out then zoom back in to start over.

  5. After you've clicked all the ducklings in the proper order, a robot will roll out and deliver to you:

    • a bottle of OIL. Pick it up.

  6. Turn right to see a blank TV screen, a robot sitting on a chest, and a picture on the wall of a similar robot.

    • Look closer at the picture.

    • Back up and then click on the robot under the TV screen. His fuel oil is getting low.

    • Give the robot the OIL (from the duckling cubbies) and he'll move off the chest.

  7. With the robot gone, look closer at the chest; it has a picture of five country flags. You still need a hint to open it. Using the clicker, turn on the TV:

    • Once the TV is on, zoom in to look at the picture.

    • Make note of the weather predictions for each country on the various days of the week.

  8. Now that you've seen the hint, look at the box again:

    • Under each flag is a day.

    • Enter the correct weather picture for each country:

    USA= Partial Sun (i.e. Wednesday in USA)

    United Kingdom= Cloudy (i.e. Monday in the UK)

    Germany= Sunny (i.e.Tuesday in Germany)

    Japan= Lightening (i.e. Wednesday in Japan)

    France= Rain (i.e. Saturday in France)

    Thus, the symbols, from left to right, should be:
    sun&cloud / 3 clouds / full sun / lightening cloud / raincloud


    • With all the correct weather symbols entered, you can open the wooden chest:

      • get a MALLET

  9. Using Wan's JUMP skill, reach the red ring at the top of the screen. The familiar red POST BOX comes down.

    • Without Nyan here to punch it, you'll need another tool.

    • Use your MALLET on the post box. It'll spit out a:

      • SMART CARD. Take it.

You have what you need now to let Nyan back in...

Normal End

  1. As soon as you get the SMART CARD, immediately turn right twice (without solving any other puzzles).

  2. There's Nyan still looking in through the glass door!

  3. Highlight the SMART CARD in your inventory, click the glass door twice to unlock it.

Now, select "open" and watch what happens. :)

Happy End

  1. Once you get the SMART CARD from the red post box, turn it over and look at it:

  2. 503 x 4 =

  3. Look on the cubbies-shelves next to the glass door:

    • Open the GREY BOOK for a clue:

    You can use your PHONE's calculator to do the math. This will give you the code for the brown box:


  4. Enter the correct four-digit code into the brown box to get:

    • a COIN

  5. Back up to face the glass door again. Now, with the coin in your possession, open the door (Use your smart card to unlock it if you haven't already).

Watch and enjoy the ending! :)

If you'd like to try the other endings...
Choose "Balcony" to do the easy end or choose "Return" to do the normal end (you'll return to the living room
without the coin.


Out... with happy magical Shinto coin that makes with the blossoms.


Super adorable! Who doesn't love when cats and dogs get along?


A visual Easter egg:

tachikoma! Awwww. I thought it couldn't get cuter.


Am I the only one who finds it odd that these two animals are always forgetting how to jump & punch?


They also forget phone numbers and passwords, ect. The first signs of Animal Alzheimer's. Very sad really.

Tofuninja5489 April 12, 2012 3:27 AM

I love that there are random Ghost in the Shell characters thrown in. =)


Smartphones, trophy, Tachikoma-kun, and the apartment's overall layout...it's kind of surprising how elements from the past games are kept in the later installments.

You could just about make a show out of the Nyan-Wan games!

@Rygar: Definitely not. In the Stamp Rally walkthroughs I wrote that was something I made a note to point out. Honestly, there was, what, one game where you had those abilities (at least Wan's Jump) to start? (And even then you couldn't use it because Wan was too plumped up on jerky. XP )

inheritance.fan April 12, 2012 3:22 PM

Part 8 of the "Wan in the Living Room" walkthrough is wrong. The final positions given are the ones the box starts with. It is wrong.



I tested the solution from the walkthrough, and it's correct. Perhaps you're misunderstanding the directions?

The box shows a day of the week on each button. You then have to look at the television to find what the weather under each matching flag is for that day shown on the box.

Here's a screenshot of the solution to clarify.


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