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Aries Escape No. 17

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Rating: 4.2/5 (61 votes)
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Aries Escape No. 17

Libertechno wants to PUMP *clap* you up with a visit to your local sports club in Aries Escape No. 17, the latest in the Aries escape games, but as often happens in gyms, when you arrive, you find yourself trapped inside. This always happens when I show up for tabata drills! With one half of the room shrouded in darkness, you'll need to hunt for a means to both turn on the lights, solve puzzles, and then finally escape before you're forced to do burpees. Your cursor will change when it passes over something you can click on to interact with, and the white arrows at the edges of the screen will let you move around the room, or occasionally look at something you're zoomed in on in a different way, so don't neglect any that appear when you're examining something! Aside from a somewhat odd method of navigation that might cause you to miss being able to flip something over or look elsewhere on an object, Aries Escape No. 17 is a very solid little game. None of the logic you'll need to solve the game is particularly obnoxious, though you'll encounter some familiar puzzle types and need to scour the room more than once when you make progress to see if anything has changed. Aided by your friend, the sports-bra wearing torso, you'll need to hunt for clues and put two and two together in order to solve most puzzles, though you'll need to be prepared for a lot of codes. Just examine everything, from every angle, and you'll hopefully get out before you get roped into the next Zumba class. Don't forget to stretch afterwards!

Play Aries Escape No. 17

Thanks to Cyberjar88 for sending this one in!


After playing through the past few games in the series, I find it awkward not to be able to use the aforementioned sports-bra wearing torso in such a physical situation.


I hoper a text walkthrough will be coming soon.

teacher_creature July 19, 2015 1:28 PM

I am stuck. I have opened

everything in the cabinet except for the box that needs 2 shapes, the green box under the balls, the safe under the calendar, the sides of the a/c units, and the green picture.

I still need

1 coin and a pentagon.

I don't know how or where to use

the note with the green numbers arranged on a square.

ebenclaw July 19, 2015 1:55 PM


Look at the two small pictures on the wall.

edshiva July 19, 2015 1:55 PM


The green numbers are for a tilting picture frame puzzle on the picture to the right of where the coins go.

firecaller July 19, 2015 2:00 PM replied to teacher_creature


Examine the pictures on the wall...

For some reason I couldn't get it to work at first, but after toggling the lights on and off, it worked. Bug?

teacher_creature July 19, 2015 2:18 PM

Thanks everyone!


guess not huh?

plectrumura July 19, 2015 8:43 PM

Can anyone offer me a tiny hint for the calendar code? A little nudge would be appreciated. It's the last real puzzle I think (should give me a coin, which will give me the diamond, which will give me the key). I've been beating my head against this for a good 20 minutes. I'm just missing something.

plectrumura July 19, 2015 8:48 PM

Nevermind, POP


For the longest time, I was stuck because I did not connect that arrows on the side of the screen mean

you can look at other views of an object

INSTEAD of meaning

turn around

, like they mean in *every other escape game I've ever played*. I clicked on the edge of the dang cabinet, and of those dang... air conditioners? Lockers? a hundred times before I tried those arrows. I was SURE they would just

turn me around the room.

tl;dr -- if you see an arrow, click it.


Let's take a look around...
The picture of the pool?

Nope. Nothing obvious.

Not yet at least.

Maybe in a different light?

In the dark...

This is the code for the ________,

The locked cabinet?

Looks like it needs a 5 digit code. Where to find it?

There are five shapes on the rolling cart.

But it isn't the number of sides... You need another clue.

Look at the A/C machines.

What have we got inside?

Lots of locked boxes....
On top is a blue box, that needs...

A four-letter code.

On the CD player.

Next a yellow box that needs...

An 8 letter code.

Did you look at the picture of the pool?

In the dark?

A round box, with four round buttons.

You can set the inside AND outside colors.

We've seen four like this on top of the four foam rollers, in the dark half of the room.

Next to that, an orange box...

With four card shapes.

On the shelves in the dark half of the room...

Under the candles.

On the bottom shelf, a pink six-sided box...

needs a 4-digit code.

The flowers drawn on the "LOVE" picture on the far wall.

Next to that, a box with two shapes on top.

The five sided figure is....

behind the right photo hanging by the door

And the four sided figure is...

behind the calendar

Anything else?

You can click the UP arrow to see the top.

But it looks like nothing is there.... Suspicious!

Maybe in a different light?

Use the UV light.

It only works in the dark.

Multiplication, but with missing numbers as stars.

Maybe we can find a star with a number on/near it...

The spray bottle has a number and a star on the bottom.

Multiply, and you've got a 6 digit code.

It is for the panel under the calendar.

The cart of things?

Well, that is clearly a clue. Five shapes.

You need another clue to make sense of it.

Look at the A/C machine.

But look at ALL the things.

The spray bottle...

... has a star and a number on the bottom.

Substitute the number in the clue that has stars for numbers.

On top of the locked cabinet...

The spiky blue balls...

Underneath them is...

...a key! Where did you need a key?

Look on the side of the left A/C machine.

The big balls?

Maybe behind them?

(You've got to click them in a certain order.)

Hey a box! It needs an 8 digit code.

Did you find the clue on the mat?

It is just subtraction.

The CD player?

Look on the side.

SAWA. Where did we need a 4-letter code?

one of the boxes in the cabinet.

The hamper full of rolled yoga mats?

You can take one.

Maybe if you had someplace to lay it out...

Well, how about next to the other one?

Hrm... Maybe in a different light?

The purple UV light.

It only works in the dark.

The code...

If you subtract the numbers, you get an 8 digit code.

to the box under the big balls in the corner.

The two tall air conditioners?

If you click the left arrow, you can see the side of the left one.

Looks like it needs a key.

The key is on the cart by the door.

Under the spiky blue balls.

Inside we have...

A clue! Numbers and shapes.

We saw these shapes near where we found the key.

In order, the substituted numbers give you a five digit code...

to the locked cabinet.

Once the lights are on...

Look at the right-side A/C.

It's key is...

on the key rack next to it.

The doors. (Locked, of course.)

But next to them, a small panel.

Screwed shut. There is a screwdriver...

In the locked cabinet...

In the top box.

Once you've gotten the key, the door opens from the left.

Are you sure you want to leave? Maybe we missed something...

Take another look around.

Looks like a spotlight on the CD player.

Inside is a CD, with a code.

Where can we put a 7-digit code?

Not any of the places we've done before.

It is under something you couldn't lift before.

Something that had no apparent purpose.

The poster next to the calendar.


It is dark!

Can't do much in the dark...

Except look at this yoga mat. Why would we want to look at a yoga mat in the dark?

We don't actually want to look at THIS yoga mat in the dark.

We have another yoga mat.

With a secret UV light code on it.

But you want the lights ON!

Light switches are generally near doors...

The top switch turns the other side OFF...

I wonder if that is useful for anything...

The dark half of the room:

Four foam rollers.

Colors on the tops unlock a box in the cabinet.

The right picture.

You can jiggle it in four directions.

We need a clue...

It is the one in the right A/C panel.

First up, then down...

Numbers one through eight show the direction to click.

Up, down, up, left, left, right, down, right.

Behind it we find...

A five sided shape...

to put in the box in the cabinet.

The left picture.

we can look at the side.

Unscrew it!

Looks like a slot for coins or tokens.

We've got to get five of them.

The playing card box.

The colored circle box.

The box under the big balls.

The six-sided box in the cabinet.

The box with the two shapes in the cabinet.

The far wall...

There are candles on four of the shelves.

The have playing-card symbols on the bottom.

To open one of the boxes in the cabinet.

The second shelf ...

... has a picture with some interesting flowers drawn on it.

The number of petals is a four digit code...

for the six sided box in the cabinet.

The floor.

Looks like a good spot to unroll a yoga mat.

The posters.

Behind one is a safe! It needs a 6 digit code.

Look on top of the locked cabinet.

The key rack.

A key! To...

the panel on the right A/C.



After getting the key for the door, put the key in the door but do not leave. There will now be a spotlight on the CD player.
Get the CD from the player which has the word PILATES and a number code.
Look at the posters in the room. Behind one of them, there is now has a keypad which was not present before.
Enter the code and take your prize.
Now leave the room.


this text walkthrough is confusing. not that I don;'t appreciate the effort but step by step worlks better "turn left. a safge. it needs a code. look at the picture. 7654. that's the code" etc. this twists and turns so many times I don't understand what's going on.

Daibhid C July 20, 2015 11:54 AM

Very nice. Spent far too long overthinking

the yoga mat clue. There's a calender on the wall showing July, so obviously 20150701 = 2015/07/01. Subtract 32 days and you get 2015/05/30. I spent ages worrying I'd calculated that wrong before I realised I should just treat it as a number.

rainmist July 20, 2015 12:40 PM

Thanks for the walkthrough, there were just a few points on which a bit of prodding was needed, instead of the full-on spoiler, so I appreciated the nudges.

I'm kicking myself, because at the beginning I knew

I'd need to come back and twiddle with the lights

, but did I remember that when I was stumped? Of course not.

lynnehammar927 July 28, 2015 3:34 PM replied to Paul

Paul, all you ever seem to post are walkthrough requests! That could be interpreted as rude ...

lynnehammar927 July 28, 2015 3:36 PM replied to Paul

Not to mention, Paul, it's VERY rude to criticize someone's walkthrough, after they have gone to the trouble of creating it!!


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