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Azada 2: Ancient Magic Walkthrough

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Azada 2 Ancient Magic Walkthrough

We have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for
Azada 2: Ancient Magic. This guide will help you through any of the books should you get stuck while playing. Be warned: This guide does contain spoilers, so proceed with caution and use only as a last resort!

Azada 2: Ancient Magic Walkthrough Guide


  1. In the lower right corner you see a circle with Titus picture. When you click it, you will get

    1. a description of the actual puzzle -or-

    2. the message, that everything is done on that page -or-

    3. the opportunity to get a hint. The first hint costs you 3 minutes of your time, the second 4 minutes and so on

  2. Double clicking an item will bring it into the inventory, single click the item to keep it on your cursor. (You can drag it to your inventory if you need to.)

  3. The bag you see left in your bar at the bottom is your inventory. You can click it to see what's inside

  4. When you find something of interest, your cursor will start to sparkle. Click it to open things or get a closer look at something

  5. When you are inside a book you can click the buttons on the bottom of the screen with the red arrows to switch pages. You can also click the side of the book.

  6. You can go to any page of the books in any order you want. Just be aware, that some things might not work untill you complete tasks on other pages. The walkthrough shows the shortest way, but that does not mean, that you have to follow it exactly

  7. In the libary you can choose the books, like you want - the order in which you solve the books has no meaning (Some books are locked till a certain point). The books in this walkthrough may be in a different order than you choose to solve them.

  8. Most characters have something to talk to you about. Click on them to find out what they have to say.

  9. Minigames can be skipped, but this will cost you 5 minutes time from your next book

  10. When you run out of time, you will have to play the whole book again

  11. By solving books you will earn magical orbs - with them you can skip the mini games. But you only get 4 total.

  12. Nearly all puzzles are random

1 - The Fariytale

Walkthrough_Azada_Fairytale.pngRapuzel's Tower

  1. Click on Rapuzel and you get a closer look

  2. Click on the left shutter to get it for your inventory

  3. Turn the book one page to the right


  1. You will see a picture of a labyrinth. Click it again to get a closer look

  2. Your goal is it to collect the shutter and the wood, which you see inside

  3. Click with your cursor in the direction, you want Hansel to go.

  4. as you walk around the maze will reveal itself.

  5. When you get at the end of a path, you can just step back and find your way somewhere else

  6. Collect the shutter and the wood. Both items go automatically into your inventory

  7. Go two pages further to the right with the red arrow - button

The Laddermaker's House

  1. Pick up the burning candle on the right side of the book

  2. Go back one page to the Pig's house

The Pigs House

  1. Click on the arrow above the left window, the wall will come down and you can look inside the house

  2. Go to inventory and place the wood into the fireplace

  3. Now light the wood with the candle. The candle with go back in your inventory after

  4. The wolf on the roof will leave due to the fire.

  5. The pig will leave also the house now

  6. Click on the table to get the key

  7. Right to the fireplace is a cupcake on the bed, click it

  8. Outside the house, on the left side you see a ladder, half hidden behind the house. Click it

  9. Go back to the Laddermaker's House

The Laddermakers house

  1. Give the cupcake from your inventory to the wolf on the upper part of the right page. He will dissapear

  2. Click the key at the left upper door of the closet

  3. Pick up the card, you will find inside

  4. Put both shutters from your inventory onto the window on the left page

  5. Click the window. It opens and you can take out the ladder

  6. Now go back to Rapunzel's Tower

Rapuzel's Tower

  1. Use the two ladders you found to get to Rapunzel

  2. Click Rapunzel and give her the card from your inventory

The Machine


  1. After solving a few books, you will be asked to go upstairs. This will go on throughout the whole game.

  2. First find all symbols by draging the colored lenses of the cards and click at the blinking symbols

  3. Now you have to arrange the symbols, as the clues tell you to do

  4. The puzzles are random, so there is no set solution to each one.

  5. When you are done, drag the yellow lense over the cards, to find the symbol that shows who the suspect is.

The fuse puzzle for the machine upstairs

  1. You have to put the fuses into the empty spaces so that all lights turn green

  2. Every empty or filled space will change the lights - so look at them carefully to find out, what happens

  3. The solution is random, so just use trial and error

2 - The Ghost

Walkthrough_Azada_Ghost.pngThe room

  1. The goal is to make the room look like it does in the picture the ghost shows you.

  2. You have to find 12 differences in the room and restore the room

  3. Some of the items you will need are located on other pages.

  4. Go one page further to the Atelier

The Atelier

  1. Collect the box with the silver balls from the right upper corner of the table

  2. Get the board in the lower right part of the table

  3. Click the bluepaintbrush on the left side of the table, right to yellow paint tube

  4. In the middle of the upper part of the table is a canvas lying. When you click it, you will get a puzzle.

  5. You can't rotate the pieces, that makes it a little easier.

  6. When you find two pieces that fit just drop the edge of one over the matching edge of the other and they should lock together.

  7. The start is the hardest, the best is to start with the horses, which go at the top of the painting


  9. Now head to the closet.

The Closet

  1. Click on the glass door of the armour and a minigame will open

  2. Drag the piece from the right to the left side, so that the area is completly filled and the pieces do not overlap. This puzzle is randomized so there is no set solution.

  3. The puzzle opened a little drawer at the left side of the armour. Click it to get a closer look

  4. Get the card and a necklace

  5. Pick up the red striped egg in front of the left drawers

  6. Click the statue on the left top of the closet

  7. The side is now complete, go back to the room, where you started

The Room

  1. Click on the portrait at the center of the back wall, to see how the room looked before. you can refer to the portait whenever you need to.

  2. Click the pillow on the lower right side and drag it on the couch

  3. Close the door on the left back side

  4. Pick up the books from under the couch and drag them onto the box in the middle shelf on the left side

  5. Put the egg on the right side of the cupboard

  6. The box with the balls belongs left to the egg

  7. The statue belongs on the little table at the right side, next to the chest

  8. Put the painting into the empty frame, right next to the big portrait

  9. The necklace belongs at the buddha bust on the left side

  10. Put the paintbrush in the little holder next left to the buddha bust

  11. The board belongs at the wooden wall, left to the elephant's trunk

  12. Give the card to the ghost

3 - The Castaway

Walkthrough_Azada_Castaway.pngRobinson's machine

  1. You are told that Robinson needs a crystal for his machine

  2. As you can't do anything here at the moment go to the last page of the book

Jungle with three parrots

  1. Get the machete from the upper part of the big tree

  2. Click the little rock, lying in front of the big rock on the left side

  3. The side is complete, go back to the page with the the animals

Jungle with animals

  1. get the fishing pole right under the snake's head, on the left side

  2. There is a shovel head on the floor center right, take it

Jungle with one parrot

  1. Get the striped handkerchief in the middle of the scene

  2. Use the machete at the branch in the middle of the scene, a little left from where the handkerchief was.

  3. Now you can take the branch

  4. Use the handkerchief on the shovel head, and then use the branch with them to create a complete shovel.

  5. Go back to the site with the animals

Jungle with animals

  1. Place the shovel at the bottom of the cutted log in the middle of the scene (the one, the snake is lying on)

  2. You dig out a crystal. Pick it up and

  3. Go to Robinson's machine

Robinson's machine

  1. Click the fishing pole onto the water and receive the bottle

  2. Click the stone inside the inventory onto the bottle and you will receive the card

  3. Click now the crystal onto the machine - a minigame will appear

  4. You have to drag the mirrors, so that the light beams hit all the targets

  5. If you hit the target you will see it lightning up

  6. The puzzle is random, so I can't give you a solution for it

  7. Give Robinson his card, to finish the book

4 - The secret garden

Walkthrough_Azada_Garden.pngColin's room

  1. Click on the curtains at the left back side, to bring light into the room

  2. Pick up Colin's clothes from the floor, right side of the screen, left from the chair

  3. Give Colin the clothes

  4. Go to the next page of the book

In front of the house

  1. Pick up the watering can on the left side of the flower bed

  2. Click on the seeds, which are lying in front of the watering can

  3. Go to the next page of the book

Behind the house

  1. Pick up the trowel from the sand in the lower left side of the screen

  2. Click the whistle from the water pump's handle

  3. Get the pruning shears, lying at the bottom of the water pump

  4. Put the watering can at the pump and use the handle to fill the can with water

  5. Take the full watering can back into your inventory

  6. Go back to the front of the house

In front of the house

  1. Use the pruning shears on the vines on the wall, at the bottom and reveal the door

  2. Look at the sparkling window at the top of the house

  3. Use the whistle with the bird. The bird will come down and eat the worm on the bed

  4. Use the trowel to dig where the worm was and get a key.

  5. Use the key to open the door

  6. Go to the third page of the book

Secret garden

  1. Click the trowel somewhere in the middle of the screen to tend the garden

  2. Pick up the twig, laying in the left corner of the right bed at the bottom of the scene

  3. Use the whistle with the robin, which is sitting on top of the wall at the back of the scene

  4. Now click the twig at the robin, he will begin to sing

  5. Drag the seeds on the flower bed at the right lower side

  6. Water the seeds after, a mini game pops up

  7. Again a random game, so no solution possible

  8. When you click once in an empty bed, flowers will appear, when you click into a bed with flowers, the flowers will dissapear

  9. Your goal is to fill the beds in an order do that that they fit with the numbers in the center

  10. When you are done, at the right side apples will appear. Click the red one

  11. Go back to Colin's room

Colin's room

  1. Give the apple to Colin and he will go

  2. Click on the cloth above the fireplace and a portrait will appear

  3. Click the portrait and a card will fall on the fireplace. Take it

  4. Go to the secret garden and give Colin the card

5 - The Timeline


  1. Click the coat of arms the right lower back of the scene

  2. Go to the castles entrance

Castle's entrance

  1. Click on the big stone and a minigame will open

  2. The solution is random, so I can't give you one. The goal is to get the ball to the exit by raising or lowering the tiles. To do this just click on them.

  3. Click on the man, sitting in the arch to get a closer look and pick up the bottle of wine which is lying next to him

  4. To turn the wine to vinegar bury it in the screen with the voyager and dig it up in the second cave screen

  5. At the top of the arch a part is missing, put in there the coat of arms

  6. Go the next page


  1. Pick up the head of horus, located at the right side of the balustrade

  2. At the right side of the screen a shovel is standing. Take it

  3. When the page tells you, that it is complete, go to the Sphinx room

Sphinx room

  1. Drag the head of horus at the top of the dark statue at the right side of the scene

  2. Clean the spot under the statue with the vinegar

  3. Click at the head of horus to get a closer view

  4. Look at the sequence, the picture shows and click horus' eyes in the same order (left, right, left, right for example)

  5. When you have done it right, the card will appear at the sphinx


  1. Give the voyager his card

6 - The Vampire

Walkthrough_Azada_Vampire.pngJonathan Harker

  1. Click the crowbar at the right page, right side of the entrance - its leaning against the stone wall

  2. Use the crowbar to remove the wooden planks at the upper windows at the left page

  3. Go to the next page


  1. Get the pot lid next to the casserole, right side of the steaming pot

  2. Pick up the rag at the left side of the oven

  3. Click the rag inside the inventory on the lid and place the lid then on the pot

  4. Now get one of the knife, standing above the pot

  5. Click on the closet door with the skull, a mini game appears

  6. Match the tiles so that they fit in the circle by matching either color or symbol (solution is random)

  7. When you have done it, the closet opens, pick up the garlic

  8. Go to the next page


  1. Open the curtains at the window left to the fireplace

  2. Now click at the clock at the left side of the fireplace and change the time so it is daylight.

  3. Pick up the garlic from inventory and drag it on Dracula. He will try to escape to the left, but there is sunlight.

  4. Click at the book on the table to get a closer look and cut the strings with the knife

  5. Pick up the card

  6. Take the key from the table

  7. Go back to Jonathan Harker

Jonathan Harker

  1. Now open the wooden door behind Jonathan Harker with the key

  2. Give him his card

7 - The Treasure

Walkthrough_Azada_Treasure.pngThe ship

  1. You can't do anything there in the moment, so go to the next page

Page with candle left

  1. Get the jolly roger from the table from the left page and attach it to the top of the mast on the right page

  2. Go back to the ship

The ship

  1. Take the key, Long John Silver gives to you

  2. Go back to the candle-page

Page with candle left

  1. Click the box on the left side to get a closer view and use the key on it

  2. Take the gold

  3. At the right side of the table in the lower part, there are two matches. Pick one up and light it with the candle before you drag it in the inventory

  4. Do it again with second match

  5. Go back to the ship

The ship

  1. Give the coins to the parrot

  2. The parrot dissapears and you can get the gun powder out of the barrel

  3. Put the powder on the right canon

  4. Click the canon ball, on the floor right to the canon

  5. Light the canon with one of the matches and shoot on the rocks

  6. Go the last page

The cave

  1. Its dark in the cave and in the middle you can see a shiloutte from something like a stone table. In the middle it looks like a little hill. Place the match there to get light

  2. Click the book, that is lying on that table

  3. Take out the card and the map

  4. Pick up the shovel which is standing at the wall, right side of the scene

  5. Go to the Jungle, where you will find Long John Silver


  1. Give the map to Long John Silver

  2. Now dig with the shovel at the spot with the red cross

  3. Click the chest and a mini game appears

  4. Collect diamonds by making retangles where all four corners have the same color. Goal is to collect all diamonds with a skull on

  5. When you are done, give Long John Silver his card

8 - The headless horseman

Walkthrough_Azada_Horseman.pngHeadless horseman

  1. Click on the gravestone at the right side to get a crowbar

  2. Go to the cementry


  1. Use the crowbar to break the lock from the door in the back center

  2. Take the shovel, standing left from the door at the wall

  3. Go back to the headless horseman

Headless horseman

  1. Use the shovel on the moon on the left grave stone

  2. Go to Mausoleum


  1. Click the moon into the hole in the stone and a minigame opens

  2. The goal is to fill up 75% of the space with the moons.

  3. The little trick is, to start at the bottom of the scene and make each moon as big as possible

  4. When you are done the stone coffin is open. Click on it to get a closer view and pick up the skull

  5. Go back to the Cementry


  1. Click the right wall of the Mausoleum, a code will appear

  2. Now click the three gravestones. Each shows one of the symbols, you see at the wall

  3. Click them in the order you see on the wall

  4. When you are done, a card is given to you by a skeleton hand at the left grave on the left side

  5. Go back to the headless horseman

Headless horseman

  1. Give the skull, then the card to the headless horseman

9 - The Dive


  1. You can't do any here at the moment, so go to page 2

Page 2

  1. In the upper part from the upper scene, there is lying dry coal on the floor

  2. Pick it up

  3. Next to it is a wooden pallet. Click it to get a closer view and click it again

  4. Take the wrench, you can now reach and use him to open the hatch in theleft upper corner

  5. Now you can pick up the card in the lower part of the scene

  6. In the upper part of the scene you see the steaming system. Click on the little grate in the middle to open it. Click it again to get a closer view and get the wet coal out of it

  7. Fill in the dry coal

  8. Now click at the red pentagon on the left side and a minigame will open

  9. You have to place the diamonds, so that they always have the right amount of neighbours. Green means that they are ok, red tells you something is wrong

  10. When you are done, click at the control pad below the hatch. The machine is working right now

  11. Go to the page with the three clams on the right side

The three clams

  1. Click the clams to open them and get the pearls out

  2. Click the stone disk on the left page, left lower corner, half hidden behind the grass

  3. Go back to Nemo


  1. Click the stone disk on the grammophone at the left side and a code appears. Keep it in mind or write it down

  2. Look through the port hole - a few sharks are swimming around there, one of them has a cog in its mouth. Click it, when you see him

  3. Go back to the page with the three clams

The three clams

  1. Place the machine part in the middle of the quarter at the left side

  2. Four symbols appear

  3. Click them in the order of the code you found at Nemo's page

  4. A medallion is inside the stone. Click it to get a closer view

  5. A pearl is missing. Click one of your pearls onto it

  6. Go back to Nemo


  1. Give Nemo the medallion, then the card

10 - The Descent

Walkthrough_Azada_Desent.pngThe professor's office

  1. Click on the right shelf behind the professor and a mini game opens

  2. You only have to find the one matching pair of stones on each board

  3. When you are finished, you will receive a cryptex

  4. Next to the where you played that mini game, a fishing pole is leaning at the shelf. Pick it up

  5. In the upper shelf, right side you will find a runes book

  6. Take the book which says Latin out of the shelf

  7. At the right bottom side of the desk a mirror is lying on a few books. Click it

  8. At the corner of the little table left lower corner a match box is lying. Take it

  9. Right to the big book, the professor is reading, a magnifying glas is lying. Take it

  10. Click at the book the professor is reading, a page will fall out.

  11. Now use the magnifying glas on the page

  12. You have to encrypt the note by dragging the cryptex, the mirror, the latin-book and the runes-book in the right order into the empy spots at the right sight.

  13. When you have the right order, you will get the encrypted note - Im not sure, if the solution is random, but my solution was 1st: Runes book, 2nd: the cryptex, 3rd: the mirror and as last the latin book

  14. Give the note to the professor

  15. Go to the second page

The tent

  1. Click the gun powder barrel, the rope and the pick axe in front of the tent

  2. Use the pick axe on the old rotton stump left to the tent and pick up the grubs you now see at the stone in the lower right corner

  3. Go to the next page

The cave

  1. Use the pick axe at the tree in the left lower corner

  2. Now place the rope at the cutted logs to build a raft

  3. Connect the fishing pole inside the inventory with the grubs

  4. Have a look at the water and as soon something like fish comes along, use the pole on the water

  5. Put the fish into your inventory

  6. Go the next page

Deeper in the cave

  1. Give the fish to the dinosaur and it will dissapear

  2. Place the gunpowder barrel at the rocks and lit it with the matches

  3. Click at the camera in the right lower corner of the right page. You will get the card

  4. Give it to the professor

11 - The World of Oz


  1. You can't do anything here so go to page 3

The shed

  1. Pick up the oil can on the left side on the floor in front of the pallet

  2. A little to the left in the grass is a magnet

  3. Get the axe from the stump in the middle of the scene

  4. Click the wood at the right outside of the shed

  5. Click the board, leaning at the tree in the back right side

  6. Go to the Tin man

Tin man

  1. Use the oilcan on the tin man and a mini game will open

  2. You have to guide the tin man with magnet through the labyrinth

  3. Cut the trees with the axe and use the boards to bring him over holes and water

  4. If you used a board you can remove it and use it at another place or just to make sure, that Tin man can't go back the whole way

  5. Direct him to collect the card and the shoes

  6. When you have both, go back to Dorothy


  1. Give Dorothy the shoes and the card

12 - The Witch


  1. Get the bread paddle, located at the right side of the white oven on the left

  2. Go to the witch


  1. Receive the sack from the witch

  2. Click the bucket on the floor left to the oven

  3. Go back to Gretel


  1. Place the bucket on the well to fill it with water

  2. Go to the third page

The Swan

  1. Click at the door on the right page to open a minigame

  2. You have to bring the chicken in the room in the middle by opening doors for it. The chicken can open door, when the arrow shows the right direction

  3. When you have the chicken is in the middle, click the sack over it and the the chicken then in the inventory


  1. Fill the cauldron with with water from the bucket

  2. Put the chicken in and fill in water again

  3. Stoke the fire till the witch leaves because of the smoke

  4. Take the key from the wall left to the oven, the bread from the table and click the book and pick up the card

  5. Get the chicken bone from the back part of the table

  6. You have to be quick. When the witch comes back, fill the cauldron again with water and stoke the fire again. If you do not have enough water go to Gretel and fill the bucket again in the well

  7. After having the items, go to Gretel. If the witch is still outside, flip the pages ones and go back then


  1. Give the chicken bone to Hänsel

  2. Fill the bucket with water

  3. Go back to the witch


  1. Make a lot of steam, so that the witch leaves the house again


  1. Click the oven doors

  2. Click the bread cough on the oven and drag it deeper with the bread paddle

  3. When the witch takes care of the bread, hit her with the bread paddle

  4. Click the bread

  5. Let Hänsel out of the cage by using the key

  6. Go to the swan

The Swan

  1. Click the bread crumes on the swan

  2. Give the card to Hänsel and Gretel, when they are sitting on the swan

13 - The Detective

Walkthrough_Azada_Detective.pngSherlock Holmes

  1. There is nothing you can do right now so move to page 2

The Office

  1. Open the right drawer of the desk and get out the pen

  2. Get fingerprints from the safe box, that is standing on the floor by clicking at it

  3. Go to the kitchen


  1. Collect a footprint from the floor

  2. Click the ice pick from the right corner of the sink

  3. Take a sample of the workers footprint by clicking the footprint from the inventory at his feet

  4. Take a sample of the workers fingerprints by clicking the fingerprint from the inventory at his hand

  5. When the worker is gone, you can take the wrench out of his tool box

  6. Go back to Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

  1. Give the samples from foot- and fingerprints to Sherlock Holmes

  2. Go to the radio room (last page)

Radio Room

  1. Click the mail container above the right side of the desk

  2. Click on the paper behind the headphones to open a mini game

  3. You have to decipher the message by finding the right order of the letters

  4. I dont thinks this one is random, so

  5. my solution was: Package on ice retrieve at port

  6. Click at the list on the left side of the desk, to see, who requested ice

  7. Use the pen to make a check mark beside the requestition

  8. Click the list now inside the inventory onto the mail container

  9. Use the wrench at the pipe on the left side to get a part of it

  10. Go back to the office

The Office

  1. Click the mailcontainer into the mail device

  2. Click the pipe piece onto the pipe in the right upper corner

  3. Pull the lever left to the mail device

  4. Go into the kitchen

The Kitchen

  1. Use the ice pick with the ice on the table, right side

  2. Go back to Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

  1. Give Sherlock the necklace

  2. Receive the key for it

  3. Go to the office

The Office

  1. Go to the office and open the lowest safe box with the key and take out the card

  2. Go back to Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

  1. Give him the card

14 - The Goldrush

Walkthrough_Azada_Goldrush.pngOn the Street

  1. Go to the mine first

The Mine

  1. Wait, till the miner drops down his pick axe and grap it then fast

  2. Go to the cell

The Cell

  1. Use the pick axe on the key box and grab the keys

  2. Use the key on the cell and get the dynamite

  3. Go to the office

The Office

  1. Use the dynamite at the safe

  2. Get the key out of the safe

  3. Open the upper drawer in the middle of the desk with the key

  4. Get the deed and the card out

  5. Go to the mine

The Mine

  1. Give the deed to the miner and receive gold nuggets for it

  2. Play the mini game

  3. Balance the scale exactly by creating weights. Do so by holding the left mouse button. Weights will appear. Take the mouse away when you think, you are having enough

  4. When you are right, you will receive another gold nugget

  5. Go back to the Street

The Street

  1. Give bill both gold nuggets and his card

15 - The Traveler

Walkthrough_Azada_Traveller.pngTime machine

  1. Go to the room with the desk

The Desk

  1. Click the plug under the desk to pull it out of the socket

  2. The ventilator stops, click the paper and find a number code. Keep it in mind or write it down

  3. Click the cube and play the mini game. Click at one color and paint now the empty tiles till you have a path to the other tile same color

  4. When you are done, you will see the card coming out of the box under the cube

  5. Go to class room

The classroom

  1. Click on the chalkboard and play the mini game

  2. Click the numbers on the board till the target and the actual sum are the same vertical and horizontal

  3. When you have done it you will receive a sphere

  4. Click the drawer on the left side

  5. Take the handle out of it

  6. Go to the time machine

Time machine

  1. Click at the code pad left from the time machine entrance

  2. Give in the code you found at the venitlator

  3. Click on the time machine and attach the handle and the sphere

  4. Give the traveler the card

16 - The strange case


  1. At the window, you see a little bottle

  2. Click it and give it to Jekyll

  3. He turns to hide on the right side of the page

  4. Go to the pharmacy


  1. Click on the little desk beside the bed

  2. Click the crowbar at the right side of the doorway

  3. Click the little wooden crate that is standing on a bigger one in front of the wooden office wall

  4. Open it with the crowbar and take the phosphorus

  5. Go to the hotel reception

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Pick up the pen from the right side of the reception desk

  2. Go back to Hide


  1. Give Hide the switch potion

  2. Click the test tubes on the table

  3. Click the phosphorus in one of the test tube

  4. Use the pen to click on the paper on the table

  5. Write the prescription and go to the Pharmacy


  1. Give the presciption to the pharmacist

  2. Go to the hotel room

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Click on the night table and use the pen to make an order for a dinner

  2. Go back to Jekyll


  1. Give the stuff you got from the pharmacist into the next test tube

  2. Click it the switch potion and give it to Jekyll

  3. Go to Hotel Reception

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Give the dinner form to the clerk

  2. Go back to Hide


  1. Give Hide the switch potion

  2. Go to hotel room

strong>Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Click the dinner and take the salt

  2. Go back to Jekyll


  1. Give the salt into the test tube

  2. Play the mini game

  3. Go to Hotel Room

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Click the from on the night table to order Laundry

  2. Go back to Jekyll


  1. Give Jekyll the switch potion

  2. Go to Hotel reception

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Give the laundry form to the clerk

  2. Go back to Hide


  1. Give Hide the switch potion

  2. Go to Hotel room

Hotel Room/Hotel reception

  1. Get the key out of the jacket, hanging right to the desk at the wall

  2. Go back to Jekyll


  1. Give Jekyll the switch potion

  2. Go to back office


  1. Use the key at the drawer and take out the card

  2. Go back to Hide


  1. Give Hide the switch potion

  2. Give Jekyll the reflux potion and the card

17 - The Voyage

Walkthrough_Azada_Balloon.pngThe balloon

  1. Click the bell in the grass in front of the balloon

  2. Pick up the three weights from the balloon

  3. Go to the newspaper boy

Newspaper boy

  1. Use the bell from your inventory on the right top of the door to fix the door bell

  2. Use door bell and

  3. Go back in the club

The Club

  1. Click at the game in front of the window on the right side and beat the game

  2. Go to the newspaper boy

Newspaper boy

  1. Give the newspaper boy a coin and get a newspaper for that

  2. Do the same with the second coin

  3. Collect the card, which is now laying left to the crate, the boy was standing on

  4. Ring the bell and go back to the club

The Club

  1. Click right side of the upper shelf on the left side and get the watch

  2. If the butler comes to back too early go ring the bell again.

  3. Take a newspaper and light it at the fireplace

  4. Go back to the ballon

The balloon

  1. Light flame for the ballon with the newspaper

  2. Give Phileas the watch and the card

18 - The invisible man


  1. Click the journal on the right side of the table to get the receipe for the potion

  2. Get a slice of bread from the left side of the table

  3. Go to laboratorium


  1. Click on the glass house in front of the window a play the minigame

  2. When you beat it, you will get a potion flask

  3. Pick up the knife from the armchair

  4. Go in front of pub

In front of the pub

  1. Use the knife at the tree at the left side to get the bark

  2. Knock at the door

  3. When the innkeeper opens the door go a page back into the pub

Inside the pub

  1. While the innkeeper answers the door, take the salt and the egg from the table and the meatgrinder and the card from the bar

  2. If he comes back to early, go and knock again from the outside and come back

  3. Inside the inventory, use the meatgrinder with the bread

  4. Go in front of the pub

In front of the pub

  1. Give the bread crumbs into the bird feeder

  2. A bird is coming and loosing a feather, pick it up

  3. Go back to Griffin


  1. Use the potion flask inside the inventory with the salt, egg, bark and feather

  2. Give the potion to Griffin and after that the card

19 - The Baron

Walkthrough_Azada_Explorer.pngThe Baron

  1. Go to Selenite


  1. Click on the right side of selenites head and get the hearing gear

  2. Click on the telescope and play the mini game

  3. Go to the Baron

The Baron

  1. Click the chest behind the baron to open it

  2. Put the hearing gear in the little hole in the middel

  3. Now rotate the left and the right buttons, till each said click

  4. Take out the Baron's Portrait

  5. Go to Vulcan


  1. Pick up the mirror frame on the floor in front of Vulcan's feet

  2. Put the portrait and the mirror frame insided the inventory together

  3. Wait till Vulcan looks at the card in his left hand and click the portrait mirror at Vulcans right hand

  4. Now wait till vulcano looks in the portrait mirror and grab the card out of his hand

  5. Go to the Baron

The Baron

  1. Click the barrel in the water at the right side to get a closer view

  2. Put the mirror into the hole and turn it by clicking with the mouse, till the mirror looks white

  3. Go to Selenite


  1. Use the telescope canon

  2. Go back to the Baron

The Baron

  1. Give the Baron the card

20 - The Legend

Walkthrough_Azada_Legend.pngMerlins Book

  1. Click the prism at the left shelf

  2. Click the book to find out what you need for the spell

  3. Click the vial behind the book

The lake

  1. Click the vial on the water to fill it

  2. Go to Merlin


  1. Pick up the dagger from the stone bench

  2. Click the prism on the stone bench

  3. Go to the lake

The Lake

  1. Use the dagger, to cut some of the rue at the left side behind Arthurs back

  2. Go to Merlins Book

Merlins Book

  1. Put the water and the rue in the cauldron

  2. Click on the fire wood at the right side and put it under the cauldron

  3. Play the mini game

  4. When you beat the game, you will get the potion.

  5. Go the Merlin


  1. Give Merlin the potion

  2. Take the card

  3. Go to the lake

The Lake

  1. Listen to Merlin

  2. Go back to the place, where Merlin was captured


  1. Get the staff at the right side, where Merlin was captured before

  2. Go back to the lake

The Lake

  1. Wait a moment

  2. Take Excalibur

  3. Give it to Arthur, after that give him the card

21 - The last book

Walkthrough_Azada_Genie.pngThe Genie

  1. Go to the furnace

The furnace

  1. Get the hammer from the floor, at the left side

  2. Get the wrench from the floor in the background, right next to the stairs

  3. Go to the freezer

The freezer

  1. Pick up the oily rag from the right door

  2. Click the wrench on the broken fuse box and play the mini game

  3. All the fuses (the black spots and the blue spot) need a connection with each other. It does not have to be a circle.

  4. All fuses will be blue, when you have done it and the freezer will work

  5. Go to the furnace

The furnace

  1. Take the oily rag and light it on the fire

  2. Go back to the Genie

The Genie

  1. Click the burning oily rag on the genie

  2. Click the box at the top of the stairs, on the floor under the painting

  3. Click the first tile at the right side of the stairs

  4. Get the compass, lying on the cubboard in the right background of the scene

  5. Click the burning rag on the genie as often as you need it.

  6. Go to the labyrinth

The Labyrinth

  1. Get your compass from inventory and put it in the circle in the low right corner.

  2. Now you can direct the little blue ball in the upper labyrinth with your mouse.

  3. Have a look at the compass for the direction, you have to go.

  4. Goal is to collect the second part of the card

  5. Go to the freezer

The Freezer

  1. Open left freezer door

  2. Take the box from your inventory and put it on the freezer floor

  3. Use the hammer to break the now frozen lock

  4. Click the box to ge a closer view

  5. Get the third part of the card

  6. Go to the genie

The Genie

  1. Click the card on the genie



  1. To get the bonus book, you need the code (was given at the end of Azada 1 - but you can solve it, even if you didnt play Azada 1)

  2. When you are in the libary, click the back button

  3. Now click Titus Portrait and you will see a key pad

  4. Type the code by clicking the letters on the keypad and click enter

  5. The safe opens and you receive a book

  6. The code is MAGICBOOK

The Creature

Walkthrough_Azada_Creature.pngFirst Page

  1. Go to the second page and collect all body parts

Second Page

  1. Play the mini game by clicking on the machine at the right page

  2. For solving the puzzle, you will receive a card

  3. The machine opens and inside you will find an extension and a lightning rod

  4. Click the lightning rod at the top of the tower on the left page

  5. Now go back in the first room

First Page

  1. Open the window on the left upper side

  2. Click at the body on the table to get a closer view and connect the right body parts from your inventory to it

  3. Click the extension cord at the plug, that is hanging a little right above the body and drag it then with your mouse to the window

  4. Go back to the second page to see what happens and come back here after

  5. Now give the card

The end. Until the next chapter.

Note: A hugemungous THANK YOU to Kero for all the screenshots and formatting!!! \o/


I played the demo. It's fun & addictive. Kinda easy. It doesn't feel like it's an Azada2 though.


I'm used to playing adventure games like URU and Myst. The graphics were so nicely detailed, the music so perfectly matched, that the fact of it being not as deeply involved puzzle-wise didn't bother me in the least. I really enjoyed the game. Totally.


I played Azada 2 and became very frustrated by the flower puzzle in the secret garden. no matter what configuration I put the flowers in it still didn't fit.


show me the solution for the creature mini game. i'm stuck there.


I'm also having trouble with the creature minigame. I've reunited the coloured squares, but nothing happens...


For the creature minigame use the two brown blocks in the top middle to stop the red block from moving, while you guide the blue block to the others. And then have the red bock that you can move join tohether near the bottom where it will join both of the larger red blocks together.


I am stuck on the world of Oz.....I am doing the mini game and it's like my tinman is stuck and won't go anywhere, no matter what I try. Any suggestions? I have tried getting out of it and starting over but the game won't let me.


Is he stuck right at the start or in a corner or something?

Try using the magnet beside him to get him to walk.

If nothing seems to work you can use an orb (bottom right corner beside titus), and skip the puzzle.


Could someone help me out with the potion puzzle in "The Legend" book? I can't seem to get the 3 colors to turn brown and also connect to the bottle....



Laura, unfortunately the puzzles are randomized each game so there is no way for anyone to give you a set solution. But you can always use an orb to skip a puzzle you have having difficulties with.

Julie-Anne September 3, 2008 9:55 AM

Thank you so much for the excellent walkthrough! Helped me out A LOT!!

Thank you, for your kind words!
Greetings, Kayleigh


Can anyone tell me what the code is for the safe behind the picture of Titus in the library? I think I was supposed to remember it from the last game, but that was a little too long ago for my memory. I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


I loved Azada 1 and have waited a long time for this sequel. I was not disappointed. Enjoyed this new take though. Can't wait to see what the next installment brings!


I'm stuck on the castaway book (specifically the crystal puzzle). I know it's random but any help would be greatly appreciated.


I love the first Azada as much as this one but I couldn't have done without your help. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your kind words!
Greetings, Kayleigh


Where is the oily rag in the Last Book, I cannot find it anywhere. Can you give me a screenshot, thanks!


I just love this game, however they need to have
better explanations of some of the puzzles. I am horribly stuck on the secret garden puzzle. can any one help me out? I know it's a random puzzle, I just figure out what they want me to do. Thank you in advance for any help


I cannot get the marble through the maze in the Invisible Man book, can anyone help?




Help I'm stuck in Detective, cannot get foot print or hand print from work man.


you are a star, Kayleigh. Tried everything but that. regards Sue


Help in the Detective I can't get the finger print from the workman in the kitchen what do you click on, tried his hand

Please read the spoiler for Sue, two posts above yours
Greetings, Kayleigh

jamminjan62 September 6, 2008 12:09 PM

I am stuck in the Descent book. In the professor's office, I used the magnifying glass on the secret message before I had collected all the items from his office, and now I cannot get back to the office. I cannot leave the decoding page because I don't have the 4 items needed. Help, please.


I'm having a problem with the traveler the cube mini-game. Show me how it works. Do you have a spoiler for it?


Stuck on the telescope mini game, the one with the gears turning, any hints would be great, i have no orbs left to pass on this, thanks in advance jo x


the cube mini game,i did it! i did it!
thankyou for your help.


I'm stuck on the Secret Garden, and I think it might be a glitch...

I solved the flower puzzle, but no apples appeared in the secret garden page.

I tried using a hint orb, and it circled a spot that's not clickable, just some random leaves. There's nothing clickable in that page at all, nothing I can use my items on... If I try to get a new hint, it just keeps circling the same spot.


Somebody help! I am on my last book, the invisible man. (I have even done the bonus book). I cannot figure out how to get the ball in the center of the mini-game and I have no more orbs left. Please don't tell me that I have to start from the very beginning again! Argh! What can I do? How do I get that ball to go in the next groove? It's driving me crazy lol.....I love this game but not enough to have to start all the way over again. I thought maybe if I re-did some mini-games it would give me another orb :( no such luck! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Donna


For anyone who needs the code from the first Azada game, here it is.

Magic Book


Ok the creature game is killing me! I got the comments about using the brown blocks to keep the red ones from moving ..but I have found that to be impossible (for me)! AHHH!


I cannot get past signing the Rx0does it have to exactly match what is there or is there a trick-I have tried 120 times or more

HIldegard Wollenhaupt September 20, 2008 1:00 PM

I'm stuck in the diamond puzzle in the Dive level. I try about4 hours and have no idea. Can anyone help me?

greetings hiwo


Kayleigh, Thanks for the wonderful walkthrough.

I also have tried to write the prescription dozens and dozens of times. I have arthritis and this is hard (though I did the symbols in Azada 1 with great success). Is there any bypass for this? The game is ruined for me if I can't continue.


I am stuck with the Dracula. I used garlic to move him to the left, there is daylight that he covers his eyes from, but I cannot cut the book. Got the knife, and can't break the boards on the window. What`s happening?
Thanks, Lina


I found that on the prescription, all I had to do was trace the very large initials at the bottom. Not the whole thing.


As I said, I have traced the large initials dozens and dozens and dozens of times. I cannot seem to get it to take. As I said above, I have arthritis and it is very hard for me. There are no (visible) shortcuts past this and so I am stuck here, simply because I have arthritis. This is NOT fair.

HIldegard Wollenhaupt October 5, 2008 3:37 AM

I need help at the level "The Baron". I can't finish the mini game with the gears.
Could anyone give me a screenshot???
Greetings Hildegard

Edit: Sorry, Hildegard, the solution is always diffrent, so I cant help you with a screenshot.
You have to make sure, that the gear, that is turning around the other side is not connecte


Headless horse man.
I am in the Cementry and lit up the 3 symbols but no card appears. What am i doing wrong?

Anonymous October 7, 2008 7:08 AM

This game is really good!
Nice graphic and sound and game play. : )


make sure that you lit the three symbol twice


Having trouble with the mini-cube game. I understand the rules, but when I click on the cube it shows me a pop-up that looks like a wooden wall and a silver disk in the middle with the game instructions. I click off the instructions and all it gives me is a mini set of colors while on the silver disk. I click off the pop-up and back to the cube and it gives me the pop up again. Is this happening to others also or is it my mac? I only have the card to get to finish this book. Thanks for your help. Amy


I am also having trouble with the mini-cube game. When I click on the cube, it shows me a wooden wall and a silver disk in the middle with the game instructions. When the instructions clear, it gives me is a teeny tiny block of colors that are useless while on the silver disk. I am also using an imac.
Please someone help


on the traveler,

the handle is in the drawer on the RIGHT SIDE


Please help me! I am stuck on the Invisible Man book. I knock on the door to get the innkeeper to come out but by the time I turn back to the previous page to retrieve the items, he's back. He comes back too fast no matter how many times I try. Is there some secret to this? I can't progress beyond this point. Very irritating!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Interesting game. I played the demo and bought the game and started over. I got stuck on the Secret Garden. The apple seems to be missing. I don't recall that having happened in the demo and I am not sure how to correct it. I have clicked everywhere and my garden is in full bloom and my items left to me are the key, trowel, whistle and another item, which escapes me. I have tried them all in every conceivable combination. Any clever thoughts?


I noticed someone left a question on here (back in Sep. by Jo) about The Baron - Selentine page's Telescope Gears mini-game and never got a response to their request. That person's question was: how do you to defeat this mini-game without using an orb. Does anyone have any tips, instructions or screenshots for defeating the game? I would really appreciate the help since I have no more orbs left. Thanks.



I'm stuck in the book with Dracula...
I can't get the caard and the key. When i open the curtains, adjust the clock and put the garlic on dracula, HE WON'T LEAVE.
What to do?!
greeting Marjolijne


I am where the tin man is walking thru maze - I can get thru all of the holes and water - but when I get to the last hole the boards don't work - he won't go over them? HELP PLEASE :) I will be forever grateful!!!

Thanks, Elly


The apples from the secret room are MISSING! They do not appear! Is it some kind of bug?


Anyone have crash issues with this game? I'm on a Mac Power PC (non Intel) running OS 10.4.11. I'm through with Level 13/The Detective and now anytime I start up the game it starts to load when I click Resume, then quits and boots me out to my desktop. Really frustrating! Thanks!


I am playing Azada Ancient Magic and did not use the correct sequence. Now I'm stuck with the decrypted message and cannot access the radio room. Any ideas?

Thank you,



I, too, having a freeze problem. I am running OS 10.5.6 and can't get back into the game. I think I only have 2 books to go. Everything is fine when I begin, I click on play, then resume then I am returned to my desktop. This is very frustrating. Any solutions out there?


i am also running os 10.5.6 and getting the same crash problem! the game worked fine up until the last few books on the shelf... then CRASH! everytime i click on resume game. anyone know what to do about this?

[Edit: Please contact Big Fish Customer Support. They are extremely helpful. :) -Jay]


I'm on a slow Mac, 400mghz, and stuck because my computer takes so long to turn the pages I can't complete the action.

I'm on the hot air balloon episode with the Reform Club in it. You have to ring the bell and then go back a page while the maitre'd looks out the front door.

By the time the page has turned I have only the barest of split seconds, it's really quite impossible. Is there a way to tell the game to go on?


Hi Jean - Are you playing in Windowed or Full Screen mode?

If full screen, try windowed. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to eke out a few more seconds that way.

All games should give you the option to switch from full screen to windowed in the Options menu.

Good luck! :)


I am stuck on the diamond minigame puzzle in the Dive book. No matter what i do i can not get all the diamonds green. Can some one help me.


So I'm playing the game now, and I like it so far but everytime I try to play the invisible man story the game shuts down on me and will continue to do that till I erase all my history and start all over. Does anyone know why it is doing this? Thanks! :)

[Edit: Please do not post your email-adress. And with technical issues in a game it is always a good idea to contact the support of the page, you purchased the game from :) ~ Kayleigh]

Kyttynjirr March 26, 2009 1:15 PM

I loved this game! I've already played it twice! I can't wait for the next game!


for the prescription signature, i too have arthritis. I tried writing it backwards and it worked.


I liked the first Azada a lot more because of the variety of puzzles. This one has some mini-puzzles but I think the replay value of this one is a lot lower than the replay value of the first Azada. I give the first one 4 1/2 stars and the sequel 3 stars.

This sequel was also a lot shorter than the first one I thought. I'll try a demo if/when the 3rd one comes out and decide then if I'll get it...


I am stuck at the numbers puzzle - I get really close, but then loose a row or column when I have to change a number somewhere else. Does anyone have the sequence and can share it? Thank you a million times over!


After we solve the creature book, is there anything else to do - i would have expected the credits or something but once ive made frankensteins monster it just .....ends.....


I am stuck in the Dive book. has anyone got a screenshot or something of the solution to the mini-game? The shapes won't go green! Thanks a lot


I also got stuck on tin man puzzle. He is by the hole, water, whole area walking into bush. I have used up all my skip a puzzles. any suggestions please.


i am totaly addicted to the azada games but im stuck on the detective book i cant figure out the encrypted message any ideas will be greatly appreciated thanks

Christine Ballantyne April 9, 2010 12:35 PM

Many thanks for all the hints without which I couldn't have completed Azada. Just knowing there was a walkthrough available with screenshots made a difference to my enjoyment of the game. Looking forward to the next challenge.


i am stuck at the detective. i cannot find a way to click on the worker's fingerprints at his hand. everytime i click on the worker, a dialogue comes up. what do i do?
please help.


I like spider-man;
and Dr. Octopus,the Sandman,the Lizard,Electro

It is of no importance,a citizen who has learned of something. protect ourselves...


how to solve the cryptogram?
I can open the walkthrought above here...thank youuu


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