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JohnBAzada combines elements from a number of casual genres to create a game that's one of the most unique titles I've played in months. Take a point-and-click game such as Myst, then combine it with item hunting from Mystery Case Files and throw in a dash of short puzzles just for fun. Everything is so elegantly combined that you can't help but keep playing, both to uncover the rest of the story and to experience more puzzles.

azada1.jpgYou begin in a locked room listening to a spirit named Titus who has been imprisoned by his great uncle. In order to release him you must solve a series of puzzles within his manor. Puzzles are presented in the form of pages of a book with eight making up a chapter. As you piece together chapters, more of Titus' story is revealed.

Each page challenges you with a different type of puzzle to solve, ranging from matching games to sliding tile puzzles, memory matching and much more. The most common task you'll undertake is item-hunting, which just happens to be the most enjoyable part of playing Azada. In these levels you'll see a still scene of a room inside the mansion. Move the cursor around and watch for sparkles indicating what you can interact with. Click to uncover items, clues, or new parts of the puzzle you'll need to complete the page. Many of the rooms have a number of items you'll need to find and use in conjunction with each other, creating several "stages" within the page. The difficulty level in these puzzles is fine-tuned to give you just enough challenge to keep you interested but not frustrate you.

Each chapter has a time limit (usually around 30 minutes) that slowly ticks as you play through each page. You can request hints during the item-hunting scenes at the cost of 5 minutes each, but use them sparingly! You are also given a limited number of gems to use that allow you to skip puzzles.

azada2.jpgAnalysis: Azada plays like a delicious blend of a Myst-like adventure with a casual puzzle game. The story keeps you interested in the long-run, while the variety of puzzles treat you from moment to moment with new entertainment. And it's horrendously addictive.

Unfortunately Azada's greatest strength can also be its main weakness: variety. The item-hunting stages are superb, but every puzzle page you encounter won't be as entertaining. Not everyone likes jigsaw puzzles or memory matching games, which could make some roll their eyes in disgust every time one of these comes around. Fortunately you can use purple gems to skip puzzles, and Azada is forgiving enough to keep the difficulty low so you can complete them and move on to greener pastures.

Try the rest of the Azada series:

Azada's presentation is excellent on all fronts. The music and sound effects match the mysterious atmosphere but keep things light-hearted and charming. There are a number of small visual effects that brighten up the scenes and liven-up the otherwise still scenery.

Azada is an alarmingly entertaining game with good variety and a delightful set of puzzles. The Myst-like atmosphere melding with Hidden Expedition-type item hunting makes it extremely addictive, and the slight touch of adventure keeps you in for the long haul.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Here is a complete walkthrough for Azada, Chapters 1 through 10.

Chapter 1

At the Desk

  1. Matchbox - on top of desk(left side)

  2. Match - wastebasket on the floor

  3. Paper - underneath desk

  4. Key - inside the box above the desk

  5. Take the match and strike it across the matchbox

  6. Take the lit match and click it onto the paper, the paper will reveal a time

  7. Click on the clock that's on the wall

  8. Turn the hands of the clock to the same time that is written on the paper

  9. Red secret box comes out

  10. Click the key on the red box and grab the glowing scroll

The Living Room

  1. Locker

  2. Yellow tape: paint can on the 2nd shelf

  3. Hammer - red box

  4. Flashlight-2nd shelf

  5. Use the flashlight in the darkened room to locate the light switch

  6. Light is right next to the door, click on it

  7. Take the hammer and hit the vase that's close to the door and the key will appear inside of it.

  8. Click on the locker and then click the key onto it, when the door opens the batteries are inside.

  9. Click on the remote control that is on the chair and insert the batteries.

  10. Use hammer to click on the loose floorboard that is between the two chairs and some wires will appear, use the yellow tape on the wires

  11. Hit the remote control and the TV will come on and produce the scroll

The Bathroom

  1. Bobby pin - inside of bathtub

  2. Red handle - pipe by the door

  3. Pipe - same location as the red handle

  4. Click on the outside of the bathtub and it will show a locked grate

  5. Click the bobby pin on the grate and it will open

  6. Place the red handle inside the grate on the pipes

  7. Place the pipes on the correct location inside the grate

  8. Turn the red handle, it will turn on the faucet in the sink and there will be 2 symbols on the foggy mirror

  9. Press the wooden chest that is on the side of the bathtub and you will see some symbols appear.

  10. Press the symbols that you see on the mirror in the order in which they appear and the scroll will appear.

Chapter 2

The Kitchen

  1. Radio button - is in the pot that is on the stove

  2. Small blowtorch on the counter

  3. Small propane tank - drawer

  4. Click on the radio and put the knob back on.

  5. Open the fridge and it contains a frozen box inside

  6. You have to click the propane tank and the blowtorch together and they blowtorch will turn on

  7. Press the lit blowtorch onto the box that is in the fridge and you will see a date appear. If you see a number 18 appear, you have to go to the calendar on the wall and keep clicking until you find the date May 18. Look at the radio station number that corresponds with that date and then click the radio and tune it to that station and the scroll will appear.

The Science Lab

  1. Chalk - on the blackboard

  2. Click the chalk onto the blackboard and a number will appear

  3. Screwdriver - left side of the cabinet

  4. Microscope - on the desk

  5. Tap on the computer and place the screwdriver on it and a circuit board appears

  6. Paper clip - bottom right desk drawer

  7. Place the paper clip on the computer's circuit board

  8. Keypad will appear, type the number that is on the chalkboard

  9. Grab the lens that is on the top shelf of the cabinet

  10. Click the lens onto the microscope

  11. Click the top left corner and the scroll will appear

Chapter 3

The Attic

  1. Click on the box with the rope around it

  2. Movie projector - right side of the screen

  3. Clock - right side of projector

  4. Lighter - in front of projector

  5. Click on the side of the projector and a candle will appear

  6. Take the lighter and burn the rope that is on the box

  7. Pick up the lens and paper that is inside

  8. Attach the lens to the projector

  9. Place the paper in front of projector and an image will appear on the wall

  10. Press the 3 arrows on the wall to reveal the scroll

Toy Store

  1. Yellow gun - on counter

  2. Take the yellow gun and press it against the window to wash it and it will reveal a number

  3. Click on the cabinet that is next to the doll a numeric keypad will appear. Type in the number that was on the window

  4. Click on the red box and grab the piece of the railroad track

  5. Click on the train that is by the window sill and place the the track and the train there and push the red button.

  6. Take the key and unlock the cash register to receive the scroll

Chapter 4


  1. Pick up the jars that are on the cabinet and place them in inventory, make sure you match the labels on the jars accordingly. Only three jars go in inventory

  2. Click on the boiling pot

  3. Click on the crystal ball

  4. Voodoo doll - left side of the wall

  5. Click on the window

  6. Penny - by the stove

  7. Click the penny on the crystal ball and 3 alternating symbols will appear

  8. Drop the jars in the order in which they appear in the crystal ball into the boiling pot (a page will appear on the table)

  9. Place the page on the boiling pot and a voodoo doll appears, the voodoo doll will highlight certain parts

  10. Click on the false teeth ( they are over by the edge of the cabinet) and the pin cushions will appear

  11. Take the highest needle in the bunch and click it into the voodoo doll

  12. You must click the voodoo doll that's on the wall in the same place that are highlighted on the voodoo doll that is over the boiling pot

  13. You will know that it's correct when you see a glimmer each time you hit the right spots. You should have to do it 3 different times Scroll will appear

The Boat

  1. Telescope - left side of the counter

  2. Flashlight - left side of the counter

  3. Mug - right side of the counter

  4. Click under the cabinet and a numeric keypad will appear

  5. Click on the drain that is on the far right side

  6. Put the mug on the drain and a ticket with a number will appear

  7. Enter the number that appears on the numeric keypad

  8. A book will appear that has a Morse code written on it

  9. Look for the control panel that is on the left side of the counter and reproduce the Morse code that appeared in the book . For example, if you see one solid square and then 2 smaller lines followed by another solid square you need to input it in the following manner:

    1. hold down the large black button-a dark square should appear

    2. hold down the small green button to make the small line appear

    3. hold down the green button again

    4. hold down the black button again and the radar will appear

  10. Press on the steering wheel of the boat and you will see a handle appear on the right side of it, press on the handle to make the engine turn on.

  11. Start turning the wheel as to move the bearing as specified in the instructions and a boat will appear by the window

  12. Grab the telescope and click it onto the boat outside scroll will appear

Chapter 5

In the Garden

  1. Water bucket - by the gnome on the left side

  2. Clippers - left side of the shed

  3. Shovel - by the gnome that is on the right side of the shed

  4. Press the big rock that is by the gnome that is on the left side of the screen, it has a piece of paper attached to it

  5. Use the shovel to dig under the rock

  6. Click on the door handle and then use the clippers to break the chains on the door to the shed. Once the door is open pick up the paper

  7. There's a boot - right side of the shed click on it and it has a piece of gum on the bottom of the boots

  8. Put the gum on the bucket and fill it with water

  9. Take the bucket full of water and and place it on the rock a plant will begin to grow and move the rock. Grab the piece of paper.

Eye Check

  1. Red folder on the desk

  2. Lens - on desk close to chair

  3. Scissors and tape dispenser-bottom drawer

  4. Click on the books that are on the left side of the screen

  5. Click on the paper that is on the wall right next to the eye chart

  6. Click on the drawing next to that one. It looks like a circle full of confetti

  7. Click the scissors onto the red folder

  8. Click the tape on the red folder

  9. Click the red folder onto the confetti circle and a number will appear

  10. A numeric padlock will appear next to the confetti circle

  11. Insert the lens into the machine next to the confetti circle.

  12. Retrieve the lens from the machine (You have to use it twice)

  13. Place the lens onto the blurry paper next to the eye chart and read all 4 numbers that appear on it and type those numbers into the keypad.

Chapter 6

The Laundromat

  1. Click the middle washing machine

  2. Click on the first dryer and pick up the coins

  3. Click on the panel box that's facing the machines

  4. Click on the panel box that's facing the dryers

  5. Pick up a block that's on the floor next to the 1st dryer

  6. Pick up a block that is on the shelf on top of the washers

  7. Click the panel that is next to the dryer and place coins in the slot and press the middle button and a red bar will appear

  8. Deposit the coins again and press the last button and a blue bar will appear

  9. Place both those bars in inventory

  10. Press the middle washer and insert one of the blocks in it and then place a colored bar in as well. Deposit coins into the washer and wait for it to stop. Once the machine stops pick up the colored block and place it into the panel that is facing the washers. Repeat the same steps for the second block

  11. Once the second block is in you can proceed to the next level

The Basement

  1. Press the water pump that is next to leaking faucet

  2. Click the crate that has a letter stuck under it

  3. Grab the duct tape that's next to the broom on the right side of the floor

  4. Click on the newspaper clippings that are on the wall and you will see 3 colored trays. while you're in that bubble pick up the clothespin that is in the top corner

  5. Press the pipe that is next to the crate and the water faucet will appear

  6. Click the duct tape on the faucet

  7. Press the valve on the water pump and the water dries up

  8. Get the corkscrew that is on the steps

  9. Get the bottle that's on the far left side of the floor by the other bottles

  10. Open the bottle with the corkscrew by placing the corkscrew over the bottle

  11. Pour the bottle in the middle tray that is next to the pictures

  12. Hit the switch that's on the wall close to the pictures and the room will turn red

  13. Pick up the picture that is under the crate and dip it into all 3 trays starting with the first one. Then grab the clothespin and hang the picture on the wall on the water pump

Chapter 7

The Private Eye

  1. Ball of yarn - on the floor by the file cabinet

  2. Pick axe - behind the desk up against the wall

  3. Mouse - basket next to file cabinet

  4. Click on the 4th drawer of the file cabinet

  5. Click on the telephone (then the receiver twice in order to pick it up)

  6. Magnifying glass - on top of the desk by the papers

  7. Tape - on the glass by the window

  8. Click your mouse and the ball of yarn together

  9. Click the phone receiver and the mouse together

  10. Click the mouse on the tape (mouse has to go over the tape not the other way around or it will not work)

  11. Place the mouse by the hole in the wall (left side of the screen)

  12. Once the mouse goes in and comes back out you can retrieve the key from it and click it on the file cabinet. A document will appear place,the magnifying glass over it and look at the picture that forms. Look for that spot in the room and use the pick axe over it to get the scroll. The space on the floor is usually between the desk and the file cabinet.

In the Library

  1. Log - bottom of the TV screen

  2. Knob - under the table9 it looks like a pincushion)

  3. Lighter - under the table

  4. Piece of paper - on top 1st bookcase (By the horn)

  5. Belt - above the furnace, by the wood beam

  6. Place log into the furnace and then click the lighter on the furnace to turn it on

  7. Insert paper on the slot next to TV screen it will say "error"

  8. Place the belt under the TV screen and the screen will now read "ready"

  9. Insert the knob into the side of the TV screen and press on the knob, the screen will read "processing" when it stops two letters will appear for example:F and K

  10. Go to the books in the library and click the corresponding letters that you received and two sets of numbers will appear. The number on the left is the number that should appear on the left of the map coordinate that you will be looking for on the map. The number on the right will be for the right coordinate

  11. Click on the table and the map will appear, use your coordinates that appear on the books and look for it on the map.

  12. This one took me a while because I wasn't paying close attention to the coordinates. You have to make sure that the number that appears on the left is either positive or negative. If it has a negative sign make sure that the coordinate on the map says negative or you will be looking for a while. The coordinate on the right make sure if it says North or South. For the longest time I thought the "s" was a number

  13. Once you find the right coordinates move on to the next chapter

Chapter 8

The Tomb

  1. Skull - base of the Sphinx

  2. Hieroglyphics - back of the wall above the sphinx

  3. Click on the vertical tomb that has the 2 scales

  4. Click on the tomb with the mummy lying on top of it

  5. Click on the the mummy's head that's on the coffin

  6. Round wooden piece - in front of the coffin

  7. Place the skull on one of the scales

  8. Click on the end of the coffin and an hourglass will appear

  9. Place the round wooden piece on the wooden apparatus that is located on the side of the coffin and it becomes a dial for the apparatus.

  10. Move the dial so that it points to the first symbol on the wall. Then press the hourglass as many times as is written on the wall, move the dial to the next symbol, move the hourglass again, repeat until the whole code is entered.

  11. Once you finish the code and the skull appears by the mummy's head just place the skull on the other scale

  12. If you're not able to do understand the last part of the instructions there is a way to sort of go around it. Just click the dial on every position until the light shoots to the progress bar for every correct answer. Once you click the dial correctly once it will not penalize your next incorrect attempt. Just keep clicking until you get all the correct codes.

The Device

  1. Click on the easel

  2. Click on the machine that's on the table a green square with symbols will appear

  3. Follow the pattern that is on the easel onto the machine that's on the table

  4. Press the fish tank and buttons with symbols on them will appear

  5. The goal here is to program the machine to pick up the crystal that is on the far end of the tank and drop it into receptacle on the left in order to pick up the crystal. I will give you the solution to my puzzle and also how I arrived at that solution just in case the code changes with every game.

  6. Each button corresponds with an action. From left to right:

    • Button 1 - moves the crank to the right

    • Button 2 - moves the crank down

    • Button 3 - moves the crank left

    • Button 4 - moves the crank back up

    • Button 5 - grabs the crystal

    • Button 6 - releases

  7. You should experiment with the commands and see what they do. Press the first button and then press the green key and see what it does. Repeat that process with every key.

    • Green button on the right executes the commands

    • Red button on the right clears the program

    • You have to enter a total of 14 commands to make it work. The code for the one I did was: 1-1-2-2-2-5-5-3-3-3-3-4-2-6

  8. Once the crystal has been successfully picked up, click on the receptacle that is on the left side of the tank to get the crystal. Place the crystal in the silver candle holder looking thing that is next to the machine. Grab the scroll

Chapter 9


  1. Necklace - on the desk next to the binoculars

  2. Metal stick - next to the box that is on the edge of the desk

  3. Metal stick - far left side of the screen on the floor

  4. Click on the blue hand that is on the wall

  5. Rhere's a machine with a pointed needle located right under the inventory sheet, click on that and place both metal pieces under it. Once you place both pieces hit the lever to activate the machine

  6. Once the metal pieces have been soldered, place it on the yellow and black fuse box that's on the wall. Keep clicking on the stick until the red button turns green.

  7. Take the necklace and drag it on the wall until the noise gets louder and the amulet starts to have orange rays coming out of it.

  8. The second metal piece appears, push it into the fuse box until the other light turns green.

Balancing Act

  1. Click the scale that's on the floor (right side of the screen under the torches)

  2. Click the gold statue that's on the black column

  3. Pick up the stones that are located between the 2 torches on the right side of the screen. The goal here is to place stones that equal the weight of the golden statue. The way you achieve this is placing stones and the scale and trying to figure out if their combined weight equal the weight of the golden statue.

  4. You can only place a maximum of 3 stones on the scale at a time

  5. I can't give you an exact number on this one because I had to do it several times and the answer was different each time. Once I placed 2 stones and the other time I placed 3 stones

  6. The best way to figure it out is to place the idol on scale and watch where the white line falls under the scale, that's you want to strive for. The white line has to fall just under the scale for it to be correct

  7. Return the golden statue to the first black column. Once you weigh the stones keep putting them on the 2nd black column, once its correct the wall will open up and a code will appear.

  8. Once you're finished with that, you have to translate the writing using the dictionary found on the wall, then move the dial according to the translated writing. The code for this one changes as well but I will tell you the one I came up with and maybe that will help someone.

  9. Take the circle and watch the markings, starting from the top being the number one. I landed on these markings. 7- 2- 8- 3

  10. You can do like I explained on "The Tomb" puzzle above and keep clicking until you move the progress bar. Then click the scroll

Chapter 10

Birthday Party

  1. Red balloon - floor next to helium tank

  2. Stick - right side of the fireplace

  3. Tail - left side of the fireplace

  4. Darts - on the table

  5. Pin the tail on the donkey and a number appears

  6. Put red balloon on the helium tank and a number appears

  7. Click the stick on the pinata, candy will fall on the floor along with a piece of paper. Click on the paper and a number will appear

  8. Click the fireplace and a code will appear

  9. Click on the dart board and place darts on the numbered areas that correspond with the letters on the 4 papers that you found. Your goal here is to spell the word ABRACADABRA


  1. Key - on the radiator

  2. Metal stick - by coil that is close to the radiator

  3. Bell - middle of the desk

  4. Bell - by the black statue

  5. Put the key in the music box

  6. Bigger bell goes on the soldiers clock

  7. Combine small bell and silver stick and place that on the music box, a time will appear

  8. Ring the clocks in the order that appear on the paper.

  9. For example if it says:

    • cuckoo

    • wake-up

    • wake-up

    • soldier

  10. You have to ring clocks in that order, the cuckoo clock and the soldier clock by setting the minute hands to 12. Ring the alarm clock by setting the hands to match that alarm time shown on

Last Puzzle: Untitled

  1. Click the paper that is on the right side of the screen

  2. The clue says red twice and green once. Collect the three retorts, a blue, red and yellow and the bowl

  3. Click the red twice on the paper and then combine yellow and blue in the bowl and click the bowl on the paper.

Secret Code for Azada 2:

Magic Book

This is a strategy guide for the mini-games. Most of the mini-puzzles in the game are straightforward and self-explanatory. I will give you tips on the ones that I consider the hardest or just the ones that a few simple tips might help you finish the game faster.


Click on the dots and the machine will do the same. Take your time and watch the steps the computer is doing. If you click the wrong one the computer can get ahead of you by forming many tiles quickly.


This game looks hard at times but if you get in the habit of moving the pieces most of the time at the top or bottom of the screen, it should allow you to move your piece out

Torn Up Image

Just a simple puzzle. Always do the edges first and you should finish quickly.

Connect Three

It's a match 3 game which most of us are familiar with. In this one you have to click the tiles not slide them lie in most match3 games. The pieces don't have to next to each other to click on them, as long as the edges are touching you can match them. If you don't find too many matches just keep hitting refill and it will change the pieces on the board

Round and Round

I've never played this game before even though I had seen versions of it. The main thing to remember if there are pieces that are close together, do the ones that are in the corners and at the bottom first. Move the pieces higher by locking them into the highlighted squares.

The Pipes

Just remember that you can use the small floating pieces to close the ends of the pipes.

The Robot

You should calculate your moves quickly but smartly. Don't forget to program the arrows on the floor on top of the batteries. You can lay down arrows many steps at a time but if you hear beeping and your arrows start to flash, it means that you have to reprogram those buttons because they are about disappear and the robot will hit the wall.

Building Blocks

Main thing to remember is that the bottom tile is always yellow, the 2nd tile is always grey and the 3rd tile is always dark wood. If the picture on the right is a bit confusing then follow the numbered sequence on the bottom left.

The Chemicals

Click on any color and watch the paper on the right, it will have a series of symbols on it. Let's suppose you click on the color red and an x comes on the white page then the color red is not the first color of that code. You then click the color green on the page, now a check-mark appears next to the color green. That means that green is the first color, now you need to find the second color. Click on yellow, if an x appears next to the check-mark then yellow is not the second color. The page will now start on a different line. Click the green first because we have already established that it is the first color. Then click on the color purple, now you have 2 check-marks so you know that green is the first color and purple is the second color. Keep experimenting with colors until you get 4 check-marks. Once that is completed a number will appear on the screen just turn the dial on the lock to match the numbers on the screen.


The best way I found to achieve this one when it asked you to have only two pawns left was to eliminate the corner pieces first and work my way so that most of my pieces end up in the middle


This one gets me most of the time, the best tip I can give you is move the sticks around until one of them falls in the right place by flashing and just work around that piece and pay attention to what the instructions say about what shape it wants and what are the minimum amount of pieces that you have to move.

Hope this helps!


whoa! i like it!

Catgrin July 7, 2007 11:24 AM

I bought the full version in advance. (I'm on the cheap with Big Fish.) Finished the game far too quickly, and it has no great replay value. The mini games aren't set with open variables. Once solved, they're solved (no new slider puzzles await you in an archive etc.). If you buy it as a substitute for a night out, then you should be happy. It is both engaging and fun for the one time out.

Brandon July 7, 2007 11:50 AM

Indeed, the game itself is fantastic. What's not so great, however, is that the site doesn't tell you the price until after you create an account. And they'd better not be asking too much for a game that has an upper limit of four hours of gameplay.

[Edit: Most casual game demos carry a price of about 20 dollars for the full version. You won't see too many games that deviate from this price point. As Catgrin pointed out, one can easily spend $20 going out to the movies (2-3 hours of 'fun') or various other activities that leave nothing but the memory of the experience to take home with you. I've already spent more than 4 hours on the game and haven't seen everything yet. Your mileage may vary, as they say. -Jay]

Brandon July 7, 2007 12:31 PM

For some reason, I thought there were only eight chapters, with a half hour for each. $20 is still a bit much, though.

Anonymous July 7, 2007 7:41 PM

Sounds kinda like 7th Guest (with the exception of the item hunting .. and the time limit ..)


I don't have a pc to play it, but it looks pretty fun.

Jay (and all the other reviewers)-
Thanks for this awesome site! I come here every day I can to see if there's a new review! I've been a gamer since age 2 but the games I find here surpass any others I've played.


Myst? Gads, I tried to like Myst, and it was definitely nicely done art-wise, but there were one too many places you could end up where it seemed very much to me like you could do absolutely nothing to progress. It felt like if you went to the wrong area first you'd get completely stuck (at least, the things I could and needed to interact with in a couple of the worlds were not at all obvious), and for a game designed around exploring that is entirely the wrong kind of impression to give. I hated feeling like I needed a guide just to figure out how to get to the puzzles; maybe my experience is unusual but I'd rather not do that again. Add the I-Spy game mechanics to it and while I'll take your word for it that it's great I'm going to give this a pass.


Er, oops. I guess italics aren't supported here. :/ Sorry about the spam.

[Edit: Use <em> for italics, i.e., "emphasized" text. I've made the correction. Cheers for the feedback! -Jay]


(Jay, have you seen Peggles' price tag? $35.)

This game looked good but most of the puzzles were super easy. And it's not Myst-ish. I finished Myst a few months after I bought it in 1995 without a walkthrough because there were no walkthroughs at the time. And the internet was one long roll of toilet paper back then.

[Edit: Peggle's price is the same as most other casual games, as I noted above (about $20). And this game is very reminiscent of Myst due to the books and pages it uses to reveal puzzles. -Jay]


(Bring me the blue pages!)

I tried Peggle the 1st day you posted it, and I was sorta tempted to buy it so I checked out what they wanted and it said $35. Maybe it says $20 now (which makes more sense) but I think they knew they had a hot item and probably got a few hits at the "be the 1st kid on the block" price.

And don't call me Shirley.

j/k! heh

old woman July 8, 2007 3:09 PM

Catgrin, Have you tried going left at the end of the game? You enter a room with all the puzzles on shelves, and you can play to your hearts content. I haven't had a problem with the games repeating themselves. When you exit the game you can resume again to the last scene and always re-enter the games room.

mrsallisonf July 8, 2007 6:52 PM

I don't understand the purchasing format from Big Fish. There are a few different "packages" and I couldn't find any details as to what each really entails. The 6.99 package - "12 minimum in a year" or whatever that said - does that mean that if you pay 6.99 you could get 12 full version games, or does it mean that you would get 12 demos? Or something different? I'm so confused. Does anyone have an account with this company who could help me out?


I believe I understand the Big Fish Game Club, so let me try to explain it to you:

Big Fish offers a game club through which you can purchase FULL VERSION games at a discount. Once in the club you may purchase as many games as you wish at a discounted price, the amount you pay depends on your level of commitment: 2, 6 or 12 month membership.

You are charged the price you pay for games every month while enrolled in the club. For example, if you enrolled in the 12 month club, you pay only $6.99 per game. Each month your credit card is charged $6.99 and you receive one game credit for that, which means you can use that to get any game you wish. You may, of course, purchase more than 1 game per month, and each game you purchase goes towards your commitment of 12 for the year.

All games you buy are full versions, and all games you buy are discounted according to the term of the club membership you signed up for.

You may only cancel the club membership once you have purchased the minimum number of games for the club you signed up for. For example, if you signed up for the 12 month club, you may cancel only after you have purchased 12 games at $6.99.

Does that help?

mrsallisonf July 9, 2007 2:48 PM

Wow, Jay, that helps a lot. Thank you very much! So, if I wanted to be in this club at the yearly rate I would effectively be paying 6.99 per game, but I would have to buy 12 of them, making my total purchase price about $84.
Very interesting...:)

HeroForge July 9, 2007 9:01 PM

Well, I beat the game in one afternoon. I skipped the peg-jump puzzles (I have always hated them), but pretty much played everything else through.

I really liked the scavenger-hunt rooms, requiring that you use the found objects really made them worth the time. I just wish they'd used a higher proportion of those.

The end game hints that there's more, and gives you a word to write down. Has anyone figured out what you're supposed to do with this info?


Okay, call me slow, what's with the butterfly matching game?!! Does anyone have a hint or solution? I otherwise like this game, especially the scavenger hunt rooms, wish there were more of them (And, obviously, less of those butterflies!)


Okay, I am stuck on the library.
I put the log in the furnace, but now it says it is empty and won't let me light it. I can't drag the log from my inventory again, and it won't let me get a new one. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Oh dear I must be so thick but please help, its driving me mad now.

I'm in the Library and done most of the puzzle.....I've got my 2 books and the map......even when I keep my hand so steady to find the numbers written in book on still says nothing happened.

What am I supposed to be doing please



I want to buy the game but Paypal is not an option. Has anyone gotten around this glitch?
(Already wrote to them)

laurajs July 11, 2007 5:28 AM

*sigh* i wish the trial wasn't over

well the start was pretty simple however i didnt know if it got harder because my trial ran out at the 2nd part!

tweetypie July 11, 2007 8:01 AM

ok I am stuck on the matchstick one where you have to move the matchsticks to make 4 squares,i did four squares but nothing happens..can anyone help?


I'm stuck on the library too. I have my coordinates and have done everything I should but when I click on the coordinate it still says that nothing happens. It's driving me crazy because I can't get past it.


Hi tweetypie,

Try making the same pattern you made but along a bit. Even though you have made the 4 boxes, it might not be in the place they set the correct puzzle.

Hope that's of help to you.

LadyElektra July 12, 2007 10:41 PM

About the butterfly hint or solution...simple....identical twins...hint? first board for me was the 2 yellow ones.
no catch..really identical in shape color and design :)
i scratched my head over this one for hours hehe


Oddly enough, I had trouble with this one, too, at first. xD

I tried clicking on two butterflies with the same shape but different colors, etc. and wondered why I kept failing.

Perhaps they are all so very similar that the eyes play tricks on you and prevent you from noticing the other that's the same. Yeah, that must be it. xD

old woman July 13, 2007 11:36 AM

Possible help with the Library

Collect log and lighter, open furnace put in log and light it, then close furnace. Collect the pulley and place on front of ancient looking computer. Open the computer panel and put in the programme card , and then insert the thing which looks like a pin, but is actually a pull down handle. The computer screen will now show TWO letters (example B/J) go to the book shelf and open the appropriate books, both of them , you need the two co-ordinates. ( Book B might give 90 and book J 30S) Now gently scroll over the map find the position for 90 and gently go south 'til you reach 90-30S. That should be you out.


Thanks for the butterflies tip...I was making it too complicated and couldn't see the forest for the....trees. I guess. Anyway I've got it now thanks to you guys!

Elaine Randall July 13, 2007 1:34 PM

I have the full version of Azada, and can't seem to get past the robot (he keeps bumping into walls), and I guess I'm not fast enough. Is there a way around it?


Otherwise I love the game. I like those type of games.
The puzzles, and hidden object games.


Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way around it, though I can give you a couple of pointers for success with it.

Think ahead.

Follow the path the robot will take and get ready to put the next arrow down by positioning your mouse ahead of time. With a few times practice, you should be able to get it without much trouble. =)


Thank you oldwoman. I got through with your help. It was driving me mad and you have got to have your hand so steady as well. Don't think I would of got through at all without your help :)))

WineCountryGirl July 15, 2007 4:39 AM

I've got as far as Balancing Act, and can't find the solution for deciphering the code for spinner in the small box. I put the stones on the scale, I try moving the statue around, even the hint only goes back to the stones or the statue. HELP!!!

old woman July 15, 2007 4:06 PM

WineCountryGirl, Balancing Act. Try weighing the statue.

Note the glimmering white line under the scale pan... remove the statue from scales and put back on the column. Now put varying stones on the scale until you reach the same degree of white glimmering light. Put that equal weight of stones on the other column and the next door will open.


can anyone tell me how to save in azada because i tried putting my name and the while I'm in the game i press the save and quit button and when i try playing it again there is no continue button, i just start right back from the beginning


So, like Pam, I am in the library, clicking on co-ordinates...and nothing happens. Everything is working in the library. Have found protocols and, of course, the map. Help! Lita


I love the game! But, can't get past the robot!
Is there a way around it?



Hi Pam, Like you I was stuck in the library forever. Then it finally dawned on me. With the coordinates say
A = 128 & E = 58S, what you have to do is take the mouse and look for 128.0 then go south (down) to 58S and click on it. This will make the coordinates into one- 128.58S.

Hope this helps- Diane


I'm also stuck on the matchstick game (4 squares).
Can somebody make a screenshot what it's supposed to look like?


Hi, I beat the game but at the end it gives me a code to remember for more puzzles. How do I use it?

QueBarbara July 18, 2007 5:24 PM

Help, I'm stuck at the very last puzzle, once the picture has been restored.


I've gotten to the balancing act...I've done the stone and statue, now I am trying to figure out how to decipher the code. I've opened the wall and gotten the dictionary, now I don't know how to the find the code.


I am stuck in the libary I do what I am suposed to but it keeps telling me nothing happens need some help please


Please help with the Library.
I know I am putting in the right coordanties but always get nothing happens. I am getting so so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Please Help.


Am I the only one drawing a blank with the chemicals? I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, and how do I know what order to drop them in?!



I'm stuck on the optometrist. I have the lens and done everything else but every time I put the lens onto the fuzzy letters nothing happens. It always says try putting the lens over the paper" I'm doing it! Is this a glitch on MAC?


I'm stuck with balancing act.

Each time I'm using combination lock. I always get message that I need translate code.

How can we translate it?


Help!!!!! I'm stuck at the end of chapter 3 I'M suppose to drag the circle.... but nothing happened????? Describe how to do it????


I need help the room with the crystal. I can not figure out what code to use on that stupid machine for it to pick up the crystal!! Please help me because I love the game.


somebody help me....i can't pass over the where you have to move the matchsticks to make 4 squares, i don't know in what order put them.....i'm soo nervous....i like game...but i don;t know how pass over that...can anyone tell how to put the matches....?please i expect an answer....


I'm also stuck on the matchstick game (4 squares).
Can somebody make a screenshot what it's supposed to look like?


me again....I'm stuck on the matchstick game (4 squares).
Can somebody make a screenshot what it's supposed to look like?
please help me.


me again...i'm in the library and i have the coordinates 64 and 30S and i click on the map but nothing happens....what i 'm supposed to do? please help me....i saw some answers forementioned...i tried them but uselessly


Becky: regarding the crystal in the machine. That puzzle took me several tries. It's a claw machine and each of the symbols tells the claw how to move, and you have to program it so the claw grabs the crystal and drops it at the door. The whole machine is only 6 moves wide and two up and down. Consider where you're at in the machine and experiment with a few clicks of each symbol to see what it does. (Think of them as arrow keys on keyboard, plus close and open.) I hope that helps.

Evenstar July 27, 2007 2:22 PM

Karen, with the chemicals, it's similar to the peg puzzles where you try to replicate a hidden pattern. Each time you use a chemical you will get a check (right chem at right spot), an "X" (chem not in the puzzle) or a half-red/half-green circle (in puzzle, but wrong position). That should get you going.

Evenstar July 27, 2007 2:36 PM

Those stuck on matchstick puzzles, there's a site that seems to spell most of them out.


I am stuck on the pipes. I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone help..PLEEEESE!!!


Okay i'm in the library, too and tried the suggestions from Diane and Oldwoman.

But one of my coordinates doesn't even show up on the map. I've got -96 and 45 - no north or south. I can find -96.0 but when I scroll over to the right - ever so slowly - It only shows numbers 44 or 46. There is no 45! Any suggestions? This is beyond annoying!

Thanks for any help on this!


Has anyone figured out what to do with the hint at the end of the game? Does it continue?


i'm stuck at the tower in chapter 2...i cannot figure out how to get the rings to go where they are supposed to :(


i cannot figure out how to do the pipes in Azada please help


what to do on chapter 3 help me

Bridgett August 1, 2007 5:42 PM

I have tried everything in the Libary and nothing is working, I am so frustrated.

Bryan Nofal August 3, 2007 4:08 AM

I am stuck on the pipes at the end of chapter 3... have tried everything I know how to do.. haven't been able to figure it out... any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


Hint for the pipes: start at the edges. If the system is to be properly "closed," many of the edge and corner pipes can only be placed one way. For example: straight two-way pipes on an edge (not including the entry and exit points) have to lie parallel to the edge, three-way pipes on an edge have to have the stem of the "T" facing inward, and there is clearly only one correct position for bent two-way pipes in a corner. Once you've worked out what you can along the edges, it will be clear where a number of the internal pipes need to connect, and each correctly oriented pipe will tend to constrain the possibilities for its neighbors.

I was intimidated by this one at first, but with a little practice, you should be able to get to the point (as with most of these puzzles) where you can solve it in under a minute.


For those stuck on the towers puzzle, I found a useful little tidbit on Wikipedia:

"In alternate moves:
* move the smallest disk to the peg it has not recently come from.
* move another disk legally (there will be one possibility only)
For the very first move, the smallest disk goes to [the middle peg] if [the number of disks] is odd and to [the right peg] if [the number of disks] is even."

Works like a charm.


Just wanted to add, I'm extremely impressed by this game. (So glad the Mac version is finally out.) Not only are the graphics right up there with titles like Myst, Obsidian, and the recent Dream Chronicles, but the sound effects provide surprisingly compelling feedback, the music is top-notch, and the user interface in general sparkles (literally) with its attention to detail. I've seen very few point-and-click games with this level of professionalism, and certainly none for a mere $20.

For me, the 22 escape-the-room puzzles were the best part. As for the 23 traditional puzzles (each of which appears three times over the course of the game), my only complaint is that some were a bit too easy, a bit too tedious, or both. When the sequel comes along, I'm hoping it'll be a slightly more challenging experience, perhaps with a few more of those "magic orbs" that allow you to skip the puzzles where you end up stumped or just not wanting to bother. The good news is that I saw some comments from one of the developers in another forum (can't recall where) that led me to believe they might be thinking along the same lines.

This is a terrific first effort in what I hope will be a long series. Bravo, Big Fish.

GameJunkie August 6, 2007 4:31 PM

Help on chemicals for any who need it.

Use the dropper to click on a bottle. Click on the beige paper. The result is given on the white pad at top right. If the color you chose is PART of the 4 color code needed to get the page, you get a green/red icon. If the color is correct AND in the right place you get a green tick. If it's not part of the code at all you get a red cross. I hope that made sense!. Reminiscent of the old favorite 'MASTERMIND'...with the colored pegs and pegboard?

GameJunkie August 6, 2007 4:38 PM

Optometrist help for Farmom... and whoever else needs it.

Move the lens SLOWLY around the paper going left to right and letters/numbers will come into focus...that's your code.


who can help me i'm stuck i've got all painting fragments but i dont now what to do now


Ok me I don't know which stones to put on the scale near the end of the game could someone help? As for the library it took me a while to figure it out but it's simple first check to see if your first coordinate is a - or a plus that tells you which side of the map to look on and my dumb mistake was it told me something like -138 &8S but stupid me I thought the letter s (for south) was a 5 and there are no odd numbers on the map lol.

Judy Cross August 8, 2007 2:58 AM

I noticed that nobody mentioned having a problem with the Maze. I don't understand it. Duh!! I click on different symbols, but so far the options run out before I get to the diamond. When this happened, I was stuck--no re-set. Help!!

Thank you, Judy


I too am at a standstill at the puzzle at the end of chapter 3. What am I supposed to do with the 4 circles. Thanks


Hi,i'm stuck in the library also,i have the coordinates but....nothing happens's driving me crazy,please help


is anyone having a problem with the addition/subtraction page? I know it's easy. Went through it a couple of times, but in later puzzles I can't get it to work. I always have to use a gem to skip it and then I am out of them when I really need them.


Library, HEEELP!!!! Got the coordinates, clicking them correctly on the map and all that happens is a box popping up that says 'Nothing happend' OK. What am I doing wrong? The bookhelp isn't any help either. Got -116 in the first book and 62S in the other. Anyone??? Please help!


Haha...just figured the library out. My coordinates were book D -116 book J 60S...just had to click on
-116.60 and it WORKED!!! Go to the first coordinate do not click on it, then you go south or north so the other coordinate shows behind the first coordinate...tadaa!!!

rvgranny August 9, 2007 2:41 PM

Sheesh, I figured out my problem with the addition/subtraction thing. The problem was me not reading the directions because I thought I knew what I was doing. Didn't realize that you had to use 3 numbers later on. Live and learn!!!!!!

solanoella August 10, 2007 5:39 PM


Well I've tried all your tips on the coordinates and it still dosen't work! The 1st coordinate says C80 that's fine. The 2nd says 26S. It's either 26,XXN; then 26,0; then 26,2S. All in increments of 2 - no 26S! What am I not getting?!


in the room with the crystal every time i pick up the crystal it says its inthe claw but its not doe that matter or is there a problem? thanks cathy

Anonymous August 12, 2007 6:57 PM

For the crystal -- you have to program the machine to come pick it up as well as program it for the trip back and then for the claw to drop the crystal into the slot. If you've figure out how to pick up, it's just trial and error for the later part.


Stuck in the tomb
where is second skull


im stuck at the toy store! where are the key and the railroad piece??

ShaunaMahana August 14, 2007 10:40 PM

I know this sounds lame, but I'm stuck in the office. I've got all of the articles (pick, mouse, ball of yarn/string, and tape) except for the key. I even used the little hint tab and it highlighted the ball of yarn/string. But when I picked it up and tried to do things with it, nothing happened. What am I supposed to do at this point?

Judy Cross August 17, 2007 1:37 AM

PLEASE help. The pipes are driving me crazy. I can connect a line of piping from the left side to the right side. But nothing happens. Do I need to include ALL the pipes. What I now have set up leaves some open pipes but the open ones are in no way connected to the piping path I connected from the beginning to end.

Please, it is driving me up the wall. Thanks all. Judy

linskysweet August 17, 2007 2:31 PM

I AM ALSO STUCK IN THE LIBRARY! I was hoping that there would be an answer to the other person that is stuck in the library. I have 4 orbs to use and cannot access any of them to even skip this one. I have all of the items and have the coordinates but no matter what I do they just DO NOT work. I have the plus and the minus correct, I have the (S) correct not thinking it is a (5). I have even tried starting the game over but it does not matter, I get stuck there again. It's driving me crazy. Is there a glitch? Or am I just missing something Pleaseeeee Help!!!

golferswife August 18, 2007 2:32 PM

Having a terrible time with the pawns page have to leave only two cant get it. I just know the next level is going to ask for leave only one. any tricks or hints will be greatly appreciated


I am having trouble with the 6 towers on Azada

Tisha Tilley August 20, 2007 4:36 AM

i am stuck on the balancing act. How do i use the dictionary to unlock the wall?

Tisha Tilley August 20, 2007 11:07 AM

i am stuck on the balancing act. How do i use the dictionary to unlock the wall?

Stephanie Monaco August 20, 2007 3:54 PM

I am stuck in the kitchen---I don't know how to get the box out of the freezer. I've found all the items, put the knob on the radio. Not sure what to do with the calendar, but am assuming I need to open the box first. Does anyone remember how they did this?


I'm at the end of Chapter 3 and if there were any instructions on what to do with the 4 circles, I evidently missed them. What do you do?

Allison Snell August 22, 2007 10:15 AM

I can't figure out the pegs and boxes puzzle. Haven't seen anybody else with this problem so I'm probably being stupid. The robot gets all the boxes and I get none. Any advice?


omg im getting mad the pipes are impossible and all the things im looking up for it is junk and dont help at all. can someone just send me the pic of what its supposed to look like because im about to skin my own face

Stephanie August 23, 2007 4:21 PM

okay, I am stuck at the matches one. I cannot seem to get past the first matchstick puzzle. I went to the site mentioned above, and it didn't help me, if anything confused me more. Anyone wanna post a screenshot of what to do? or just tell me? It would be greatly appreciated. by everyone in my house. thanks!


I also had some problem with the pipes and the 4 wheels at the end of chapter 3. However, I finally got through:) You need to use all the pipes, not just connecting from furnance to heater. then try to close all the open sections. Someone above gave a great hint on all the pipes along the edges must be parallel to the wall. This is how I figure it out. Thanks!

Regarding the 4 circles at the end of the chapter 3, there is no real trick except trying. The outer 3 are easier to deal with because you can match colors. The inner one took me about 5 minutes playing around to finally crack. just be patient an keep trying.


I am stuck in Squares at Chapter 3 in Azada. How do I get passed this level? I bought the full version game for $19.99 I played the demo version and loved it. Please, I need help I've played the game over and over again but to just get stuck on the same level is driving me nuts.


Help I can't figure out balancing rocks. tried every combo nothing seems to work. Any suggestions


I'm stuck on the towers puzzle - 3 posts and 5 circles. Anybody find a site that tells you how to do this type of puzzle? (like somebody found for the matchstick puzzles)


Hi Sharon, I'm working on creating a video for you. Not sure if it will come out, though. If not, I'll just post a spoiler for you to complete it.


Here's a walkthrough for the towers game:

angeltent August 29, 2007 2:48 AM

I am stuck on chapter 7 the Pipes please help. I try all the above nothing works. thanks


Nikki -

There is a walkthrough for the download PC version of the game posted above the comments. You might want to check it for help. See The Device in Chapter 8.


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