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Balcony Escape 2

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Weekday Escape

elleWhen it comes to getting stuck in need-to-escape situations, Cogito Ergo Sum's Wan and Nyan can always be counted on to be at it again. Not only that, they do it with so much effusive good cheer and winning personality that it never gets old. No one can fault them for their constant entrapment, either—the absence of opposable thumbs does put one at a disadvantage door-opening wise, especially when doors are insistent on being locked while dogs and cats are prone to forgetting their special skills. Which is why, in Balcony Escape 2, your assistance is needed anew.

Balcony Escape 2You begin on the balcony, helping Nyan solve a few puzzles in order to phone Wan. From there, you'll switch into the house to guide Wan through even more code-breaking fun. Explore each area by using the arrow buttons to turn; click on (or double-click if it's in your inventory) any object you'd like to examine. In some cases, a clue or puzzle is only available after performing certain other steps, so don't give up too soon on something you thought was unattainable. There's no changing cursor to indicate hotspots but the design is simple enough to eschew pixel-hunting. The puzzles are usually easy to figure out, with some clues verging into spoiler territory, yet there's enough variety and discovery to remain interesting while providing a full serving of gameplay.

The scenario in Balcony Escape 2 is typical of what you'd find in the charming pair's other escapades, yet it stands out on its own in two regards. First, although still far from overly difficult, it contains a puzzle that's trickier than most. Cogito Ergo Sum knows it, too, since an additional hint is provided if you choose "Yes" when prompted. Even so, that extra clue won't simply be handed to you then and there; you'll have to do some extra work to get at it. The second notable feature can only be described as Detarou-esque—it seems a little out of place here and will leave you pondering the allusion but it's amusing all the same. As always, the pleasure of escaping with Wan and Nyan is as much about their interactions as solving affable-yet-clever puzzles. Which is another thing Wan and Nyan can always be counted on: leaving you with a smile on your face.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Balcony Escape 2 Walkthrough

As Nyan on the Balcony

  1. Click outside the "dead battery" screen to put the mobile phone away.

  2. Click on the cat grass on the window ledge to examine it:

    • Get the ERASER out of the cat grass.

    • Put it away.

  3. Back up and turn right to face the flower pots.

  4. Take the wad of pink paper from the flowers on the right.

    • It's a clue: click to open it and read the front.

    • Then click on the edge of the paper to read the back.

    • Click outside the close-up box to put the clue away.

  5. Turn right and zoom in on the brown storage box:

    • Click on the buttons on the top edge of the box to solve the code.

    • The clues on both sides of the pink paper give you tne answer:

      • The first button needs the symbol to win against a closed fist

      • the middle button needs to win against two fingers

      • and the last button has to win against an open hand.

      (From left to right)
      Open Hand--Closed Fist--Two Fingers

  6. With the correct code, the bottom part of the storage box opens:

    • Take the AC CHARGER.

  7. Click on the PINK BOX inside the storage box to see you need a 4-digit code. The answer is nearby:

  8. Look in the grey book (also in the storage box).

    Click on the ERASOR to highlight it in your inventory, then click on the picture in the book to erase part of it. The code is revealed: 7063

  9. Input the correct code to open the pink box.

    • Take the SKILL BOOK and open it to learn CAT PUNCH.

  10. Back up and turn right to face the power socket.

    • Use CAT PUNCH on the power socket to remove the cover.

    • Open the PHONE in your inventory by double-clicking it.

    • Attach the AC CHARGER to the phone by highlighting the charger in your inventory then clicking on the phone while it's in full view.

    • Close out of the close-up view and try putting the PHONE WITH CHARGER into the power socket. It won't fit.

  11. Turn left and go back to the brown storage box again. Now you need a new code for the three buttons:

  12. Look on the COVER... open it in your inventory then click on the top edge to get a view of the new code:

    Two Fingers--Two Fingers--Open Hand

  13. Enter the correct code to open the top part of the storage box.

  14. Look at the BLUE BOX on the top shelf. You need a three-digit code...

  15. Open the grey book on the top shelf. There's two ways to figure this out:

    • Multiply the numbers on the top with the numbers on the left

    • -OR-

    • Fill in the number that belongs in the logical sequence for each row.

    Either way, you'll come up with this code:

    3 6 2

  16. Enter the correct code to open the blue box and get:

    • a POWER STRIP.

    • Attach the POWER STRIP to the PHONE WITH CHARGER.

  17. Return to the power socket by backing up and turning right.

    • Insert the PHONE WITH CHARGER AND POWER STRIP into the socket.

  18. Do a quick turn around (turn left or right four times) to give the phone time to charge. Then, click on the phone:

    • Select "Yes" to call Wan.

As Wan in the Kitchen

  1. Click on the pink food bowl:

    • Take the RED 8. Look on the back to see it has "e" written on it. Put it away for now.

  2. Zoom in on the picture above the food bowls:

  3. Do you notice a pattern inside the pattern? Make a note of it.

  4. Turn right to face the kitchen sink:

    • Zoom in on the far right cupboard door. You need a 3-digit code.

      • Stuck? Open the far left cupboard door and read the GREY BOOK. Remember the pattern hidden in the picture above food bowls?

      • 5 3 7

    • Enter the code and open the cupboard under the sink:

      • Get a BLUE 4. Look on back of it to see a "g".

      • Read the GREY BOOK for another hint.

  5. Turn right to face a cabinet and hutch:

    • Get the GREEN 1 from the tree.

      • Look on the back of the 1 to see an "l".

    • Examine the lock on the cabinet doors.

      • Use the clue from the grey book under the sink to get the combination:

      • Follow the maze from start to goal, counting only the L's (for left) and R's (for right) along the correct route. You'll end up with this combination:

        3 left -- 2 right -- 4 left

      • Turn the dial as indicated (see spoiler above) to open the cabinet doors.

    • When you get the cabinet open, you can get the ORANGE 0.

      • Look at the other side of the 0 to see a "o" on it.

  6. Examine the GREEN BOX inside the cabinet:

    • The grey book next to the green box provides two hints, one more blatant than the other.

    • If you'd like a little extra challenge, don't use your cell phone. Everything you need is in those four colored numbers you collected.

    • Here's another hint:

    • Using the four letters on the back of each number, spell out a very common 6-letter word. Then, replace the letters in that word with the numbers to get the code.

    • If you're still stuck, use your PHONE on the QR code inside the grey book. It'll give you a spoilerific hint so you can come up with:

    • 400418

    • Enter the correct code (see above spoiler) and open the green box to get Wan's DOG JUMP skill.

  7. Turn right to face the door and table:

    • Use DOG JUMP to get the KEY hanging above the door.

    • Use the KEY on the door and select "Yes" to go into the next room.

In the Living Room

  1. Zoom in on the cat climbing structure:

    • Take the RUBIC's cube. Notice each side has colors and numbers.

  2. Back up and turn right to face the TV:

    • Zoom in on the metal panel on the wall under the TV.

    • Click on the panel just to see if it will open. Nope. Screwed.

    • At just this time, your phone comes back up--you've got mail!

      • Read the mail to find out something is behind the curtain (funny how you didn't see it before!)

    • Go back to the glass door where Nyan is (back up, turn left) and look behind the curtain to see a red object:


    • Turn right again, examine the metal panel again...Use the SCREWDRIVER to reveal another puzzle:

      • Use the rubric's cube to solve this.

      • If you need the solution or colorblind help open this spoiler:

      • Push the buttons in this order:

        1. WHITE (top left)

        2. RED (top middle)

        3. BLUE (bottom right)

        4. YELLOW (bottom left)

        5. ORANGE (bottom middle)

        6. GREEN (top right)

    • Get the TV REMOTE. You need batteries so put it away for now.

  3. Back up and turn right to face a door and bookcase (as well as a blatant clue about the "Happy End"):

    • Move the books on the top shelf to find a BATTERY (1/2).

    • Examine the BLUE BOX:

      • You need a 4-letter code to open it.

      • Read the grey book on the shelf next to the blue box. Solve the puzzle to get this word:

      • FIFA

    • Enter the correct 4-letter code into the blue box to open it.

      • Get the KNIFE.

  4. Turn right to see a ginormous watermelon!

    • Use the KNIFE on the watermelon.

      • Take the other BATTERY (on the edge to the right of the girl).

      • Examine the MELON BOMB to see you need another 4-digit code.

  5. Go back to face the TV screen (turn right x2):

    • Examine the TV REMOTE in your inventory; click it to turn it over.

      • Insert each of the two batteries into the back of the remote and put the cover on. Close the screen.

    • Use the remote on the TV:

      • Click through each of the 6 channels making note of the color patterns you see.

      • The 6th channel hints at how to make sense of the information in the other 5, but it's very subtle.

      • You can select "Yes" for another hint and not actually use the hint, so you might as well choose "Yes."

    • If you choose to see another hint, after selecting "yes" for it, turn right:

      • Use Wan's JUMP skill to pull the red Postbox down.

      • Take the HINT CARD and read it.

    • Still need help? Open this spoiler:

    • You'll probably need a paper and pencil for this one...

      As you look at each channel, make a separate chart for each color. As the first hint shows you on channel 6, copy the pattern for channel 1 in the top of the chart, the pattern for channel 2 would go in the next row down, and so on.

      Complete the process making a different design for each color.

      NOTE: the HINT CARD shows "3" out of blue only as an example...in actuality, blue is a number other than 3.

      Still stuck? Here's the solution:


  6. Turn around until you're facing the giant watermelon again. Now you can open the "Melon Bomb":

    • Enter the code you found from the TV into the melon (see the previous spoiler section).

    • 8924


  7. Turn back to the glass door and select your SMART CARD. Then click on the lock in the middle of it. The SMART CARD will automatically unlock the door.


After using unlocking the glass door, immediately open it without doing anything else.


After using the smart card, don't open the glass door until you've completed these steps:

  1. Turn right and look at the TV.

    • Make note of the very obvious clue/spoiler.

  2. Turn around the face the giant watermelon again.

  3. Zoom in on the fridge.

    • Enter the code from the TV to unlock the fridge:

    • 2183

    • Click the handle to open the fridge and take out the water.

  4. Turn back to the glass door and open it to let Nyan inside.


so close. Managed it without the walkthrough


Yay! I'm home from work sick this week, and when I saw "Balcony Escape" I immediately and gleefully exclaimed "Nyan and Wan!" and began to hum the music.

Yes, I am a full-fledged adult. Why do you ask? O:-) :-P

Also, is it just me, or in the opening scene, when

Nyan says, "Let's phone!" did anyone else think it should have said, "Let's phoning!"?


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